Callahan, Bill - Ride My Arrow Lyrics

I don't ever want to die
Do you know this arrow when it arches high
To meet the eagle in the sky?

The eagle flies using the river as a map
A small animal in its clasp
Alive and enjoying the ride

Is life a ride to ride
Or a story to shape and confide
Or chaos neatly denied?

Some people find the taste of Pilgrim guts to be too strong
Me I find I can't get by without them for too long
Tear at the flesh, tear at the bone
Of anyone who'll tell you the known is unknown

Life ain't confidential
It's not
It isn't
And it ain't

Ride my arrow
Ride my arrow

The land I love is splitting in two
And again and again and again
War muddies the river
And getting out we're dirtier than getting in

Ride my arrow
Ride this arrow

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