Canibus - Cypher Of Steel Lyrics

It don't take nuttin to play exclusives man
I wanna see niggaz get down with the motherfuckin skills man
That's what really count man, any motherfuckin body
can play, motherfuckin exclusives man
It's about, the creativity, the blends, the mixes
The skills nigga! Take it back to the essence of this shit man
Let muh'fuckers see what you can REALLY do

I'll give you one clue to guess what my rap gun do
Like kung-fu, I got a steel pallet I practice runnin my tongue through
Ninety extra inches my lung grew, I stun you
And when I'm done a paraplegic'll outrun you
You want head trauma, real soon I'ma promise I'ma
drop seeds that blow up like the the Unabomber's momma
Y'all know what happens when a rapper starts yappin
I'll be bionic orangutan hand back stabbin
I break light speed surge and illustrate verbs
His career was so short his bio was eight words
See I'm admittin the sentence was well written
except THIS motherfucker should have never started spittin!
I'm too triflin to let him life again
I'm stiflin pain permanently by feeding you nitrogen Vicodin
See some of the worst speakers that I know
could vegetablise your flow like pico de gallo
Boy you got a lot of balls, playin with a dude
that can telekinetically extract bricks out of walls
If you come in my zone dissin my curriculum
I chew your ass out like the flavor in a stick of gum

[Skarlit Rose]
The linguistic league bitches, cutthroat, smeared lipstick
Wrists slit and I suggest you keep the [?] dissin before
you wake up in a tub to only find your ogans missin
Make sure to leave your tongue, with hopes you continue spittin
Dickridin, label providin, your fraudulent image
You the type of silly hoe to have no sense to begin with
Listen hooker emcees, on a mission of death, last breath
Your final rest, baby who got next?
I pop your lungs from your chest cavity
You consider your amateur blow to be challenging well then battle me!
I'll be waiting six feet, beneath the sheets of your thesaurus
Deep defeat, crack your teeth, no AutoTune on my chorus
Distorted your image, while drownin all your hopes and wishes
Revenge is served cold on a set of dirty dishes
Snitches, yeah, haven't you heard?
I'll put my barrel in your mouth and show you what a women's worth

This is the definitive guide, on beats and rhymes
On how to get a black eye fuckin with those black guys
You better listen to what I'm sayin and teach yourself
Or I'll give you a belt and watch you beat yourself
Told you don't make a sound if you do they will put you down
Then all I'ma say is look at you now
Hip-Hop was not based off risk on a primal level
We rhymin with you, not rhymin at you
You better understand this shit or get talked to in Arabic
Banana clip, you don't wanna talk to Canibus
You talk about bars, my upper torso crawl up the wall
in your house through your window boy
Burglar bars get ripped off, bite off your arm
Leave (Jigsaw) scars, that's just a doll
This is Thunderdome hall, decoded like Sean
The laser beam scan the apartment, it's gone
Metaphorical wizard, the Oracle visit every four minutes
Until I finish, you bring me more Guiness
I'm like Devin the Dude, and Mexican food
with some Mexican dude and some gunslingers too
Come through, call the airstrike on your hood
Evacuate every bitch that make love so good
So what you wan' do? E'rybody chillin, we cool
Don't have to rip the face off no fool
That ain't "Lyrical Law" that's a lyrical rule
I ain't did this before, I don't wanna be cruel
I just wanna be loved, but the world wants blood
So we barricade the doors and wait for the noise
Nature boy, my name is deployed, the cave is destroyed
If you mention his name, he gets annoyed
Cause boys should not play with psychotic toys
A boy should not talk with a psychotic voice
Stand before me, don't plead no case
Cause you passed "Lyrical Law", you already great
So take your place next to any emcee that's great
In the Most High's name we pray
"Lyrical Law"

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Canibus Cypher Of Steel Comments
  1. Ronald Fleming

    "In the most highest name we pray lyrical law" (Canibus nd)

  2. Eric Melendez Battle

    I need to find intrusmental version

  3. Shao Kahn

    They all killed it.

  4. Infinite Minded

    Insane. Bis, and Rino blew it away. Skarlit Rose is ill, hand extremely talented.

  5. Julian Lange

    please stop comparing them both and start a war -.- they are both insane

  6. Zatla Bror

    K-Rino's rhymes usually don't resonate with me. I like Can-I-Bus a lot more. For some reason a lot of K-Rino's bars come of as corny to me.

    Paul Lombard

    Zatla Bror same here. Rino is alright but bit lame. Bis hits harder.


    Cuz your brain capacity is not sufficient enough to grasp the greatness of his lyrics.

    Zatla Bror

    That's a theory. However I doubt that's the case. He is a very intelligent emcee tho. Big ups

  7. Kakarot

    K's part is awesome.

  8. not the momma

    yall know that one groupie that has goku as his profile picture and leaves a comment on every single one of k rinos videos guess he doesn't know him as well as he thinks he does considering the fact he hasn't commented on this cypher


    +not the momma Lol you still mad i see.

  9. Jose Turrubiates

    Krino is the greatest to touch a mic go listen to his music been in the game 20+ years

    Intimidating Button

    @Jose Turrubiates 30+*

  10. Eric Watkins

    If these type of songs get played on radios today,all of these so-called rappers nowadays will be put through lyrical poverty.

  11. TheHipHopSpot

    Skarlit Rose

  12. 534terrorist

    who is the 2nd mc ?

  13. fonkymaster


  14. The Boot Patrol

    I think vivelajohnny is just an Eminem Stan and says canibus sucks just because Eminem and him had beef

  15. ObviouslyLEET

    Yes, because if you talk about history, physics, etc. you're automatically considered a good rapper.

  16. Jonathan

    so because he raps about something his lyrics aren't amateur? im talking about his actual delivery and rhymes, they are usually pretty weak, is the subjects he raps about what everyone praises him for?


    People rhyming about Oppenheimer aren't amateur lyricists. Just saying.

  18. Jonathan

    HOW THE FUCK CAN PEOPLE SAY CANIBUS IS SO GOOD? his lyrics are so fucking amateur and sooooo many of his bars fall flat, he doesnt even rhyme 60% of the shit he says and usually it makes no sense or is a uncreative rhyme, the fact that he is ever even compared to krino is ridiculous, k-rino won't miss a single bar an entire song while making sense, canibus sucks ass

  19. thewelshviper

    Canibus outshined K-Rino on this in my opinion


    Concerning the arguments here about Canibus vs K-Rino, I think they have much more different styles than it seems when you listen to them. K-Rino uses incredible wordplay but also brings home a lot of socially conscious material along the lines of Immortal Technique and Tupac. Canibus, on the other hand, uses equally amazing lyrics, specifically vocabulary, but focuses more on atmosphere and tone, as opposed to a social message.

  21. Morphues manjaman

    man you cant say tupacs better... I dont even care what you say

  22. Pokinho Nicolas

    Substance over style is wat both of thiz brothers have. Bt krino grab one attention through his flo unlike canibus. If i would put them in order base on their topic of rap. It krino, immortal technique, tupac and then canibus. They all legendary bt the thing with canibus is he dont kno how to play w words on his deliveries even tho he hve the right substance. He sound like he emphasize more in style rather than the substance of his lyrics which is not dat great.

  23. Immortal Technique

    canibus has better lyrics no doubt but K is overall better

    Emmanuel Teshome

    Immortal Technique I don't understand. Are you saying Canibus is a better lyricist, but K-Rino can rap better than him.

  24. alex wilson

    true dat homeboi

  25. Eziokilla9595

    Lol, like I'm gonna listen to your bitch-ass. I'll comment where ever I want. And, I think the Rino Bus collab will be boring as shit

  26. TCC

    That's why I don't care if ppl argue on my videos because it brings more views, and more views = more ppl coming to the video.
    And it gives more exposure to K-Rino. Ok, i'll check that out now. Peace.

  27. TheHipHopSpot

    youre right it does bring more views, but we all like underground hip hop and shouldn't be fighting. as for the canibus/k-rino album, checkout

    canibus k-rino - soldier spy

    its not the whole song but its a little sample of good things to come. peace guys

  28. TCC

    lol. The more we argue = the more views to this video.
    But I see what you mean, Is there really a K-Rino and Canibus album coming out? Never heard of that. Damn, that'd be ill.

  29. TheHipHopSpot

    @TheColorfulCube @rakimkoolgrapwutang @Eziokilla9595

    you guys are starting to piss me off. when the canibus and k-rino album comes out you guys are not allowed to comment lol

  30. Eziokilla9595

    I can understand why. He's fucking annyoing. AND, he hates the West Coast.

  31. TCC

    lol. Everyone has been against rakimkoolgrapwutang lately.
    He's even getting owned by RnBrealist lol.

  32. Eziokilla9595

    Lol, plus I showed up his ass.

  33. TCC

    No, K-Rino had a far better flow on Oblivion Scroll, the beat was better too. And I don't care if someone finds my username fruity.

  34. TCC

    You think you're cool because you can post lines nobody understands?? You had to LOOK UP those lines yourself on RapGenius (you live on that website) so don't even act like you're some rap expert when YOU had to look them up yourself LOL!!!! You dickride the same lines, you've been posting those GZA lines for months, braggin around youtube about how "complex" GZA is.

  35. Eziokilla9595

    It stops dropping. So, YES, I do pay attention to the lyrics, and, NO, GZA STILL isn't a good solo Wu-Tang Member. That title goes to Ghostface.

  36. Eziokilla9595

    Bank that stops - He's talking about how consistent his rhymes are. In the ghetto, most people don't have a set income. Their monetary gains are based on the amount of crack that is being lugged through their neighborhood. GZA is saying he rhymes like the money that never wavers. He rhymes like the bank that always has cash. It stops from being too low.

  37. Eziokilla9595

    Its a simile, likening craps to his lyricism.
    1. I rhyme like when the dice stop rolling and you win.
    2. Cause MC's are shaken up, like when you shake up dice and roll them on the cement.
    3. When the dice (My rhymes) are flowing, its obvious.
    4. When the dice (Mic) is in my hands, it keeps the money flowing, but it also means that the dice is still rolling and his money may still be moving.

  38. Eziokilla9595

    You answered your own argument with that last line. And, no, GZA's lyrics don't go over my head. I can name 30 MC's who are more lyrical. Grandmasters has dope beats that GZA didn't fit on. The beats on Grandmaster would've been better for someone like B-Real. The Cold Vein is probably the best Hip-Hop album ever. El-P is a genius, Reks is a beast, and GZA sucks aside from LS

  39. TCC

    Oblivion Scroll is a much better overall song. It's has a hardcore dark vibe to it, the flow was much more raw, the rhyme schemes were better, it had a better beat. etc.

  40. TCC

    That doesn't say anything about me. It's a random name I picked.
    You username clearly shows you're a stan and you try too hard to be recognized as a hip hop head.

  41. TCC

    They're not at the same level. K-Rino spits MUCH harder on Oblivion Scroll with better flow and rhyme schemes than 100 Bars.
    When did I call 100 Bars crap anyways?

  42. TCC

    LOL You're fucking stupid. What I meant by "I cant' decipher" is the words he says, As in I can't make out some of the words he says. I understand just about all the words he says, but there are just some things that I can't make out. Canibus brags in repetitive ways, no creative lyrics most the time. It's just him saying "im the most lyrical" each time, no creativity with that.

  43. TCC

    Canibus doesn't bite from Wu-Tang at all in any way. Dumbass Wu stans like you need to get them off your mind all the time. The world doesn't revolve around Wu-Tang lol. There are BETTER lyricists out there.
    lol @ "the mighty wu-tang"
    Wow, do ppl in Ireland worship Wu-Tang as gods? Are they your religion? You and rakimkoolgrap (both from Ireland) have some serious weird obsessions with Wu-Tang. Move on and find more rappers, GZA isn't the best.

  44. TCC

    No dumbass, K-Rino and Canibus BOTH have braggodocious songs, that's part of being an MC. But Canibus' whole discography is basically that one thing. K-Rino has ACTUAL content, diversity, storytelling, etc. and his punchlines are far superior than Canibus. He is a better lyricist and rapper in every way, except possible flow. (but I still think K-Rino has better flow). I never once said what you just said lol.

  45. jmaal2345

    @WuGambino10304 Yea GZA may be better. I would say so

  46. jmaal2345

    @rakimkoolgrapwutang It was decent. That album isn't even in stores here

  47. jmaal2345

    @rakimkoolgrapwutang Naw. I dont like any song on that album. It was a flop

  48. Eziokilla9595

    When I asked him that, he said "Possibly."

  49. TCC

    He's probably from Detroit himself.

  50. Eziokilla9595

    Yup, he's legit. I also think its funny how big he is on Detroit Hip-Hop. Kinda funny.

  51. TCC

    Yeah, IEtherainSoul9 has a pretty diverse taste in Hip Hop and seems pretty educated (although I disagree with a lot of the things he says). He seems like a legit Hip Hop head unlike most others here that only heard a handful of rappers/groups and try to follow crowds to fit in.

  52. TCC

    Your top 5 is just about the same as my top 5, Except id have Stoupe in mine.

  53. jmaal2345

    @Eziokilla9595 I agree. Grandmasters wasn't that great except a few tracks. It's nowhere near a classic

  54. jmaal2345

    @rakimkoolgrapwutang Words from the Genius was a shitty album bruh. Not gonna lie. I like GZA but that shit was God awful

  55. Eziokilla9595

    IEtherainSoul9 is very educated. He never replies to my comments, though. I do think he has a very developed taste in Hip-Hop, though. rakimkoolgrapwutang is just fucking annoying.
    He's convinced that his opinions are fact, and he will stop at nothing for the stupid, immature feeling of "being right." Eazy-E is very overrated, I agree.
    What are the Top 5 Producers Ever, in you opinion? Mine is, Primo, Pete Rock, The RZA, J Dilla, and Dr. Dre.

  56. TCC

    I agree with him thinking Eazy E is the most overrated rapper ever though. That's pretty accurate. But I think he's too bias for New York Hip Hop. Most of the stuff he talks about he's never heard. He only discovered Hip Hop a few years ago (he's from Ireland) so he really hasn't heard much of anything. From what I seen, he seems to just follow what other dudes think (if he thinks they have good knowledge on hip hop) like IEtherainSoul9.

  57. Eziokilla9595

    Judging by his username? I'd say so.
    He went off on Dre (As a producer, mind you. Not even as a rapper.) for like 3 pages. It was just fucking stupid. He needs to get a girlfriend.

  58. TCC

    rakimkoolgrap actually hates West Coast with a passion lol.
    He doesn't like Dre or 2Pac at all, he thinks NWA is the most overrated group ( I think I heard him say this once), he also thinks Eazy E is the most overrated rapper ever. I think it's pretty clear he has a love attraction for the East Coast only.

  59. Eziokilla9595

    Wow. Now, I love Liquid Swords as much as anyone, but I'll be the first to tell you that nothing else in GZA's catalog is good.
    rakimkoolgrapwutang must HATE N.W.A.

  60. TCC

    Yeah, once you get to young128's level that's about as far as you can go. young128 used to dickride Big Pun HARDER than anyone i've ever seen dickride a rapper. he doesn't do it as much anymore though. But rakimkoolgrap is nearly on his level. He has a GZA background, he thinks Liquid Swords is the greatest album ever, he thinks RZA is the best producer, he has "wu tang forever" as his title, he always talks about GZA being the best lyricist, always defend GZA etc. lol. He dickrides pretty hard.

  61. Eziokilla9595

    Lol, theres a LEVEL of dickriding?

  62. Eziokilla9595

    No. He has ONE classic. Everything else is meh.

  63. Eziokilla9595

    1. Grandmasters sucked, especially compared the best DJ Muggs albums, like Sick Jacken and Ill Bill.
    2. Beneath The Surface was boring as shit.
    3. Legend of the Liquid Sword was stupid. Lyrically, his best? STFU
    4. Pro Tools was wack as fuck.
    5. Words From The Genius was GZA evolving, but not at the Liquid Sword stature.
    Quit riding GZA. He sucks, aside from Liquid Swords.

  64. Eziokilla9595

    Liquid Sword is one of my Top 5 of all time. Nothing else GZA released was worth hearing.

  65. Eziokilla9595

    Yeah, I kinda agree. The only exception is Liquid Swords, in my opinion. His only good album.

  66. Slade Wilson

    I agree with that. I like Method Man and Inspectah Deck the most.

  67. TCC

    I like Ghostface Killah, and I think Method Man is entertaining and has a good flow. I think Raekwons first album is the best Wu-Tang solo album, and I think 36 Chambers is a classic album. I also think Inspectah Deck usually has the best verses in every song he's featured on. But other than that I don't really like Wu-Tang all that much. The rest of the members aren't worth mentioning. (GZA is good sometimes).

  68. TCC

    I never said the line was impressive lol. But it looks desperate on your part to keep mentioning that line. If I got desperate enough (like you) then I could easily analyze GZA's lyrics and find something like that line. Canibus has things like that in nearly every song. I don't know how you could say Canibus and K-Rno are equal in lyrics lol. It's not even close. K-Rino is an actual artist with content, Canibus just brags and sometimes has great songs (like Poet Laureate II).

  69. Slade Wilson

    You don't like any of the Wu-Tang members at all?

  70. TCC

    GZA lacks flow, he's boring as hell, not very creative, the concepts he's done (like Queens Gambit etc) have already been done before, etc. The dudes that dickride him as the GOAT only do it because he's attached to Wu-Tang and he has good wordplay at times. Other than that he's an average rapper. He may be the best In Wu-Tang (that's debatable because Ghostface may be a bit better) but that isn't saying much, the Wu members aren't every good.

  71. TCC

    That's like saying "I got niggas killing dudes on blocks".. Rappers say that all the time when trying to brag about how "hard" they are. That line is bragging in the way K-Rino does. Plus it's a bit of alliteration to keep the flow going, "pianist, plays, planets". Quit trying to analyze little things, you look pretty desperate. K-Rino shits on GZA by far.

  72. jmaal2345

    @SkepticalNinja I think GZA is better but that's just me. I respect you're opinion tho!

  73. jmaal2345

    @rakimkoolgrapwutang Between GZA and Canibus hmm. That's a hard one to choose

  74. jmaal2345


  75. Eziokilla9595

    Why don't you like GZA? I'm not denying your claim, but I see you a lot, talk about how he's not very good.

  76. The Pope Mobile

    if only k-rino had production like this. While it aint that nice it is still better then a lot of his beats.

  77. TCC

    True, GZA isn't even better than Canibus.

  78. WatrasWRAG


  79. Devil Juice

    Real emcee's. They tore it up.

  80. TheSacrifice713

    I don't know what u talking about black, but k-rino will tear all them boys up on the mic..and as for a big vocabulary that k has, it tells a better story with his sick metaphors. As for hip hop, style and feeling the music iz the most important. And K-RINO goes off hard on all aspects of hip hop.. Listen to more of his music, itz not all in a battling mode. He talks messages too..

  81. 19zodiackiller

    gza no way.. in mi opinion anyways

  82. 19zodiackiller

    maybe the battle rap type he sometimes does... i like him best been listening since 93.. dat dude wise intelligent is pretty good also


    @dharm17 You are saying that's crap, ok. I need to listen to K-Rino songs, check my comments history, I have comments from 2 years ago where I comment on some amazing K-Rino songs, seriously what are you talking about. I have listened to all his albums from the early 90's to his latest work. Lyrically he's a beast, but I just don't think he's the best. Also I am not from New York.

  84. dharm17

    @MidlandKruiskade Yea after "trying" to listen to that crap I know your just a GZA fan that wdnt ever admit that K-Rino is better.Your talking about go listen to versus of the GZA,you need to listen to K-Rino songs.

  85. dharm17

    @Kcamneb1 That dudes opinion but he gotta be from NY to keep saying that,GZA cant even come close to K-Rino its a no contest.


    @Kcamneb1 It's just people think big words equal great lyricism. K-Rino is one of the best, I won't deny that, but I think GZA is a lot further and no one's close to him. The way he paints vivid pictures and his use of double entendres and metaphors is out of this world, but I won't say someone's a fool for saying K-Rino's better, cause it's his opinion, but I would disagree.


    @dharm17 Yes, why elses would I write that? Sure K-Rino uses bigger words, but he's not as clever as GZA who mastered the art of lyricism. Listen to his verses on Gold, On The Eve of War, Fame, Autobio, Luminal, Beneath the Surface, Mic Trippin, Queen's Gambit, 0% Finance actually check out everything. If you don't listen to it, you'll never get it. If you listened to them come back and ask me the same thing.

  88. dharm17

    @MidlandKruiskade Your outta your mind to even write that.Do you really believe that?

  89. ScrewedUpTV

    @SpcLifer yup,,, and each album is an instant classic SPC FO LIFE!!!!!

  90. Kaitlyn Horvath

    theres NO WAY GZA is more lyrical than K-Rino, or any other artist that you listen to

  91. UncleGhost.95

    @EWCMILK Now we need to get all 3 on one song!


    @prysion Yeah K-Rino is a bit better than Canibus, but there are MC('s) who are more lyrical than K-Rino like GZA.

  93. Chris Lindsay

    Instrumental got me off my rocker right now.

  94. prysion

    People that don't know K-Rino, and just say Bis is better because of this track need to do some research. I've listened and studied K-RIno (i've heard most ever track on 28+ albums). This is one of Rino's "weaker" verses tell you the truth. Like the one gentlemen said, cmon Rino loves Bis he's not going to outshine him on his own shit...

  95. UncleGhost.95

    @SpcLifer It's a damn shame that he gets no recognition. Same with Canibus.

  96. Spc Lifer

    three albums in a year?????? what? who else does that with crazy lyrical skill????? NOBODY, SPC ALL DAY

  97. Spc Lifer

    everyone here who hasnt ordered the new k-rino "Deeper Elevation" go order it now. its his third album of the year. he had three albums last year. k-rino is the hardest most active rapper in the game so go get your copy at real talk

  98. Spc Lifer

    @tonystarksghostface3 k-rino is every rapper in his prime combined

  99. bigg cnile

    @tonystarksghostface3 rino been n his prime since 84 like dis homie

  100. Olli O

    what Can is flippin about? more stuff with K, sounds great