Canibus - Life Liquid Lyrics

(blood spillin in the street)
(the what?)
(blood spillin in the street)
(the what?)

Yo, Wit two precise niggas
Holdin the right biscuits
There'll be alot cats leakin out their life liquid
Niggaz who actin hard this ain't Columbia Pictures
When we throw two in your ass while you huggin on your mistress
From Philly, wit cats quick to mute you at
Cuckoo cats, twist back your Fubu cap
Crucial, black
Two chicks to screw you at
Then they shove a poolstick where you doodoo at
While you checkin on your pagers
Weapons in your faces
Shot blazin
Cops section off the pavement
Hoppin out with gauges
Prepare for the occasion
We throw about eight in
The house that you was raised in
Mouthin off, fakin will make you a ?mouth? patient
Achin, with your arms in a alcohol basin
And while your brain's achin'
Imma have your dame slavin'
Cocaine and apron
Over a flame bakin'

[Journalist] Niggas take it for granted -
until they layin dead on the granite
[Canibus] Innocent bystanders gett shot by standard
[Journalist] y'all better duck when you hear the cannon
[Both] Or y'all be checkin for leaks -
Niggas'll have your blood spillin in the street

[Journalist] Niggas take it for granted -
until they layin dead on the granite
[Canibus] Innocent bystanders gettin shot by standard
[Journalist] y'all shoulda ducked when y'all heard the cannon -
Now you layin deceased
[Both] Niggas'll leave your blood spillin in the street

Can you feel it? Nothin can save ya
Cause this is the season of the infrared laser
And since I got time, What I'm gonna do
Is show you how you can get spotted by one too
Cause I don't give a fuck
I just cock back and bust
With more arms than an octopus
As if one gun wasn't enough
I fuck around and pull eight out
Blast your face off or blow your brains out
Nigga, I'll leave you laid out
Then I pull the gat in my waist out
Put it in your mouth
And keep squeezin till the whole clip is sparyed out
Take the gun in my ankle brace out
Shoot you in the stomach till I see the last meal you ate drain out
Your face look spaced out
I gut you like a trout
And scream my name out while I'm scrapin your rib cage out
Squeeze with the index, spray like a bottle of windex
Bullets buzzin by your head like insects
From your head to your mid-sec'
And I ain't even shoot you in the legs or your limbs or your dick yet
Your masculinity is questionable
You probably a homosexual
Just the thought of havin a woman lay next to you probably threatens you
You probably look at grapes and see testicles
You probably fantasize about vegetables
like cucumbers and bananas havin sex with you
And you probably let gerbles crawl up your rectum too
Shame on you
I defecate on you and simultaneously (urinate) on you
Pour some acid rain on you
I stop your heartbeat with heat
You weak nigga, I'll leave your blood spillin in the street


Ayyo Journalist what you workin with?
Old school burners with
-Barrels big enough for you head to fit in the circle shit
What you holdin Canibus?
30 bulllet banana clips
Just to handle a kick I gotta glue it to my hands and shit
We got permits to murder shit
We critically injure niggas who deserve the shit
Put em in a tournaquet
Bomb proof Suburbans with [?]track to tread size?
so we can ride through the dirt with it
Drive over curbs with it
[?] in it, even over slippery surfaces
We can swerve in it
And crash into niggas who don't insert their shit
Try stoppin it dudes
You gotta be bruised, cockin the tools
And knock you out your socks and your shoes
We'll leave you shoeless and keep shootin
Look how much life liquid you losin
You need a blood transfusion
In the back of a medic truck
Shots in your neck and gut
While we holdin our weapons up
I'm still reppin' Philly - what?

blood spillin in the street
the what?
blood spillin in the street
the what?


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Canibus Life Liquid Comments
  1. Commander Waffles

    Still trying to figure out why defecate and urinate were censored.

  2. DaMarcoMuzik

    Wait so he can say shit about vegetables n fruits used as sex toys but they edit defecate and urinate?!?! Lol wtf those are actual words in the dictionary

  3. Bigmoo96 beatmaker

    still fire

  4. God Son

    Even on da album canibus first verse is edited. What da fuck did he say? Was it dat powerful?

  5. OTFCloutBoi6oTv

    they ate this mf'

  6. David White

    That last verse may be the best back and forth of all time.

  7. Odious Black

    2:30 The only mistake he make was “vegetables like cucumbers and bananas havin sex with you” bananas fruit man. Canibus fuckin ill doe

  8. Tachyon Tee

    "And leave you shoeless and keep shootin'." Don't know why but that line always makes me laugh.

  9. Death Rager

    i defecate on you
    and simultanouesly urinate on you
    pour some acid rain on you



    So thats what he said lmao so sick


    God damn. Canibus went the fuck off.

  11. Andeez N

    2:10 🐝🐝🐝💦🔫

  12. Cj Parks

    My fave rapper of all-time

  13. Jeff Musyoka

    As if one gun wasn't enough I fuck around and pull eight out! 😂😂🔥🔥

  14. ctsneaks323

    2:09 “Squeeze with the index, spray like a bottle of windex, bullets buzzing by your head like insects” 🔥🔥🔥

    Jay Vee

    Before I heard this, I thought Masta Ace was the only rapper to rhyme index with windex


    the LL Beefed turned Canibus COO COO

    THE ONLY Johnson

    Military did that to him


    THE ONLY Johnson nah that toughened him out don't you think? It's not like he quit ...he handled it


    THE ONLY Johnson anyone who can handle military is tough to me

    Chick3n Lord

    EXPLISIT. yeah real shit bruh


    Funny how he talks about innocent people getting shot .. yet on his first album he says nobody should sneak in guns to the club because nobody innocent should die haha ... but this is a song about how Fucked up Canibus is ... loved it.. just funny if you listen to this and his anti gun song


    One of the best ones on this album

  18. Meto Freddy

    good canbus

  19. Just Sku

    Your masculinity is questionable,
    You probably a homosexual,
    You probably look at grapes and see testicles l, 😂

  20. Melrah721

    Bis verse killed Eminem! Yeah...That was about Em🔥

    CooLMar Owenz

    @xDragonWarrior They Had Beef When This Was Out

    CooLMar Owenz

    He Was Also Talking About LL Too

  21. Mental Mind

    Life liquid = blood

    Reactive Revolution

    Mental Mind sperm* lol

    Death Rager

    its blood
    its sperm
    its all kinds of soils, puss, diarrea all a that.

  22. Mental Mind

    0:48 🎱🎱🎱

  23. RallyDon82

    "wotchu holding canibus?"
    "30 bullet banana clips, just to handle the kick i gotta glue it to my hands 'n shit"
    gets me everytime!,

  24. Jeff Musyoka

    The age of the infrared laser! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Orlando Fleming

    Season...of the infer red laser

  25. Alex Gomez

    Canibus verse on this song was very haunting...he truly is one of the best lyricist in the game

  26. Paddy Knuckles

    What ever happened to journalist. Dude was nice

    Death Rager

    nice is an understatement.

  27. Nicholai Mayoba

    You probably look at gapes and see tesicles😂😂 you probably fantasize about vegetables having sex with you...this line had me dead...

  28. Silver Haze

    the illest mc alive! much love for Can I Bus

  29. d Cyfa

    most respected mc. say what you mean. mean what you say rap GOD

  30. Surge Álvez

    Damn, I almost forgot how *DOPE* this shit is. Journalist rips it

  31. Big Daddy Diesel

    2pac is way fucking better

    Zatla Bror

    2pac is one of THE overrated lyricists. He was a cool dude tho.


    You’re drippin with wack juice

  32. Ron Davis

    the beat is ill

  33. Cosmic Clan

    damn I love canibus music

  34. Don Demarco

    if biz aint in your top 10, you've been drinking too much wack juice


    PORTRAYTHEVILLAIN why it's not 98...let it go


    PORTRAYTHEVILLAIN prepared? A real emcee is always prepaired for war ...there is no half time or breaks ..or "you ready yet?" haha


    PORTRAYTHEVILLAIN you ain't Pac bro...he lost ..what does his arm have to do with a battle you moron.....

    DNYL 1

    Don Demarco peace brother LL anit even in my list, respect to ya

  35. BakemonoShiz

    TRILL TALK! Journalist went OFF.  One of Can's best tracks - hands down.

    jay czar

    always liked that track bro.... 'more arms than a fucking octopus'... u know how dope that sounded years ago.... still dope now

  36. GG Bianco

    Haha Canibus killed it!  (wtf happened to canibus vs dizaster?)

  37. Victor Zehan

    "Mouthin off fakin'll make you a loud patient
    Achin, with your arms in a alcohol basin
    And while your brain's achin I'mma have your dame slavin
    Cocaine and apron, over a flame bakin" Illest line omg journalist is a BEASTTT

  38. tHiS iS nOw

    Journalist what you workin wit, old school burners wit barrels big enough for your head to fit in the circle shit....proves the wackest line said well is still dope


    How is that wack?

    jay czar

    this is one of my fav. lines, mixed with Bis part of that continuation. Def one of the dopest parts of this song...


    @JordanHamrick2011 lol I said the same thing

    tHiS iS nOw

    i take my words back