Caribou - Your Love Will Set You Free Lyrics

I can tell you
How hard it has been since I left you
You're my sweet thing
The only thing I want is to caress you
In my dreams dear
You are here beside me in my bedroom
All night dear
Hold each other like I never left you

Your love will set you free

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Caribou Your Love Will Set You Free Comments
  1. Daniel S

    Shazamed it yesterday in the hot new design center K11 in Hong Kong. Whatta track! Timeless and exquisite

  2. Rant Therapist

    This song makes me worried. Will I be ok?

  3. KayoDan !

    tbh when u listen to remix before this u will find original truck is more better am i the only one who felt it ?

  4. Shelli RK

    Unlike thd comment below me written 2 years ago, I can't stand this sound. It gives my headache a headache. Techno crap has never done anything for me except remind me where the volume down key is.

  5. Rara Avis

    The ending is out of a Kubrick film. Everything about this is brilliant.

  6. walter zing

    Me marie.

  7. Billie Murphy

    Not to be generic but this is a great track to roll to. 💕

  8. TheWilliam59710

    si beau

  9. Moore

    2:27 ❤

  10. David C

    Damn this so fucking good

  11. camille prince


  12. M͇O͇R͇R͇I͇S͇

    ¿No les pasa que están resfriados y no pueden besar a su polola/o porque no tienen? - puta la wea :c buen tema me encanta C: <3

  13. Nika Tkeshelashvili Jr.


    I can't tell you
    How hard it has been since I left
    You you're my sweet thing
    The only thing I want is to caress you
    In my dreams dear
    You are here beside me in my bedroom
    All night dear
    Hold each other like I never left you

    DD AA

    Nick O'Tkeshelashvili I never LEFT you?

  14. Simon Whitehouse

    Great sound.

  15. lonetruthseeker

    I love other bands too,but Caribou knows my soul

  16. James Nauman

    "Hold each other like I never left you." Fuuuuuuck these lyrics kill me.

  17. Gilles Thavot

    the kind of music that absorbs you

  18. yeet tomorrow

    at 3:00 its perfect. best part to dance or have depressions

  19. The Highest Control

    I tripped so much in 2016. listened to this album straight through multiple times. then I saw carbon at levitation fest and met Dan while i was tripping, right after i saw their set at the mohawk.he was so humble. dank acid. dank buds. dank music. it was an amazing time in my life. God bless america

    The Highest Control


    Declan Murphy

    Kek* bless America

  20. Lil Yogurt !

    wtf feel like its goin thru my head

    Declan Murphy

    Weird the way music does that yeah. I was expecting it in my foot. What a strange reality we live in.

    Sinu Kumari

    @Declan Murphy g

  21. Lillian Ford

    This song reminds me of my anxiety.

    Alexander Teodorescu Romanati

    +Lillian Ford How? I thought the song was about a break up. Just curious. Got some anxiety too..

    Lillian Ford

    +Alexander Teodorescu Romanati When I closed me eyes, I listened and saw a crazy accurate little movie in my head that describes my anxiety. Pretty weird man. Still love the song tho

    Declan Murphy

    Your anxiety reminds me of me not giving a fuck.

    Margarida Pita

    Declan Murphy you should know that what you just wrote is shit and unnecessary.

  22. Curtis Frenchie

    rolls royce drop head, MDMA, long haired chic on the passenger side. 110 miles per hour on the hwy

    Nthato Malope

    my thoughts exactly!

  23. Charlie Aydin

    this album is fire man. Its one of the coolest electronic albums ever written!! It will be remembered for an age


    It will be classic forever

  24. FutureSoundStation

    moodyman played this at dimensions and it was stunning

    Petar Koscak

    +FutureSoundStation was this song or all i ever need, also i think it was some kind of moodyman remix or some1 elses remix


    @Petar Koscak it was the c2 (carl craig) remix

    Petar Koscak

    +FutureSoundStation cheers mate!

  25. Under Information

    nice work

  26. Docteur Zog

    House remix

  27. playvoltage

    this song reminds me of my ex.

    Jon Dutra

    @playvoltage fawk dat bitch dawg

  28. Ghost Luneau

    Merciiiiiiiiii Novaaaaaaaa

  29. alex mcfarland

    fucking love the last part to this, should be its own song!!

  30. Sarah Pike

    Is the beginning of this a sample from We <3 Katamari?

  31. Coby Campbell

    came here to listen to this album, turns out I've already heard every song in everyone and their dog walkers mix tap XD

  32. Bibi B

    I love how unpredictable this song is from start to finish. You are not completely sure where it's headed. It's like it's melodically constructing what love and relationships look like. It's unorganized and beautifully unpredictable.

    Brian Mchugh

    That's an amazing comment and completely spot on. 👍😊

    Raymond Majors

    You're just on drugs

    Bibi B

    @Raymond Majors Nah man. I just see and hear shit you can't.


    +Bibi B you're burnt bro

    Margarida Pita

    Roland Porto So much hate in just one comment.. Man could you please just accept others opinion?

  33. Docteur Zog

    House remix:

  34. Daniel Ramos

    Loved the song. But im still wondering the meaning. Its all clear until the last sentence. What does it mean? Any ideas? Thx

    I KNOW!!! I've been wondering what he means with this as well. It's haunting.

  35. putumban96

    best track

  36. Zack Andrew

    I hear a little Hummingbird in this! :)


    +ihatethephone towards the end yea!

  37. Indie Nugget

    Shared on the FB group "Indie Nugget"! ;-)