Campbell, Glen - She's Gone, Gone, Gone Lyrics

She said if I ever deceive her
She'd be gone before I could count ten,
I guess that I didn't believe her;
Oh just look at the trouble I'm in.

Now she's gone, gone, gone,
Gone, gone, gone, cryin' won't bring her back;
The more that I cry, the faster that plane flies
Father across the sky.

Well I lost every right to be happy,
Well I lost all the Heaven I found;
She warned me she'd leave and she left me,
Before my first tear hit the ground.


If I only knew where I could find her
Well I'd crawl there on my hands and knees.
'Cause each tick of the clock will remind her
That she's one second farther from me.




Farther across the sky.

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Campbell, Glen She's Gone, Gone, Gone Comments
  1. Kyle

    Well Trump won won won, won won won crying won’t bring Obama back! The more that you cry the faster Trumps Air Force One flys! Farther across the sky!! Trump 2020!!

    Alouette de Mer

    Why do you contaminate this lovely video with political bullshit?

  2. Squee Dow

    This is great, but I can't enjoy it to the fullest extent because, as Glen is wont to do, he monkeyed with the lyrics. Switching from "train" to "plane" doesn't cut it for me. If I could talk to Glen, I'd ask him why he did that lyric changing thing in so many of his covers. For me, it's a distraction and not an enhancement, sorta like a vinyl record with a skip in it. Still, I love the man and his music and I always will. Just wish he'd been faithful to the lyrics.

  3. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #6 on the country charts in 1989!!!