Casey - Phosphenes Lyrics

I feel the veins that sit behind my eyes grow varicose as gentle light starts filtering through fractured blinds that shade the world from me.

You'd always watch me as I'd wax and wane, Fluoxetine and slow decay, dependence on a medicine is Hell without reprieve.

I am bereft of the ineffable affections I feel I am owed, my vacancy and apathy are all that I have left to show for years I spent in isolation, for chemicals that took the place of fleeting moments in which I found reprieve from misery.

And it seems the only solace I'm afforded is now instead of wanting to kill myself I just sleep; I guess progress really isn't what I thought it would be. And as I lay supine and let the phosphenes fade after another collapse, I'm left to contemplate if I'm really getting better, or if I'm just numb to the feeling of falling apart.

My dichotomy has always been that I'm scared of burdening those who love me, but knowing I need help before I die afraid and lonely. But maybe it's all in my head.

The irony I face is that whenever I try to medicate my aches, it kills the only part of me that makes me want to stay.

And as I lay supine and let the phosphenes fade after another collapse, I'm left to contemplate if I'm really getting better, or if I'm just numb to the feeling of falling apart.

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Casey Phosphenes Comments
  1. Sarah qz

    casey is one of those bands that had a beautiful ending. hope i make it to that headspace eventually

  2. Mmusic

    this song gives me so much power

  3. XterraRob

    I fucking love this song.

  4. XterraRob

    I love this band.

  5. Justin Firth

    Casey might've moved on. But I haven't.

  6. Save Banditt

    His screams remind me so much of old Oceana. I was a big fan of The Tide when it came out. Never heard these dudes before, but I’m digging it.

  7. west brom hunter

    I love this band cant believe they have finished

  8. MemoryMisread

    Probably my favourite song of all time

  9. james C

    Absolutely underrated band. I can’t find a band that I relate to the lyrics more than.

  10. Kevin Pena

    “The irony I face is that whenever I try to medicate my aches, it kills the only part of me that makes me want to stay....”

  11. Tyler Miltimore

    The fact that these dudes are splitting fucking drives a stake though my heart. Please, just don't. :(

  12. Poke Me

    It’s so fucked they are splitting up I wish they’d make happy music

  13. Gregory Van Damme

    It's coming to an end soon and couldn't be happier for them to get this big in so little time!! Much love for casey, anywhere and anytime

  14. Eggsavior Mercury

    This is so sad. You guys rock, thank you for all the wonderful music you gave us.

  15. cogsandcrowns

    I can’t believe Casey is over 😭 they’ll forever hold such a special place in my heart

    led nip

    cogsandcrowns what do you mean?


    led nip they split

    Rob C

    Their music was a medicine for my soul when I was at my lowest. Never thought I'd be in a position where I identified with their lyrics so much.

  16. VanillaJokes

    Vocalist reminds me of Emmit Fenn

  17. Geraldine Schoofs

    Still my favorite band after well over 2 years got 2 tattoos dedicated to them and already planning a new one glad northlane didn't pick him

  18. ✇ Denis Ashton ☑

    Sick af in my bed with a stomach bug after spending 4 hours in the ER with an IV in my vein last night, relatable album lol

  19. The Phosphenes

    The singer in this video was raped by his father.

  20. The Phosphenes


  21. Ryan Arey

    Damn dudes, please come to the states.



  23. Ármin Soós

    Somebody knows where can i find the intro tab?

  24. grxed

    We don't deserve Casey. I love you dudes, stay strong

  25. charlieorsomething

    Meh. Think they made a new genre called bore-core zzz

  26. Idle Vows

    Casey is an amazing band…wow.

  27. Daniel Leake

    All these glorious dream bound bands not coming to America and breaking out hearts

  28. Wellinton Bend

    Muito bom, logo estará em meu canal :D

  29. Mixtapeherz

    Can’t wait to see you guys live again. the music is magic

  30. Sterling Archer

    This is pretty good

  31. miss_runderful

    12.4 Köln 🤗😍

  32. trandicosta92

    Is this...emocore? This is amazing. No, I am not being sarcastic, this is actually amazing.


    trandicosta92 nope it’s melodic hardcore

  33. NubbyNubbster

    Anyone feel a pop punk accent in this song? This song is great, and this band is so underrated.

  34. Albert Leon

    It's like when they argue about how bands should evolve within their sound, Well Casey has done that but there's no question this evolution makes us all happy haha.

  35. Jesse King

    A bad Casey song doesn't exist


    I'm really stoked to hear a new album of Casey. I decided to make a cover of the new single called Phosphenes. Really emotional stuff. Hope you'd like it.

  37. Cash Ash

    Wow.. best miss-click of my life. New fan.

  38. blurry_ cld

    Hi. Why the official video of "Little Bird" isn't available in my country ? It used to be, I even give it a like. It is my favorite song and I like the video very much but now I can't see it and that's making me sad..

  39. Quilan Diggz

    Feeling those lyrics. From one fluoxetine guy to another, hang in there. Excellent music. Loved it.

  40. Christian Griffis

    The last time I listened to a song so many times back to back was the first time I heard "Dream Awake" by Northlane. The lyrics to this song resonate in a way that is so palpable i'm having a hard time holding my shit together. This is a really beautiful first experience with the band as I haven't heard anything prior. Absolutely great work on this i'm looking forward to listening to more.

  41. BMO Blood

    Rise is promoting there music!? Which means welcome to rise records

  42. Olympe Jewels

    Thank you for this amazing song. I can't wait for the album. I love you so much.

  43. AutoPilot

    these lyrics are incredible.

  44. Colton Arrington

    You guys are so amazing

  45. Christopher Nielsen

    Bring this to Spotify!

  46. Suicide Notes

    love it, big tunes, absolute bingo

  47. Paulii __

    In love with your music. Thank you 💕

  48. Tyler Rodriguez

    Can you put this shit on Spotify already please?

  49. life- in-a-noose

    The drop at 2:13 - HOLY SHAAAAT made me feel nauseous it’s so good.

  50. Kim van der Sanden


  51. Vahe Marikyan

    very unique style you have, keep it going, waiting for the album!!

  52. DankJerry

    This shit right here is that fucking sauce!

  53. Anton Sanchez

    But maybe it's all in my head

  54. Tim Schuster

    This song is so perfect. Those screams and cleans are damn on point.

  55. inlovekay kimjiwon

    Underrated this band need more attention that it should be.

  56. hentai God

    I just got goosebumps and jizzed on my undies


    and they say that the core scene has no talent! well people really have no idea what talent is! casey is one of the most talented bands ever

  58. Alexield


  59. The Phosphenes



    Bryan Kovacs Your band sucks.

  60. The Phosphenes



    Bryan Kovacs You’re just jealous that their one song has more views than all of your bullshit you post. Go cry in your room loser.

  61. Cassiano Bruno

    I love this 😍❤

  62. James Mellen

    Amazing, as always. Incredible live and such lovely guys. So proud to be from the same city as them.

  63. tan ja

    guys you got me crying. your music is the most tragically beautiful. goosebumps. i can't wait for the album.

  64. MediaBoy13

    Turnover vibes in the instrumental

  65. The Grey Field

    little bit movements vibes, but overall it's good!

  66. Will French

    unreal, there's not a bad song from these guys

  67. MattysEdits

    love you guys


    This make me want to grab my dick and order taco bell

  69. Breathing Debris

    the lyrics man....fuck...this band deserves way more attention

  70. unshelled gaming

    Instead of wanting to kill myself I just sleep


    Eat Food too :)

  71. F4LLEND4RK

    I've said it before and I'll say it again; these guys really know how to create art.

  72. alyssa hanley

    wow. honestly I’m speechless. can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

  73. Meltdown Band

    A M A Z I N G.

  74. joelandrews1

    Sounds really good, guys

  75. art onemirra

    So much love from Russia

  76. Ray Slavenburg

    Congrats on signing to Rise! <3

  77. SamVader

    And im sold....need that shit right now !

  78. Cam Nielsen

    I enjoy this.

  79. MeloHardCore

    Yes I fuckin love this! Can't wait for the album

  80. Ryan Lasley

    so whats new about this?

  81. ✇ Denis Ashton ☑


  82. Nathan Gonzalez


  83. Jake Enderby

    Most underrated band in the scene... You guys fucking rule.

  84. Tensa Zangetsu

    album of the year no doubt

  85. Aaron Stewart

    Following an album like Love is Not Enough was always going to be a tough task, but I can honestly say I am blown away with the release of Fluorescents and now Phosphenes. Both are absolutely incredible in their own right and I am so excited to hear the new album. Sick job, thanks, Casey.

  86. Rizz3n

    This is SO good, amazing lyrics. So glad you guys are doing a headline tour!

  87. Tide Apparel

    You dudes are lords

  88. Sandra

    song of the year! love this

  89. C Trusz

    Well hot fuckin damn, love Casey!

  90. raybarth115

    Pretty good, actually like it. Good work on the team up with rise records. Just don't change the sound and get all fucky like a lot of other bands on their label. Looking forward to more

  91. Erik Staub

    See you guys in Budapest <3 Hope this time everything will be fine not like last year :(

    Erik Staub

    A wise decision

    Artur Popławski

    Going there from Poland also :D

  92. Rick Sanchez

    Tom, your clean vocals are amazing!!! Want to hear more of it:)))


    That Guy while they are great, a 50/50 mix of unclean and clean are perfect. Would kinda suck if it was all cleans imo

    Funk Master

    DON'T SAY THAT! Then they will just be like any other band!

  93. marta420

    best song you've ever wrote