Carr, Kurt - Lord Strong And Mighty Lyrics

The Lord, our God is strong and mighty.
The Lord, our God is mighty in battle.
Sound the alarm on the holy mountain,
He's wonderful and powerful,
And mighty is His power.

There is a battle against you and me,
But not a war that our eyes can see;
We wrestle not against flesh and blood,
But power and pricipalities.

So we must take up our spiritual weapons
And we must seek the refuge of God;
For He's a strong and a mighty tower,
The devil is defeated today by His power.


Who is the King of glory? [x4]


Who is the King of glory?

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Carr, Kurt Lord Strong And Mighty Comments
  1. Ry P

    they did not have to snap like this on here.

  2. MultiBillionHeir

    Wow she really set the tone for this powerful song

  3. darren hamilton

    This is a song that hopefully will re-awaken you & let you realize that you can do the impossible, despite whatever doubters or haters say to you. It's a song that hopefully can encourage you to keep on pushing, no matter the odds. Be blessed, everyone, & stay safe.


    darren hamilton amen 🙏🏽

  4. darren hamilton

    One of my all time favorite gospel songs.

  5. Mister Blake

    Love this. I really miss the days when gospel was about Jesus, the Christ

  6. diamond webb

    Kurt Carr was way ahead of his time too. He is awesome. I really enjoyed him when he came to Macon for a Worship workshop. My first time ever singing in a choir, I did solos and was one of the church musicians. I had just undergone some serious mess in a church and did not know what to do, did not know where to go.

    The experience, the worship to The Lird is one I will never forget.

  7. diamond webb

    Very beautiful voice.

  8. Ian Lloyd

    Just simply love this track - lifts me up every time - and woo-oo-ooh gets me praising and claiming the victory in Jesus name!

  9. Larry Baker

    Euy uwygvybnejeig nehejd

  10. Jazz Cole

    I love this song one of my favourite

  11. Paris Lee

    I remember being nervous about the first day of school in 6th grade. Heard this song on my way to school. All my fears were cast away and I had a great day!

  12. Arlene Winfield

    Another favorite when powers and principalities take over just trust the Almighty God!!..All power..All power is given to Him in heaven and earth..The Bible

  13. Ian Lloyd

    I so love this song and the version, brings me closer to the Lord's power Amen. Thank you

  14. monique spencer smith

    this song is excellent we serve a strong and mighty god

  15. Im Me

    I bet it smelled like a produce section in that church wit all that fruit.

    The D.I.Y Reader

    Im Me I get it!!! Lol Yes! Bless God for the Fruit of His Spirit!

  16. monique spencer smith

    he is strong and mighty god yes

  17. Producer1998

    What type of drum set is Jeremy Haynes using? Does anyone know?

  18. Darren H

    One of the most powerful & inspiring gospel songs of all time; just my opinion. :-)

    Eunice Adeleye

    Yes sir! You are very right.

  19. Jerren SRV

    I cried ,I've been looking for this song for years! And it's just as powerful and sounds just as awesome as the first time I heard it!

  20. StefJTay

    See the people rejoice over SIMPLICITY. That's all it should take in gospel music. We're so enthralled in showmanship that it's killing the black gospel experience. As a 24-year-old man, I will say this with boldness........LET'S GO BACK TO PURE PRAISE AND WORSHIP.


    +StefJTay Haaaahahaha


    @Judahray: God knows I need it, bro. Lol!!


    +StefJTay Check your account in 5min. lolol!


    @Judahray: Lol!! If I had a PayPal. Lol!!

  21. LaTosha Claytor

    love this

  22. StefJTay

    Two words....KEVIN BOND!! That dude is a beast.

    Ashley Moore

    +ShedSession19 YES!!!!


    +Ashley Moore He unknowingly influences me.


    He worked with Donald Lawrence back in 1995


    Lyrics so very true there is a war against you and me but not a war that our eyes can see, Our LORD is so Mighty we can't begin to understand his ability, his work, his plan for us, Praise the LORD, Thank you JESUS, Amen.

  24. Femi Allen


  25. Kalia Kalia

    sound like a hip rop song , I cant take it serious


    instead of listening to the beat, listen to the words.


    All muzik is from the source, the Creator it is creative but if you can feel the presence of the Lord on this masterpiece i don’t know what to tell ya 🤷🏽‍♂️

  26. Rosie Dominguez

    such a beautiful and inspirational song.. just love it...

  27. mrm64

    This has 90's written allll over it. The Piano/keyboards, the beat, everything. God bless!

  28. Jude The Man


  29. im4Christ4life

    I just saw anna marie horsford in the audience

  30. chrispleasantable

    Summer 1997

  31. malealto11

    Jackie, yvette, corey, shervonne, sherron,the other lady singing alto, troy, and nikki were kurt carrs best singers and without them im not a big fan cuz they were stellar singers with the Holy Ghost.... these ones now( timiney, michelle, etc) are alright but im not a big fan like i am with his old group.... they need to do a reunion

  32. John manaaho


    lamarr lassiter

    Don't know if I'd classify her as a tenor 🤔🤔🤔

  33. John manaaho


  34. Talia Archie

    Are they at West Angeles???

  35. TJ7021

    WOw...this brings back sooo many memories. I miss her in the Kurt Carr group..The gurl can SANG!!!

    Ashton Dansby

    Omg me too!!!!

  36. chrispleasantable

    @amtownsyou It's okay, everybody doesn't understand a lot of stuff.

  37. chrispleasantable

    @amtownsyou No you didn't understand what I was saying, it was a song that I learned and it was the 19th song I learned.

  38. rodgreen123

    My girl Jackie! We both went to Oral Roberts University at same time and she used to hurt us every Wednesday at Chapel

    lamarr lassiter

    She slays every time she come to Agape Family Worship Center here in NJ. So mad I wasn't able to make it to our watch night service to see her in person. 😩

  39. kiera94100

    jackie boyd is beautiful!!!!!

  40. chrispleasantable

    This was track 4 from Kurt's 3rd album "No One Else" and was the 19th song I learned by this great and crazy gospel group with Judith Christine-McAllister by their side.

  41. Globalman43

    This is a powerful song! God is strong and mighty.

  42. 93 til infinity510

    @joureny yup, the kurt carr classics were priceless.

  43. 93 til infinity510

    @cssa12 yessir

  44. 93 til infinity510

    damn I wish I was there, i'd go crazy when the beat drops

  45. cssa12

    6:03 Walter Hawkins??

  46. chrispleasantable

    This was from the album "No One Else" from 1997 Live at The West Angeles Cathedral on July 27,1997 in LA

  47. chrispleasantable

    @ImmeasurableOne The Lord our God is Mighty in Battle!

  48. FoYoSoull

    This tune takes me back. My goodness. I love this song

  49. Elecia Morgan

    I miss songs like this!

  50. malealto11

    i love this song....... jackie can get wit it now....... and gospelfan585 i wanna kno the same thing like wat she doin now

  51. DeCarlo Raspberry

    Judy is killing the exhortation

  52. J. Jarrod

    The lady 2:37 is getting down...

  53. Brenden Hobbs

    This was the song! What ever happened to Jackie Boyd? Where is she?

    lamarr lassiter

    As far as I can tell, she still doing singing engagements because she comes to my church, Agape Family Worship Center, every now and then and bless us with a song or two. In fact, she was just at our watch night services.