Carr, Jekalyn - I See Miracles Lyrics

If you believe in something long and hard
If you believe in something with all you heart
It shall come to pass

I see miracles
I see miracles
I see miracles happening for you
I see miracles
I see miracles
I see miracles happening for you

If you believe in something long and hard
If you believe in something with all you heart

It shall come to pass

I see miracles
I see miracles
I see miracles happening for you
I see miracles
I see miracles
I see miracles happening for you

Think it into existence
(Think it into existence)
You have to speak it into existence
(Speak it into existence)
Faith it into existence
(Faith it into existence)
Oh, oh miracles
(Miracles are happening for you)
Think it into existence
(Think it into existence)
Speak it into existence
(Speak it into existence)
You even have to faith it into existence
(Faith it into existence)
Miracles, oh, oh
(Miracles are happening for you)

I see miracles, hey
I see miracles
I see miracles happening for you, oh yes
I see miracles
Yes, I see miracles
I see miracles happening for you

Keep on holding on
(Keep on holding on)
You have to grip it strong
(You have to grip it strong)
Oh, oh
Don't you ever, don't you ever let it go
(Miracles are happening for you)
Yea, yea, hey

I see miracles
I see miracles
I see miracles happening for you, you, you, you, you

If you believe in something
You got to hold on to it
You got to hold on
You you you you you...

(It shall come to pass)
Don't you ever let it go
God is going to bring that thing to pass
Stay right there where you
Keep thinking it
Keep speaking it
Keep faithing it
Cause it shall
(It shall come to pass)

I believe, I believe...

(Miracles are happening for you)

I see miracles
I see miracles
I see miracles happening for you

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Carr, Jekalyn I See Miracles Comments
  1. Alicia A

    I love this song and it why to make me cry. Thank Jesus.

  2. Patricia Loving MeHarris

    I believe my marriage shall be restored I believe my husband shall be saved I believe daughter should be saved and live holy ..My family shall be restored healed and restored As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord.....My family shall be a witness of God Glory My God provide everyone of our needs The Harris 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌💪💪💪💪💪

  3. Charity Karambu

    ❤️❤️ From 🇰🇪

  4. New Things

    I see MIRACLES!!! Happening 💖💖💖

  5. college

    help me god, i believe

  6. sharlene246

    Beautiful woman of God. Beautiful song. Beautiful message. Love it. Very inspiring.

  7. Laterria Burton

    Amen this got me crying 🙏

  8. risha O.

    I receive it I receive it 🤲🏼

  9. Tiesha Chambers

    Beautiful song!!!

  10. Takisha Mackey


  11. Derick Lakim

    God is good almighty God we serve miracles are on the way for me I been faithful to the Lord and he is a faithful God

  12. Nakia Pitre

    Thank you Jakalyn Carr. I asked prayer for my son Marcellius Brewster 10 years and me Nakia Pitre for financial blessings 🙏 From Nakia Pitre.

  13. Dency Huggs

    Praise the Lord. I see miracles

  14. Donna Kimbrough

    I love her music and I believe it........

  15. Keisha Monique

    I LOVE this song!!!

  16. waltwana325

    I believe

  17. karen

    I see miracle when Tasha Cobb-leonard and Jekalyn Carr in a duet.

  18. Eboni King

    Quote: Satan can't stand Jesus praisers: Eboni King

  19. Eboni King

    Quote: Trials shows your enemies who God is in your life: Eboni King

  20. Eboni King

    Quote: Praise lifts the weight of a trial: Eboni King

    Brynn_luv_ Gaza

    I know that's right, Eboni King

  21. Eboni King

    Quote: The brightness of God's glory always comes after the depth of a storm: Eboni King

  22. Eboni King

    Quote: Faith in what God said. Keeps you from believing anything Satan says: Eboni King

  23. Eboni King

    Quote: God is at the end of every test. He's declared your triumphant: Eboni King

  24. Eboni King

    Quote: Most trials end before their realized. The mind has a problem letting it go: Eboni King

  25. Eboni King

    Quote: The children of Israel wilderness experience ended long before they realized it : Eboni King

  26. Eboni King

    Quote: When God bring you out of a trial. It might look different than you expected: Eboni King

  27. Eboni King

    Quote: When God bring you out of a trial. It might look different than you expected: Eboni King

  28. Eboni King

    Quote: Your speech has to be full of faith during and after your trials: Eboni King

  29. Eboni King

    Quote: Your speech and vision has to be on one accord with God: Eboni King

  30. Eboni King

    Quote: Murmuring can distort your vision: Eboni King

  31. Derick Lakim

    I receive this break through I receive a healing of my mind body and soul no storm devil enemy weapons shall prosper in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

  32. Just Being Me

    I see miracles in my life as welll as my family life...keep singing young lady have a beautiful voice. your songs

  33. Brenda Onyango

    I receive my miracle today in Jesus Name

  34. Kathia Trezil

    Amen I believe in my miracles coming soon...bless u girl

  35. Mary Nyambura

    Amen Amen Amen

  36. college

    yes lord, this shall come to pass

  37. Missy Dixon

    May God continue to enlarge your territory

  38. Brianna Sueing

    She is an Angel 😍🙏🎤

  39. Powerful Purpose CG

    Thank you Jesus I see miracles happening in the spiritual realm that will manifest in the physical. Position and posture yourself for the blessings you've been praying for.

  40. Nene B

    She 🇯🇲?

  41. LadySpadee Joyner

    I see you shawty, but this song could've been different for you.

    LadySpadee Joyner

    Video wise.

  42. B.P.O.M Best Part Of Me TLWP TheLordWP

    Nice Song🙏
    New Single “bless these steps” share and support. Be blessed!

  43. Taylor Rogers

    Those who put thumbs down are wrong....
    we see miracles

  44. Rena H

    Yes I see Miracles happening in my family, people that are broken, being saved, healed, delivered, and set free from the bondage of sin, generational curses, pain, homelessness, broken family, broken homes, broken marriages, abuse in all sorts way, sicken, and disease, and more but thank God for His Miracles that's happening now! 2020 Recieve your Miracles 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽❤

  45. Sameria and Sha’marria Gang

    I"m in love with this song

  46. Michael Johnson

    You're A walking MIRACLE

  47. Tusubira Fred

    I see miracles coming my way this year 2020 thax you jesus for whipping my tears

  48. Thumbalena Mcmahan

    I love this song

  49. Daphne Stewart

    there will be a lot of miracles and blessings this year. i need you to recieve it. also hit that like button! jekalyn this is the girl that apostle carr had told you about. you know your cusion i met at church. he told you about me and i cant wait to me meet you.

  50. kiesha Love

    I see miracles thank you JESUS 🙏🙏🙏

  51. Althea Byers

    Awesome song PRAISE GOD I love this song. I see miracles. Jekalyn is a awesome singer. My Life is a Miracle. Two years ago I was fighting for my life in a coma but by a miracle PRAISE GOD 🙌 I'm here. Thank you GOD for my life worth living a miraculous recovery

  52. Sithembiso Magubane

    Miracles are happening for me! I've held on and gripped strongly on my hope. God is awesome and amazing.

  53. Corris Linden


  54. God's Daughter

    Entering 2020 with this song in my heart. We seeing miracles 2020 here we come!

  55. Willie Williams

    Merry Christmas Evangelist Jekalyn Carr❤️

  56. Jeremie Munkamba

    Can you send me your number or your email address to my email address [email protected] this is evangelist prophet jeremie from Canada l would like to talk to you

  57. Judith Thacker

    My best friend is sent me this. She has stood by my side... and it wasn't easy. I thank GOD everyday for strengthening her to deal with me going thru unemployment, homelessness, and being separated from my babies. I love u Sandra Moody of Savannah Georgia

  58. Anthony Reed

    Hello ms Carr my name is aj Paster Anthony Reed son and I I attended Martin memorial AME church I was just saying that you a powerful woman and may god continue to bless you and your ministry and if your ever in Miami just come and stop by your always welcome god bless

  59. valenia green

    Thank you Woman of God


    I receive it in the name of Jesus i am going to be a successfull business women💝💝💝💝💝💝

  61. Priestess Mourning Star


  62. Sylvie Sij

    I'm the 1 millionth view💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾


    It’s great

  64. Lawal Lawal

    With faith
    I faith it into existence
    I speak it and it will come to pass
    Miracle is mine
    Hit like if you believe!

  65. Tonya Frazier

    Lord I just want my life back. I have been not myself lately. It seems that evil is always on my back. Some days I don't know if I am going left or right. This song just give me a lil more hope. I know this shall pass.

  66. Arise Shine

    I receive

  67. Bria Ruble

    Everytime I hear this song I just cry 😩😩

  68. Dorothy Lindsey

    My son told me about this song a few days ago. He told me to listen to the words and I did just that a few minutes ago. God Bless You!!

  69. Jaime Smith

    This song make me want to breakdown because i feel miracles will work into my life such a beautiful song.

  70. марвел нгокие-хоронго

    I connect in Jesus name, I see my miracles coming this week as well.

  71. Kiara Peeples

    Got shivers in I’m wrapped in covers! I SEE MY FAMILY GETTING SAVED! Though it may not look like it from where I’m standing BUT GOD ..... He sees higher! I believe in your promise God you are FAITHFUL! Today I wanted to give up and quit trusting in God then I heard him say “When have I ever failed you my child” 😢 God forgive me!

  72. Anna Nexton


  73. Lorna Swasey


  74. Candy Hawkins-Shell

    I believe and have faith keep me my husband mom sister brrother his daughter my sister baby boy in your prayers

  75. Blue Sky

    Yes Jesus 🙌🏾

  76. Sandra Wiley

    I am a miracle!

  77. Charlene Nwosu

    The special song of my whole year ❤️ I saw miracles! I spoke till existence and their is more to come. GLORY BE TO GOD FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL SONG

  78. Lorna Swasey

    God reads hearts,his timing

  79. Shemarion Williams

    beautiful 😍🥰😘🥺

  80. Tilischa Word

    Watch "GEM ARTIST- He Cares Music Video TRAILER" on YouTube

    We love you. Desired feature for upcoming album

  81. Jigga Phiona

    Such an angelic voice
    To GOD be glory

  82. Lonie Loper

    Wow! I Love This New Song! Thank you for the encouragement Jekalyn! Very Uplifting!

  83. katrina woods

    Thank you jesus,I got my miracle


    Beautiful song! Thank you Jesus.

  85. Shanice Hutchinson

    Miracles are going to happen by gods grace 🙏🏾

  86. stella namataka

    I see miracles happening all around me

  87. Anna Bär


  88. tiff-tiff

    She's soooooo adorable

  89. Twobe Free

    I've seen 4 MIRACLES in the last 2 months! HALLELUJAH!!!🙌🙌🙌

  90. Nayang Kono

    wow i receive my Miracle.being blessed

  91. shytiria nicholson

    I speak prosperity 🙌🏾

  92. Corris Linden


  93. Middle Age Gladness

    I can listen to this song for a long time 🙏🏾

  94. Pearl Rodgers

    Love this song

  95. Kiara Bates

    I see miracles for me and my family the rest of this year and next year 😭😭😭

  96. Martez Hodges

    This can be played at a wedding

  97. Ahmande Simon


  98. omega abundance Smith

    I believe miracle is happing God is behind the scene working that then out I see miracle happening for you 🙏🏿💚✨