Cash, Johnny - The Hard Way Lyrics

Oh, the hells I
Put myself through
The fights I
Didn't need to fight
This thick head of mine
Ya couldn't get through
Had to do it wrong
Just to get it right
...just to get it right

I learned the Hard Way
The hard way taught me well
The hard way
Sure put me (this boy) through some hell
The hard way
Taught me how to tell
The right way from the wrong
And on which side I belong

Deep are the memories
As a young boy
Of the lessons
That I learned
My mama warnin' me
That fire is no toy
Ya play with fire boy
And you get burned
...Oh I got burned

I learned the Hard Way
I learned the Hard Way

What others learned in Sunday school
I learned by gettin' black n' blue

I learned the Hard Way
I learned the Hard Way

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Cash, Johnny The Hard Way Comments
  1. night wolf

    johnny R.I.P

  2. Mark Muffs

    Since I'm not a huge country music fan (but a big Johnny Cash fan) I didn't stumble onto this until the early 2000's when I found a mint promo 45. Loved the song ever since.

  3. Cemre Raikko

    what an amazing voice and song! I've been listening to Johnny Cash for a long time and I've heard this song for the first time. Thanks for sharing. 

  4. TheOriginalMoc

    as soon as it kicked off i liked it, cash4ever!

  5. Layne Vaughn

    Jerry, I had no idea you wrote this song. Awesome.

  6. landoflansdowne


    1. The Hard Way was going to be John's last single from "The Baron" album. Double-sided, radio-station 45s were pressed in preparation for The Hard Way's release, but at the last minute the plug was pulled. The reason why was never shared with the songwriter.