Candy, Brooke - Rubber Band Stacks Lyrics

Chillin', rubber band stacks to the ceiling
And on and on, yes the crew stay winnin'

Splish splash we’re tearin' it up
I came for the gut
I make 'em up-chuck
I come through like disco disaster
I set the pace then make it go faster
I fuck up the party
I’m Ken to the Barbie
I’m back of the Harley
I’m nasty and gnarly
I’m hot like umami
I’m mobbing wit Gotti’s
I’m sorry not sorry

Give it to me baby like ooh, ah
Make 'em really wanna say ooh, lawd
Shimmy shimmy yam wit the boo, raw
Zippity dippity doo dah

Throw 'em up
I’m showing up
Roll 'em up
Let’s blow it up
I’m riding that wave
I’m riding that wave

Chillin', rubber band stacks to the ceiling
And on and on, yes the crew stay winnin'

I’m back once again, I’m the renegade bitch
I let bitches play on my renegade shit
I popped up to slay on a renegade hit
The candy is sweet, take a renegade lick
I am the enemy
You ain’t a friend to me
Killin' 'em steadily
Pussy so heavenly
Voice is so velvety
Fuck up your destiny
Think that you readily?
Baby you better be

Give it to me baby, like ooh ah
Make 'em really wanna say ooh, lawd
Shimmy shimmy yam wit the boo, raw
Zippity dippity doo dah
Zippity dippity doo dah
Zippity dippity doo dah

Throw 'em up (like ooh ah)
I’m showing up (say ooh lawd)
Roll 'em up (like boo rah)
Let’s blow it up
I’m riding that wave
I’m riding that wave

Zippity dippity doo dah

Chillin', rubber band stacks to the ceiling
And on and on, yes the crew stay winnin'

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Candy, Brooke Rubber Band Stacks Comments
  1. Gilles

    Should have been on the album

  2. Virgo X

    One of my favorite songs by Brooke

  3. Steven Meow

    Only Like for the cutest parrots <3

  4. Olivia A. Lastrê

    *_Remember to Jam for the ladies from Moby_*

  5. Jim Contreras

    Yup already feeling it hahha

  6. Jim Contreras

    It's not her usual shit......but it's a track that I will hear like two more times and love it. Or not well see.... Haha

  7. OfficialJulian

    Who Honestly came back to Madden 16

  8. P e r s e p h o n e . A n n

    Giving me Laura Palmer vibes with the blonde hair.

  9. Travis Powell

    still one of my fav smoke songs, suchavibe

  10. Lurleen Beckneywimple

    She looks like a young Cherie Curry in this and I love it.

  11. Juvenal Elisea

    Growing up in a religious school / household this was my inner vibe all the time of how I wanted to be. Brok, thanks!!! You are amazing

  12. H8 M3

    I wish my laundry machine would give birth to puppies. They're so cute!

  13. El Argentino

    2020 🔥🔥🔥

  14. benzo og t tha death


  15. Steph Jane

    Love from Scotland, Brooke 💖 would never make a London show 😥

  16. dear deer

    Brooke candy be like: laundry time, no, this is my time

  17. Gustavo Santos

    GENIUS. G. E. N. I. U. S.

  18. Jaime Chavez

    4 years later and I'm still grooving to this tune

    Gracias :)

  19. Ryan Hession

    Iam In love shit girl . Lol


    Is the sophie's ex girlfriend in the video???????????

  21. Itsiwhatitsi

    She is criminally underrated

  22. Artemis Apollo

    That parrot is like, "Longest day of my life!" He pops out towards the end when she's laying down and he's like, "STILL here! Can you believe it?! I can't. 🙃" 🤣😂🤣

  23. Louie Love

    I lover 70s and 80s looks !!

  24. Corey Hanson

    It's hair tie stacks.

  25. H8 M3

    Disco Disaster !o!

  26. vegathedragqueen

    3 songs and i every time hear her singing pu*s.. Y

  27. Soso Lydia

    I Came From A Grimes Video

  28. Nad G

    extremely well mixed, I love it

  29. Dom Cisco

    noticed the chick on the cover has the same reptilian eye color as me, its a good ok one welcome to the dork side not really sux the spirit out of having to tap tappidy tap my thoughts into this bull 🦀 o what pity trendy Trent knee love is love c and if love is e vile enough dezerters desert eye ville Riech kind col lidge literrittzzzer VillaNova Wildcats nickel royal VIP titanium hate lows hail ohh C because it doesn't stand for 🍊 county tragick mackindredledreverendso Dom Cisco I fuck Gwen stuff fanny Thanksgivo din din 4 in the morning at Gavin got it a Ross Dale University scolder and a mulli you've been filed fathered on a Thor's day by nutty mutty ol me Cerberus system says 'reyezing' the spirit already multiplied all around ci *edit ∆ zi means dream away king while awake see surfing not shitting on a throne but riding that wave hideo with Brooke Candy who wants a reservation to to meet and greet my Queen's hologame Bing biTty A hologram with feelings art is like a key the best of the best are open season on sexame street for all of you whom suffer for no good god damn reason I working overtime surfing that Say10

  30. Lucidleo1975

    Total omage to Heidie Fleiss! Brilliant! I love Brooke Candy! She's way ahead of her time!

  31. Taylor Winborne

    Ahead of her time even now

  32. H8 M3

    I like this one best. It's got groove. And that look! Slayed!!!

  33. Chrissie Julien

    I just discovered Brooke Candy and omg I have heard a few of her songs b4!! And I really love her! She truly IS talented!

  34. H8 M3

    I love that studded jean jacket!

  35. Dom Cisco

    She blows Lady Gaga out the water yo.

  36. AnthroP

    This is like a junk version of Die Antwood.

  37. JUAN BCH

    90s marilyn manson and madonna by like

  38. Mike Defraga

    It's like a trip to meow wolf !

  39. Claire Morales

    Hello Baphomet!

  40. Gerard Beckings

    too good

  41. Miky Ferreiro

    Yo La Mamá De La Bíanca

  42. Miky Ferreiro

    La Reína Bíanca

  43. Miky Ferreiro

    Constanzo Grimes x H&M

  44. all the messiahs

    na im still the davinchi

  45. _69nice_

    Madden 16?

  46. Flowerr Daise

    She’s super dope

  47. all the messiahs

    still my pineapple

  48. TS MK

    I bet she voted for Hillary

  49. entirepizza

    holllyyyy.......her name popped into my head recently after a long time and i came back to check on her stuff and im just thinking to myself damn how did i not stay on her all this time, clearly she is killing it

  50. Kat Alves Guyette

    This song grew on me more and more and more. Very catchy and frankly her voice is awesome so anything she sings sounds great.

  51. izzy Loisel

    Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguileras love child

  52. all the messiahs

    cat bodys money

  53. all the messiahs

    prittiata d prittiata dats right

  54. Lucas

    Como que uma pessoa nasce lendária desse jeito???

  55. Chris Barge

    At 2x.....zippidy dippity doo da

  56. butt cheek

    how is this almost 4 years old

  57. Stephanie FitzSimon

    I would say that whoever edited this video has god-like skills but hahaha that's Brooke only.

  58. carolina torres

    I love this girl, 😍😍

  59. Simone Luna

    Rocking that Cherie Currie hairstyle

  60. Miguel Ferreiro


  61. Depressed Tomato

    1:37 b e a s t I a l I t y c o n f I r m e d

  62. Stephanie FitzSimon

    I always crank the volume up slowly at 0:22.

  63. Nahuel P.

    This is one of the best music videos ever made.

  64. Stephanie FitzSimon

    I would drink her bath water.

  65. Frederick Hunter

    Madden 16

  66. PiratesandUnicorns7878

    Parrot's Will not flying High now👽👽👽🕉🕉🕉

  67. الرحمة لله

    Wooow so excited

  68. Paulo Neto


  69. Kaio Costa

    Came here after Brooke Candy's tweet.

  70. Lance Muller

    a star is brooke

  71. блювото тв

    Go Russian?

  72. Three lil PIGS

    She's really cute in this one. Especially the beginning laundromat

  73. Jena Frumesfan

    Amazing song 🔥

  74. malfunction

    Anyone else here from grime's genesis video?

  75. Haley H

    Kesha wishes....

  76. Destined2game

    Im here cuz madden 16

  77. Landon D.

    I love all those macaws!!!

  78. Devasuri

    There is only ONE Brooke Candy 💛✨🎉

  79. segamai

    Can ppl fucking STOP saying this is 90’s? This is PEAK early aughts with the whale tail, glam disco wig, laundromat setting and light washed jeans!

  80. Excalibur Clan

    MADDEN 16 & The Top Players Brought Me Here Mainly( Decepticon Devastator Xxx - MutantMac-Charliesheen- tradru-chess124-Moo8081-BigRafael-Maximus-Twizdizbossman-Stl_red-Bigtime620-Blankman -dex90270-swagneeshannon-Yeahhhbouyyy-Foureveryours -Quick_beats-igotbigdeefence)💯😁👑😎👑😁💯Zippity Dippity Doo Daa🍻🍹😎🍷🍺

  81. o X

    3:03 .75you ain't a friend to me

  82. Mikey Buchanan


  83. 6/30/18 S

    This is the freaky princess such a queen

  84. Orange Bust

    Brooke is the BOMB!

  85. Ivy Sunflower

    Oh my god she is so sexy!

  86. Robert Patrick Reibold

    It's a Broccoli Rubber band Baby Girl Mob Luck Thing

  87. Valesca J. Garate

    madden hits !

  88. Chris Barge

    I thought she was saying "I'm running out of words" not "I'm riding that wave" because of the zippity dippipity Doo da, would have made more sense

  89. BlinK

    Who’s here from madden 16

  90. Captain Canuck

    Madden 16.

  91. Dan Mas

    ZEF to death !

  92. GAR siegibald


  93. Sone6 66

    She’s hot

  94. Lisa Lightrider

    I have no fucking idea what this video is about but I love the song. :)

  95. Corey Hanson

    Roll em up, im shown up.

  96. romance3110

    Like a cheap version of Lady Gaga trying to become an A celebrity.

  97. gudalpesanz

    Debauchery at it's finest.

  98. Top Of Showbiz

    cool song...i put it in my playlist called @dance to it @

  99. Jenna R

    Satanic witch!