Candy, Brooke - Nasty Lyrics

Oh he’s so pretty
He think he run this city
He be driving a Benz
But he can’t pay his rent
No he’ll never admit it
Oh he’s so sweet
Sweep you right off your feet
And right into his bed
Try to get in your head
But he never wanna eat

She told her mama they just friends
Told her sister they ain’t met
Told her girlfriends she struck gold
Uh huh, he’s tall, dark and rich
She told me all about it
I started shaking my head
She knew just what was coming
This is all that I said

Don’t kiss that hoe he nasty
Almost put one past me
Got my homegirl last week
Nasty, nasty
Don’t kiss that hoe he nasty
Almost put one past me
Got my homegirl last week
Nasty, nasty

Girl, you should’ve listened
But you just had to let him finish
It took a minute and half
Record time on your ass
Like a damn magician
Yeah, you gotta understand
That this ain't a grown man
He took a teenager to prom
Got a couple baby mom’s
But he single on the gram

She told me all about it
I started shaking my head
She knew just what was coming
Like I already said

Don’t kiss that hoe he nasty
Almost put one past me
Got my homegirl last week
Nasty, nasty
Don’t kiss that hoe he nasty
Almost put one past me
Got my homegirl last week
Nasty, nasty

N-A-S-T-Y, you ain’t got no alibi
You nasty
Yeah, yeah, you nasty
N-A-S-T-Y, you ain’t got no alibi
You nasty
Yeah, yeah, you nasty

If he slide in your dm’s like a snake in the grass
And if he roar like a lion he gon’ tiger your ass
So if you see him creeping baby watch your back
Cause if it walk like a duck then that bitch gon’ quack

Don’t kiss that hoe he nasty
Almost put one past me
Got my homegirl last week
Nasty, nasty
Don’t kiss that hoe he nasty
Almost put one past me
Got my homegirl last week
Nasty, nasty

N-A-S-T-Y, you ain’t got no alibi
You nasty
Yeah, yeah, you nasty
N-A-S-T-Y, you ain’t got no alibi
You nasty
Yeah, yeah, you nasty

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Candy, Brooke Nasty Comments
  1. C.L.M. Young Helmer

    The down votes are the guys who are like the NASTY ones...the truth hurts.

  2. frenchie

    Christina, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga had a child

  3. Stacey Cameron

    I love how Brooke accentuates her hairy puss LOLOL I dunno why! But I'm so down with it! LOLOLOL

  4. Daniel Allred

    Unless you gave her permission of course!! Just looking out Gurl! Hate it when some Amazing Talent gets underappreciated just to get your sound and lyrics jacked not to mention Creative and artistic visions and style!! With all due respect! Cause your totally A list in my eyes! Just saying

  5. Daniel Allred

    Brooke Candy Guuuurl!! Iggy Azelia Totally jacked your swag!! Her outfits in her new music video with Alice in copycat land or something like that!!! Go peep it! Oh and when you sue I want some of that Money!! For telling you of Course! Throwing Shade ain't ever free 🤑🤑🤑🤑

    ʏᴜʜ ʏᴜʜ

    I hope you know Brooke and iggy just collabed like a month ago-

  6. Gravitation3Beatles3

    For being Brooke, and a song called Nasty, this wasn’t too bad. Like i could maybe watch this one in the same room with my mom

  7. jeremy harpole

    shes beautiful and the visuals and video are great. this song is garbage though

  8. doyouhaveleprosy

    amazing 👍👍🏵💮🌷

  9. Marcelo Peireira Gomes.

    Músicao muito foda.

  10. Debbi Jean

    I now allow brooke to say the n word

  11. Thalia Hwang

    She's perfect

  12. amarexw


  13. saloserman


  14. Enidan Druid

    a mix of X-Tina +Gwen Stefani and Miley Cyrus

    A. B.

    Enidan Druid
    another brick in the wall
    Another pre shaped product for us to consume
    Another pretty thin blonde desirable girl to reshape our beauty standards
    Another rebel against anything that’s even measurable
    The new one that will be replaced in 5 years if so

  15. Annette Weber

    This funny I love it

  16. kmjsocket

    Marry me!

  17. thejadefishes

    I keep thinking of that one guy, Darius, in Pose, who almost successfully fooled Blanca with his sweet talk and pickup lines until the other women clued her in. If Pose were set now, this would be his theme song.

  18. Aakash Sky

    Why did I read it as 'Broken Candy'!!??

  19. Szekely Emoke

    She looked so pretty here, so beautiful. Wish she'd look like this always! :/


    She always does a car scene, anyone else notice?

  21. Bigbutt M

    Love this fuckin song😘😍🤩

  22. Diego Santiago

    gwen stefani vibes

  23. SaGaR Dk OfficiaL

    Woow very nice

  24. Gretchen Baskwell

    I like when she got the dog from behind.

  25. Pris0ner Gaming

    like da look

  26. Phillip Brewster

    wow they really do make those transgender people look real nowadays its incredible ..

    Daenerys Targaryen

    she is a woman, are you blind or just stupid?

    D G

    Phillip Brewster Shes not transgender lmao.

  27. Dezreale Tepper

    0:24..... I do believe the carpet matches the drapes..... Bruh.

  28. steve standley

    chock full of 3rd grade rhymes and gratuitous sexual posing that isn't the slightest bit sexy....What's to like here? A: Nothing.

  29. Larisa Baines

    Im turnin myself in

  30. goreletariat 001

    the blaccent in this song is real

  31. Alely LP

    Fabii puffle

  32. Köökes Käty

    I. Can’t. Forgive. Myself. For. Not. Watching. This. Till. Now.

  33. SicknSilver

    I completely forgot this song is really good

  34. Francessca Tori Brannon

    Song reminds me of brvnzil

  35. Aaliyah Kylie

    brooke candy should’ve happened.

  36. Joe Y

    Love it!!!!

  37. skipper pretty

    she look like britney murphy

  38. Kinho Cartoon

    so funny👏👏👏👏

  39. C. C.

    She looks nasty

  40. Forest McMillin

    Snakes r nassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssT

  41. MandaD123c

    She looks like Cindy Lauper

  42. Tiger Claws

    me: this reminds me of something...

    brain:lotor and allora (votron ship)

    me: oh yeah, DON'T KISS THAT SNAKE ALLORA!!!!! -_-'

  43. oliver B


  44. notagoose

    That pube wig nasty

  45. st sp

    the anthem we need in these times

  46. addix 187

    i like how she switch her styles , shes like gaga but more cute

  47. Ricardo Lemes

    fica no pop

  48. Gustavo Henrique

    minha meta ser imunda igual você FADA ♥

  49. Chelsey Rumberger

    Love the pubes hanging out omg this is hilariously awesome

  50. Breninho Leit

    Amoroza com rozá OKAy.

  51. Joniqa X_X

    She kissed a snake

  52. AlaskaMazes

    thank you youtube playlist for bringing this into my life

  53. frickin freakazoid!!!

    I knew I was gonna love it before I clicked

  54. Rusty Schwa

    Why doesn’t she have eyebrows

  55. Christtempo

    lil black girls used ta sing this on the play ground. another black creation stolen by a white person and gettin paid fo it


    oh please lol

  56. C B

    Reminds me of Amanda Bynes

  57. redrela

    the way she sings the word nasty gives me life

  58. audidrvrs5

    Brooke is in Grimes videos for Genesis and Venus Fly. She looks like an Amazonian goddess in Genesis.

  59. Sage Advice

    I was walking around my City and this song kept coming back to me! I've always loved Brooke Candy.

  60. Justin Lothamer

    This is why you should be a Mormon

  61. SHAPELESS/Shape From The Bay

    RAPunzel Pu$sy!!!!*!!!! I m4de that up. I will climb your muff hair to your boobie towerz and save thee fair maiden!
    "Stfu and jus have som weed cutey"-B.C.

  62. Liz Torres

    I feel like the song doesn't go with the video. The song feels too familiar as well. The sia colab felt too familiar too.

  63. some random politically correct name

    lmfao this music video is N A S T Y with them eyebrows lol

  64. Oskar

    still love it, where's the fucking album? mixtape? ep?

    C.L.M. Young Helmer

    she made ~60 songs with Sony, but stepped away from her deal, so most of the songs will never be released. I see your comment was a year ago, but her album SEXORCISM is out now.

  65. Drbirkin

    this is such a bop and could of done something if she promoted it... / promoted the album

    C.L.M. Young Helmer

    Sony didn't want to promote her.

  66. Captain Teeko

    Needs to be on a shirt ASAP


    Captain Teeko id buy the shit out if it!

    Francessca Tori Brannon

    Captain Teeko yasss

    Francessca Tori Brannon



    Ahhh god yes!

  67. LilaDoesFanfics

    One of my favorite songs up to now TpT You gotta thank a AMV Voltron animator XD They introduced your song so hilariously that I fell in love with your song

  68. Twiggiy Swiggity

    You are such a inspiration and I think your so pretty :)

  69. Britton Lakies

    I love when this comes on at the gym during cardio lol I freaking love you, girl!

  70. inked under

    Loooove it

  71. Becca Bean

    I'll start by saying this is actually iconic... but who else is bothered by the key change in the beginning

  72. Izuru Kamukura

    Where the hell her eyebrows tho

  73. arsenicCatnip413

    I wonder how long it took to do those nails, holy shit

  74. Delaney M.

    The style she's wearing while she's holding the big neon heart, so fucking cute. I love Brooke and all her looks, and she looks so sassy with the pixie cut. I wish I was as cute as Brooke.

  75. Bradford Johnson


  76. Zara Jones

    She's defo heard the U.G.L.Y song before😂😂❤

  77. Megan Duncanson

    Shes like a combination of Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and Adore Delano

    Dominique Z

    shes a combination of brooke candy and brooke candy 😍😍

    hey it's me Azarle

    What about Kesha lol

    Kaila Love

    With Gaga


    i think she looks like Trinity the Tuck


    Gravitation3Beatles3 how..she doesnt look anything like trinity but she could b related to adore lol

  78. Enigma

    she should replace gaga for sure asap

    D G

    Enigma excuse me, no. They're not even the same genre.

  79. Mark P


  80. Simon Treat

    This video gave me a giant reminder of how much of a lesbo i am

  81. jair hugues

    this album is gonna be ten times beter than opulence

  82. Néamh

    How does this sassy little minx not have more views!?

  83. Just Kidding


  84. Deise Cardoso

    I just feel i'm gonna miss the old Brooke....industry is a bitch

    C.L.M. Young Helmer

    she left them, it wasn't her jam:

  85. F.L.B

    i hate everything about what Sony did to brooke really
    goddammit its kinda dishonor to see her like this
    i hope that she is going to delete all this crappy shitty pop garbage some day

    C.L.M. Young Helmer

    she left them now:

  86. heinctrl

    Why she look like a mixture of christina aguilera and lady gaga???

  87. SicillianmanDon

    She's like the proverbial train wreck you can't stop watching.

  88. Brine alexvedderjenkinspattonjones

    Super hot

  89. Aisosa Uhunmwangho

    This instrumental is great

  90. Russkaya

    Este tema me gusta pero me gusta mas su onda RAP

  91. M LeBOND

    I loveeeeeee her

  92. Danny Lowe

    this song kicks ass!

  93. Karia Thompson