Candy, Brooke - I Wanna Fuck Right Now Lyrics

Brooke-muthafuckin-Candy on the track
Fag Mob runnin shit
I’m taking shit over
That’s right I’m headed straight to the top baby

I wanna fuck right now
I wanna, I wanna fuck right now now 4x

I wanna fuck right now
I’m Brooke Candy I came to throw down
Bitch I’m internationally known
Dudes see me when they want their mind blown
Step ya dick game up
I’m freaky like Rick James up
I like to switch the game up
Break the bed
And rip the frame up
You ain’t shit boi
Got you pussy-whipped boi
Lickin up the clit
Make you savor every drip boi
Shit, when I strip boi
Got you in my grip boi
There ain’t nobody' pussy
I be cuttin off yo dick boi

I wanna fuck right now
I wanna, I wanna fuck right now now 4x

Ladies stand up
Pussy got your hand up
Pussy is a weapon
I be shooting dudes at random
Dudes is bitches
My clit leaves ‘em in stitches
They be twitchin on the floor
With my pussy
Do 1-2 switches
We don’t needa man
These greedy dudes be needy man
The pussy bring them back to life like
Sippin on that necta
My clit bullshit detecta
Now dudes get on your knees
And eat it up
Hannibal Lecta

I wanna fuck right now
I wanna, I wanna fuck right now now 8x

You ain’t shit to me boi
Commin for victory boi
Ain’t nothin but dick to me boi
Lickity boi
Hit it in court and I’m slippery boi
My house never rented
I sleep what I’m sendin
I loose what I’m winnin
I’m rapein the women
In money I’m swimmin
It’s not that I’m givin
I try to stay hiden
The realest bitch livin

Ay-ayo bitch
Ay-ayo bitch
Come ‘er come 'er, come'er
Ay-ayo bitch
Ay-ayo bitch
Come ‘er…lemme talk to ya for a minute
I wanna fuck right now
I wanna, I wanna fuck right now now 4x
That’s right
Brooke Candy
On the mike
I don’t really give a fuck
Ima dyke
You’re a bitch!

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Candy, Brooke I Wanna Fuck Right Now Comments
  1. Lücy Del Nebraska

    ALL time a sing this in my mind ; i'm so pervert

  2. hendrixhead90

    Wtf is this creature?! Will someone fuck her already?! so she will shut the fuck up!

  3. hendrixhead90

    This chick probably has every STD known to man! And probably a couple more that haven't discovered yet! Her parents must be so proud!

  4. h d

    those where the days...Baddest bitch ever

  5. c y n d e r o o

    Those poor snakes

  6. comic ndn

    Me too, Brooke.

  7. ZeeGeeJay

    I aspire to have just 0.5% of her sexual energy

  8. Steven Meow

    Me horny on Grindr at 3AM:

  9. Melissa Hendrix

    She gets rite to the point. I'm down.

  10. Forest McMillin

    Omg the little bit of womanizer remixed

  11. Forest McMillin

    Omg the little bit of Britney remixed I’m at the end

  12. L0RD FLVC0

    needs to be on streaming platforms

  13. P e r s e p h o n e . A n n

    _I think she... wants to... fuck... right now?_

    I love her, she's so unapologetically different.

  14. Wolfgang R.

    This bitch is the ugliest thing i've ever seen in my life.

    Party Poison

    haven't you ever looked in the mirror?

  15. Alexandre B

    But nobody wants to fuck you...XD

  16. koekoek

    It's so ugly that the title should be : "I suck right now"

  17. The Hsn

    I fucking love her

  18. Erwin Perez

    Love. It im so gay

  19. Baby Bird

    I saw her last night and I love her

  20. Aurora_ 993_650

    I love 1:56 when she sets down the snakes to dance on the pole

  21. Jobe Luna

    I want to get dick down right now!

  22. PlanetSleaze

    God, Lil Debbie is so fucking cringe to fake that tone and not even do it with confidence 😬

  23. Mickey Knox

    Everything is Brooke😍😍

  24. MFL

    This is Brooke's lyrics over a 1988 old school hiphop track called 'It takes Two' By Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock. The lyrics on Rob's track to match Brooke's start at 0:53 (although he says "I wanna rock right now...") Check it:

  25. rosegold boi

    This will forever be my favorite Brooke Candy video of all time. Such a classic.

  26. Marylynne Thau

    This shit so real af!. 🍷✨🐵

  27. Dean Lewis

    Underrated !!!!

  28. House Mastiff

    Sheeeeeet House Mastiff is down


    Yo escucho womanizer de Britney spears de fondo..........

  30. Andrew M

    That a cameo from lil Debbie or kreayshawn?

  31. brightdays arehere

    So sad these are the role models for young girls now

  32. JoanneL Morgane34

    I wish she would release it officially on every music platform that it is available in every country because this is ART

  33. Yo Sushi

    I love this song lol

  34. It's what You make it

    She has such a gorgeous body! I'm not even gay or what not but damn I calls it how I sees it

  35. Miguel Ferreiro

    Yo la *@NiustaVegaMuñoz*

  36. Cody Michael

    Put this on Apple Music 😍😍😍

  37. Miguel Ferreiro


  38. Kerry Hates Everything

    Right Neee-Owww


    If herpes could rap ... lol! This is IT! (had to steal that one) ;)

  40. Dave Ocean

    This song is still fire out here in 2019.

  41. JoanneL Morgane34

    I love this song. So sad that it’s not officially released in my country. (I don’t know if it’s even officially released in other tho) Her songs have always a deep message and I love ALL her songs!! Who’s watching this 2019?
    Btw does anybody know if she has a relationship? (I want to marry her😍❤️)

  42. afs asdsd

    Lil debbie XDDD yASSS

  43. Flávio Gomes


  44. Saor Sax

    Fuck yeah!


    BEST MUSIC VIDEO! that's the Brooke Candy we love <3

  46. Charles Manson

    hah 808 dislykez! mus b bitchez

  47. Erica Lauren Horn

    Love ❤️💕💜💘💖💋👼🏻👼🏾✨

  48. rocker4577

    Hideous depraved garbage

  49. pyro226

    I stumbled across this when searching for Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body :(

  50. Ima Nalien

    Fuck, shit, bitch, clit, pussy. No song is complete without all 5.

  51. Scott Gray

    Sad to see such satanic, nasty, and promoting such vile crap.

  52. * Y A S M A N Y *

    F A V ♡

  53. zied hamrouni

    Nobody is on her level when she used to be like this

  54. oliver B


  55. SweetBerry ud Yufs Bri'Sheik

    Classic Brooke Candy

  56. Ivan Ospina

    So wait... what does she want to do? right now?

  57. Dane King

    garbage.talentless drivel for idiot minds.

  58. Alexx Rawss

    I keep forgetting 2013 was like 5 years ago

  59. Lana

    Tô rebolando muito

  60. HinjuRock

    Her voice is so annoying - she sounds like a nagging East Coast Jewish housewife trying to be gangsta.

  61. L M

    I loved this song then like 3 years ago I finished my English assignment right before it was due and this song was playing and my laptop shut down without saving my work I screamed and deleted this song 😂😩😩

  62. Suzen Rodriguez

    why can't I find where to purchase this song?  I can rip it off but want to contribute. anyone, lmk.

    Iván Ospina

    same... :/

  63. Xande

    I wanna fuck right now

  64. Steven


  65. Elyssa Donoghue

    yasssss lil debbie

  66. Carlos Barajas

    Spirit animal

  67. Sid Sugar

    I miss ratchet brooke

    Colleen Jones

    Sid Sugar me too.

  68. Nicki

    The best 💋

  69. Erin Fleming


  70. Gabrielle Magalhães

    Love this aaaaaaaaaaa

  71. KRx worldWIDE

    Let remix this shit!

  72. Draken Kartikay Kaul

    The snake got scared of her tongue so it stopped sticking its tongue out. xD :D

  73. Silence to say goodby

    She's not the new Madonna, she's the new Cleopatra!

  74. Isabella Marie

    Q U E E N

  75. Leah Cirker-Stark

    I appreciate all the comments from kickass feminists. I love Brooke Candy, she helps me live my life better and love myself. Also, dudes need to chill out.

  76. hell boy

    this is my inspiration, I watched this 2 years ago, I see Brooke changed, but I still love her rap. lgbt icon

  77. videogames+sports777

    I wanna fuck right niao niao

  78. Josh James

    I think Brooke's very talented and stands for empowerment, acceptance and equality. She does a lot of great things for sexuality, gender and LGBT in general by being sexual, the whole 'Fag Mob' thing, not being afraid to show her body and using similar lyrics to those male rappers have used for YEARS, BUT judging by the comments section that message has been lost on a large amount of people who just use it as an excuse to man-bash and belittle men or objectify, degrade and demean women. Both sides are as bad as each other. The point here is not to criticise people based on gender or sexuality, it's to fucking embrace it. Embrace who you are. Unless you're a CUNT. In that case learn what she really stands for and change for the better. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hopefully some of it will sink in.

  79. Tobias Metcalfe

    Hahahaha....That NWA sample though....

  80. _alexation _

    She be wilden out here

  81. Blaire Glanville

    I listen to metal, why am I here? lol I like this though😂

  82. Asher The Artist

    Where's this Brooke candy hiding?

  83. Silence to say goodby

    This song at first seemed to me; a very clever diatribe on today's pop industry. But it’s more than that, has more layers to it. Underneath the obvious satirical facet there is a message so pure and simple. The song is simply saying what many girls are thinking on a regular basis. Making you just want to fuck right now has been one of nature’s most efficient means of keeping the species going and there is nothing wrong with giving in to these feelings! Fuck it, why not celebrate them? It's not the god damn fifty's anymore!

  84. Gary D. Ford

    or the video

  85. Gary D. Ford

    I really don't see anything wrong with this song.

  86. Monje Loco

    The world's coming to an end, Mal....

  87. Daegan Royalties

    She's actually pretty talented at rapping. Good for her!

  88. Onur Kurt

    ne hatun be.

  89. Kenzie K

    I'm ashamed to like this 😂

  90. Keith O'Connor

    Raunch rap is the best.

  91. Madi C

    I hate that I like this 😂 :")

    Mistake Chan

    Madi C same Im slightly weirded out but also I find this slightly catchy

  92. Reginald Williams

    I prefer the old school jam FERGALICIOUS by Fergie over this feministic slut anthem...its cleaner, more clever, and Fergies rap flow is 20x better

    Rebecca Paiz

    Reginald Williams than go fucking watch that video. why the fuck you going to listen to Brooke if you prefer another artist. logic = none. don't hate just don't listen / watch if you gonna hate.

    Reginald Williams

    Haaaa u mad this whorebag blows

  93. Colin McAdoo

    You're hot!!