Candy, Brooke - Happy Lyrics

Looking in the mirror, I'm like "Bitch, you look great"
"Bitch, you look great, you are fire, you're amazing"
Looking in the mirror, I'm like "Bitch, what a face"
1-800-NEW-ME, I ordered it replaced
Smile so white that my eyes roll back
My heart bleeds out and my bones all crack
I know you think I'm perfect, but it's not all that
It's hard to be so certain, I'm one hell of a catch

Bitch, you are happy
100%, saying "Tell her how you're doing it"
Bitch, you are happy
Laying on the train tracks, tell her how you do it

In the golf cart, whippin' it, 30 on the highway
Walmart, happy face, cheesing like it's Friday
All my best friends, fuck 'em cause they cry
Bitch, you'll never catch me crying over dick, do it my way

Bitch, you are happy
100%, say "Tell her how you're doing it"
Bitch, you are happy
Laying on the train tracks, tell her how you do it
Bitch, you are happy
100%, saying "Tell her how you're doing it"
Bitch, you are happy
Laying on the train tracks, tell her how you do it

So what do you do to be alright?
Am I sad?
So what you did to be great (to boys)
I don't want to be nothing
Oh, why I'm so sad?
I just want to be happy
Bitch, I'm fucking happy
Bitch, I'm happy
You can't be happy
Be happy

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Candy, Brooke Happy Comments
  1. Augusto Adam

    bitch im soo fucking happy 🤧🤧🤧


    Pq ela excluiu?

  3. Sarah McRae

    I really relate to this so much with my depression 💔😭

  4. Y4SM4NY

    *I started 2Ø2Ø still obsessed with this🔥*

  5. Ima Pullya

    Shit I like cannibal corpse.
    And brook candy say something tricks

  6. loveeelyme

    My favorite bitch 😍

  7. PopGirlsOficial

    Rainha injustiçada 😭😭😭❤️

  8. Makro

    Bro you just posted cringe

  9. Jeremiah Sanadion

    Love some Brooke Candy. Definitely reigns over any queen.

  10. Archime Lumest.

    It is Brooke Candy's album. It is not Iggy's.

  11. Marcus W

    Deliver me the bitchs that disliked this

  12. KarenSafeWhisperyPlace

    Be Happy Be Happy

  13. andrew carson


    Archime Lumest.

    It is Brooke's album not Iggy's.

    Robyn Jeart

    Ittybitty Piggy don’t have shit on candy candy 💜

  14. D I E G O

    what happen with original version?

    Andrea Paige

    Sexual content, someone reported it as porn. Ridiculous.

    Emanuel In Saturn

    Was blocked to 18+

    Alex Black

    @Andrea Paige can we still find it tho? or it's the same thing as this one?

    Andrea Paige

    @Alex Black pretty sure it's the same as this, not totally sure. Only version of the video I've seen.

    Mateus Agler

    @Andrea Paige I found it on vimeo, don't know if it's oficial

  15. Archime Lumest.

    Feeling your inner spider baby?

    Archime Lumest.

    I wrote Iggy Azalea about me being sex trafficked. I called to you. Why you act like it is not serious enough to explore? The Rede.

  16. okay vibes

    I fucking love this fucking song and I’m so uphappy in life atm but this song goes hard and I’m living yasss ❤️😭🥺

  17. Leticia Goes

    Ai Eu Amo Essa Música

  18. Archime Lumest.

    Im still happy.

    Archime Lumest.

    @Morgan Couch lmfao

    Archime Lumest.

    @Morgan Couch 😆 😈

  19. Archime Lumest.

    Tears are only from joy. Thanks for supporting those who sex traffick me. You would cry if you had a dick and then it is gone. You will soon see the emails between us public. Your a rapist too? That sucks hmmm? Well you will see me probably within 2-4 more weeks. You then will be imprisoned. Thanks for confessing that Kevin put me on a fraight train and tried to sell me to Jarez. Im still as happy as I always have been. This is my favorite song.

  20. Corey Hanson

    A wonderful woman strong enough to fit three fist in my ass. With only one hand. Miracle goddess hot bitch.

  21. ALVARØ

    Ela apagou do canal? Mds

    Doug Oliver Martinz



    @Doug Oliver Martinz surto...Eu lembro que ela postou o teaser do álbum e excluiu tbm

    Rusbé B

    @ALVARØ ela não apagou, nem postou teaser nenhum, o que aconteceu é que denunciaram o vídeo e ele pegou restrição de idade, ou seja você tem que ir no canal dela e procurar nos vídeos porque não aparece mais na aba de pesquisa

  22. Patrícia Azevedo

    Rainha ❤❤❤