Cash, Johnny - Greatest Love Affair Lyrics

I dreamed I woke up and you were gone
I reached out but no one was there
I called your name and nobody answered
And I wondered if I cry would you care

I had said I love you so many times
But they're just words that you hear people say
And I never knew just how much I loved you
Until suddenly you'd gone away

Now who'd stand by me the way you did
When I was weak it was you that made me strong
And you had a way of touching my heart
Like the words in a beautiful song

Aw we had good times and we shared the bad
So I'll take whatever comes
Cause you were the best years of my life
And we shared the cake and we shared the crumbs

Then just before the hurt had built up in my heart
To a mountain that I knew I could never climb
I woke up I woke up to a beautiful world and you were there
You were there all the time

I love you America I love you America
And if I sail a stormy sea
Please be there to shelter me
I love you America I love you America
So just keep holdin' me close and I will care
And we'll show the world that what we share
Is still the greatest love affair
And I love you America
I love you

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