Cash, Johnny - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Lyrics

Virgil Caine is the name, and I served on the Danville Train,
Til stonemans cavalry came and tore up the tracks again.
In the winter of 65, we were hungry, just barely alive.
By may the tenth, richmond had fell, its a time I remember, oh so well,

The night they drove old Dixie down, and the bells were ringing,
The night they drove old Dixie down, and the people were singin. they went
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la,

Back with my wife in Tennessee, when one day she called to me,
Virgil, quick, come see, there goes Robert E. Lee!
Now I dont mind choppin wood, and I dont care if the moneys no good.
Ya take what ya need and ya leave the rest,
But they should never have taken the very best.

The night they drove old Dixie down, and the bells were ringing,
The night they drove old Dixie down, and the people were singin. they went
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la,

Like my father before me, I will work the land,
Like my brother above me, who took a rebel stand.
He was just eighteen, proud and brave, but a yankee laid him in his grave,
I swear by the mud below my feet,
You cant raise a caine back up when hes in defeat.

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Cash, Johnny The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Comments
  1. Gray Hedrick

    It’s 2020 but I still have to come back to this everynow and then to remind myself what I come from

  2. Eric May

    We do not have an economic problem, a race problem, a class problem, a gender problem, a toilet access problem, a drug problem, a gun problem, or any other ideological or social problem at the root of America’s dysfunctional anti-culture – we have a Yankee problem!

    Prairiedog 2

    Fuck you.

  3. Jesus First To-the-Point End Time Signs

    Eli Whitney, a Northerner from Massachusetts, invented the cotton gin, which offered Southern planters a justification to maintain and expand slavery even as a growing number of Americans supported its abolition. I think all men had their part in evil, then and now. No one has a chance of succession from Babylon until they accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Your disbelief won't stop His return.

  4. Nate Lane

    Justin biber could learn lot cash and hank and acdc

  5. Steven Burnes

    Sorry Johnny the band beats u on this song

  6. Mark Howard


  7. John Sala

    Does liking this song make me a bad person?

  8. Third Rate content

    I’m born and bread English(with Irish,Welsh,and Spanish😂🤦‍♂️) and this song makes me love(amongst other things) the South💖 Though I don’t hate the North

  9. Imaginos Desdinova

    Posted on my 32th birthday. I love the Band's version. But Johnny Cash is the most soulful.

  10. Atomic flash

    butchered this song ,of all people that could have put some feeling into it would have been Johnny Cash ,man what happened to him

  11. Atomic flash

    Johnny Cash Missed his chance recording this really well, take that stupid piano out of there.. he just should have laid down a good rhythm to it and really sang it


    Dino Silvani

  12. Jeff Stone

    I like old Johnny Cash, but this has to be the worst version of this song ever.

  13. Imaginos Desdinova

    One hell of a song. I can see a man who fought for the confederate army looking back over his life. Rest easy, you fought for what you thought was right.

  14. Brady Ryden

    Sounds like a song youd hear in a depressed cowboy bar

  15. genehenrylindgren

    He does it justice. it's not great but it is respectful of what song is supposed to be

  16. James G

    Garbage compared to the original

  17. swedgen

    fucking amazing

  18. Ray Jones

    I wonder who they meant by taken the very best? Gen Jackson? Gen Stuart? Dorsey Pender was a hard loss for the confederacy also, tho he goes unheralded!

    HillbillySwitch Lori Lorenz

    I always took it to mean they raped and killed his wife.

  19. Muros

    Very nice version although the live from The Last Waltz by The Band is the best and most importantly, so many covers change the chorus melody a little bit for some reason.

  20. Masson John

    The Civil war took some of the Very best yes! i think all their ancestors should sue for reparations. That would be one embarrassing class action to be part of.

  21. Savage Snayle

    OKI so by census records around 1776 when Washington was such a
    democrat, the 13 colonies/America had a population of about 6.5 million.
    However about 4.25 million of those were black African slaves...and
    General Washington was a slave owner whose profits came from black blood
    tears and sweat. OK Washington lived in Virginia but many others who
    signed the constitution and declaration of liberation were not, but they
    also owned or invested in slaves, nor did they live in the South.
    Hey! Liberty for all and suddenly America is a majority black country!
    Yet the North finds itself guilt free in the history of slavery! BS!

    Ray Jones

    Absolutely right. They only wanted abolition after they couldnt profit from it!

  22. Daniel Frederick

    The band version is better in my opinion, but Johnny cash is still amazing

  23. Ken Barb

    Would like to hear John Anderson cover this one.

    N.M. S

    Or John Conlee!

  24. America first

    1st Virginia Calvary signing in

    Ray Jones

    4th Nc infantry, 33rd Va, 12th SC. Look up the 4th Nc if you enjoy reading about fighting men. My4x great grandfather was in the Army of Northern Va before Gen. Lee and surrendered at Appomattox. Fought in every major engagement in N. VA. Wounded 3 times and never missed a battle. David R Bennett

  25. Trevor Clark

    It's a song about the nature of a war of attrition. Stoneman was given the orders to destroy the confederacy, not its army, which led to women children and communities being destroyed. That was a tragedy by any standard.

  26. The Gulf Coast

    Sorry Johnny, The Band plays this one better

  27. crazyfool

    this song is about civil war there are things in a war like that still divide people,which i can understand,but people need to move on,otherwise as a country you will never grow,i'm british we had a civil war ,and parliamentary system and justice courts are probably the set up for what we have now

  28. Flip Wilson

    2 of my ancestors fought in The War for Mary's Britches, sadly one was struck down in his prime by a case of Yankee Syphilis and the other spent the rest of his days mourning the loss of the south and hobbling around on a wooden leg (courtesy of Mary's husband) with the world's very first kickstand.

  29. Steve Hefner

  30. Linus Weber

    From which alvum?

  31. TravellingUnderpants

    Oh how I miss dear Johnny Cash 😓
    RIP you sweet gentle man

  32. masteric123

    Best version ever...

  33. doughboy 5656

    The South will rise again. I love Johnny cash

    Sam Iwanski

    doughboy 5656 traitor

  34. Ambrose

    Never had anything really against Johnny Cash but he was never a singer really at all....but a performer. Despite they are the originals, I thought the Band did the worst job on it until I heard this....Baez did the best version by far as she could take even Dylan's songs and rescue them and turn them into something beautiful. Great song though and I am glad Robertson wrote it.


    they don't make them like johnny cash anymore

  36. Jimmy Nyarlathotep

    Top 10 Villian Songs

  37. Savage Snayle

    It is never about race just the way the born rich treat the born poor. In my experience as a European, black and white poor treat each other as human no more no less. Best boss I ever had was a lady whose mum was white and dad was Jamaican black, would have gone to hell for her and back, because she would have done the same for any of we employees.


    You're right, it's much more about money than anything else. It's a war between the rich vs non-rich, more than white vs black, etc.

  38. Cotton Hill

    The South's gonna rise again !!

  39. Robert Rice

    Nothing need be said. I don't have a lot more years left, but what I do have is the feeling that the important things are always worth fighting for.

  40. OkaniJMCA

    The south should go for independence again before they end up part of Mexico, sold out by northern transvestites.

  41. Geoffrey Gilliland

    the civil war was caused by slavery and not fought over slavery. If you don't believe me read the sucession papers of the states and the confederate constitution mention specifically to not abolish slavery. for the fact of not being fought over slavery. the yanks wanted us back into the union but eventually lincolhn got the issue of slavery in their epsecially in the emancipation proclomation.

  42. BryGuy Says

    Huge J. Cash fan here. Have most of his stuff. Can anyone tell me which CD this song is on?

  43. Ben s

    Still love the man in black

  44. speckspeck

    For those that may not know, northern troops not only destroyed southern railroads but burned every farmhouse within 20 miles victimizing the population of the South who had little to do with the war or slavery, millions were subject to disease and famine, black and white. The war could easily have been avoided with cooler tempers and no religious fanaticism permitted. Slavery was already on the way out surely, and the north could have offered to pay salaries to slaves instead. Such a waste, disease, starvation and death was what remained.

    a B

    Boohoo shouldn't have commited treason

    William Dean

    The U.S broke the Geneva Convention treaty signed at Geneva Switzerland in 1863. It prevented making war on old people, children and women, don't destroy private property or steal livestock, prevented making war against civilians and broke the fourth Amendment to the Constitution which prevented illegal search, seizure,, and arrest. General Sherman can be counted on to be the first war criminal of modern times. President Lincoln (who, by the way, didn't get the popular vote in his first election) knew all of this and turned his back. In fact Lincoln through his own actions and those of his generals actually broke all of the first six Amendments as well as the 8th. Much is made of the southern POW camp at Andersonville, BA., but Lincoln rounded up 10,000 American civilians who disagreed with the war and put them in jails until the end of the war.

    a B

    @William Dean It's true, the US has been commiting nation warcrimes since the Civil War. If only so many in the south weren't brainwashed by the evil yankee.

    Chris Bridger

    I may be wrong as a English man but it's my understanding that the civil war certainly from a southern standpoint had nothing to do with slavery it was Northern propergander


    Moderation in war is imbecility, it needs to be as painful as possible so that the badness of it is ingrained on the psyche of a nation.
    This is what Sherman's advance through Georgia achieved and what would have avoided WW2 if we had advanced through Germany in 1918.
    Awful but true.

  45. Homer Jay

    the south will raise again

  46. Eckhard Mann

    Anthropology is just another word for family

  47. maxoom child of the novelty

    As i look at the country before me, I come to the conclusion that the 600k + dead Americans are laid at the feet of a war criminal named Abraham Lincoln, for he freed know one, but enslaved all. History has been written by the victors, it is up to you to seek the truth.


    So Abraham Lincoln the man who tried to speak both sides out from starting war is the bad guy

    Christian Becker

    you have a rather distorted sense of history -my friend! but ok...the kkk is still ok ??!?!?! isn´t it?

  48. Eckhard Mann

    via: St. Quentin

  49. Eckhard Mann

    J.C. "in Folsom (State) Prison. 1968

    Eckhard Mann

    via: St. Quentin


    Looks like Folsom had race segration during that time, you see white inmates only during J.C. concert

  50. Brian P Keane

    Screw Grant he was the one who did it to Robert E Lee

  51. OkaniJMCA

    Damn yankees...

  52. The 1Pubeman

    A prayer...Dear God, please take Justin Bieber and give us back Mr.Cash

    Caitlin Clarebrough

    🙌🏼 Amen.
    Best comment I’ve ever read.

    Kris Butler

    Doesn't seem it would be a fair trade for the good lord

    Henryk Jaronowski

    I don't pray for God to take anybody, but another Johnny Cash would indeed be a blessing.

    Milo Franklin

    You hit right on the head, Nobody like Johnnie Cash left. Country music now a days sux.

    Imaginos Desdinova

    And June Carter too!

  53. Tucker Kennedy

    I believe in Slavery as a reasonable alternative to prison, instead of taxpayers paying for prisoners they can pay for themselves and maybe even make some profit

    Brian Onuscheck

    Tucker Kennedy in a lot of state prisons, especially in the south, they are actually self sufficient from farming and furniture making projects.


    Would you believe in it as a reasonable alternative if you were faced with it? Jail or slavery, which would you prefer for yourself?

  54. Qonstantin Braeburn

    Love Johnny but this is a poor cover.

  55. anticosmopolitan

    The day needs to come and is close at hand when Whites won't give a foo about being called "racist". "You call me racist? I don't care, sunshine. Call me whatever hurts your baby feelings the most."

  56. shootermav11

    One if the best songs , from the Band.

  57. Argentocoxos

    antifa will want it banned


    Falconer Omen ya... fuck antifa

    roger burt

    Fuck ANTIFA

    Conor Climo


  58. Joe Buckner

    Take what you need and leave the rest.

  59. victor travers

    Sing it John,, my God, if Mr Cash were still alive he think South Carolinians were totally "nuts",,, what's the confederacy, the flag anything to do with Race? yep the negro, the whole civil war raised up, and we here in caucasia America are still "color" blind,,, sick folks ,, what if North not won? what the hey?? ,,,

  60. Glen McBride

    interruption,,,,,we wait ,not to long, our kind kind will inhabit all earth, stay healthy you taste better that way--------U DON;T EVEN SEE IT COMING

  61. Glen McBride

    whoo, humans are

  62. Pam Barone

    Sound on this could be better. Wonderful song.

  63. Perry Eli

    miss the man in black god rest your soul

  64. sashacougar

    The only thing they really were desperate to save was their form of an agricultural economy that depended on slave labor for high profits. Most of the southerners who fought were too poor to own slaves, but all the military and government leaders were slave owners, and the only reason for them to secede from the union was the realization that their institution would eventually be outlawed by congress as they lost voting balance with the addition of non-slave states from the new territories. Slavery was the over-riding issue and the only real reason for leaving the union.

  65. jamie wesson

    at least unlike a certain female he bothered to find out what the correct lyrics were

    Chris Martin

    Armida Alcocer Joan Baez

    Jack Torrance

    I still like her take on the song.

  66. Alexandru Victor

    God Bless you Johnny wherever you are...Thank,s Saki...Long Live Dixie...

  67. Felix Müller


  68. Carol Carr

    we weren't beat. watch.

  69. Ż a b a kek

    God bless general e lee

  70. Brooksenhower Schwartzaburger

    This song isn't about slavery racism or politics. It's about economic destitution


    Jane Book I think you’re confusing the cause for the civil war with the cause for secession. The Civil War was about putting down a rebellion, secession was about keeping slavery.

    Brendan Pratt

    @IMPERATOR sorta. slavery was the straw that broke the camels back after years of what were considered by the south as unfair and exclusionary trade practices by the industrial north.

    Long duk dong

    @Jane Book It was for the wealthy southerners who were the catalyst for the war. You are correct about the rest of what you said however. As per pretty much every war it was poor people fighting other poor people for the benefit of the rich and yes this is still going on today!


    @Jane Book Bullshit

    Djordje N.Zrnic

    Northeners are communist lincoln and marx were best friends lincoln and his reincarnation were forcing their ideology just like sssr did to others

  71. April Baker

    Aint Nothin as good as a good ole Southern Gentleman...Mmmmmmm.
    .....Damn Yankee's have always been little pusses!

    Ray Jones

    Lol..... Lest we forgot our Southern Belles either! You can take a beautiful woman with a NY accent and I wouldnt give her the time of day!

  72. Rebel Soul

    The south will rise again

    Jessika Lanely

    Rebel Soul probably not


    Unfortunately it won't

    Ken Barb

    And will be inhabited by mostly Hispanics.


    Just cut them off food stamps and forbid inbreeding and they will rise.

  73. Jason Tobon

    Both the Union and the Confederacy had their faults. I would never claim that just one side was entirely wrong.

  74. Edith Ann

    I loved Johnny cash and June Carter Cash. This is one of my favorite songs ever.

  75. Malcom Scott

    Love Johnny Cash, love the South hate the racist history it has

    Velcro's Hammer

    Malcom Scott

    Mightkill Jacksome

    Velcro's Hammer Okay well at least now I know you weren't talking about post civil war era because that would be completely ridiculous. When you're talking about "slave owners" in an 1830 NY census, I assume you're talking about former slaves and children of slaves that were listed as indentured servants because the total abolishment of slavery in NY was definitely completed before that.

    Lisa Garrett

    Lincoln was "racist".

    D Glynn

    More blacks were lynched in the south well after the civil war than anywhere in the world. How proud is the south for that part of history?

  76. Spilled Whiskey

    the civil war was actually not a civil war. a civil war is when one government tries to over power or take over another government. but in fact, it was "the war for southern independence" the south didnt want any part of the union. they wanted to break off and be their own separate country. aint no civil war about it, people just wanted to be free


    they wanted to be free but they do not gave freedom to its slaves, one universal right for all men, free the slaves and then bombard Ft. Sumnter, i have deep symphaties for the south and their fight for freedom but slavery was a crime

    Christian Becker

    yeah and we the germany during 193-1945 "just" wanted to expand! do you even see the irony? sometimes i really think you guys in the us are so dumb that it even does not really matters to clarify the facts! but , let mye try!....., the civil war was a useless fight , followed up by the slaughter of the remnant of the american natives for the expansion to the west, follewd by wwI, WWII, korea, vietnam, irak I, irak II, irak III, afgainsthan, asf... the us have been in a state of war since the early 1900 ....and the worse of it , you are proud of it! on the othe hand , we in germany wanted after 1945 out of the conflicts....the catch phrase was "never again" , sadly it was lost in 1948 or so! now we are involved in the us wars....without an stakes there! and the latest joke ist D. Trump! ...can´t even think about it!

  77. cs mgrdr

    God Bless the memories of Ole Abe, US Grant, and Billy Sherman.

  78. Willy Pete

    Great rendition, not Levon but great.

  79. jerimiah johnston

    love cash but joan baez does this song the best

  80. Loren Johnson

    where old folks there are not forgotten , look away

    Deo Vindice

    Loren Johnson look away, look away, Dixie land

    Ray Jones

    Thought it was old times they are not forgotten......

  81. Michael Covington

    The man in black....enough said

  82. Lucas Smith

    Here is some truth for the people out there that always do what they are told and always believe what they are supposed to believe and don't bother trying to learn things on their own or take any independent interest in anything because they feel it is "Too much Trouble"  or "Reading is Stupid" 

    1. There were Heros and their were Monsters on both sides of the American Civil War. 
    2. Some Southerners owned slaves. 
    3. Some Northerners owned slaves.  Learn about the conditions of Northern Workers exploited by Northerners without Ethical integrity. 
    4. There Were Free Black Men that Lived in the South at the time of the American Civil War
    5. The American Civil War Was a tragedy.  No One "Won" the American Civil War.  We All Lost.  We Are Still Losing.

  83. stacyblue1980

    He creates his own thing from anything. PEACE.

  84. geo fraz

    This is the shittiest version if this song I've ever heard. And Cash is the most overated musician in American history.

    geo fraz

    +Blue51 How do you get everyone who's dead must not be criticized? Jesus is dead, but he gets criticized. And I never said that Johnny Cash wasn't talented. Indeed, I like his original works. But people often tout him as a musical genius. I disagree, because genius implies innovation. He did not write either lyrics or music that had not been done before. He did not create a new instrument nor a way of playing an old one. He did not create a stage persona through dance or other antics not seen before. All he did was be dark and brooding with an ominous voice at a time when no one else was or did. And niether attribute was by his intention. He was a fairly talented and very lucky artist. And if you have not heard the late Levon Helm sing the song in question, a song his bandmate Robbie Robertson wrote, please look it up. They were called "The Band".

    Jarred Kershaw

    Your a fuckwit fraz.

    geo fraz

    Jarred Kershaw Are you the same Jarred that loves Subway and fucking little girls?

  85. xXHerrZockXx

    57 peeps gonna be great yt-heroes...

  86. ordinary chap

    It almost seems ironic to hear this sung by Johnny Cash and to know the civil war was all because of economics....

  87. Mike Bartsxh

    Sorry we fucked your asses during the war inbred fucking pricks

  88. Zev Fuller

    Love this song it really nice

  89. mark moore

    you are some dumb sum bitches on this site!

  90. Mark Wright

    love ye Johnny but no one does this like the band not even you my old pal.

    Rob Fournier

    This version does it justice though! especially the last few lines


    honestly i hate how slow and how whiny the original is


    ah man you gotta listen to the concert version so much better!

    Boofer T. Washington

    The band?! Lol no way. Tanya Tucker does the best version.


    The Last Waltz version perhaps? The quality is incredible for a live from 78.

  91. J.t Grooms

    best song on the album, next to hard times comin'

  92. I'm Fishdogpigsquirrel

    The South is still alive in the hearts that love her.

    Conor Climo

    *_ZA DIXIE SPREMNI! o/_*

    Enjoys Anal

    Conor Climo : suck dick?

  93. MiamiBreezer

    be jo9hn saSH LOVE!

  94. KojiroHyuga9

    Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie? - Josey Wales

    keith 0

    doesn't seem right not to burry them josey. and josey wales replies "why? buzzards gotta eat same as worms" good movie.

    Ray Jones

    And that snake oil works great on tobacco stains!


    Sunshine, sunflowers and sons a bitches!


    @WinsomeJohnny Yeah, three kinds of suns in Kansas ;)


    @KojiroHyuga9 Hahaha.

  95. KojiroHyuga9

    Great song!

  96. weis nich

    Cash the hero in my life.!!!

  97. George Vreeland Hill

    The south should have won the war.
    I'm from the north.
    Just telling the truth.

    Jedediah Rouse

    Tom Cass. they're were more then double the amount of slaves in new York compared to Georgia. out of 246 years of slavery the confederat flag only flew 4 of those years, the rest was the British and AMERICAN flag


    Your statement is true, but incomplete. There has been slavery as long as there have been people. Britain, USA, CSA, none of them invented it.

    Kyan Koh

    They didn't even have proper railroads. They stood no chance

    Og black knight 31

    @Tom Cass Like George Soros lol

    Retro Beast

    Tom Cass yeah right

  98. Jason Woodward

    I had no idea, I figured cash was a union kinda guy, this is great :)

    Connel Mc keown

    He is a southern country and western singer why would you think that? I don't think he was an anything I assume he was just covering the song as with all the other civil war songs he covered?

    Jason Woodward

    I've never heard the other civil war covers, and I wasn't aware he was southern

    Connel Mc keown

    Well now you do:)