Cantrell, Jerry - Dickeye Lyrics

Once round outside and check the door
Only thing he came here lookin' for
One man wasting another man
One hand washes the other hand
Born traitor, soul fader

Stoplight flashes in the street
Injected concrete hide bloody feet
Armed and shining in his hands
Cold metallic green, he don't give a damn
Born traitor, soul fader

Down come the hammer, fall my god, you say
Once again the big dog has his day
One man wasting another man
One hand washes the other hand
Born traitor, soul fader

One man wasting another man
Born traitor
One hand washes the other hand
Born traitor
One man wasting another man
Born traitor
One hand washes the other hand
Soul fader

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Cantrell, Jerry Dickeye Comments
  1. Andy81 Andy81

    Jerry's one of the best I've ever heard. Thanks for the great music

  2. Mattt G

    I can almost hear layne in the background to the chorus of this song

  3. Mattt G

    This song is pure Alice, missing brother layne. Alot more Alice than Jerry's solo discography.

  4. Ashley Evans

    The song with the greatest opening riff OF ALL TIME. There I've said it.

  5. VTP01

    This would have been a Top 5 Chains song with Layne

  6. Ed Frost

    Cold pursuit

  7. Limits98


    1, 2, 3, 4

    Once round outside
    And check the door
    Only thing he came
    Here looking for

    One man wasting
    Another man
    One hand washes
    The other hand

    Born traitor
    Born traitor
    Born traitor
    Soul fader

    Stoplight flashes
    In the street
    Injected concrete
    Hide bloody feet
    Armed and shining
    In his hands
    Cold metallic green,
    He don't give a damn

    One man wasting
    Another man
    One hand washes
    The other hand
    One man wasting
    Another man
    One hand washes
    The other hand

    Born traitor
    Born traitor
    Born traitor
    Soul fader

    Down come
    The hammer,
    Fall my god,
    You say
    Once again
    The big dog has his day

    One man wasting
    Another man
    One hand washes
    The other hand

    Born traitor
    Born traitor
    Born traitor
    Soul fader

    One man wasting
    Another man
    Born traitor
    One hand washes
    The other hand
    Born traitor
    One man wasting
    Another man
    Born traitor
    One hand washes
    The other hand
    Soul fader

  8. Lake Life

    The bass strings sound like they’re 3 inches thick !!👍

  9. Rafael Almeida

    Mas que som massa!

  10. Renzokuken Leneyoyo

    Songs like these make me feel so good about planar magnetic headphones!
    Yes I know the youtube quality and detail in music is mediocre at best... but with cans like these is like Jerry is right here.

    Jerry Cantrell, Charlie Burchill, Noel Gallagher, Dave Gilmour and of course Mr 5150... damn I admire their skill! Guess I could slip Lindsey Buckingham there too

  11. Dale Griffim

    Best damn grunge band ever

    Marv Luse

    AIC always disdained the "grunge" label, they considered themselves a heavy metal band. But they came out of Seattle during the heyday of grunge. Maybe they should be called "grunge metal" ;)

  12. Malawifreak 83

    Man this song would be amazing with staley 😏

    Willie Hoskins

    Malawifreak 83 that’s what I said.

  13. Sebastiaan Sweers

    Yeahhhhhhhhhh masterpiece from.jerry

  14. GrungyAssCinema

    This chorus was right up Layne’s alley, he would’ve sounded killer harmonizing with Jerry here.

    no name

    Yeah. Layne in 1992/3 would've set this song alight. Maybe not so much in 1998 though, unfortunately.

    Gerald Hoskins

    Lol my brother , & i were talking about the same thing last night . Right after i heard it for the first time . Oh how i had been missing out on a great song .

    Willie Hoskins

    Gerald Hoskins what’s up bub lol. Found this just looking through comments

    Todd Heath

    Boggy Depot was originally written to be a Chains album according to JC. Layne was too sick to record so the band carried on as a solo project for Jerry.

  15. Matthew Hart

    Amazing riff

  16. 1391mad

    He is THE MAN!

  17. rebirth70

    Cool tune. GOd/Jesus bless and save all that read this.

    Juan Acuña

    Hell no.

  18. Adam Patrick

    rex brown of pantera did some of the bass tracks for this record check the credits

    Derrick Mallory

    Adam Patrick ALICEPANTERA

    Jonathan Dufern

    Les Claypool did too

  19. Jason Naegele

    injected concrete.. I barely feed!!!

  20. Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    El riff principal no esta mal, pero todo lo demás en conjunto es mierda

    Aquiles Bailo

    Gustos son gustos

  21. William Barber

    Alice In Chains has and always will be Jerry Cantrell.

    Terry Lee

    Love it!

    Sebastiaan Sweers

    William Barber yes indeed mate

    r2d2sky 1195

    William Barber Sean also.

    Richard Miller

    Layne was Jerry's muse.

    Jerry Leckenby

    With Sean Kinney, and Mike Inez

  22. Andy Bukowski

    Great, but it's missing something...oh that's right, Layne Staley in vocals!


    fuck off

  23. soulrful terrain

    Motherfucking Jammage!!!!!

  24. Naflatem 72

    f'n A right love this song

  25. Blues Rocker 4 Life

    Wow! This track from Jerry Cantrell is fucking awesome!!! Love Alice In Chains much!!!

  26. Sifting

    This is Jerry's best, his Goldtop Les Paul played through EVH 51/50s sound badass.
    What awesome tone.

  27. 3d yaniv

    fuck, this song is so epicly cool

  28. Greymane

    I can never listen to anything from Boggy Depot without wondering how the hell 'Cut You In' was selected as the single of the album. It was a flat out obnoxious track, with those squealing horn blasts and tuneless meandering.

    Meanwhile you had tracks like this one or Jesus Hands or damn near any other song on the album which were fantastic. Was it Jerry's choice or had he just pissed off someone at Columbia?

    Daniel Pessoa

    Dickeye wasn't a single? I believe it was


    I always thought for 2 reasons: Sean is in it, so it's basically Chains minus Layne, a none too subtle jab at him, and because it's a comparatively week song, it wouldn't challenge AIC had there been a shred of hope they'd get back together if Layne had straightened things out.


    Agree 100% - I did hear Dickeye ONE time on the radio though in the 90s (same with Junkhead). DJ must had made an executive decision.


    Dickeye was definitely a single. Cut You In just suffered from overplay, much like Heaven Beside You.


    Wow, I guess you guys don't remember the 90s the way it actually was. Dickeye would NEVER have worked on the radio. It would have gone ignored. Certainly would not have been "flagpole sitta". This album just doesn't have any singles, end of story, and who gives a shit? A Yes album from 1972 doesn't have any singles either. It's still blindingly good, better than 99 percent of the shit on the radio and I'm sure that's all that really matters. popularity comes and goes. When I think of 1998 I think of this album, not "Lit".

  29. Eric Garbin


  30. Austin Panziera

    Absolutely fucking amazing sound!

  31. Furd Terguson

    No William DuVall will never be as good as Layne even though his range is outstanding. Layne just had a raw and grungy sounding voice. Fit in with the music so damn good! But I do enjoy William in the new AIC! Jerry is just the master of riffs and solos, he's a music god


    You know that I went to see AIC in concert 4 times where they didn't show up & canceled, it was because of Layne. I love them so much! Cantrell has the sound & is way underrated in this world

    Jonathan Dufern

    Seen them with William 2 times now. he has proved to be up to the AIC standard and also ended up in a way prooving AIC was always really Jerry Cantrell bassed.

  32. grarghov1

    sounds soooooo 90s...if only i could turn back time,

    Hehehe, now Mr.Cantrell is connected to Aqua (the song "Turn back time" came out just three weeks after Boggy Depot :))))

  33. lacedric towerwood

    Love Jerrys guitars man!

  34. Estefanopoulos Jasser

    La Vida Boheme,White Stripes, Muse, the Raconteurs, , Jack White, The Black Keys, Adele( I don't care if she's not rock or trending now, she's good), Grace Potter and the nocturnals, Them Crooked Vultures, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, The Dead Weather, QOTSA, etc

  35. James Rockford

    all music is honest, when you guys realize that, "those days" will be these days again

  36. Ammo Doom

    PS: They think the label of "Grunge" is stupid, they are rock.

  37. Ammo Doom

    Honestly, it's whatever the record labels are buying up at the time, you just got lucky. Search!

  38. Pleistoros

    good old fucking music ♥

  39. Roman Arriaga

    huh, funny you say that. If you think all musicians do the same thing you listen to on the radio or see in TV, then you have to go out a little bit more, see the street musicians, or just search for more music, not everything's shit nowadays, you just don't know where to look.

  40. Matias Martinez

    Dont forget Mudhoney!

  41. Furd Terguson

    Jerry Cantrell was the only grunge artist still thriving!! I mean you still had Chris and Eddie but Chris went all alternative rock and Eddie kinda faded for a little bit. Jerry was by far the top artist!!

    Mayo Sack

    CloudedSkies rip

  42. ghostwhiskey

    Rex Brown on bass,awesome album front to back. I saw him on this tour October 10 1998 as a young little wipper snapper ;P

  43. scrizz

    Jerry always writes the coolest riffs.

  44. 31CaptHowdy13

    its time to dig underground my friend

  45. TheKaneada

    So far that's proven true...hope it continues to do so.

  46. Doyledeth

    Shut the fuck up about him already. Why do all of you fucking idiots have to mention that little shit on every fucking metal/rock video. Such an annoying trend. Fucking idiot...SERIOUSLY! You are worse than the fanboys!

  47. TheKaneada

    Agreed. When the mainstream failed, prog and metal picked up the is good in the music world as long as you avoid the radio.

  48. Ubaldini27

    el grunge nunca morira, y no olvidemos que esas no son las 4 unicas grandes de Seatle, hubieron muchas, lastima que solo estas 4 sean recordadas, no nos olvidemos de Gruntruck/Skin Yard, Melvins, Screaming Trees, Love Battery, Green River, Mother Love Bone, Truly, L7, Gits, o Candlebox, grandes bandas!! entre tantas que marcaron un aire fresco en el corazon de cada uno de los que vivieron esa epoca!! un abrazo!! larga vida al grunge <3

  49. Carie Bosch

    omg. hi, i'm carie. how you doin'? :p

  50. Lloyd Heavin

    I went to this show in Houston and was lucky enouogh to be right up front and Jerry asked his security to ask me to go to the back. I was not sure why but when I went back there I understood that we looked the same and when I met him he just said that we looked a like and he was right and it was one of the most awesome times I have ever had TY Jerry

    Morgan Cantrell

    Oh that's so cool, do you still look like him?

    Renzokuken Leneyoyo

    that's badass!

  51. Brenno Mulder

    i'm saying that songs that are about nothing also do mather. and it was a joke

  52. hardasnails64

    We used to cover this song in a band i was in. Seen him on this tour as well. Awesome!

  53. Christopher Seegars

    In motherfucking deed

  54. martin Hollow

    one of the better songs off this catalog.

  55. Alex P

    I stongly feel like data was collected on what makes a song popular and corporate America used this data to create these new, fake, shitty songs that lack realism, heart and soul. I know its true to an extent, but some of my opinion is mixed in there as well. Its kind of like; Keebler and Chips Ahoy make great cookies, especially when you are drunk, but NOTHING will beat a batch of handmade cookies from a warm hearted person. They may not be perfect, but thats what makes them great.

  56. M Auer

    Great tune and album.

  57. BNSF1985

    I agree!

  58. Gary DeShazo


  59. FooCards88

    Best 5:05 you can spend.

  60. James Watkins

    You're hardcore, man. I love swimming in creeks and stuff, but talk about some stagnant, snaky water. I'm not a fan of cottonmouths.

  61. Kill Your T.V.

    ----> Jerry Cantrell is motherfucking amazing !!!! YEAAA

  62. radtech21

    LOL, I was just thinking about the times I have swum in water like that.

  63. TheAdam159

    Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, what a freaking great time for honest, rocking, powerful music. What the hell happened these days?

  64. TheAdam159

    It's a good album. Would have fit right in on an Alice in Chains record

  65. Mad Max

    hahahahah great fucking song..!!

  66. ethosafk

    Great track, thanks Jerry :)

  67. Jim Raynor

    bro they really dont sound alike. I think you confusing "ripped off" with "influenced by"

  68. ben clark


  69. Marc Nardone

    soooo underrated

  70. Jimmy The Clown


  71. devilsgrove

    Most people probably won't agree with me but I actually like Jerry's voice a little better than Layne's. Both are great but I dig what Cantrell does with the songs.

  72. RosettaStoned804

    This entire album is amazing. Degredation Trips Vol. 1 and 2 are great but harder to get into. Cantrell is one of the most overlooked guitar riff powerhouses in the world.

  73. James Watkins

    All I know is you could not pay me to get into that water. Talk about a snake pit.

  74. bthh10

    Obviously, Layne Staley is one of the greatest and most recognizable, not to mention powerful, vocalists in the history of rock music and his impact on Alice in Chains is seismic. Having said that, I think Jerry Cantrell is a really underrated vocalist and the duo of he and Staley made AIC's music that much more awesome.

  75. Jimmy The Clown


  76. 1shakoz

    Any music video for this song. can any one help me to get that please.

  77. JJisodd

    just enjoy this music. stop comparing AIC, nirvana, and all else. If you hate it, so be it, they're all great

  78. DrGanjaPants

    hmm i like jerry cantrell i wonder if this song is as good as the oth- [instantly starts headbanging]

  79. Bob Arrow

    Alice In Chains and Nirvana? You can't compare these bands. That's like you compare ice-cream and diarrhea liquid. AIC forever!!!


    Bob Arrow So techically you called Nirvana diarheea. You should be ashamed of yourself, sir. People like you are the "genre racist" scums that have no idea about music at all. The fact that you are here in the comment section of this song is just pure luck. People like you are the people that made artists like Miley Cyrus be popular. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    R Yackez

    Bob Arrow Yes you can compare them. Soundgarden. The Sreaming However Alice and Soundgarden are my personal faces.

  80. garr0r

    @RoosterRipper alice in chains kick the face of nirvana still tho

  81. The Nile Ue Ue Fly

    @Doomhead22 That goes without saying, but the appeal of Nirvana wasn't musical proficiency, haha.

  82. Brian Boghosian

    totally awesome

  83. daintie flower

    Fucking can't get enough of this song!!

  84. Denver Wood

    This actually was never supposed to be a AIC album. That is incorrect info.

  85. Gabe McGann

    This sounds kinda like a nirvana song

  86. klopapierpimperer

    is it true that this should have been the 4th AIC album ?

  87. Denny Smith

    Fuck yea!!! rad tune!

  88. PezoCon

    @ComaAlpha .. not disagreeing with that

  89. Mega Man Rush Jet Renegade

    I love that album! I tried uploading it here on YT but I got a copyright notice from WMG claiming that it wouldn't be available in all countries to view, and when I checked the search results for my videos they weren't even listed :(

  90. CPW1109

    This is my favorite song from Boggy Depot. Great album but I like Degradation Trip more.

  91. Jozsus

    @PezoCon I totally agree with you bro .... I saw jerry with alice in chains at the ARmoRy I was in front of Mike Innez and it was totally special they so interact with their hardcore fans pretty coool....... I wish they were coming back to this area

  92. leeleeleeish

    great even more shit just what i needed prick

  93. PezoCon

    Hell yeah TheXkinger, you are right about that one my friend. Just got done yelling at Cantrell at a concert here in WA. I waited till it got quiet and screamed, "Fuck Ya Jerry". He heard me and looked right at me, I then proceded to scream "Your the fucking man!". He smiled nodded and continued to jam out. It was surreal. Well anyway, this song sounds so much like it would have been an alice song. Like way way to much. Badass song, I've learned to like Jerry more than Layne, that's hard to find

  94. PezoCon

    where is boggy depot?

  95. F.J Arca

    bueno cantrell pero no mejor k kurt

  96. Derek Lundgren

    Nirvana was fucking overrated


    Nirvana not only was the best but kurt cobain was the best grunge singer n that point & time & u idiots should know nirvana started the whole grunge era! So theres ur history lesson 4 the day children...

    Disiam Theillusion

    How can you be over rated.nirvana didn't claim to be Beethoven they jus wanted to rock and did so.


    Melvins started heavy grunge and green river is the first official grunge band. Dont be swinging at people when you dont know your shit dork, Nirvana was the most popular but they weren't the fucking first.

    Thomas Spychalski

    The Melvins rock and were Kurdt's inspiration, among others...


    Thomas Spychalski agreed. Dale Crover (drummer of the Melvin’s played on three tracks of bleach)

  97. RoosterRipper

    Why compare these bands? Nirvana and Alice In Chains are both awesome bands in their own perspective, they both brought a different sound to the table which was their own. That to me is talent and it is clearly seen in all their albums.

    Stop being women and bitching, lets all be glad Alice In Chains have made a come back so we can all enjoy the music.

    Now back on the topic, this is a great song!

  98. Megadethfans Areajoke

    Okay just take a look at your comments your just a sorry Nirvana fan that is mad because more true musicians prefer Alice in chains.. I dont care about if you play guitar. The reason you delete all your comments is because people trash you left and right. If Nirvana was still around today i think it would take them 4 albums to take on Black Gives Way to Blue. Nirvana would suck today face it. Just go on Nirvana vs Alice in chains and see who more people prefer. And dont write me again