Candy, Brooke - Trill Lyrics

It's Brooke Candy, Queen of Italy

Smoking dro, daily
So gone, spacey
Couple ones, hazy
We be chillin' on my couch, lazy
Drama free, comedy
If you down, sodomy
So much dome, lobotomy
And when I'm messin' with my boo, don't bother me
Couple shots, Goose
Slurrin' words, loose
Off that liquor, drunk
Got that weed breath, skunk

I got my man we bout to get nasty
I'mma let him have it all
So trill, my eyes be so glassy from all that alcohol

Hella moist, wetter
Like you're in my box, letter
I wanna fuck rough
Watchin' cartoons first, powerpuff
Girls I know you feelin' me
Where your man at chillin' watchin' TV
Turn your phone off, vibrate
Shut your mouth boy, no negotiate
Take these panties off, we gon fuck though
On that Usher Ray, nice and slow
I'm a wild bitch, I'mma give you more
Call me hoodrat Drew Barrymore

[Hook x6]

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Candy, Brooke Trill Comments
  1. lia levi

    Same tattoo same street life almost are same jew Italia and damn same cult i are only i died and met god at 26 but i m so tired to wake people i m a duality stop but they are so screw sometimes i ask god why me i was a adict model damn as mom a heroin priestess died same are path years


    X____X dead twin attached👄

    lia levi

    @٧٧ oh a awake one 👄👄

    lia levi

    @٧٧ thank giù dir the compliment sorry for the bad photo if i put the good ones sheep always trust a beauty can t ne in a fuck up life or wait their prince i had three dead husbands so happy i m Free xD i search a Joker my brain is a Quinn not so stupid children don t stop me


    lia levi nah gherl don’t u sweat it u rly pretty tho 😍 u remind me of my frnd beverly trillz from nyc aka candy heart i feel the same energy frequencies and vibes from you 2

    lia levi

    @٧٧ thank and you saw worst photo i have facebook is under my second surname lia nocelli look face and tatooes and how i stand for causes are rigth for me damn only here i met idiots who said psycho i never said i hear voices i said when i died i know what i saw there i fucked saw my mom s demon she was a priestess just cause some lived a damn blind life programmed i instead travelled passed street all so damn sheep shut tje fuck upnyou all at my place and with tons of drugs,as i did you diedd i a lawyer not a tramp walkin in circle i still react too hard and i must hide so much tattoes at works but i ask you one who is crazy has all who saw the scene there s a damn video i was dead this thing was talkin my daugther has same gift as explain i dream rigth what happen please i m a b- jew i really must loose time to explain at idiots duality i must? No i m still fuckin hot they don t show their face i will change photo put now i m a beauty so they pragrammed sheep wont offend who saw mire when they was behind a screen i was with shaman in south america eu asia where they go in this life kitchen and room coonputer and sleep don t play with us we really did all to leave us from street you can guess so thanks

  2. what ever

    please lyrics

    lia levi

    Is what i news top must search ...NOW

  3. Brick off the you know


    It's what You make it

    Omgoodness! Now I know how to make that sound with letters. I'm such a dork, too me forever to get the boy to sound the southern BOE

  4. Cady Youngbauer

    omg this IS dope

    Lia Nocelli levi

    How a fuck the piece without music she s a Genius i lived in Street too i was fourteem my mom overdosed i started doing all that tattoes then i saw her was with mine tattoes too in fact i played for courtney brody they put me in the back cause i was high too but hotter a d capable of playing now i ghost writing for shhhhh but that both don write her poetry brooke yessss love het

  5. pink toast

    Damn this is so chill.... Brooke I love u bby💜

  6. Haze686

    best female rapper ever, and her videos are amazing especially if your on psychedelics

    Lia Nocelli levi

    Someone with taste and mind she copie my tattoes cause i did them at fourteem when my mom overdosed so i love her more

  7. Stella Lum

    Fuck this is good

  8. Adam


  9. Chloe Morris

    you are so muther fuckin hot ahhhhhhhhh

  10. Kasia aa


  11. EVAisOP

    badde$t bitch, love you

  12. Cody Starr

    hell love