Carbon Leaf - Learn To Fly Lyrics

Hello, good-bye
Higher you fly
Into the world

I awoke
This mornin', with pourin' rain in my heart
As I fall apart today
But you make your way
And I'll rise
I will rise if in my mind

But I can see you fly away
I can see the sun upon your face
I can feel your heart and I can hear you cry
And as I fall apart I learn to fly
A dirty bird like me will learn to fly

Hello, good-bye
Two birds hover inside of a heart factory
Holding on to recovery
Fly away or repaired and preparing to go on your way
And I know I'm on my own
But you make your way

And I'll rise
I will rise if in my mind
But I can see you fly away
I can see the sun upon your face
I can feel your heart and I can hear you cry
And as I fall apart I learn to fly
A dirty bird like me will learn to fly


And everything that I love you for remains
High above the clouds and the cleansing rains

You make your way
And I will rise if in my mind
You make your way
You make your way

But I can see you fly away
I can see the sun upon your face
I can feel your heart and I can hear you cry
A dirty bird like me will learn to fly

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Carbon Leaf Learn To Fly Comments
  1. Lu Dux

    is that Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers?

  2. LesPauloCaster

    Oh Katheryn Hudson, I love you. Infatuatedly.

  3. Josb Howl

    Solo vine por Katy,lo juro, pero me enamoré de esta canción
    Es muy buena y muy infravalorada

  4. nennamonkey

    I went to a concert for carbon leaf and Berry told us to watch this vid

  5. G. T. Void

    Who knew that Katy Perry would turn into such a satanic slut?

    Pedro LC

    She's not a satanic slut bro
    She just changed
    Everyone changes

    G. T. Void

    @Pedro LC Blind you are.

  6. grey the great


  7. Vini

    Who else came here because of Katy?

  8. stinchen

    Only here for precious heart warming beautiful ever lasting katy perry


    Video too dark....😩

  10. Shatyam Borkakoti

    Lol everyone came here just to see katy haha

  11. Gavin Wieland

    I never knew that Katy Perry was in this video.

  12. sfspurry


  13. Michelle Ababa

    I just watched this bcoz of Katy, who else did?

    Cosmic Star

    Michelle Ababa Carbon Leaf > Katy Perry

  14. POPsongsADDICT

    She looks really attractive as a normal girl in the first part of the video <3

  15. Anahí TheKatyCat

    Pause at 4:02 this that is the best smile,eyes on the planet!
    I love u Katheryn ♥♥

  16. Sony Hernandez

    katy perry is on this video!!!

  17. Emerald Kelsi

    I took this summer class thing that my middle school offers every year. My class was called Digital Music Creation. There were two teachers, and one of them was Jordan Medas :P

  18. Gamze Deniz

    Al tekrar aşık oldum şu karıya <3

  19. Mathilde Fachin

    Katycats know how to fly thanks to Katy Perry !

  20. Helen Peña

    OMG! My Katheryn Asdfghjk <3 

  21. İpar

    I came for Katy but this song and the band are very good.

    Gamze Deniz

    @İpar Toprak Oha Katycat ve Whovian!?!!!? <33333


    @Kp Gamze Mathers Evet :D

    Cosmic Star

    They’re worth the listen

  22. POPsongsADDICT

    dammit katy is so fucking gorgeous!!! *_* this is proof that puberty made her hot BEFORE she was famous, and not "money and fame made her look good" like so many people claimed. if i'm not wrong this was in 2006

  23. dreamer31200

    Katy. <3

  24. su stypayhorlikson

    OMG Katy

  25. Valentín Fernandez

    Katy Perry *o* Omg!! Is beautiful ♥

  26. Cielo Salinas

    im just here 2 see katy

  27. chdreturns

    Who the fuck are the foo fighters... Some MySpace band who copy pop musicians and suck as a result?

  28. Chris Peppers


  29. berfin pry

    katy <3

  30. Ivana Mitrovic

    KATYYY. *---* OMFG. :3

  31. Hanna

    thumbs up if you came here just for katy

  32. Mikae Mendoza

    Im here because of katy perry

  33. Johanne Sundvor

    woah.. Katy perry is really beautiful without all that makeup. <3

  34. Léa Kauny

    Katy is so lovely. :')♥♥

  35. Andrew Stephens

    No my carbonleaf amigo, you are not :)

  36. mblanton2

    it is a great song!!!!

  37. Angela Garcia

    I only saw this is because i heard katy was im it

  38. Ella Marie

    @potterlover99 yes.... :')

  39. potterlover99

    Am I the only one who came here because of Carbon Leaf, and not Katy?

    Sea Ghost13

    potterlover99 actually kinda disappointed she’s in this video - if it helps the band that’s great 😃

  40. Toni Dodson

    aww Katy :')

  41. evelyn rivera

    KATY!! <3

  42. 9Fofy7

    so do i!..i only watched the video because there was Katy!!she's awsome!!LOVE KATY!!!!<3<3<3

  43. Bulkis Ashari

    katy on this video.. <3

  44. Marsha miak

    I knew these guys before I knew who KP was... but I do like both xP

  45. Ivan Belinario

    ,, i really believe Katy Perry has enormous BOOBS!

  46. MusicMoviesGames

    @1996Guitarkid foo fighters are brilliant, but I will take this band over them, I guess I just enjoy this style a little more!

  47. couldbebetter2003

    The sole fact that Katy Perry exist is proof that the world is going down the drain...No need for Locusts and plague ..I give you Katy Perry

    SaberWolf 4K-HD

    I know this is a very old comment but i can't decide if you're being insulting or not?

  48. Sebastian Posse

    @superfrejol98 you moron. the foo fighters song is almost 10 years older.

  49. JeSuSfReAk6120

    @themama405 They opened with this song two years ago @ the Bluebird in Denver, was awesome! = )

  50. DaereonLee

    KATY PERRY!!!!!!!!!

  51. j roe

    @Rjmorg says who? you? well obviously your logic in order to know what good music is, is flawed

  52. Biggs Darklighter

    @jro222 Carbon Leaf is bullshit

  53. Jackie Filak

    I REALLY like this song--sorry you don't perform it live...but I still luv U

  54. j roe

    @Rjmorg so...who fucking cares. Carbon Leaf is fucking awesome

  55. Biggs Darklighter

    This isn't the foo fighters. GTFO

  56. Samuel Pierce

    thumbs up if you thought this was the foo fighters

  57. 515Chloe

    @kyatzz Here's a tip - when you type in the search box add 'Foo Fighters' or click from the drop down. Lots of songs have the same title....

  58. Winona Cruz

    I remember when I first heard about this band, when my teacher played it in 6th grade nearly everyday, he would always play the song changeless. and ever since then, carbon leaf's music really has a connection with my heart and soul. I'm 17 now.

  59. Patrick

    wtf this isnt foo fighters... BOOOO!!!

  60. Gracie Fumic

    @wesley4006 Look up her cover of "Hackensack" and her original "Thinking of You." Those are fine examples of her singing for real. Too bad her real vocals aren't being shown off to the world.

  61. Cletten

    I was looking for some foo fighters video!

  62. Noe Perry

    WOW! I just saw the video because of Katy Perry, but I think the band is Great! :) I like the song :)! & of course great video (Katy Perry is there) :P

  63. Platy222

    @Frunksta dito so gings mir auch!!! :-(

  64. Altruistic

    I only watched this video because katy perry was in it, but im glad i did because its actually a decent song!

  65. whyduck8

    This is an original Carbon Leaf song and video! They are amazing... been following them for a VERY long time. They're a gem! If you get a chance, you should check them out in a live performance. They are awesome!

  66. Super Amanda

    without a padded bra she has zero tits.

  67. LilyHelen

    kool song
    Katys a beauty <3