Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Leaving Song Lyrics

And you see that you're leaving
And you that you're gone
And you see there's no saying goodbye
All the trees in mourning
The light is late from the sun
Casting shadow on shadow down from the sky

And it's hard not to want to turn around
And it's hard not to want to back on down
We're only as strong as our hearts within
Only as strong

And all you know of where the road goes
Is some place far and unknown
You would think
You would have gotten used to it all by now
But each day it just gets harder
Every journey alone
Never knowing if you'll make it
Back home somehow

And it's hard not to want to turn around
And it's hard not to want to back on down
We're only as brave as we think we are
Only as brave

And it's hard not to want to turn it down
For some guaranteed, soul crushing
It would have driven you
Straight into the ground
Driven your down

And the three greatest gifts of moving on
Are forgiveness, hope and the great beyond
After that perhaps peace can come
Peace will come

And you see that you're leaving...
And you see that you're gone...

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Carpenter, Mary Chapin Leaving Song Comments
  1. 57andyRam

    some song writer give us a message and some song writer edge their message in our hearts.

  2. V DC

    I fell in my backyard and hit my head on the cement patio. I have traumatic brain injury. With all its complications -- most of me has left. I've always loved Mary Chapin Carpenter and still do.

  3. zagi60

    Mary-Only One*******

  4. Hobie Jones

    All Chapin fans should come join The Mary Chapin Carpenter Fan Group on Facebook. It's a great group.

  5. Dora Jaschke

    OMG This song is so moving it touches my soul...Thanks MCC...❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹👼👼👼

  6. Eric Bush

    Do You want to know Their Names? (Okay- welcome to My- and maybe, Your obsession...) Sasha, then Mother, Venus, then, oh you're saying, Goodbye... Ida and Sammie, where would They send Me... Tatsiana?... (I'll not say I'm sorry for my spelling) Emma, (the Avengers... how could a young man Not Love Her...?) Icarus and, Daedalus then you meet, Roxie... then Double 00, (him you should know because He hid behind ... but You'll have to know... and then leave behind, Pinkie and, Auntie- oh My oh- Me, the Babies who are ... you and I?...

  7. Eric Bush

    Old...if you're the old one- it's done- it's whatever those who came before you- had done. Old as Trees. (trees don't mourn- They just grow towards the Sun) So you're 'stuck in place'... like an 'Old One'. Well, Me too- and I'll tell you... Name your trees with names you will Love as you go along. Everywhere you go will be a Tree who cannot- (unless taken for reasons unknown) move on. And You will eventually know Trees like Us will stand for as long as We're allowed. And the rest- well- They are laid to Rest.

  8. phil Naeger

    beautiful.c est beau pour mes oreilles pour mon coeur et mon ame.

  9. Francisco Figueroba Figueroba

    Hace muchos años descubri a Mary Chapin, me encantan su voz y su letras, te saludo y que sigas cantando desde Zaragoza ( España )

  10. Karen Lm

    My sweet dog was with me for 11 years. I had to put him down after giving in to a disease that was determined to take him away under far worse conditions. I felt stuffed with my grief until I heard this song a couple days after he died. I just kept playing it over and over whenever I struggled. It got me through some how. Perhaps a mix of her soothing voice gracing certain words we all need to hear when things end. It's moments like this that I can recognize that no matter how insignificant anyone can ever feel or think they are to the world that you would be wrong. We all have a purpose to help one another along now and then. The only thing any of us needs to do is live out our lives. Heaven only knows the hearts we will heal along the way. Thank you MCC :)

    Sirens Meadow

    +Karen Lm
    thank you for sharing feeling

    Rosie dee

    I,m so sorry ab out your baby. I have 2 who are 15 & 16 yrs old 7 I SAY THANK YOU EVERY DAY FOR ALLOWING ME TO HAVE THEM FOR ANOTHER DAY. when they go, so do I. I can't imagine life without them, nor do I want to.


    Sempre admirei muito esta voz country da Mary Chapin.

  12. Margie Weaver

    Chapin is the greatest singer/songwriter of my generation. This song is so poignant and soul searing. I am experiencing the end of a relationship that has changed my life, and it is hard, but it is time to move on.....This song helps me find the strength to do just that, and find peace.

  13. see say

    It's hard to leave your home. Even if you cringe at the strangers who have become....... ur neighbors??????

  14. Karl Willoughby

    Love the poetry and the images the leaving song creates inside my head. We live our whole lives alone because only we know what we actually think and feel.

  15. Santiago Garcia

    Mary Chapín Carpenter y Mary Fahl de "October Project" dos de las mejores voces femeninas del panorama musical norteamericano. La Chapin Carpenter se destaca además por ser una gran compositora.

  16. Paris Kaye

    Please marry me Mary Chapin Carpenter! Your inner beauty is extraordinary...

  17. Terence Neal

    Awesome, inspiring, as a Songwriter myself, I have so far to go, & just know that few Songwriters in this world have left me with the kind of emotion that Mary Chapin Carpenter amazing poet of lyric & melody

  18. TheTomz71

    Wow awesome view love your music Mary Chapin Carpenter been listening to your music for years only you have one of a kind voice and I will always like hearing your songs and I like the way you look I would walk down this road anytime with you

  19. Kimberly Adkins

    Leaving is inevitable, isn't it? I guess I'll be the last glance in your rear view mirror. I just hope you find the peace you search for.

  20. gorfitz

    I second that comment-MCC is the ultimate singer/songwriter.

  21. Corea Kixx

    Wow!!!!! I have been out of the radio business now for 10 yrs. I started in Country radio in '91, and fortunate enough to be there for much of her marvelous career during that decade. No one really sings with that kind of emotion. It;s like heart ache. And her compositions are mind blowing. Simply one of the best songwriters of any genre on the planet. Thanks for the amazing post!!!!!!!