Callahan, Bill - Small Plane Lyrics

You used to take me up
I watched and learned
How to fly

No navigation system
Beyond our eyes

I always went wrong in the same place
Where the river splits towards the sea
That couldn't possibly be
You and me

Sometimes you sleep while I take us home
That's when I know
We really have a home

I never like to land
Getting back up seems impossibly grand
We do it with ease

Danger, I never think of danger
I really am a lucky man
Flying this small plane

I like it when I take the controls from you
And when you take the controls from me

I really am a lucky man
Flying this small plane

Eyes scan the path ahead
And all around

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Callahan, Bill Small Plane Comments
  1. K Edmodson

    Bill. One of the best.

  2. Somos La Sal xd

    I love the video <3

  3. David Griffiths

    Absolutely beautiful, the video blends well with the song :)

  4. jennifer young

    Loved Smog, love him

  5. Mike Howe

    song is so much better than the video...

  6. jurasicfred

    Yup! You guessed it. Backstrom brought me here too. Appropriate choice of a song in my opinion.


    Gave emotion to episode :)

  7. Jim Kamote

    Backstrom Brought Me Here...

  8. Daniel Bäckström

    Bäckström was here

  9. Richard Shapiro

    IMO the song is good but I really liked the video.
    did someone say soup?:-)

  10. Andy Vought

    I'm so glad I discovered the work of Bill Callahan within the past year.  I appreciate not only his music and lyrics, but also his more subtle sense of humor.


    You have to go right back to find his best work, from Wild Love onward. Doctor Came and Dawn and Red Apple Falls are real stand outs, though they're all good. You might also like Bonnie "Prince" Billy, David Pajo (Papa M), and check out Mark Lanegan while you're at it. 

    Our Hidden History

    Its not work if you love doing it.

  11. Mark Corey

    Any visual is an unnecessary distraction for this song.


    I honestly don't mind looking at his face in black in white while listening to I. That's my favorite part, honestly.

  12. K Edmodson

    0:52 Bill Callahan doing Max Zorin

  13. Johan Heyvaert

    Horrible video (IMHO), but amazing song and masterpiece album (not only IMHO, a fact!).

  14. E GONE

    "Majesty is an English word derived ultimately from the Latin maiestas, meaning greatness. The title ranks above Royal Highness."

  15. Music

    should have just been bill singing against the black

  16. cem akas

    ephesians 6:5: Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.

  17. Ben

    ca me fait penser au crash test dummies pas vous ???

  18. macarion

    This is terrible


    @PhilOrtmann what are you asking

  19. Paul Brown

    so far i'm digging the new album more than "apocalypse." it sounds great!

  20. tmtation

    You should definitely check out Smog and (Smog). I would maybe recommend Wild Love, Kicking a Couple Around, Red Apple Falls and Dongs of Sevotion to start with.

    Karla Mariana Huerta

    tmtation you know Smog is the same as Bill, right?

  21. Michael Cameron

    Just like Nick Lowe thought he was finally getting good by age 40 or so, Bill Callahan is really becoming a master. Then again, I'm unfamiliar with Smog, so maybe he's always been this good. But his last 3!

  22. C. Depp

    brilliant video for this song. lovers rock, y'all

  23. baphomick

    pretty wonderful

  24. Jay Carson

    he really needs to come back to Canada one day

  25. Aliceann Marquiess

    So sweet. :)

  26. Aliceann Marquiess

    I saw him twice, back in May, and then again October 19th. I enjoyed every minute of each show. Here's to hoping they head up your way because it's a show you need to see. :)

  27. chance3535

    One of my favourite albums this year! I wish he would play Toronto :(

  28. slowsho

    ohmygod yes!