Casey Veggies - I Be Over Shit Lyrics

I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit
I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit
Take A Nigga Girl
Next Day I'll Be Over It
I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit

She Try To Smash Now
But I'm Over It
We Are Talking Cash Now
You Niggas 0 for 6
I Got My Name Up
Ain't Even Focusing
Hit The Studio Then I'm Back In Homeroom, Shit
Homie My Phone Book Sick
She All On My Shit
I Had To Fall Back

I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit
I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit

Black Polo Saint Patrick's Pockets
Swag On Christmas, Light It Up As I'm Walking
Had Her On My Wishlist, And You Know I Got It
But I Met A Badder One So I Had To Stop It, Yeah

I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit
I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit

Shout Out To My Bro Bro
Gave Me The Idea
L.A. Is Ma Crib I Ain't Talking Ikea
I'm On, If You Don't Then Nigga I See Us
Girls On Stage, I'm In My Wife Beater
Chance Is In My Face I Guess This Might Be It
I Guess This Might Be It

I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit
I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit

I Be Over These Bitches
Momma Excuse My Language
One Day You Gon' Understand When I Am Rich And Famous
I Be On My Business
She Be On That Playin'
When A Nigga Get On
I Don't Think I'm Stayin'
But Already A Hood Star
Shout Out To Anwar
That's Who I Started With
He Helped Me Get A Moment, Shit

I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit
I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit

Take A Nigga Girl
Next Day I'll Be Over It
I Be Over Shit
I Be, Be Over Shit
I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit
(Swag) Repeated

One Time Two Time Put Your Cups Up
Three Time Four Time Light Them Blunts Up

I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit
I Be Over Shit
I Be, I Be Over Shit

I'm so cold
I be wheelin' 'em in by the boatload
It's her and her friends and I'm so on
Man tell me something I don't know
Name somebody I do trust, most you niggas be too sus
Thought being a rapper was so cool
Really the shit is just too much
That don't mean that I ain't gon'
Kill the game, I'm too tough
I do my thang, my shoes up
What the real about? You can ask us
I feel it out, then I back up
I'm willin' out, if it act up
Can't get to college without FAFSA
So the youngin' on this rap stuff, gone.

I be over shit.
I be over shit.
Man I'm over this.

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Casey Veggies I Be Over Shit Comments
  1. Levante Wright

    2019 !! He still underated

  2. JRM Media

    What I used to listen to.

  3. Gerry Facio

    Saw this live with Mac Miller and ABQ

  4. BiGfukkinA

    hood star

  5. keshawn cain

    2018📍ya digg

  6. BiGfukkinA

    2018 only the real ones still listenin

  7. Bruno Vidal

    speed 1.25

    Robin Ado

    Nice man !!! haha really dope like that. woop woop

  8. Devonte Smith

    under rated for sure

  9. ANTHONY Blake

    2:23 let that boi cook...

  10. Saúl

    Sounds like he has braces on LOL

    Khay ThePharaoh

    prob. a grill 

  11. fortycalproductions

    lol those subtitles are ridiculous..

  12. Mladi Sho

    Christina Santini is that girl

  13. KB surpreme

    Hit-Boy one of his best beats

  14. Man Dem

    retarded hook

  15. Errik Roacha

    This be over all shit out right now.

  16. Alex Magana


  17. Alex Magana

    Birthday is in this video lol

  18. Nikei Green

    We must must kick it together when u come 2 KS!!! You'll know who I am!!

  19. omar ashby

    I bumps wit it tho...

  20. Julesweat

    one time

  21. Rextontwofreshish

    needs waaaaaay mo views

  22. mychael beast


  23. 1sensee


  24. elijah rhea

    His best track out... if not, let me know.

  25. Rnd Brkr

    anyone know where i can get this instrumental?

  26. coriontatereed

    oh my god cooking out the brain thank you based god

  27. Yaz L

    sickest video

  28. bitchyouknowwhoitis

    I was at key club when he performed this for the first time, wish you all were there too it was a dope moment.

  29. TheFuckOffMe


  30. ryuchaos

    this beats hard . but hes really didnt go off >;D



  32. t jay

    man this beat is on FIIIRE. but honestly, anyone of us could have written a sicker verse u feel me? buddy coulda went like jus a LIL harder damn!

  33. Apprentice

    I be over shit

  34. kinglt07


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  36. michaelandhansen

    mad hypnotic shit

  37. Grant Rodgers

    He gave a shout-out to Anwar! Haha 2:04

  38. linkhostr

    What's the sample based on? Adam F or smth?

  39. milad IZZY

    ohh yeaah .beatsbydre. i feel u

  40. W. Assan

    This bass is fuckin insane with noise-canceling headphones

  41. Danny Chavez


  42. LacedGod

    @malcolmdsantos No shit it adds to his flow.

  43. Rygano Dali

    Feelin this edit tho

  44. Jason Wood

    I just heard this song for the First time today. Thank you Pandora

  45. Hamburger247

    @Marquesecam You're Blind as shit bitch

  46. Cameron Alford

    lol...he put up only five fings when he said six

  47. Dari Loso

    31 People weren't over some shit.

  48. Sebastian Andrade

    31 People didn't have 3D glasses

  49. Mile High MuscleandFitness

    where can i find the instrumental!?

  50. Malcolm DosSantos

    Casey Veggies has a lisp

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    that lisp though..

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    He is amazing in concert! Did awesome in the Burgh!

  56. SPY_calls

    hahaha turn on transcribe audio

  57. SPY_calls

    saw him live at mac saturday night he's sick live

  58. A G

    my shit

  59. bribri1164

    Shit sounds better live! Love you Casey V <3333333333

  60. Julia Shingleton

    i saw him in concert, and he's really good & adorable. :)

  61. Kuhmodo

    Casie Veggies is only like 17 or 18 and he sounds like that... I'm pretty sure half of you all Cranked That Superman and Soulja Boy was acceptable then at that age... Then they have the nerve to talk about Casey V... You rookies....

  62. Dominic078


  63. Kay Alexander

    Casey veggies gonna be huuuuge next year.

  64. SaintLulzington

    @JetLife2ThNextLife Because Casie Veggies and his fan base are hogging the tub

  65. Emmanuel Kassa

    two words Good Shit

  66. Dylan Forbes

    Is his lisp annoying to anyone else but me?

  67. GEMIK

    @RetardedCreativity ummm i dont know man. theyre all family in the end.

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    @ThaLulzGaming good. keep him out.

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    @ThaLulzGaming He's not even in OF.

  71. SaintLulzington

    this shit SUCKED. I thought it was a joke at first come on son this ain't OF.

  72. Brian M

    Hella pumped gunna watch Casey tonight! Swag!

  73. Hhurnis Wang

    25 Need To Be Shitted On.

  74. lafairweath3

    this is such a banger, y dont more ppl know about it, hitboy got next

  75. D1431

    @MizTuRDoRkY tyler hates BET and they asked him to do a cypher this year and he said no. So i dont think thats gonna happen

  76. Kevin Simms

    Weakest shit, wtf?

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    someone put up the official track for the vid

  78. Keon Coleman /9kXYbnM5qHY My Chopped and Screwed Remix

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    i dont think he was ever in odd future, he just rolled with them.

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    [email protected] real hiphop

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    This that shit rite here!

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    hit the studio then im back in homeroom shit haha swag

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  84. Zekeflow

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    I fucking love this Cd.

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    I had to falll back...

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    i listen to this and cant get over this shit!

  94. YeahBuddy4000

    CV next

  95. Brews Lee

    i listen to this everyday, cant get over it

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    Props to Hit-Boy for making this dope ass beat.

  97. zuyo 47


    scope it doe.^^ swagg

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