Cash And Maverick - Queen Lyrics

Posting pictures of yourself
'Cause you like the attention
Work a 9-5 job
But don't ever really mention
Think you're all the way famous
And you love to live dangerous
On the edge of disaster
But this life is contagious

You want a boyfriend with a cool car
Taking you shopping out in New York
Want the high class service
'Cause you think you deserve it
Want the money and the big house
Big garage to pull the whip out
All designer on your clothes
So that everybody knows

That you is a queen
Go on kiss the ring
Think that you're royalty
Just 'cause you got nice things
But that don't matter at all
You are not what you seem
Maybe in your dreams
You got all that you need
And you think you're a queen
Go on kiss the ring
Think that you're royalty
Just 'cause you got nice things
But that don't matter at all
You are not what you seem
Maybe in your dreams
You got all that you need
And you think you're a queen

Always stunting on your friends
Acting like you got bands
Spend that money, yeah you blow it
Till your bank account frozen
Think that nobody would notice
You're going out like every weekend
And now your life is in the deep end
And I think you forget the reason

That you is a queen
Go on kiss the ring
Think that you're royalty
Just 'cause you got nice things
But that don't matter at all
You are not what you seem
Maybe in your dreams
You got all that you need
And you think you're a queen
Go on kiss the ring
Think that you're royalty
Just 'cause you got nice things
But that don't matter at all
You are not what you seem
Maybe in your dreams
You got all that you need
And you think you're a queen

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Cash And Maverick Queen Comments
  1. Alyssa Burgess

    I love your music videos

  2. Aria Rose

    Who is the girl?

  3. Sofia Åberg


  4. Kibox.V

    oulala cash

  5. John boII

    Go help me raise money for the next concert at

  6. Nico Ferri

    Don’t be jealous cash kissed another girl she is just an actor, even if she wasn’t real fans should be happy for him

  7. Christina Marcantel

    Thanks for following me on top tok cash and maverick

  8. teo chkeidze

    Omg i hate that girl with cash!

  9. Kelly Yan

    Lol once my dad played it on his phone and he saw it, when the love senses came me and my sister freaked out. 😂😂

  10. Isabel Ziegler

    Tik tok stars, professional singers, what next? ♥️

  11. Bella Ritter

    If I dated cash I would like him for his personality not for his money

  12. Keyla Cruz

    If you like cash and maverick


  13. Evie axon

    I don’t like how close cash got to that girl but it was amazing ♥️luckily I watched the behind the scenes first 😂

  14. Levi Longley

    ugjbjg jbh

  15. Ashly Rodriguez

    Cashes voice sounded so good when he said “ you wanna boyfriend with a cool car” 😂

  16. Prabhdeep Parmar

    This song is so calming cuz of their voices! I love it!! ❤️❤️😂😂

  17. Kayti Williams

    maverick is so cute

  18. Kayti Williams

    cash has a baby voise

  19. Camaree Griffin

    I'm literally crying when I saw cash with that girl why did you guys make this video all the people that like you guys are crying including me like if you feel the same way

  20. Mya Pacheco

    Ava Rose Pacheco

  21. Concepcion Flores

    You. Cash said a bad word you ass hole

  22. Peppe Vitale

    I love you

  23. Carmen Cantu

    I'm his girlfriend and he never told me this

  24. sharon salvadore

    Hi cash

  25. M.L.

    Cash : like 👍🏻👇🏻

    Maverick : comments


    lulu fox

    Mav ❤️

  26. Correne Sebring

    Make me mad and almost cry . Why cash . I am still have crush

  27. Tuana d

    That's a good song boys👌

  28. kiana verboven

    omg cash is so cute

  29. Khalil Mitchell

    Cash and that girl are like romeo and Juliet

  30. Audrianna Reynolds

    Meee I do

  31. Paolo Sestini

    Cash e. Mave

  32. Zoe Blacer

    Their both so cute but the girls better back off bc their both mine

  33. nazar shiri

    Wer kennt in von Tik Tok

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  35. ronda laybolt

    I love you cash and maverick❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖💖💖💖💖💖🖤💏💏💏💏👨‍👦👨‍👦👬👬👬👬

  36. Sophia Aizum

    Who wants to be cash girlfriend me

  37. Sophia Aizum

    I like you cash I think you're cute and you're super good at your YouTube videos I watch them all the time

  38. Nina Anic

    I just have fellings for Cash today i dreamed about him..😔

  39. cat Ketchum

    You girls suc so much

  40. lena de coninck

    you are so sweet, especially maverick

  41. sharon salvadore

    Love this song but cash with that girl is like not ok I wanna be his girlfriend if anyone can get this comment to him please do that for me and ask him to reply to this tell him it’s from Lyla I met him at the jersey city show I was the one in the wheelchair

    sharon salvadore

    Zoe Blacer I’m sorry to bother you again but did you say you had cash and mavericks phone number

    Zoe Blacer

    sharon salvadore yes

    sharon salvadore

    Zoe Blacer can I have cash’s please I really would like to talk to him

    Zoe Blacer

    sharon salvadore ok what is your #

    sharon salvadore

    Zoe Blacer sorry I got back to you so late I was busy with school all day and I had homework. Anyway my # is 570-205-0175 please give it to cash and tell him to text me and tell him to say hey it’s cash baker ok thank you so much

  42. Audrianna Reynolds

    When that girl was all over cash cried


    Cool this is awesome I am the biggest FAN cash lover

  44. Mohamed Rouhy

    AND FRENCH🇨🇦🇫🇷

  45. Min Liew

    Am i the only one that is commenting late watching and hearing their songs about 10000million times till it's in our head?like down below if you love them sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  46. Audrianna Reynolds

    I wish I was
    The queen and cash is the king

  47. Priscila Marcos-Delaluz

    That's what I mean to say

  48. Priscila Marcos-Delaluz

    He almost kissed her

  49. Priscila Marcos-Delaluz

    This is werid but not the song or them its just that people are saying omg I am jealous,he almost kissed him it's just weird and making me uncomfortable

  50. Taylyn Sullivan


  51. Hannah Baker

    But why would cash do that she an actor for the video so don't freak out cause cash is still single and btw his mine we have things in common haters and jerks backoff and stay away with your hate they don't need it there famous now everywhere you see they get pay a lot for what they do

  52. Caitcake 789

    They are so cute

  53. T.V Games

    Who better?

    Like maverick👊🏻
    Rea cash🤘🏻

  54. OPEN UP!!

    I love your songs they are really cool even what ever it takes

  55. vivian peritts

    Cash can not keep a jacket on

  56. Andrea Webster

    How old are you Mac andCash

  57. Vivian Alzuarte

    hope you see this

  58. Vivian Alzuarte

    i wish i could go to the ellen show to see them cause thats the only way to meet them but a 13 year old girl thats looks ugly never ever get to them at least a hug😭😘

  59. Joe Dumas

    Maverick is my sunshine ☀️ love him💋❤️🥰😘😍loveCAROLINE

  60. Aryanna Rodriguez

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  61. Liliana Rivera

    I'm your mom okay I don't even care to kiss a girl and I don't like that his mom is mean you're so mean you never said that to me

  62. Liliana Rivera

    I hate it why do you kiss a girl yeah I hate it

    Audrianna Reynolds

    Ok I like the song but not when cash almost kissed the girl

  63. Josue Saintilma

    Cash is so cute

  64. dace kletniece

    cash looks so cute whit that girl shy need to be your gf

  65. renei Burger

    Case and mav you are my best

  66. Gilberto Garcia

    Why cash

  67. Carla Hernandez

    I love u cash 😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    Melvin Lee


  70. Kira Lee

    I always thought this was a cover of Queen by Loren Gray

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  73. Lana Richards

    So here’s the thing I think maverick has a amazing voice and I like cash’s to but Mavericks just a little more but out of both I would date cash

  74. Jamie Thrasher

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  75. mr yeet

    Why does everyone one want to date cash and mav like bruh can y'all just chill like it's not that big of a deal and if you look on Google or Siri or what ever cash has a girl so y'all can chill like every video I see with cash in it people claim about dating cash y'all need to chill with that ish and also go subscribe to my boy vux hear is his channel 👉 #VuxVux

  76. Seventeen Fan

    why is cash so cute 💝💝❤️💝❤️

  77. Bug Bugu

    Guys, you all won't never be the girlfriend of Cash... So what's your problem? It's his life - so it's his decision... I mean it's even for the video but... Please grant him a girl and be happy for her (I hope for him in future)

    Thx 🙏🏻

  78. Logan Allen

    Okay if you like cash you will stop talking about hkw much you want him and let him be him like get is perfect

  79. Logan Allen

    Okay someone give cash the respect he needs

  80. Pearla Moussa

    I just realized right now at 7:19 on Sunday, December 22 2019 that at the very end of this video, when Cash was on the ground, everything that had happened in the music video was all a dream

  81. Shasta Breakw

    You are not bab

  82. Shasta Breakw

    My sister said you guys are bab

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    Mav: ik you guys are gonna love it
    me: awwww thats so sad bc most people didnt really like it bc Cash was "kissing" a girl

  93. Gamergirl 1000

    I wish i was that girl that was about to kiss cash. I wish they did kiss but i dont know why

  94. Rainbow Unicorn

    Little Information:Mozart was dieing at the 5. December....Well,thats my b-day XD

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    Fuck you cash

  96. Alma Cordova

    I can tell who is Maverick and who is Cash Cash is the one with braces and Maverick is the one without braces

    Alma Cordova

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