Cash, Johnny - Chattanooga City Limit Sign Lyrics

I was thumbin' a ride one Saturday mornin'
Outta Nashville totin' my sack
I lent my car to a gal that lived in Chattanooga
And she hadn't never brought it back
She was drinkin' pretty heavy when I let her have it
I hope she knows it was only a loan
Ain't no tellin' what I might have told her back at the time
But that ole car was also my home

About five miles out I was gettin' kinda tired
Sweatin' hard and feelin' kinda weak
I woke up with no cigarettes and nothin' to drink
And I hadn't had a bite to eat
My nerves was so quick I couldn't tell where I was shakin'
Then a set of brakes sang my song
Some fella stuck his head out a '57 Chevy
And hollered hey man come on

I told 'em I was headin' down to Chattanooga
They said hop in we're goin' there too
And the way they took off in a cloud of smoke
I still ain't believin' it was true
They had their windows down and I was sittin' in the back
With my tongue still hung in my throat
He was hittin' just about a hundred and ten
And he said man what you think of this boat

Well there was two semi's a strugglin' up ahead
One tryin' to pass the other
They had the whole road blocked so he passed 'em on the right
And let me tell you somethin' brother
I was so nervous that my teeth was clickin'
There wadn't no way my head could think
Then the one that was sittin' on the passanger side
Turned and said hey man you want somethin' to drink

I just shook my head cause I couldn't talk
He said okay and then he said cheers
Them fools was drinkin' whiskey and wine
And chasin' it down with beer
Well I started sweatin' that ol' sticky sweat
And I know I was white as a sheep
Then one turned the radio on wide open
And said hey man check that beat

By the time we reached the top of Monteagle
I thought I heard a rumblin' sound
And then I saw a sign that said fallin' rock
And right there I was floorboard bound
I was rollin' and squirmin' on the ol' floorboard
Too weak to sit or stand
And then the driver said we're doin' a hundred and twenty
Look here man no hands

I got up enough nerve to raise up and look
And by now there couldn't be no surprise
But his hair was blowin' all over my face
And dandruff blowed in both eyes
He never did drive on the right or left
He just kept on ridin' that line
I rubbed my eyes and saw the prettiest thing
The Chattanooga city limit sign

He slowed down and I said
Mister please I'd like to get off right here
He said aw ride on into town with us
We're gonna go down and pick up some more beer
I said please once more and he stopped the car
And then he handed me my sack
Said they'd look for me on the road later on
In case I wanted to catch a ride back

I got out and sat down by the side of the road
Feelin' sick and lookin' mighty pale
I don't remember anything much after that
But next mornin' I woke up in jail
I didn't know anybody in my cell
And didn't wanta ask why was there
But they all kept grinnin' and turnin' their heads
And it was more than my head could bear

So I called the jailer and I asked him to tell me
Why I was there if he'd be so kind
He said for stoppin' the traffic while I was huggin' and kissin'
The Chattanooga city limit sign

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Cash, Johnny Chattanooga City Limit Sign Comments
  1. Al Swearengen

    With each verse this song goes up a key. That's the genius of it.

    It was first recorded by Faith Hill.

  2. Al Swearengen

    Chattanooga reminds me lot of Detroit.

  3. Al Swearengen

    This is an old gospel song from the late 1800s. Wen Garth Brooks sings it, he cries because he's not a phony.

  4. Johnny Laymon

    Big soddy !!!!

  5. jackson boled

    Lafayette Georgia love Chattanooga

  6. Douglas Donoghue

    I really enjoyed watching it. 😇

  7. Steven Forman

    Sweet vid... Thanks. :D

  8. Gerard Larkin Haverstock

    A great song

  9. Michael Torrence

    From Signal Mtn.

  10. Blaze Morris

    In 29 and Chattanooga city limit sign! Classic Johnny cash


    Mr. Cash was a legend! My dad had the pleasure to meet him & pluck a few songs together. He said he was the most generous & down to earth man. Rest In Peace Johnny. You may be gone but your music will always be with us.

  12. Robert McCormack

    Simply the best

  13. Janet Sherwood

    Always makes me smile. My hometown.

  14. Tommy Haynes

    You can just picture the whole thing . Johnny does this kind of song better than anybody

    Rhonda Bland

    Too bad this was done before the days of CMT! You know that would've been a video to remember!

  15. Tasha James

    East Lake!

  16. Paul ter Haar

    I love to listen to this song in my car on my way to the coffeeshop te get some weed.

  17. Buford Reyna

    This is Boogie and DAMN right I'm from CHATTANOOGA and I love this song and CHATTANOOGA TN.

    James Lowery

    Buford Reyna damn right!

  18. Denise King

    yeh them chattanooga roads scare me just driven 60 mph. let alone coastin down monteagle mountain. my dads dad used to do something with moonshine over there too.

  19. Tammy Drawdy

    My Dad wrote this song! RIP Bobby Drawdy ... And Mr. Johnny Cash!

    Thank you for posting this!

    Carol Ratajczak



    Tammy Drawdy very nice

    Good Morning Good Afternoon and Good Night

    Tammy your dad wrote great song. Do write songs or sing ?

  20. Tony Harris

    BYGOD. i will say the man in black told it like it was

  21. James Lowery

    I'M A DAMN PROUD CHATTANOOGAN! #noogastrong #nooga #chattanooga #tn #thowdown

  22. James Lowery


  23. Jason Justice

    mt eagle mountain

  24. General Cool


  25. Landyn Aslinger

    Soddy daisy ( in Chattanooga )

    Cummins Tech

    Smiley’s Welding Soddy aint in chattanooga i live in soddy

  26. 2ct2wave


  27. 2ct2wave

    Been in chatt. for 23yrs now. it's home.

  28. Wayne Baker

    My wife is from North Chattanooga,,Her dad, everybody called him "Hobby" hauled moonshine all over that area,,,This was his favorite song,,He's gone, But not forgotten...

    Gibson Lees

    Ooltewah ;) , 2 yr there for me !

  29. Nerva L

    From Chattanooga too!!!! Lookout Valley area to be exact. Wouldn't live anywhere else on this planet. RIP Johnny!!! You are missed!!

    Roy Cole

    hey nerva how you been Lookout Valley man myself as you know

    Nerva L

    +Roy Cole yes Sir, I do know. lol. Awesome seein ya here!!

    Roy Cole

    +been awhile

  30. orrin shell

    hey meer this is for you baby.Here is who and where and most of all how I was raised up. this is is love from my heart to yours.Bullfrog love you.

  31. Bruce Johnson

    Soddy Daisy

    Cummins Tech

    Bruce Johnson hell yea soddy where it at


    My all time favorite

  33. Connor Jones

    go mocs!

  34. retterbretter

    Signal Mt

  35. Tubesocks75

    North Chattanooga! Love home and every god damn body that lives in it.

  36. C14

    e. chatt all day

  37. g83rboy

    Love being Chattanooga born and raised!

  38. Dr. bowtie

    Chattanoogan right here

  39. 92troach

    East Ridge, Sale Creek, Harrison, Dalton- Don't kid yourself. That's not Chattanooga! North Chatt, born and bred.

  40. Jayhawk853

    Harrison here

  41. Jamie van Brewen

    Sale Creek here. At least, back when I first heard this anyway. Austin now.

  42. jennel802009

    Dalton, GA right here.

  43. Rustybunchbantam10

    One of my favorite songs

  44. TruckerRedbeard

    I'm from Soddy-Daisy, went to Red Bank Elementary back when it was at the corner if Morrison Springs Road and Dayton Boulevard. And now I live down in Rossville. I first heard this song on my mamaw's kitchen radio in Soddy when I was about 7. Love it!

    Cummins Tech

    TruckerRedbeard hell yea soddy for life

  45. Cody P

    East Ridge!

  46. Music Man


  47. SuperKylerK

    HAHA drunk co-driver had some nights like that when i was younger

  48. SuperKylerK

    sounds like something a hitcher would sing after a ride in my camaro

  49. Johnny Hurst

    Damn I miss home. East Chatt baby

  50. HBC423

    thats whats up, chatt is one of the best places in the world

  51. TSA554

    i was looking everywhere for this song! you are awesome!

  52. SilvioManfredDante85

    East Ridge

  53. Kovacic10


    from Saudi Arabia

  54. Frank Swopes

    @MrChatt423 me too eastdale!

  55. jamie sosik

    best song ever

  56. MyRebel44

    Good stuff