Caribou - All I Ever Need Lyrics

I can't take it
The way you treat me wrong
It's not right girl
There's something going on
All my life girl
People treat me bad
But my next love
Will be the best I ever had...

I can't take it
The way you treat me wrong
It's not easy
To be here on my own
All my life girl
I just wanna be
With my next love
As much as I can be

I was wrong
All these years
To be with you is
All I ever need
All this time
I've just been
Waiting for you, waiting for you
Can't you tell
Now I'm gone
It's all I ever need
Take me back
Where I belong
To get you back is all I ever need

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Caribou All I Ever Need Comments
  1. Joe Simpson

    Mechanarium OST rip off

    Gus Mcbean

    That guy's name is Floex and he's an amazing producer. We can have more than one you know!

  2. Luis David Violante P.

    Me vengo en seco solo de escucharla :v

  3. J Kizla

    1:59 - 2:32

  4. vano newell

    so gooooooood

  5. Pita Lopez

    One of my faves... good for either relaxing or dancing like crazy, love it... it's pure art.

  6. Monoq

    So good

  7. Sharifah Noorazel

    I love this....the beat is very cool.....yeah nice to dance to it too :)

  8. adam landau

    shoulda been in GTA V radio

  9. Thomas Leszczynski

    compare this to tracks from "up in flames" or "start breaking my heart." this whole album is gah-bidge.

  10. Adrian Leon

    Simplemente genial.

  11. M Tw

    Best song in album

  12. Savion Achod

    caribou's reverb gets me erect

    Pita Lopez

    it's such a sexy song... can't blame you

    Margaret Pokorny


    nova grav

    @Pita Lopez true that you cant blame him, his testicles are fault.

  13. Raymond Majors

    So similar to your love will set you free

  14. RED

    Voice is a bit too erasure but the vibe is well nice

    Savion Achod

    +shaun marshall i thought it was pretty pencil, not gonna lie.


    +SAY-VEE -YUN dunno what pencil means but after a second listen I assume it means shit

    Savion Achod

    eyy bb it's cause you said eraser 

  15. Hi I'm Paul

    The beat progressions in this song are soooo smooth! Genius level production right here!


    Agreed! Their use of swing in the intro synthy/percussiony section is one of my favorite things ever


    Énorme, j'adore trop posé!

  17. BLAZE45

    love this song but for fucks sake remove the floor beat kicks it makes the song sound off beat lol

    Chris Walker

    Seriously doubting your rhythmic understanding with this statement.

  18. Lee Johnson

    i like this

  19. Cyril ROULT

    Bonjour à vous, c'est amusant mais cet artiste me fait penser à de grandes contrées neigeuses... Et pourquoi donc?

    Spip -

    +MATCHU PITCHU Parce que le CARIBOU ! :o

  20. percy ricardo devia

    Good !!!

  21. l Assimilis

    merci nova

  22. Marin S