Canibus - Watch Who You Beef Wid Lyrics

Watch who you beef wid
You need to watch who you beef wid
You need to watch who you beef wid
Watch who you beef wid
You need to watch who you beef wid

Yo, you better watch who you beef wid
You might be walking down the street, then
Suddenly you hear tires screechin
Niggaz'll be hoppin out with heat and
Throw you in the car seat and leave your lady standing there screamin
The whole weekend, you get blindfolded and beaten
Nosebleedin, gaspin for air, wheezin
You got kidnapped and you don't even know the reason
We even called your fam for ransom, they said, 'Keep him'

Watch who you beef wid
Yea, it ain't no secret
Talkin that street shit'll get you in some deep shit
See, niggaz know who you beef wid,
Where you be at, when you be gone, when you be back
All of my niggaz got doctor degrees in thuggonometry
We all know how to hold the heat properly
And how to conduct an armed robbery for personal property
And can go without food or water for 24 hours at least
We fugitives, who ain't doin a bid, and shoot to live
Even if it means leavin you for dead
Cause niggaz like you get scared, look for loopholes
Pick the phone up and dial 9-uno-uno
What happened to them truant niggaz that you talk about
The crew of niggaz that you never walk without
I know what happened
You heard about the double-action
Portable gatling and y'all don't wanna get blasted


Ay yo we run up in radio stations on some unannounced shit
Catch the DJ off guard and roundhouse him
Duct tape his mouth then, put a pound to his gut
And force him to play 5 cuts off the up and coming album
Just the way I planned it, niggaz'll start to panic
Brains get hijacked like planes'll crashlandin
Bitch niggaz pray to the lord
The black box who was supposed to record
The pilot's voice got destroyed
So watch who you beef wid
And watch who you suck your teeth at
It'll probably be something you regret
Get wet with horizontal rain droplets
Miniature rockets, comin out barrels of metal objects
niggaz get shot in the face
On the ground shakin like tectonic plates that cause earthquakes
Now you got your grill in the ground, how that dirt taste?
You shouldn't have started this shit in the first place


Cause niggaz is comin to get you, ready to rip you
With intercontinental ballistic missiles and pistols
Put a red dot on your head like you Hindu
Then put a hole in you big enough to put my open fist through
We could verbally diss you or we could get physical
Whatever niggaz wanna do, we could do it too
Cause you a sinner, I'm a sinner, we all sinners
We rob niggaz for their presents at their bar mitzvahs
We rob niggaz for their body organs
Sold em to the highest bidders
Things like hearts and livers
One and a half million in cash when it's delivered
They go to Yom Kippur and beg for God to forgive us
So you the type that, find violence real frightening
Or hold your crucifix tighter when shells is firing
Sittin by your bed perspirin, tryin to crawl underneath it
You need to watch who you beef wid


Keep that low-down, stinkin motherfucker
Uh, you need to watch who you beef wid
You need to watch who you beef wid
Yea nigga, watch who you beef wid
Uh, watch who you beef wi

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Canibus Watch Who You Beef Wid Comments
  1. Joseph Lozado

    Canibus was a beast in his prime true lyrical Champion

  2. Shark007

    Hook is awesome

  3. Pam Stephen Pamzat

    2020 and still blazing hot!!!

  4. Abllaa

    Fuck do y'll understand being a real Thug stupid mother fuckers

  5. max corkle

    Canibus is underrated af. But the man who beefed with Eminem, LL Cool J, and J. Cole shouldn't warn rappers to watch who they beef with. 😂😂

    Dale Johnson

    ll dissed him first though

  6. Speedy- TheArcher

    Even greater in 2019!

  7. Marc-Anthony

    Best mc

  8. James Anderson

    Canibus sound like he was dissing someone. Maybe Eminem.

  9. Mike Kouadio

    Miss you man.pls come back...all these motherfuckers out here aint doing shit in the game.we need this real hip hop back

    One Typical Latino

    He's still doing music

  10. Ben Pollok

    Classic.. the lack of respect C got over the years is ridiculous.. so GREAT

  11. Brooklyn’s Finest Red hook! 718

    Rockin this 6-24-2019 on repeat son!! #canibus #bars

  12. Tarik Jackson

    Butter az s$#& all- thingz

  13. Liquido Suave

    One of the best hooks I ever heard

  14. Toi Monique



    I like the other beat better...

  16. Enemy Killa

    On the ground shakin like tectonic plates.

  17. Cliff Booth

    Who bumping this in 2019💯💯💯

  18. Robert Antonetti

    That's foul son's fam said keep him

  19. Zoran Loznani

    watch who you beef with...said the rapper who doesn't have a career because he wasn't watching who he was beefing with...i love this song btw..

  20. Bobbie Driggers

    Nas , Pac, Big L, Eminem, Bizzle, Sevin , immortal tech, Vinny Paz , Canibus , The Rep, MGK , Colichee, NF, SPM are my favorite lyricist.

  21. Kendrick Hall

    Why was Rakims verse removed?

    Rubix Solutions

    That's I'll bus em, u punish em

  22. thisisanewusername

    His first album should've been this:

    1 "2000 B.C. (Before Can-I-Bus)"
    2 "Watch Who U Beef Wit"
    3 "Second Round K.O."
    4 "I'll Buss 'Em U Punish 'Em"
    5 "Mic-Nificent"
    6 "Lost @ "C""
    7 "100 Bars"
    8 "Buckingham Palace"
    8 "Rip Rock"
    10 "Channel Zero"
    11 "How Come"
    12 "I Honor U"

    It would've been his Illmatic.

    Cena Montana

    Don't forget how we roll that was the best song on can-i-bus

    Ronald Honore

    Rip the jacker was his illmatic

  23. Chris smith

    Keep that low down stinkin dirty motherfucker! XD

  24. Charlie Mane

    Still bumps in 2019! #canibus


    All my niggaz got doctor degrees in thugnometry

  26. Beast Coast LC

    Poetic Justice

  27. OTFCloutBoi6oTv

    real rap

  28. Carl Johnson CJ

    First time i heard thisB-)B-)B-)

  29. Obalim Rodgers

    Canibus is dope

  30. JeffSan

    I've been sick listening to this album for 2 days straight

  31. S Hog

    I would slap the shit outta mumble rapper after listening to this. 2018 still bumping

  32. Joel Widgins

    I originally hoped Jay Z would let this novelette to one of his albums.tsall good

  33. Joel Widgins


  34. Joel Widgins

    I forgot I wrote this joint. poppin

  35. Joel Widgins


  36. Osia Wideman

    Canibus has got to be one of the best Lyricist of the 20th Century, some had a problem with Canibus reciting his rhymes from a notebook but all rappers do that (check Eminem's Marshall Mathers album cover, Em is writing his rhymes in a notebook) some times its better to write them down so you won't forget them, Canibus is an MC Murderer, he just had shitty production

  37. Christian Charles

    My top 20
    20. Guru
    18.Jay Z
    17. GZA
    16. TI
    15. KRS 1
    14. Big Daddy Kane
    13. 8 Ball
    11. Bun B
    10. Ice Cube
    9. Prodigy
    8. Canibus
    7. Game
    6. Jadakiss
    5. Rakim
    4. Redman
    3. Andre 3000
    2. Tupac
    1. Nas

    Christian Charles

    UGK came with that southern slang and country rap tunes. Mobb Deep had those hardcore New York rap slang that complimented their bass heavy beats.

    charles lucas

    No method man, not a good list

    Christian Charles

    @charles lucas no it's a great list. I like meth and wu tang is one of the greatest groups of all time. Bone and wu tang the best

    charles lucas

    @Christian Charles nice last name yo

    Christian Charles

    @charles lucas word up kid

  38. Christian Charles

    Canibus is the best underground lyricist. Nas is the best commercial lyricist.

    Real Bro

    Canibus still in my all time top 3 lyricists!! Nas sold out decades ago!!! Sad, he was one of my favorite rappers...

    Christian Charles

    Real Bro  Nas will always be a legend and great lyricist. He made great albums, mixtapes.

  39. Christian Charles

    Canibus ripped this. Flow and beat perfect, unlike some of his songs.

  40. I T

    First time I heard this thought it was meh. But on revisiting its severely dope.

    As far as rapped hooks go it's pretty sweet.

  41. Ballie010 Aquillez

    I am...!!

  42. Outdoor New England

    Takashi 6ix9ine should take notes lmao

    Outdoor New England

    Accurate haha

  43. smokers coach

    Cause u a sinner im a sinner we all sinners!!

  44. smokers coach

    Hear the wild wolf growl styles stockpiled for miles from the ground to the clouds

  45. Osia Wideman

    This is the cat Suge should have signed to Death Row East, Canibus was untouchable on that mic

    Dale Johnson

    oh if pac would of lived i bet canny would've been in the top 10 priorities to sign

  46. Kam

    Gay young thug n lil yachty fans disliked this

  47. Kam

    Greatest MC ever

  48. Mduduzi Mtshali

    Who's rocking this in 2018....

    Yin Liu

    Better than 90% of the shit that is out there now.

    Aaron Brown

    Im rockin it right now

  49. Mukoro Oweh, Jr.

    What a hot track

  50. Rev Lucien

    I loved how Canibus rocked these apocalyptic sounding beats.

  51. café

    Round house the dj 🤸‍♀️ 😅

  52. James AL

    Keep sleeping

  53. Barry Evans

    This is some real s*** right here listen to this watch who you beef with... take this n***** advice might save your life

  54. Nick Zone

    2018 show some love

  55. FleXx Lugar

    Shaking like tectonic plates that cause earthquakes. Slick😥

  56. Ken Emnie

    Nothing but luvee for The Can i Bus men !
    Peace from Belgium

  57. Greedy Joe

    canibus this is the lyrics and way you should always rhyme instead using big ass words

  58. Joel Mangwaya


  59. Terrance Minor

    Yo... this is what you call... lricaly Beasten the MIC classic 💣💥🎧🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎤

  60. Roderick Taylor

    if canibus had made more songs like this his album wouldn't have flopped.

  61. Roderick Taylor

    Comments for this video have been disabled

  62. Melanated Being

    Nice beat

  63. Eric Melendez Battle

    Canibus should join gunit

  64. Andre Allen

    Man I miss rap music sounding like this, Canibus one of the best lyrically

  65. Orlando Small

    i swear this song sounds just like eminem and Royce Scary movie, the way they rhymed and how he structured his hook, even the beat is almost the same

    India Pacheco

    Orlando Small hell no.

  66. Orlando Small

    omfg...this whole song deserves a quotation. I slept on Canibus HARD!! cuz of this just listend to the whole album, i swear he got Eminem and Big Pun

    Orlando Small

    it ain't no secret talkin that street shit
    'll get you in some deep shit
    see niggas know, who you be wit, where you be at
    when you'll be gone, when you'll be back's like i can hear Jadakiss sayin this same apologies to Canibus, i feel like i've been living in sin

  67. Daniel Holley

    "Pick the phone up and dial 9-uno-uno." #FIYAH


    This and his first Album were classic.

    God Son

    EXPLISIT HIPHOP curriculum 101 too

  69. m0rgoth xsK

    1st canibus song I heard, this and lost @ C are masterpieces. still fire 20 years later

  70. viewmaster617

    I still don't believe he lost to LL Cool J he's too sick a MC

    lauryn Jones

    He only lost on a commercial level. Not on a lyrical and underground level which is what matters.

    Real Bro

    He didn't lose, LL was an industry rapper and he got support from the industry but real hip hop heads know Canibus murked LL!!!

    realniga 301

    He didn't niggas just dickride just like drake vs meek mill

  71. J Tur

    "We even called you fam for ransom, they said keep him."  Haaaa!!

  72. Leo

    This nigga is probably the only one that could give Big L a huge run for bars. I could've def seen those 2 on a song on this album had he not gotten shot.

    natty k

    i just told someone that very same thing today

    Bay_ Parkway_62

    Carter i think big pun could've to!!

    Orlando Small

    yep both of them but listened to whole album and Canibus got Pun. that's some hard shit to say

  73. Yankie Smokes

    power 💪💪💪

  74. Slime Bucket

    so when did this album come out?? I thought it was 2000 (a year before 911)

    1:56 -
    Just the way I planned it, niggaz'll start to panic
    Brains get hijacked like planes'll crashlandin
    Bitch niggaz pray to the lord
    The black box who was supposed to record
    The pilot's voice got destroyed

  75. Nick Sarjveladze

    Still can't believe that Canibus lost in that battle against Dizaster, he was totally different person on that battle, this bis would have murdered resurrected and murdered Dizaster, like for real, multiple times, period.

    Nick Sarjveladze


  76. Yaya Rae

    He killed this joint 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  77. Tripple Darkness

    we had canibus then,now we got game

  78. Paul Lombard

    "Niggas is coming to get you, ready to rip you, with inter-continental balistic missiles and pistols, put a red dot on you like you Hindu, then put a hole in you big enough to put my open fist through" <<<<< OMG!!! KO KO!


    I flipped when he said that line. He was amazing back then.


    You get wet with horizontal rain droplets.

    Terrance Minor

    Paul Lombard Yooo CANIBUS Did kill that verse.He Got Many More People need to understand the History.


    mineral water grows everything

  80. Patrick Moran

    true but not me bro.

  81. Osia Wideman

    Canibus was a beast on the Mike,people love to give Eminem all the props as the greatest M.C., but Canibus is much better M.C.

    Death Rager

    @R club songs? lol stay on the mainstream kid.


    @Dabarium Malak Canibitch was a trolling attempt to discredit Canibus, so Canibus got D-12 verses and turned it into a disstrack on air strike. After that eminem never dared to say or do shit against Canibus, even if Canibus called proof with : If proof was alive, he would be dying aside.


    people give rakim that title


    No he's not...Em is way more capable as an mc than canibus...but I still love canibus' old shit

    Raas Putin

    @DaMarcoMuzik em is shit compared to canibus. Eminem is a troll that's about it. Only white guys have him as the best

  82. James Hennick

    What is the instremental on this


    under the proper declaration


    pure cultivation


    this manjy caniviol I likes this

  86. Prince Ekeson

    * Goosebumps *





  89. Jr Ryder

    I use to play this album everyday lol. Four Horse men was my favorite song in the album

  90. Kellen Winford

    9 Uno Uno. enough said

    Free Ninja

    Kellen Winford what does it mean?

    Simon Jensen

    9 Uno Uno = 911. Means he is a snitch calling the police..

    realniga 301

    @Free Ninja u dat slow nigga?

  91. Tyler LaDuna

    +Hustle Crow But is fire asf.

  92. Afterones smith

    this album gets me hype when im working out..

    Death Rager

    nigga gotta listen to def con zero to get pumped bro. that beat is insanely to your brain. them bars too. 2nd round ko is also great to get pumped

  93. Merijn van keulen

    Canibus belongs up there with the big people just like Kool G Rap, Rakim, Big pun and Eminem, Along with Biggie and 2Pac of course. 
    Add Dre as the DJ and you are in Hiphop's HEAVEN.

    Hip Hop Head


    Hip Hop Head

    Comin' to a ghetto near you, street fame, more
    Haha, comin' to a ghetto near you

    "I wasn't mad until these tricks shot me
    It's time to sanitize my posse look how paranoid these niggas got me
    Cellular calls are being traced since surveillance silently
    Momma chill, thug livin' pay the bills and die violently
    Closed caskets, expose bastards I leave 'em bloody
    Deloris Tucker don't let your kids hear a nigga speak
    On gettin' money ain't nothin' funny, green, got a nigga seein' things
    Why, hit the lye hope to God I can fly
    Lethal weapon I'ma savage, still a method to my madness
    Blast niggas laugh call 'em care cabbage
    Read 'em and weep, put 'em to sleep they hell bound
    Lyrics will leave 'em spell bound, clown now tired of bein' held down
    Cross my heart hope to die, blinded in some pussy millionaire
    Livin' care free, sucka free, playa haters miss me
    Hope in hard times never catch me slippin'
    Fuck authorities they wonder why minorities be trippin'
    We ain't havin' it
    Time to tear this shit back, ghetto children kick back
    Once I hit the mat, niggas will never get this shit back
    Spit it so eloquently, my pistols represent me
    Bust until my rounds empty, back for the street fame

    One love to my true thugs
    Comin' to a ghetto near you, street fame, bust
    Comin' to a ghetto near you, street fame
    All out warfare, eye for a eye
    Bustin' on my enemies bad boy killin', straight dissin' you
    Fuck Lil' Kim you nasty bitch

    Temperatures rises, niggas blinded by my lyrical disguise
    No time to plot retreats, niggaz shiver and die
    Multiple rounds found laced in his body and face
    Wrapped in plastic the acid, erased all traces
    Criminal tactics the rap game became so drastic
    Military mind mashed all the walls they blasted
    If we bleed then they suffocate, chokin' in terror
    So we strive singularize we reflect in the mirrors
    The prophecy is clear niggas lock 'n load disappear
    Strategize with no fear, wagin' war for years
    The crack game wasn't big enough, ready to rush
    Bitch made motherfuckers get murdered and touched
    I go to jail niggas screamin', 'Free me', speakin' freely
    Conversation with my comrades kickin' Swahili
    Indeed nature feel my first seed, it gets worse
    Plans are cursed to be a G on the first to breathe
    Currency in stacks artillery in the back
    Strapped armies, we camouflaged in all black
    When we attack, holla out my set
    Nigga tighten your jaw, givin' birth to outlawz
    Ha, ha, street fame

    Bust, nigga, bust, bust
    Comin' to a ghetto near you, hell, yeah, it's true
    Street fame
    Only Makaveli the Don can put it down like this, hey Nas
    Comin' to a ghetto near you with street fame

    Positive identification got me rushed to the station
    Stuck in this line up tryin' hard to hide my face
    They placed the name but can't recall description
    I ain't did shit officer that bitch trippin'
    Promise retaliation they plan busted, no man to be trusted
    Everything corrupted once man touched it
    Kamikaze, hopin' that none of the spies find me
    That's why we bye, bye daily knowin' cops trail me, but why cry?
    Floatin' while we tokin' on this potent branch
    Flossin' in the thug stance, flippin' pockets out inside my pants
    Never underestimate me, playa hate me, see me and hide
    Sure as hollow points shatter, enemies die
    Spread love dead thugs, gettin' buried in riches
    Take a chance to advance fuck them worrin' bitches
    Penitentiary's a possibility, bust and pray
    Wear a rubber so I live to fuck another day, hey
    Ain't nothin' strange, I'm 25 dyin' to change
    But still I bang wantin' street fame, that's the end of that

    Thugged out, Makaveli the Don
    Representin' the Outlawz, street fame
    One love to my true niggaz
    Comin' to a ghetto near you, street fame
    Makaveli the Don, Killuminati
    Comin' to a ghetto near you, street fame
    Yo, check this out, 
    I'ma tell you like this
    Street fame

    If the lifestyle that you livin'
    Got you takin' more fuckin' shorts than gettin' props
    Then that lifestyle need to stop, best to recognize some Outlaw shit
    'Cause only in this Outlaw lifestyle can you truly come to
    To see what this life's supposed to be like
    Nigga you'll start to see riches, fine bitches and hittin' switches
    Shit, to me that shit
    To me that shit sound delicious"

    When Pac put his mind to it he was lethal lyrically.

    Street fame

    Bobby Dazzler

    Dre is a fraud put DJ Premier or Pete Rock in there

    young kim

    DJ Premier imo and wouldn't NAS be part of top 10? Scarface?

    Tarik Jackson

    Facts listen to dat g rap ft canibus 🔥 🔥 5 mics

  94. Stronger45

    A classic song from one the greatest lyricist of all time.


    Slick Rick Big L


    Big L had better punchlines, but overall I think Canibus was a slight bit better.


    Bemjux_ and slick rick not on canibus level , big l was a good choice tho

    Hayden Gary

    Slick Rick Ka or Cambatta

    Bobbie Driggers

    Nas , Pac, Big L, Eminem, Bizzle, Sevin , immortal tech, Vinny Paz , Canibus , The Rep, MGK , Colichee, NF, SPM are my favorite lyricist.

  95. N Rolling

    get wet with horizontal rain droplets/
    miniature rockets coming out of barrels of metal objects! damm! he had the sickest wordplay back then

    Free Ninja

    You should contribute to annotations in Genius

    Hayden Gary

    N Rolling that isn't really wordplay lol it's simple it's just hard asf


    @Hayden Gary yeah it is wordplay.
    The way he used the words "Wet" and "Horizontal rain droplets"

    Hayden Gary

    God Himself calling a bullet a horizontal rain droplet isn't all that. Bad ass song but that line was ight


    @Hayden Gary that lines pretty nasty