Caribou - Home Lyrics

Home, home
Home, home

She's just what she pleases
'Cause she's happy on her own
And she picks up all the pieces
She's going home (baby, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home)
Yeah, she's going home (baby, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home)

Home, home
Home, home
Baby, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home
Baby, I'm home, I'm home

She does sleep so easy (home)
'Cause she did it on her own (home) (ow, ow)
There's so much she can teach me (home)
She's going home (baby, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home)
Yeah, she's going home (baby, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home)

Yeah, she's better off than she has ever been
Now she's made her peace with everything
Yeah, she's going home (baby, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home)
Yeah, she's going home (baby, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home)
Yeah, she's going home (baby, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home)
She's coming home (baby, I'm home, I'm home)

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Caribou Home Comments
  1. Bkendram

    Where does the outro guitar (?) piece come from?

  2. poki tatane

    What a dancing madlib is this bro!!

  3. duncan goddard

    This is the absolute business

  4. Electric Cervix

    2:18 - Was just getting into that outro tune

  5. Coco Daft

    Definitely these new singles contrast a lot with caribou's past works. It seems like a kind of fusion between caribou and his other project daphni.

  6. Burn da Rookie

    Gloria Barnes

  7. King Kazuma

    *Fuck you!*

  8. Benjamin Wylie

    i like it alot

  9. Derek dJ

    What's last part of the song from? That guitar?

  10. maila2137

    Wooow what nice Tune !!!

  11. Lynnze N

    Thanks Delany lol

  12. King Kazuma

    Peace ✌️

    King Kazuma

    Always a but online

  13. King Kazuma

    Stay away from the You 💬...

  14. Clive

    My journey through this song:

    0:01 - 😒 meh, is this even caribou?

    1:00 - 😏 well gosh, I don't know, tee-hee...

    2:00 - 😊 Oh dan, I can't stay mad at you!

  15. Tatiane Xavier De Lima


  16. King Kazuma

    *Fuck you*

  17. 1Garagehero

    Great song.

  18. raviq11


  19. Lisa Mcintosh

    Love this

  20. ヒカリ


  21. Panorgasmic Records

    wonderful one more time!!!

  22. scut92

    0:32 " baby I'm home I'm Home I'm Home" I'm sure there is another song that samples that part of Gloria Barnes - Home but I can't remember it. It's not Illa J. Does anyone know another song that samples it?

    lil bud

    I don't but it reminds me of Gil Scott Heron - Home is where the hatred is..

    Which is sampled by Kanye - My way home..

  23. L. AASHURA

    YES.YES.YES.....X OMG....YES.

  24. Delight Zaire

    Joe Budden podcast brought me here song is fyah

    noname jit

    Delight Zaire same. Shoutout to Rory for that one!

  25. Motherfucker Jones

    Caribou meets Daphni

  26. Nick Stewart - Ink Art

    That Gloria Barnes sample is pure genius. Her voice just breaks your heart! Great track!

  27. billiesrus

    Beat sounds like something off J Dilla - Donuts

    alix lacanal

    Don't Cry track, yea I feel so too


    His brother illa j actually used this same sample first on a track titled home. It's 🔥


    @Brandonian3030 ha, no way. Didn't even know about Illa J. Cheers for pointing that out


    @billiesrus haha, good ear my man

    Brad Cruise

    Brandonian3030 🧐🧐🧐

  28. Dato Bachilava

    Gloria Barnes, Illa j

  29. Shane Whitney


  30. gilli a


  31. Twisted Badger

    Don't know what I was expecting from a new Caribou track... it certainly wasn't this but daaaaaaaamn this is goooood x

  32. h00dboy

    I can't wait to hear that in a skateboarding video.

  33. UnfrozenLeaf

    Please make more tracks! Your music has helped me study my way throughout graduate school.
    Especially Hannibal, Jamelia, and Odessa xD

  34. Mark Allan Groleau

    This song made me want to listen to Motown classics all day.

  35. Miss Creature

    WHAT! tight. <3

  36. mind_the_gap Fluflux

    Curtis Mayfield meets DJ Koze meets Miike Snow? Anyway, nice tune.

  37. maraminjo2

    Yammat FM approved!

    102|5 or

  38. Hamaya RAL

    I hope I'm not the only one who loves the background

  39. Gustavo Cuevas García


  40. luisreyes9210

    Waited so long for this one. 🖤


    @King Kazuma LoL! I mean it because it was a long time since they cooked something for us. How could i ever forget how they made me feel with the other records... Caribou will be one of my favorite bands ever, no matter of they bring out songs like this. So... See you there.

  41. Unplayed Piano

    Commercials Will Be All Over This In 3 Days. Coming To A Station Near You...

  42. Przemysław Kijuc

  43. Soundtrack of my life

    Hey guys. Here’s a great German review of ‘Home’. What a great track.

  44. Marcus

    melon sent me
    caribou went dumb on this beat bruh

  45. Max Montana

    Magic! 💛

  46. Max Fennimore

    Man sad it's not on Google play music. But I guess I'm the only guy who uses that


    It is tho. That's how I discovered it

    Andrei Dumitru

    Try bandcamp

  47. Miguel Gomes

    Production in this is top notch

  48. Andile

    drums slap so hard bruh

  49. Ryan Curran

    Anyone got ideas for the lyrics?

    It all seemed so easy (?)
    till she did it on her own (?)
    There's so much she can teach me
    She's going home

    She's better off when she jumps out of bed
    Now she's made her peace with everything
    She's going home

    Max Lampinen

    I think it's "she's made peace with everything" instead of "without"

    Ryan Curran

    @Max Lampinen yes you're definitely right!

    Ryan Curran

    @Max Lampinen and it's She's better off than she has ever been

  50. TheGabean

    Me encanta Caribou <3

  51. Captain T Original

    Nice use of loops.

  52. Ryan Kennedy

    We are all home now.

  53. Evan Rosenlieb

    Sooo.... new album when?

  54. Evan Rosenlieb


  55. Omari Allen


  56. H Z O

    I have been waiting for new Caribou for almost 4 years since I discovered the Our Love album and Caribou became my favourite artist and “Our Love” became my favourite album

  57. nyugiboy

    Baby I m home

  58. ørbital808

    Cool . . .

  59. Billy Poynter

    Wow I've loved Dan's music for years now and this is simply another masterpiece

  60. J S

    Not that great, if you know the original

    That's the original.

  61. Antonio D. ONATE N.

    I'm listening this son around & around!. Marvelous and Fantastic!

  62. John Lopez

    No wonder why I don’t like it cause this is not caribou. You took a modern song from a different style of music. sped it up and chopped with ableton then recorded your vocals over it. You didn’t even change the name. I don’t know what to say. I’m baffled honestly that you would call that your own. That might work in DJ set and build up hype over it that way, But to flat out saying this is your work again baffles my mind. I would say it’s wrong almost .Altrice was able to do to the swim remixes so good. Work with him on a album. I know he’s in Arizona. Doing what. Is a good question. he could be your Johnny greenwood .That’s just what I honestly think . If I only was
    Rick Rubin.

    John Lopez

    With all due respect to you Dan.

  63. Philaxy Monkfish

    This track took me to a comment, which took me to Illa J, which took me to Capital Steez "Chicago". And I'm not even outta bed yet. It's looking like a good day. This is what the internet is for.

    John Lopez

    Philaxy Monkfish thank you for pointing that out and commenting it I reaD the dudes comment but didn’t pay any mind to it till reading yours.

  64. Justice Hill

    Best song of the year so far

  65. Morgan Cooper

    Sounds like a song used on a Casey Neistat video

  66. unknown unknown

    125bpm house edit free download

  67. Far Off, Far Out

    Great track, reminds me of Jens Lekman.

  68. Javix Busters

    Gloria Barnes - Home
    Illa J - Home
    CARIBOU - Home
    gracias por explicarme que la musica es atemporal y que no existe el tiempo , pasado presente y futuro , existen al mismo momento en el presente , y como su lo dice la palabra el precente , es un regalo ( como lo es esta cancion )

    gracias CARIBOU !!!!

  69. voytek0k

    Neighbors gonna love it and hate it in next hours. Repeat!

  70. Ongemakkelijke Gladjakker

    Ooooh yes the return of the king!

  71. Sergej Lovrekovic

    this is wonderful! <3333

    dancing in your living room, preparing for the autumn while its still summer in you <3

  72. great mustache


  73. marco antonio peña sanchez

    yeah man! I hope to see you in Granada soon!

  74. 0ddnoise

    Congrats with comeback!

  75. Chase DeMaster

    TV Girl is my fav band too

  76. ManicMiner79

    Θωμά είσαι σπίτι;

  77. Jose Martín

    Waited for so long! This is quite gorgeous mate! Thank youuu!

    Matt M

    Yea, I wonder why he’s been away from putting out music for so long

  78. Human_Rights

    more please

  79. Indie Shuffle

    Hot for this right now

  80. Miguel Gomes

    This is magic 🔂

  81. John Lopez

    I’m not a fan of the new track sorry I’m still into caribou I just think Dan can do something better then sound like Dj koze’s dj kicks album

    John Lopez

    Kieran Simpson I know right how much this artist has changed me with the swim album and the Daphni tracks (caribou mini mix) it’s going to be hard to top that. I love Dj Koze. But for a second before our love album came out I considered Dan to be on Thom Yorke’s /Radiohead’s level. The boiler room they had together just gave me a feeling of being on the right path of my musical journey. From that is where everything from me changed.

    John Lopez

    Kieran Simpson go listen to illa j song called home also

    Kieran Simpson

    John Lopez yeah the same has happened with little dragon to! They were very different. Check out their track “ritual union”

    Kieran Simpson

    John Lopez swim album is mind blowing. It’s like being in heaven and his last album was just as good

    John Lopez

    Kieran I agree

  82. iesus68

    What a great, unexpected, incredible track. Modernity and classic hip hop beat sound together. Dan is always moving his art of making music.Love this attitude.

  83. PauseMusicale

    ❣❣❣❣❣ :

  84. Gareth Searle

    dig dig dig. thanks.... now whole album pretty please

  85. Andrew T. Ernst

    this is the best song of 2019

    Reneta Hristova

    Mmm... Four Tet... can't decide

  86. James Hand

    Jus love this dude! Happy for the new tunes

  87. The Fall of Dan G

    Caribou is back! ❤


    This track is a banger🍻
    Keep it up brothah😁

    Peace n luv✌🏻

  89. FoxydoK

    This is gorgeous, what an absolutely incredible return.

  90. Daniel Johnson

    New album please. Our Love is a classic