Carbon Leaf - Let Your Troubles Roll By Lyrics

Love endures, it clings away
When asked to leave, it begs to stay
Like the perfect song, at imperfect times
It's the way the chords struck with the rhymes
So let your troubles roll by...

He knows he can help himself
He can tell by a look at the books on his shelf

And someone, somewhere loses her son
Before her own sunset is said and done

And she dreams of sunflowers bent-over
Frozen in snow, and thinks 'Colorado.. ?'
But then plays her life back in slow motion
To keep in touch with that raw emotion
In the night, crushed empty can
Olive Oyle is waiting for her man
To come in from the fight
That will change their life
'For good this time...'

When all of your tears dry, let your troubles roll by

Like New Year's Eve, tonight's underway
But tomorrow you'll wake up afraid of the day
'Cause underneath the scars of your broken dreams
An undone war still wages and stings
You fear the year will blow
Like a breeze through a rainbow
You swear it's there, but you can't grab a hold
So you sit and cry and wonder why, why...

When all of your tears dry, let your troubles roll by

So many cities and windows and lives
And through each one there's a soul that strives to survive
So pay no mind, my sorrow's fine
The day is a live and that's why I cry
It's a New Year's toast, grab your list to conspire
The last snake hissed as he was thrown in the fire
You've come far, and though you're far from the end
You don't mind where you are, cause you know where you've been

Like a culture vulture sprawled out on the floor
Like a dead devil sailor washed up on the shore
With nothing of note but the ole' Capt.'s coat
And a burning boat you just sank with your salty tears...

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Carbon Leaf Let Your Troubles Roll By Comments
  1. Pablo Lucas.

    Que musica linda♥️♥️

  2. Dewey Smoke

    thank you Curious George for introducing me to Carbon Leaf

    Alaina H

    Dewey Smoke SAME!

  3. oncemoretotheshore

    There's something about this song that just from the opening chords brings images of worn wood, wool voyageur blankets, a fire and a hot drink in a tin mug. It's such a melancholy song, but it's still the perfect soundtrack to relaxing at the cabin after a long day working out in the snow. These guys aren't from anywhere near where I grew up, but it all just reminds me of the northwoods for some reason.

    Bethany Ferguson

    I totally agree!

  4. Owen Lindhartsen

    This was my dad's favorite song and we played it at his funeral

  5. Dave Keener

  6. Beth Carter


  7. Sung Yul Taylor

    AMAZING SONG + ALBUM. Remember me and best buddy Jesse would drive around D.c. listening to this album back in 2002-2003. Of all the mainstream FAKE ASS music that's out there, THAT ALBUM WAS AS REAL AS IT GOT. Still listening in 17' and FOR LIFE.

  8. Aaron Fynewever

    I just discovered this song yesterday! love it

  9. Dev Chauhan

    Was humming this song since last two weeks but was unable to recall lyrics and finally found this damn lovely song. Let the troubles roll by!!!

  10. Jeff Munger

    if the world tragically ended tomorrow this song would be in my top 10 play list.

  11. Glen Young

    One of my all time favorite songs. I was driving my daughter's car this morning and her stereo was playing mp3s, lots of rap, I was moving around to find something a little more my speed and this came on. I had to snapchat her a pic of video clip of me singing at the top of my lungs driving her car. Good to know that some of my musical interests were shared by her! #caitlinrose

    Ode to Tristan

    You done good old man.

  12. Yoshi V

    Going to see them in September!!!!  This song reminds me of my mom so much.. How she has overcome the death of her son.. depression.. anxiety.. And she is still going <3

    Christina Hallam

    It's beautiful the love you show for your mom. How was the show ?

    Charity Petersen

    So sad I missed them in their hometown Richmond VA!!! So sad, going to cry, lol, AWESOME BAND!!!

  13. Amy Gibson

    This song was already one of my favorites but at #RagtimeCarnival when Ben Daniels and the other artists came out and jammed out on this song with Carbon Leaf.....lets just say once in a lifetime special! Amaze balls!


    agree. RIP ragtime.. :(

  14. Nick McKay

    This is the best song ever! I love it so much. = p

  15. Zackary Gomez

    I would like to take my girlfriend to see this band in september at the mim museum.

    vented tono

    +Zack Gomez I'm happy for you, buddy.

  16. Paul Kneissler

    really good band

  17. jahbrother

    Damn nice sonic touches in there!! Reminds me a bit of a modern Paul Simon album.

  18. Karen Stickney

    Still, Barry and Max have similar vocal stylings.

  19. Joseph McBeth

    i truly love this song so moving....

  20. Karen Stickney

    I swear to God, the singer of Carbon Leaf sounds like Max Collins of Eve 6. Did Eve 6 influence these guys?


    Carbon leaf predates Eve 6, so no.

  21. Jeff Huey

    Great Band!

  22. Timothy Carr

    Interesting fact: one of their videos has Katy Perry in it. (Learn to fly)

  23. It's Just Me!

    So, the album cover?

  24. Robert Thorpe

    I really like them, but they are not very good video makers.


    It's not their video, bro.

  25. mudskeeter101

    I played with Whit Ward, their old guitarist..... Formed a group in Washington state while we were in the military........ He wrote this song for them and we sang it every day :) Love Ya brother :)

  26. AThursdaysChild

    This song gives me a feeling of a long car trip in the middle of summer where it's just hot and dusty and there's nothing in particular to look at out of the window. I like that.

  27. Vinyl

    I saw them live right after they released this album, I think I almost cried when "What about everything" played. They had so much harmonic pipe infused in the music it really set the mood in. Ever since they had gotten rid of that unique sound, their music has been lacking. I will always remember that concert and Indian Summer though.

  28. Casey Hermann

    Damn comment name changing screen!!! Probably got off the weed. Everything falls apart at that point. I do like a couple of the tracks off the new album. But it's because you can hear that milky fresh melody coming through. It thick like syrup. Eat it with a spoon if i could. Music tastes good yo!!!

  29. Duskwuffie

    Loved your CDs, loved your live shows, will always love you guys.

  30. Mia Crawford


    Alaina H

    Mia Crawford YES! 😍

  31. ProphetOfStars

    love this band. I was introduced young and never stopped listening

  32. Vinyl

    This is the best Carbon Leaf album by far. Sad they moved away from this style. This was raw and beautiful, now I feel like they're trying too hard to hit the mainstream. Not as bad as some other bands, but they lost their nitche IMO.

  33. Esormai

    They played tonight near my town! Brilliant stuff. Love these guys.

  34. Sarah Beezy

    heard of them because they're on of my son's favorite movies "Curiuos George 2" and I thought all the music was so beautiful and relaxing so I looked the soundtrack up and a majority of the songs are by Carbon Leaf. Love these songs <3

  35. Rachel Farrar

    I've never heard of this band before, but I really like this music. And randomly enough, cleverbot suggested it to me.

  36. littlenatalierain

    My friend sent me this song as something she wanted me to learn how to play. Her taste in music is one of the top 3 things I love about her(: Thank Lydia!

  37. James Fredericks

    @FlameofStyfe hmm so racism is just as bad as criticizing music....think about tht one big guy

  38. Redbeard Turner

    Thank you to my kids and.Curious George for helping me discover this band, Awesome!! Keep rocking!!

  39. David Goin

    hey anyone who says these guys are taalentless idiots...ya you are talking about my family, and friends. All of these guys were like uncles to me, and to here them being insulted pisses me off, so please be polite, and remember your insulting people that are nicer, more caring and more talented than you STRIVE to be.

  40. t1harby

    show me a more evocative song, i'll listen. tears,,, not dry yet.

  41. Winona Cruz

    carbon leaf turns my mind into an abstract creation

  42. cableguyfromhell

    too funny, thats where i first heard them, watching it with my 2 year old son

  43. MB Jones

    Carbon Leaf is such a great band. Their lyrics and harmonies are always worth hearing again and again. Thanks.

  44. astrosoup

    Glad there are still people making good music. I hope these guys make it a long career.

  45. Brij Soni

    just saw a 10 minute rendition of this song in wilmington, nc... amazing.

  46. Allison DeNicola

    Nicki Minaje are*

  47. Allison DeNicola

    Carbon leaf is what music should be. This song should be the epitome of music, but sadly, people such as Ke$ha and Nickie

  48. MrTasber

    @patt1001 this is just Carbon Leaf man lets keep it that way

  49. Anne Childs

    Song makes me cry :)

  50. XxxSteeltitanxxX

    When all of your tears dry, let your troubles roll by.

    Blaine Turcotte

    XxxSteeltitanxxX You’ve got a heart of gold... don’t let them take it from you. *quiet resolve*

  51. patt1001

    Fuck you Justin Bieber. This band deserves over 500 million viiews

  52. talflick

    @dj1159 lots of punk takes Irish influence
    some of the best punk bands are Irish.
    Look up the Pogues. Or Split Enz. they're punk.
    but they're punk in their message.
    they're a soft sound.
    Carbon leaf just kicks ass.
    that can be their genre.
    Ass-kicking rock.

  53. Samuel Scott McCumber

    Love Carbon leaf! Barry Privett has great vocals and inspires me!

  54. Samuel Scott McCumber

    Love Carbon leaf! Barry Privett has great vocals and inspires me!

  55. CatnipandBones

    I don't know how I've missed out on these guys. This is only the 3rd song I've heard but, I'm off to iTunes to buy the rest of it! I love music with a Celtic influence. Thanks so much!

  56. RazelG

    As great as Carbon Leaf albums are, as mikehoncho said, nothing compares to them live. All the guys so obviously love doing what they are doing, making great music, and bringing it to people. Barry is one of the most soulful and animated singers I've ever seen live...Carbon Leaf = the best

  57. S Parker

    I lost my dad when I was 13 also. As ddgallion said, you are not alone. The pain never quite goes away but it does get easier to manage. Feel secure in your loved ones and enjoy every second of life. It is grand.

  58. DraxVideos

    i know how you feel without a dad mine died four years ago i was only 10

  59. ddgallion

    You have my sympathy. I feel for you. I lost my father when I was even younger than you are now. You are not alone, and eventually the pain will diminish and leave you only the joy of cherished memories.

  60. gabriele carbon

    greatttt song

  61. John M

    CL's lyrics are just amazing...

    "You've come far and though you're far from the end
    You don't mind where you are, cuz you know where you've been."

    So much eloquently said with so few lines.. (Shakes head.)

    Amanda Forbes

    For my 40th birthday this year, I got these lyrics tattooed on my forearm. These words and I are together for life.

  62. celticangel16

    I love Carbonleaf. This song is beautiful. All of their music is so original and unique, and with so many meanings. I love all of their work.
    (And apparently they're a hit in Italy!!)

  63. Ode to Tristan

    You would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to not adore carbon leaf. They are an original.

  64. Caitlin Murray

    this is my favorite song in the entire world. its the reason i fell in love with carbon leaf

  65. Alison Ho

    anyone knows where to download X-ray by Carbon Leaf?

  66. Chad Lawrence

    Same here =]

  67. danielleaw09

    Ahhh I love Carbon leaf. :] Makes great memories come back.

  68. BNL07604

    One of CL's best!

  69. LizzDreamer

    Carbon Leaf songs always make me smile :)

  70. barcharger

    haha great classification

  71. hjbhhib

    one of their best songs!

  72. RazelG

    Buy them direct from Carbon Leaf- go to their website.

  73. Dan Jaycox

    Green day is a punk band with very harsh sound.

    YOu can make a case for some of the older Green day like Time of your day and a few others, but not now.

    Carbon leaf is a celtic influenced band with a very soft sound

  74. Dan Jaycox

    Yea, and I need some of that right now.

    I just found out that the dream job was taken away and the person didn't want to tell me.

    I am still fuming.

    Maybe next song is foo fighters

  75. Stacey Harris

    agreed. =)

  76. RazelG

    What?! You are kidding right? Green Day has NOTHING on Carbon Leaf. Green Day, at least until semi-recently, had no sense of melody. They were a punk band, after all.

  77. OneWingedSephiroth

    I agree, it helped me too.

  78. Mazie Stine


  79. Philip Clark-Lowes

    This is a very green dayish sound isn't it.

  80. RoyceGracieRocks04

    I got to see them about a year or so ago at Boston University. Quickly became one of my favorite bands. War was in color makes me cry every time I hear it. Just an amazing band.

  81. Bubbles093

    such a shame that these guys are so unknown!!!! lucky 4 me, i live in AZ, so i get 2 hear these guys on the radio, and i have 2 albums.
    their music is very soothing.