Callahan, Bill - Thank Dub Lyrics

Drinking, while sleeping
Keep me company
In the hotel bar

Lookin' at the carpet and the chairs
Beer, thank you

Like a church
Like a church
That's far away

-ot limitations
Like Marvin Gaye
Mortal joy
Is that way

Outside a train sings it's wh-
A long long gone

High as scaffold-

Until the wind finds
Or a means
To make one sing

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Callahan, Bill Thank Dub Comments
  1. Dudell Brödel

    Man this is silly good stuff

  2. Johnny Bananas

    As goofy as this sounds, this new Topic: Bill Callahan YoutTube channel is legit. Too legit for me to quit, perhaps even.

    CK Cost

    Yeah, okay...johnny bananas