Casey Veggies - Maybe, I Should Go Lyrics

Yeah... One, Two, Three, Come On

[Verse 1:]
Let your girl breathe and explore until the time right
I've been chasing lime light, no time to get her mind right
Yeah I got some other girls, but I just give 'em klondike
Trying out some new things, I might just hit a blonde dyke
I don't give a damn, get it in 'til the time out
I been spitting rhymes now, finally bout to shine now
My bitch Pocahontas, got no problems, got her new shoes
Then she do her thing, hands-free like a blue tooth
Young Veggies cracked a couple hoes, had a few schools
Ask about the boy in L-A, man I'm too cool
I'm a cop a Benz and Raul gon cop a new Coup
Josh take this girl whip and he drop her to school
Casey, how you live? All these girls and good food
Fresh raps, got my set, cash you hate a nigga's fool
I put my niggas on, don't hang with different crews
It's ridiculous that you would try to ridicule

I think I should go, Man I don't have to stay
I'll get out the way,
Yeah, I said
I think I should go (think I should go),
I don't have to stay (Man, I don't have to stay)
I'll get out the way
(I mean, I don't wanna go. But...
I guess I got to, you making me feel like I got to
Come on)

[Verse 2:]
In a deep dream dwelling off my accomplishments
I don't think she should come just cause I'm on my shit
I feel dumb, I'm too young, just need to swallow it
But I want her so bad it's like I'm gargling
Young boy stuntin' but I'm not a star
Did a couple shows, time to cop a car
And life sometimes, we just don't know who we are
So every bar like a letter testament to God
I'm feeling odd like my future where it all start
But I'm tryna keep it moving on my own tint
I be thinking why she do this as the phone ring

But I just hang up cause she did the same thing
Damn... Damn, She did the same thing
But who knows, we'll see
Keep going 'til the fat lady sings, Young CV
(Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system
When you finish recording, you may hang up or press 1 for more options)


(Man you need to stop holding shit in man
Say what you gotta say man)

[Verse 3:]
Maybe I should go, just let me know
Never have to stay, I'll be right on my way
Escorted by a girl with a cute face
Early day and we headed to the matinee
When I was younger I dreamed of flying and putting time in
At time, life needs fresh creations and new design and
My logo stitched, my sneakers sick, and my jeans designer
Designated for Heaven's gates, where the sun is shining
I used to hope for a mind that was unconfined
Not smoking blunts, fucking dimes, that's a waste of time
And in the next moment, everything in my head switch
I found myself doing that same thing, like it's fine
I thought for a long time on what I should write
Spent a lot of late nights making sure it's right
A whole story, yo it's true and all that you should know
Don't take it personal, but I think I should go


I mean, I don't wanna go (damn) but...
I guess I got to, making me feel like I got to
Come on
I had a dream... Know what I'm saying
I had a dream... that we could do whatever, whatever we wanted to do
You know, we could do whatever we thought was,
Was possible know what I'm saying
Follow your dreams...
Follow your motherfuckin' dreams man...
Yeah, forever in our hearts
Mind, body and soul
Customized Greatly 3
2012 and beyond

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Casey Veggies Maybe, I Should Go Comments
  1. The Magicians Love

    damn this was my shit

  2. Erick Sanchez

    underrated asf !!! dont @ me

    The Magicians Love

    good evening

  3. Angel Velasquez

    great mixtape

  4. Thomas Martinez

    With that Gangstar "She Knows What She Wants" sample 🔥🔥🔥


    +Tommie M. I still got that album too