Casey Veggies - You Would Too Lyrics

I fell in love with hi-hats last summer
Fucked so many bitches with fat asses from the ave
Now I pass em to A$AP Rocky who gon stop me?
This rap shit don't work out your girl said she got me
I'm cocky who gon top me? I guess it's you, I guess it's you
I guess it's...
They want me terrified haters think they got me shaking in my pants
Mad cause I probably had they girl coming out her pants
But I won't be scurred I just make all my bitches go to church
Roll up with me and her when we come out the swervin
Black and Persian damn near perfect, uh
She black and persian damn near perfect
And if I ever get the chance I'mma fuck your new girlfriend
You would too...
Said if I ever get the chance I'mma fuck your new girlfriend
You would too, you would too, you would too

Cause ever since I made it rapping, baby girl bout asking
The way she throw it back it's classic, like Nas on Illmatic
Double L's be sagging make them hoes attract like magnets
Told that girl chase that money, this here probably get me faster
Peas and Carrots we stacking, counting paying my taxes
She wanted to go for round 2 cause last night was practice
Homie get yo girl, let her know that you thorough
We some young niggas getting money man take yo girl to the mausoleum
Show her something that she ain't seen like a damn black hole or something
And she know I be right around town acting like she wanna roll or something
My main girl I'll throw her something if she need get home or something
Tryna go through my phone or something
But she don't even know the codes or nothing

All I do is, All I do is think about and make cake
And what yo nigga been doing? Don't worry I'll wait
Niggas ain't real niggas fake as fuck
Still ain't fucking with these hoes they favorite cake is cum
My nigga smoke yo blunt then fuck yo bitch
That's just how it is in the city that we living in
Don't be so sensitive we all niggas here, yo chick a flip
Bet if my baby momma made her way to your condo with all of friends
And gave you the eye you'd ask your nigga for a condom and you hit that shit

Cause that pussy power be serious
Got bitches tryna get near us
My hoes in the crowd they cheering
Ya'll hoes damping your spirit
I just brush em off players do
And fuck her once and pound that pussy till its navy blue
She suck my cock and then she probably suck my homies too
I can't trust these hoes mayne
On the low they run some cold game
Gotta fuck for dough they got no shame
It's in my DNA treat em all the same
Like Veggies mayne everything wavy
Bitch tripping, it's all gravy
I'm back cracking new hoes daily

Yeah, ain't gotta front I been about this shit
Go and get it bring it home and then you count the shit
You should be living 40 acres where your houses sit
Your nigga hating he prolly got a ounce to flip
He sell, we sail on them boats
We smoke, they smell, shit is dope
More focus they'll never look into my eyes
Shorty threw it at me and I caught it by surprise
She said her friend feeling me that's a bad move
Cause I'll do the whole team, I'm a bad dude
Yeah, but I will never say your name
Cause I'm a real nigga I don't play them kind of games
But I can put you on a plane
Have you shopping in the mall and you just know you hit a stain
And then I leave never to return again
And you'll be thinking you'll be wishing like
"Where this nigga been?" like "What this nigga on?" like...

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Casey Veggies You Would Too Comments
  1. Step

    Where is that sample from??

    isaiah harper

    Step Blacula theme song

    isaiah harper

    But to be even more specific,

    isaiah harper

    In the movie Scream Blacula Scream. 12:51 is where the sample will appear


    isaiah harper damn thanks so much man! How’d you find that? Lol

  2. jaylen neal

    Bulltr1c brought me here.

  3. Ariana Grantham

    My new favorite song

  4. BELL

    Rockie Fresh kinda sound like Childish Gambino a lil. Dope af though

    Cielo De La Rosa

    You Mean Overdoz.

    kurtis based

    rockie sounds nothing like gambino lmao


    yeah you mean Kent Jamz, that boy can rap and sing pretty good and doesn't sound corny doing it

    Rob Pon

    lmao thats Kent u hype