Carr, Kurt - For Every Mountain Lyrics

I've got so much to thank God for
So many wonderful blessings and so many open doors
A brand new mercy
Along with each new day
That's why I praise You
And for this I give You praise

For waking me up this morning
That's why I praise You
For starting me on my way
That's why I praise You
For letting me see the sunshine of a brand new day
A brand new mercy along with each new day
That's why I praise You
For this I give You praise

You're Jehovah Jireh
That's why I praise You
You've been my provider
That's why I praise You
So many times You met my need, So many times You rescued me
That's why I praise You
I wanna thank You for the blessings You give to me each day
That's why I praise You
For this I give You praise

For every mountain You brought me over
For every trial you've seen me through
For every blessing
Hallelujah, for this I give You praise

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Carr, Kurt For Every Mountain Comments
  1. Eden Jaz


  2. Tawana Brown

    Yessssssssssssssssss Lord!!!!!!!!! That's why I praise You!!!!!!!!!!

  3. James Brock

    2:40 Walter Hawkins!!! RIP

  4. chinks717

    I miss the days of soulful gospel taking you up into the heavenlys and imparting the spirit of God on you. This is that song that remind you of all that He has done for you with tears streaming down your face. He is amazing in all his splendor and glory.

  5. Luxury Doll

    Best ever ❤️😇

  6. SG483

    Wow. Wow wow. Thank you Jesus! 2020

  7. Elonda Warren

    Who's here with me in 2020. Yes LORD thank you Amen

  8. P.A. C

    Still listening in 2020!😭🙌🙌👏👏👏👏💖 Thank you Jesus for your mercy and your grace!

  9. Stir Fry


  10. One Flower Lover

    My Lord! What an anointing.

  11. Virginia McClary

    You power in your singing I can help but rise up my hands God bless

  12. Georgina Blackwell

    😍😍To God be all the glory!!!!! I give You thanks Heavenly Father!!!! This song came straight from the Throne Room of Heaven.

  13. Ciana Brow

    That voice.

  14. Nika C.

    This song bring me tears everytime I listen to it.....

  15. Jon Mack

    Sing Yvette!

  16. Jerome Petway

    This song is so powerful it would move a rock Yvette Williams is truly an anointed singer

  17. favored04b

    Kurt Carr please re-release this song with the same soloist! This song is the best of the best.

  18. Moraya Walls

    Keke Wyatt sent me here after her testimony about her son fighting cancer 🙌

  19. Margie Graddicks

    This song right here!!!!

  20. Jalisa McKinney

    I love this song !!! Omgoodness

  21. Debra Turner

    Sharing God's truths at

  22. Veda Styron

    Hi Gregory... I saw your name and wanted to tell you Slack is my maiden name. I am from High Point, NC. I was wondering where you are from and if maybe somewhere we are related. God bless you! I now live in Texas and I have been looking for a church with this kind of music and a mass choir. I was born with this music in my soul.

  23. Louis S

    does anyone know if the live extended video performance is available anywhere whether it be free or for purchase

  24. Nunya

    Anyone sees Jackee Harry towards the end with her ex husband that hairstylist with the long hair who had a tv show at one time. 4:47

  25. carlton hallums

    Everytime i hear this song i think about all the nonsence and foolishness and addictions that God has removed from my soul....Lord i thank you.

  26. Toutai Palu

    Love this song!!

  27. Jolie Garrett

    Now WHO were the 794 people who didn't like this? I'mma pray for them!


    I PRAISE YOU ELOHIM & FOREVERMORE❣️ For Ever Mountain, Trial, Blessing HalleluYAH❣️My Heart Beats For You & My Every Breath Is For You❣️

  29. B. J. Howard

    Okay Jackée Harry! I see you getting your praise on at 4:51!

  30. Arjana Nkechi

    My favorite version. 💜 #2019

  31. Sharon Addison

    Beautiful song

  32. A Loften-Jackson


  33. Ardae Perry

    oh my lord this is a shouting song

  34. Tee Mack

    For every mountain God's bringing me through it...Walk through it...He's Able!!

  35. Butter Cup

    Her range❤️❤️❤️

  36. Lucky Lu

    Perfection. Great vocals and this is truly spiritual to the core of the soul.

  37. Frances Banks

    This song is my testimony. Amen

  38. Jayson Glenn

    Never gets old

  39. VideobyTrish

    For every trial — you safely seen me through! For every blessing! Hallelujah!!!

  40. Ronaldo Pedro

    A M A Z I N G

  41. DARIUS E


  42. Jasmine Williamson

    Thank you Lord Jesus for this song

  43. ultimatebrowsr777

    Not Laura from Family Matters gettin her praise on!!

  44. Lake Merritt United Methodist Church

    Was that Jackee at 4:51 ?

  45. Lestine Rolle

    The real song here! Just real, just her extras real singing!

  46. Mauris Thorbs

    Never knew Laura Winslow was popping on gum like that! Whew.

  47. annointedd

    Anybody know how the lead singer is doing, she had a massive stroke about a year ago.

  48. BlessydGazaDiva

    Every time I listen this song it envelopes ✉️ me in the Presence of *God Almighty*

  49. Nina C


  50. Porsche H

    One of my favorite gospel songs, hands down!

  51. Valerie Campbell

    Is that Jackée at 4:50? Regardless, what a beautiful song! Except the only problem is, we actually praise God always, whether we have blessings or nothing but trials to the end, always praise Him, just because.

  52. laba raHawk

    West Angeles Cogic always got celebrities. Churches and their need for clout and money SMH...

  53. Ella Carter Aernan

    My favorite song in LIFE!!!

  54. Angela Moore

    My favorite part is when she starts to HUM!

  55. Toni Mitchell

    Is Erica Campbell at 1:51? Wow!

    Rodelie damille

    Yes she sang with Kurt carr.

  56. Keeping It Vertical Minitry

    I was listening to it about a hour and a half ago played it twice crying in tears remembering a good friend of mine whom of which is now gone home to be with the Lord, her name is Lafawn Smith along with Delphine Patrick and myself we used to dance together praise and worship sign language and this was one of our songs.this is my third time listening to it today within an two and a half hour span. It definitely is one of my all-time favorite songs because as I look back over my life and think about all God has brought me through, for every mountain and through and for every blessing I choose to give him praise! Continue to R-est In P-ower Lafawn until we meet again.

  57. Steeve Heimanu MAI

    Bravo... !

  58. Robin Idestrom

    Most amazing, powerful song ever! I love it!!

  59. Tessa Hall

    You cant help but go in on this song

  60. Tessa Hall

    Y'alll better SAAAANG!

  61. Rabeca Jockett


  62. Muriel Johnson

    Love this song

  63. Marese Addams

    Love this song.

  64. MINISTER Johnson

    Amen, Amen, Amen, I LOVE It.

  65. TheConnerShow

    Amen ! God bless this choir and song ! 🎉💙 He is moving this on forward to a higher level ! 🎉💙

  66. hubert king

    awesome. It makes me want to praise God through everything. I was flat on my back for a month or so and played this every day and was blessed daily. I am blown away each time I hear this version

  67. Veeda PD

    This is truly a powerful gospel song.
    I watch this video a lot, and it makes me count my blessings over & over again.
    I see why people could not sit in their seats. “AWSOME Song”

  68. LaTasha Ursin

    Still a wonderful praise song.

  69. Jonathan Mead

    Yes Jesus will see us through every situation in life. He will uphold us and shelter us under his wings. The Lord our God is Mighty in Battle. He is the King of Kings and Lords of Lords.

  70. Cassie Luv

    For every mountain Lord 🙌🙏😇 the young lady towards the end chewing the gum and watching someone's business cracks me up every time 🤣

  71. Sheila Alexander

    HALLELUJAH, TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For every mountain that God brought me over, I praise God for Kurt Carr and these anointed men and women!

  72. Laraee Johnson

    This is just great

  73. Makgoale Phasha

    My all time favorite 🙌🏿

  74. David O


  75. Nicole O.

    May God bless her! 2019 this song still does something to my spirit

  76. bernard williams

    This an awesome throw back. Kurt did his thing on this one.

  77. Comfort Davidson

    Cali Day is the ONLY other singer who can pull this powerful song off. Not even a Christian but can't stop feeling so much better every time I listen to it.

  78. Florha Jones

    Beautiful and applicable still today in 2019...

  79. alex bah

    Are these the Minstrels that were supposed to come down from Heaven to make Mother Earth, Paradise? They sure sound like Them!!!!

  80. Monique Johnson

    This song is amazing! Now Kurt was at my church with another woman who sang the lead version she had a deep voice! Omg! That woman destroyed the song I was in tears. She was incredible. I like this version as well but the woman who sung this song with Kurt at my church Lord have mercy! She was incredible!

  81. Thereal Funsize19

    Y'all All Did Amazing Job Like Y'all Really Blessed My Heart❤

  82. Beyond This Moment

    Still my favorite rendition:)

  83. Muriel Johnson

    Love this song

  84. Debra Turner

  85. Valorie Gordon

    Tears tears tears.. my God..powerful song💕

  86. nicky mills

    Thank you Jesus !

  87. Edward Russell

    This sounds something Richard Smallwood would write, the melody and the musical arrangement. Great song. Beautiful voice. God bless all listening.

  88. Ty Crump

    I get up with this song every morning and give God the praise because it speaks volumes to every thing I thank my Heavenly Father for #JesusIsLord

  89. Tahj Alex

    I love this song so much !!!!! That’s why I Praise Him!

  90. A Reality Thing

    This was shot on my bday! I was 4 !!

  91. Tyeska Sanders

    I have seen a lot of beautiful praise dances to this song..
    Oh I love this song..
    It's life changing..and the lead singer.. ooooo week.sing girl..the choir got her back too

  92. bourge66

    one my personal anthems! Amen

  93. Hyacinth Williams

    Hallelujah! Amen 🙏 my breath of fresh air Song. Like the dews of a fresh new morning. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus🙏😭😭😭I’m so thankful for God’s mercy, grace, favors and blessings, thank you Jesus!

  94. Rosalyn Morgan

    Notice how many DISLIKES this video has...the DEVIL is NOT welcome here.

  95. Lynnee Magruder

    Another classic true song of praise ❤

  96. Nikki Dickerson

    Thanks you Lord thank you 😭

  97. Reggie Lee

    4:19 I think she went to Heaven and came back during this note. Amazing.

  98. Denise Buck

    Beautiful song!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  99. Tae Stoute

    That's why I praise you.
    For this I give you praise.