Canibus - Doomsday News Lyrics

Yo, yo..
If I had half as many bars in gold
as I had in lyrics when I flowed
I'd be the richest man on the globe
Niggaz wanna know is Canibus gold?
That's a stupid-ass question motherfucker, is Canada cold?
Bout a thousand degrees lower than liquid nitro is
Five thousand degrees hotter than flame throwers
I reflect light, bounce off walls and wreck mics
Disconnect your windpipe by cuttin your neck with a knife
Rip through, everything from tissues to blood vessels
My ninjitsu, kill you with the art of Tenchu
I zig zag, zig crushin a kid
With G-forces violent enough to crush your ribs
like pilots that fly Russian MIG
Comin to punish you pigs
Give a fuck who you is; nigga, Canibus in ya biz
From the lowest point in the planet to Mt. Everest
I kick the illest shit, spray-paintin my name across the pyramids
The rap terrorist, Professor Emeritus
Fuck forbidden fruit I was eating pussy in Genesis


What you got niggaz that's ready to brawl?
I'll give you the phone card and the celly to make a call
What the fuck y'all bitch niggaz actin like y'all tuff for?
We'll stuff y'all, uppercut y'all, confront y'all
On stage we break arms, legs, backs and jaws
Enough damage to cancel your tour (Fuck y'all!)

Now I said it once and I'll say it a thousand times
I got thousands of rhymes, the rechargeable alkaline kind
You wanna a piece of mind? Fine, we can take it outside
Otherwise you're wastin your time, cause I'ma shine
for the one-triple-9, niggaz gamblin damage they eyes
Goin blind, tryin to keep up with these lyrical lines
The type of nigga you can't flow behind without a dope rhyme
You fuck around and get clotheslined til you nosedive
We can rhyme fair and square or fair in the sphere
Anyplace, anywhere, you niggaz don't have a prayer
Cause doomsday is near, faggot niggaz is scared
They stand and stare as I appear upon a cushion of air
With a long white beard flamin, hot enough to sunburn Satan
Hotter than white people takin vacation
out in Jamaica out in the sun bathin;
sun bakin in gamma ray radiation
til they skin color look cajun
Motherfuckers start agin to the point
where they faces shrivel up like raisins
and they become cancer patients


Yo, yo, yo.. I manipulate the metaphysical
power to hold my breath for half an hour
Continuously breathin outward; you ain't an MC you a coward
I make wack rappers lose control of they bladders
and piss in they trousers
Pink pussy possum niggaz play dead
While my heat waves hit, and verbal x-rays evaporate shit
Water molecules get transformed to vapors
My lyrics turn the Pacific into a dry lakebed
Electromagnetic cassettes melt tape decks
Niggaz battle in space; tryin to hold it down
but they can't cause they weightless
Amateur swordsmen gets stabbed through they face mask
trying to escape death
A world where the whole globe will contract Ebola
from drinkin spring water darker than Coca-Cola
Human with AIDS, computers with Y2K
I rock rhymes counter-clockwise until doomsday

Fuck y'all, fuck y'all, fuck y'all

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Canibus Doomsday News Comments
  1. Death Rager

    electromagnetic casettes melt tapedecks

    a world where the whole globe will contract ebola
    from drinkin springwater
    darker than coca cola
    humans with aids
    computers went y2k
    i rock rhymes counter clockwise
    untill doomsday

  2. Death Rager

    with a long white beard flamin
    hot enough to sunburn satan
    hotter than white people take a vacation
    out in jamaica out in the sun bathin
    sun bakin the gammaray radiation till they color look cajun
    motherfuckers start agin to the point where they faces
    shrivel up like raisins
    and they become cancerpatients

  3. kenny hall

    This dude is my attitude manifested as flesh and blood.

  4. FrankWonderBeantown

    Classic album!

  5. Funny Videos

    Such a great track. Anyone know where I can get this instrumental?

    Uncle Mike

    Sports and Funny Videos Salaam Remi made the beat


    @Uncle Mike Chaos produced it.

  6. Daniel Arismendiz

    Fuck yall

    Death Rager

    fuck yall
    fuck yall


  7. Brandon Neilly

    great track and dope album

  8. mack mackie

    yo ..YO !!

  9. the cave dweller

    I can't decide between this or 100 bars

    Mr. Bennett

    Lost @ C

    svckondeezNICO' nuttz

    2000 b.c. (the song)



  11. Miles Fontaine

    That's a stupid ass question. Is Canada cold?


    Teperature is a measurement for how fast paricles move if you will. The higher the energy, the faster the movement, the higher the temperature. Hence, theoretically the lowest possible temperature is the point where particles stand completely still, 0 kelvin or -273,15 C°. This temperature, also known as absolute zero, can also be deductet from Gay-Lussac's law in case you want to look it up. 0K doesn't naturally occour tho, due to the background radiation the universe is always a bit warmer.

  13. HaveADream23

    okay but explain my theory wrong, temperature is based on the presenece or lack of heat(energy), so if u continually distance yourself from a heat source would you not contiune to get colder, why would it randomly stop at a certain value ?


    Liquid Nitrogen is around 63 Kelvin or colder. 0 Kelvin is the coldest possible temperature in the universe. You are probably misinformed here. A real temperature below 0 K is not possible! (There are ways of making particles behave as if it was colder, but the real temperature cannot go below 0k) So 1000 degrees lower than 63 K is simply not possible. I study physics, but that's pretty easy ;) Cheers man

  15. HaveADream23

    its exageration dude but what do you mean how is that impossible?
    cold is lack of heat, so further away you get from a heat source like a star(our sun) the colder it gets so since universe is infinate so is the lowest temperature. If ur thinking of 0 kelvin, thats where everything ceases motion even at the particulate level, tahts something different still can be colder than that.. sorry to get all physics but is what it iss

  16. Thomas M

    so underrated

  17. Noctoural88

    it's a hyperbole man. he's saying he's impossibly cold

  18. pooninaki

    My fav Canibus song of all time! Just love the heavy drum beat

  19. Travel and Work

    you should not listen to a whole will go crazy...


    "Bout a 1000 Degrees lower than liquit Nitro is"
    Canibus should know that this is impossible...or am I wrong?

    Ransford Nartey

    He's trying to exaggerate how cold he is


    he had an album with 1000 bars...also very many other songs and tracks like 100 bars and poet laureate, that means he has way more than 1000 rhymes.

  22. eSFasho

    loose cannon? ha i always thought hit was ja rule ... hahaha

  23. wgbarnes101

    its hard to say who's the illest of all time but he is indeed one of the illest.

  24. Elite

    can i bus fuckk ll canibus is still in the game

  25. Michael Muscat