Candy, Brooke - Living Out Loud (KDA Remix) Lyrics

20 fine dancers in a bottle of wine
Just a day at a time
You forget every name
Such a blur
20 fine dancers in a bottle of wine
Just a day at a time
You forget every name
Such a blur, it's passing you by
Caught a glimpse of the light
20 dreams later in the back of a ride
Momma kicked me out of the house

Yeah, living out loud
Is the only way I know how
'Cause living out loud
Is the only way I know how

Yeah, I'm taking my keys
Manage they don't hear me on stage
I would have done it for free
Roses and they bought them for me
They don't like the walk
Kisses if they give me the cup
When you're holding my hand
Just thinking
Just thinking

Just living out loud
Screaming so loud
Living out loud
Screaming so loud

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Candy, Brooke Living Out Loud (KDA Remix) Comments
  1. Natália de Souza Furler


  2. Alex Chavez

    Some people love it..... the ones that didn’t listen to the first one ....🍺🍺😢😢😂😂😂😤😤😢😢🍺🍺🍺😎😎😎🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️🐬🐬🐬🐬🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺💕💕💕💕🕺🤬🤬🤬🤬

  3. Thais Kaya


  4. Eduardo Perez

    am i the only one that loves this remix?

  5. eric quintero

    I actually like both versions. this one i can strut to.

  6. Alex Chavez

    Mama kicked me out of the house........

  7. KJJJKKayke

    Good for gourmet restaurants.

  8. Matthew Turvey

    Living out loud screaming so loud

  9. Fernando Navarette

    Absolutely LOVE this remix!

  10. Luigi Mele

    Ive been hearing this in soo many stores lately


    this is a terrible remix...

  12. Britneyfan Meow

    it's a great song. shut the fuck up if your opinion isn't like mine, darlings...😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈
    😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈
    😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈
    😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈
    😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈😘💀 ☠️😈

  13. Leo Burg

    I love the original, but this is terrible...

  14. Syafiq B.

    I am enjoy!

  15. Damian Fatale

    Better than the original tbh.

  16. inismon85

    creo que me gusta mas este remix que la original 😕

  17. Matias Bravo

    I miss the original Brooke Candy

  18. Jacques LESCUYER

    See the different music of the original will open your mind towards creation

  19. Christopher Luzon

    The original version is great.

  20. ZeroBlaster

    Stupid ppl that hate this GREAT remix because you haven't heard the original...
    What the hell....?

  21. Kalinda Tabord

    This is so much better than the original version. I just listen to the real one and get back to the remix to clean my ears haha

  22. Cady Youngbauer

    I do NOT hate this! and I hate most slow-ish house <3

  23. Bartosz Jakub Danowski

    bitch how long we have to wait for this song

  24. Kelvin Faulkner

    Brooke, please don't do anything more with Sia. you're gonna get lost within all the mainstream bullshit. you're supposed to be alternative and fresh, and this is taking the wrong road. Paper and plastic was good cause it's taking a break from hard-core rap and showing fans a diffrent side of you . Nasty was okay, and catchy, but this..... just makes you out to look like iggy azelea. And she ain't around anymore. Please stick with your heart and don't sell out. Cheers x

  25. Smiley cat

    Who have a snippet or the full Song without this fucking KDA REMIX ?????
    my email is [email protected]

  26. Ziah3

    Sia has changed Brooke...


    I hate kda remixes, but this song... I can't support it ya know?!?!

  28. PositiveLastAction

    I'm a Brooke Candy fan but this remix is dreadful!

  29. Boy Warrior

    The original should be posted, this I'm just not sure about.

  30. Rodolfo Almeida

    love this 90's underground, "paris is burning", "vogue" MIX!! rock it babies!! :*

  31. Justin Levan

    I never stanned a pop star I was a stan of a independent female RAPPER

  32. Justin Levan

    This is terrible... pop isn't my favorite of Brooke's and I loved the OPULENCE era more than what ever tf this is, I get opulence wasnt a good representation of Brooke candy but the visuals are fucking amazing she was still rapping . Brooke each song after rubber band stacks keeps getting worse. Nobody likes a sell out.


    she does pop for more views we can see she failed
    plus she has unreleased songs from 2012-13 (danger , judgment day , Sit Tight and alpha ) wtf these songs were pure fire....

  33. R mz

    the the original is freaking shocking !
    Sia is not human for sure !

  34. Jardeson Barbosa

    Never heard of Brooke Candy before, but saw this on Spotify and decided to check it out. Maybe I have a really bad taste, seeing all the negative comments, but I liked it. I mean, I like KDA and Sia, so that's probably why.

  35. Momiji Sohma

    I want the original too but...I actually like this mix <3

  36. Eres Fea

    I think that RCA is doing the same that w/ Azealia banks, I mean if you wait to long ppl will lost interest for it, nobody likes to wait....

  37. Eren a

    Personally I think this remix is not bad but I don't understand why there is so much hate in a lot of people's comments..

    Marcos Boscolo

    check it out the old Brooke stuff and you'll get it

    Eren a

    Bitch please I knew Brooke Candy years ago and this doesn't explain the hate I see here..

  38. khloe Bell

    sounds like something. I would have done at like 11 lol

  39. ChosenReDead

    y'all are judging a remix SHE DIDN'T MAKE. alot of her new stuff has been good just not "fag mob" in your eyes. she started her music career more then 4 years ago and y'all don't want her to grow or change. She went to rehab, is getting produced by sia AND IS GETTING WORK AND WORKING WITH AMAZING DANCERS, ARTISTS AND PRODUCERS. I don't like the remix but this isn't the song, this is someone's rearing of it and I can't wait for the actual song to come out.

  40. carli

    I'm sorry, but I never recalled being subscribed to you and I still get a notification saying you've uploaded? I honestly don't care.

  41. Xkitty Moun

    Release the original!

  42. Matthew Stacey

    Please come back Brooke we need you, your fans need you.we miss the Everybody Does Brooke.Change your style experiment and stuff but don't forget what makes you so amazing.


    Elevator Music?

  44. NDNA

    is this a kind a joke

  45. The Fantasy Clinic

    as an independent musician It's so disappointing when I see people write comments that are so insulting, negative and rude. As someone who was a part of the 90's club scene, I immediately picked up on the Acid House vibe of the remix and I was curious as to who KDA was as a producer so I did my research and I was really interested by the information I came across and all of the artists and collaborations that are involved. If you are a fan of Brooke Candy, I suggest you open your mind to the fact that she's an ARTIST and it's ok to not like something but insulting the choices of producers or styles of music she is choosing to explore is just so harsh. I think it's great that she's collaborated with SIA, who I've been a fan of for close to 2 decades and I love that we are being teased with a remix since it's making me anticipate what I'm sure is going to be an awesome release when the official single is released. Have patience people, and you don't like the direction Brooke is going in, that's ok too but I encourage you to not be so quick to be so volatile with some of your degrading comments.

  46. Eric Browne

    this shit pops. i luv this new brooke evolution.

  47. Sabrina Sainte

    Cool shopping song though.

  48. ThefamousJezzie

    I would Not listen to this if sia was not on it.

  49. Shayne McConnell

    where's the original tho???

  50. The Fantasy Clinic

    Fucking Brilliant, you can all sit down!



  52. Adaptorzzz

    man i'm sick o waiting for the real brook to flourish i feel like she doesn't have a style or image anymore. Hoping sia gives her a bit more attention next year.

  53. Izul Zulkarnain

    original please not remix

  54. Nicolò Morello

    This is making me SO curious about the original version! 100% gonna buy it!

  55. Zümra Akcanca

    I hate this remix because i'm soo excitied to real sia and candy.

  56. marc garcia

    Number one Sia fan right here and Brooke Candy seems pretty great too! sucks I can't hear either one of them through this terrible remix

  57. Derril KA


  58. Edu D

    what the fuck? release the original

  59. dr. marmalade

    I actually really like this. I also really live hearing her rap. I hope she can find a balance between the two.

  60. Nickifaye

    Sia doesn't even like this type of music I'm so bummed she did this song it's not very good 😪

  61. harry Lidder

    first time I heard it I don't like it very much . But now am loving it

  62. Franklin Anderson

    We want the original version!!!!

  63. Franklin Anderson

    We want the original version!!!!

  64. Daniel Seraphim

    Stop bitching about it! If the sound of it doesnt please you just close the tab. Yeah.its that easy. Try it!

    The Fantasy Clinic

    you know! gawd the children are loud!

  65. Smiley cat

    normal versione pls😅😣😑

  66. metra-music.

    One of the worst female rappers with one of the best female singers!

  67. Pajama Feet

    They're raising awareness. Chill.

  68. Max Schwartz

    um wtf this is whatever but where is the original.... who on earth thought this was a decent idea


    Max Schwartz We know... RCA...

  69. Maria Luz Bertole

    I like this. it reminds me to the old remix of drink to get drunk.

  70. Mario Mendez

    Sia I Love You. You Are is Amazing.

  71. J Madrid

    I could already hear this playing at Forever 21 lol

  72. cymophanous

    It's super catchy!!! but it's not Brooke Candy. She was making unique, edgy music and this is so... radio-friendly, generic-ass club music. Kinda sounds like a Rihanna song. I'm not into it, sorry. Sad to see hear go mainstream.


    Sad to see her* go mainstream.


    cymophanous true rip

    Christopher Luzon

    cymophanous this is a remix.....meaning she didn't produce this version of the song.

  73. Bravoman001


  74. Raphael Maitam


  75. jeremie osbourne

    queen of being nonconformist and releasing the remix version before the standard version

  76. jeremie osbourne

    love you Brooke but why are we getting the Remix version before the standard version?

  77. IC3PIKA


  78. Sala

    i came here only for Sia...who else?

    Sia is Life

    Sala ME..but i really can't find the sia in this song😐


    Sia is Life yes there is not Sia here :(

    Josh J

    Sala Sia sings throughout the entire song, you're just deaf

  79. Martin Darkbloom

    brooke this remix is a shit, please release the album or Oh Yeah single...

  80. Wesley Hardin

    ugh, why does Sia have to be in it

  81. Luis Ups


  82. forest temple

    I am here for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. MrChikatito

    We need the standard version PLEASE


    This is shit, we want original version !!!

  85. Vasco's Corner


  86. Christian Lopez

    This remains me so much to Azealia, and kind I Like it and kinda not, I need half this and half Free Yourself sound mixed.

  87. Tauana Ayres

    Assim não tem como te defender querida

  88. Ed Scott

    Azealia Banks is You?

  89. TheForeignBeing

    I miss the old Brooke candy 😥

  90. Sam Woods

    idk... i kinda like it .. (;

  91. Meow

    not sure about this song...

  92. OkMoonShapedLimb

    love the house shit. Like Banks'

  93. violetcry

    double snatcher

  94. Neo Noir

    I love 90s house music so we okay brookie but word get back to that opulent sound. Xoxo

  95. what ever

    the normal version when¿¿¿¿¡

  96. wig 5000

    Really confused why did her team release this remix before the original version ? It's not even that could tbh it's horrible she should've released the original version first then the video than the remix ep

    francisco Morales

    tree days ago a boy had a part of the original, thing is the reason that brooke released this remix