Cage - Teen Age Death Lyrics

[Man talking:]
The old cynicism is gone
We have faith in our ears
We're optimistic, as to what becomes of it all
It really boils down to our ability to accept
We don't need pessimism

Teenage death, girls want dick not words
Flicks, got hearse
Tits, not hers
Went to the park at dark and shot birds
With a Mauser
Get a lot stirred
Fuck gimmicks
Then quickly abort the duck image
Occupy the same space that you can't fuck with it
I'm writing words tasting
Like the most anticipated works of violence since Freddy vs. Jason
I'm worth patience, a worth in greater market
So I can shoot up your chest like them little paper targets
I donate sluts, never pitch in to pay tricks
How'd you get your shit on billboards? Bitch, glitch in the Matrix
And that's beside five flies in conformness kids
That may or may not know what a Cage performance is
The latest installment is not to unplug you
But if you don't get this by the 13th, listen and fuck you!

Fuck this rap shit, it's what you weigh in the street (right)
Don't shit where you sleep, better lay with your heat (tonight)
All praise D.O.V. cause that's who's comin'
Lookin' for huntin' with the gunnin'
Watch your backs are runnin'
It's like he's already dead if you're saying he sleeps (right)
They're comin' real deep and they're playin' for keeps (tonight)
Run for the hills cause they're comin' for kills
You got fuck to loose, you got nothing to bill

It's like money is God, y'all worship church rappers
I cut Rock 'N' Roll High School with purse snatchers
If the clocks are all evil then Orange's guns peal
Drop food on my fr-enemies like Donald Rumsfield
I run with the ropes
Spent to much on choke
Had a PCP overdose and I still smoke
Can't get locked down how my brindle enters
And won't come down like New York's two burning middle fingers
Street journalist
Even written down to this
Most of my rap colleagues sittin' down to piss
Bookstore revolution
Televised execution
Where I put my dip Newports at Susan
What if Kurt were to put a hole in Courtney chest
That frame of mind wouldn't caught me a west
For Cage is anarchist games evolved
While the most wild mannered piss, brains dissolve


Reading, study while my boots bloody
So fuckin' milky her marginised loops love me
And a company of wolves they respect I eat first
But doctors can't stitch up for your stomach leak bursts
Mix max with half-wits
The task flips
In Middle Town they'll shoot you over a fuckin' trash bitch
Grew up with no pop and a crazy hoe
That's why I need no play on commercial radio
Unravel the mind, around the room frozen sides
Sheep to tired to fight, close your eyes
Put vanilla dutches in the sky, when the Time's on the table
Knife to the tits, 9 to the navel
It's like a self-righteous path to line these pockets
I got sideways knowledge, doll, at least he's honest
Stick a fork in his tail, then jux the crowd with it
If there's bite marks on my dick if think your girl's mouth did it


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Cage Teen Age Death Comments
  1. Bryant Locke

    This has less than 200,000 views and it breaks my heart. In 2019 no less. What a world

  2. Willz __

    Where I put my dipped Newports at Susan?

  3. SpeedOfNapalm

    Tema culiao weno oe

  4. Lace 7

    So good

  5. KiloCharlie 218

    Still bumping hard in 2k17. Love u cage

    Simon Jeffery

    CJ Z same

  6. Fırat Aydın

    naa naa naaa

  7. Ryan Csaszar

    you'll never know what a cage performace is"

  8. SpoofySpooferM8

    Good shit.

  9. APEtv.

    cage or eyedea who is boss??? answe5r here


    +Ryan Csaszar agreed agreed soooo good


    Too hard of a comparison.... both of their music has had a (good) impact on my life


    tru tru

  10. Teja Bo

    this song perfectly describes society in 2016,cage is real as fuck

  11. Anomaly

    For everyone in the comments saying Eminem stole Cage's flow, or Cage stole Em's flow...
    Y'awl need to do the knowledge, get up on your Hip Hop..

    Em & Cage were BOTH heavily influenced by Redman's early style..


    @DMT You're reaaal edgy bro.
    simmer down.

    It's funny that's all you can extrapolate from the post.


    No point trying to make conversation with someone who thinks they know what they're talking about.


    Very true..

    Kael's World

    Very wrong.

    I Love My Beard

    Thank you for giving me this knowledge...I stand corrected

  12. junkie diaries

    "Teenage death girls want my dick not my words" Jim Morrison

  13. SickBoy666100

    He quotes Jim Morrison in the first line. Cage always reminds me of Jim in an insane gritty hiphop 90s way. This is probably why Cage is my favorite ever.

    FacelessMC Network

    SO true.. luv Jim & Cage both great song writers.

  14. Zetsubou

    Camu Tao was a legend man

  15. Jane Dumbluck

    Cage makes a ramones reference in this song

    Josh Whittle

    +logan allen kirk Cobain aye?

    Josh Whittle

    +logan allen kirk Cobain aye?

    fair day

    lol curt*

    Chuck Nourish

    fair day kurt

    Lace 7

    What lines for all of them?


    It sounds like Eminem's flow...


    +Mass UnderGround Einstein stated that he merely looked from the shoulders of giants,for without them he would be nothing.

    If you are a master of wisdom, you'd find, ideas never really belong to the individual.

    However, it is up to the individual and how they manifest such ideas.

    DarkKai 33

    Nah eminem stole masta ace's flow he even said that was his main influence. Cage and Em imao dont really sound alike.


    Y'awl need to do the knowledge, get up on your Hip Hop..

    Em & Cage were BOTH heavily influenced by Redman's early style..


    No, it sounds like Cage's flow.


    +Anomaly Pure bullshit.

  17. Chantz temming

    were did i put my dipped newports susan? 

  18. StairFox11

    I hope you've expanded your frame of mind in the year that's passed.

  19. James Duro

    Sick beats and ill lyrics cage is way better than eminem,the mainstream hip hop scene sucks black cock period!!!

  20. gotohellaaron

    This guy says Eminem stole his rap style??? This guy sounds like Swollen Members.


    Swollen wasn't around then..

    FacelessMC Network

    HAHAHAH... wow

    Jacob Clary

    shakes head in disappointment

  21. strocat25

    fuckin 4 real , this shit is top notch, people needa sit back and listen to the lyrics

  22. Cassie Incarnate

    Deaf chicks make a lot of noise when fucking.

    FacelessMC Network

    Great line! Sub 4 a sub?

  23. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    Nigga please, I got standards. I would never fuck a slim shady fan especially one that can't even spell lol

  24. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    That's what yo momma said after we tried to fuck and she found out I was gay ...

  25. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    Oh yeah I'M the one who sounds stupid ahahhaha

  26. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    Lmao aww you and alex are butt buddies now? how cute, slim shady fans gotta stick and fuck together now hahahha

  27. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    Alright I'm judging you now ... prepare your anus

  28. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    Hey I don't judge you for listening to whack ass slim shady and doing shrooms, please extend me the same courtesy lmao

  29. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    You do know that typing isn't as loud as talking, right ...

  30. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    HAHAHHA Alex Cruise won't come out of the clooooseeeet

  31. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    Nah that's lust, not love

  32. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    Damn projection after projection lol it's okay to be gay dude, don't let your bible thumping parents tell you any different hahah

  33. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    Could it be love?

  34. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    That's some homophobic talk homie, it's cool though
    But stop repressing all your homosexual energy and projecting it onto me lmao

  35. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    For real! it even makes me sick lol

  36. MMAenthusiastUHHE


    Damn kid I'm surprised you can read seeing as you can barely write

  37. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    Bwahaha dude you're doing the exact same thing!

  38. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    LOL I could say the exact thing to you ... but feel free. my dick is big enough to hang off of lmao

  39. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    There's a world of difference between selling out and getting paid, learn it.

    And acting is an art

  40. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    There's your problem, you think that "making bank" is the most important thing to artists

  41. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    Sorry I didn't get the memo stating that we should speak in Caps, but okay ...



  42. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    Shia is an avid hip hop fan and buddies with Cage for personal reasons, not because he's trying to promote him lol
    The interview with MTV was to talk about a film that was Shia's idea, not cage's

  43. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    regardless, he sold into the mainstream, something that cage is very against

  44. MMAenthusiastUHHE

    Cage doesn't like Eminem very much

  45. agro80d

    ... I agree M Spacely! For me, this is my personal favourite. Still loves me some Agent Orange as well as Holdin' a Jar 2. But this track is somethin' special fo' sho!!!!

  46. satanluvscheese

    eminem sucks cock..... CAGE 4 LYFE!!!!! fuck ya'll eminem lil fan boys if ya respond lol

    TC TC

    satanluvscheese You're a fucking dumbass

  47. satanluvscheese

    beat to this is sick

  48. ChestRockwell1983

    How bout everyone shuts the fuck up,and listens too Cage?

  49. M Spacely

    Gotta be Cage's most underrated song

  50. Oni64

    Dang, I remember that old page Cage had around 2000.

  51. Barry O-B

    How is cage picking up where em left off when cage was there first? I was banging cage tunes in the days of realaudio files bro

  52. Ryland Root

    theeeey liiiive

  53. FemStarr

    dude i like cage and eminem and im a huge eminem fan, not an idiot who jumped on the bandwagon

  54. hellohello194

    actually, its not cage haters coming here.. its eminem haters talking about him, u dont see ppl hating on cage on eminems old songs... but here all cages fans seem to hate em, they both good leave it at that

  55. Chantz temming

    if people are going to debate shit on youtube or talk about something other then the song could we please keep it on the new world order? we dont really have a chance if we dont fight back and not enough people know. so if your not going to coment about the song or something could you post about the new world order. remeber kids give up all your rights to fight these "terrorist" if you dont give up all your rights bin ladin and alCIAda will get you ! please stop the new world order!

  56. lockstock

    Cage did not invent "horror rap" like so many believe he did, I think Eminem bit a group of artists, Cage was just one of them, I still think Infinite was one of the best Underground albums ever dropped, but if Movies For The Blind is ever surpassed, I will be a happy man, although I don't see it happening, Eyedea might have had a chance, but bless his soul and let him rest in peace.

    Antonio Tognotti

    lockstock your comments hella old but ill leave some knowledge for anyone else who thinks this; neither cage or em invented horror rap. I cant say who started it because it popped in hella areas in the very early 90s. Brotha lynch hung in sac, necro in ny, three 6 mafia in memphis, bone thugs n-harmony in cleveland, geto boys in houston, esham in detroit... probably more but thats just off the top of my head

  57. BluberryHazeSmoke

    Its like Money is GOD yahll worship church rappers, i cut rock nd roll high school wit purse snatchers. i feel the same way

  58. Thea Mihalkova

    @pimpcane109 you can be eminem fan without bein cage hater dumb fuck

  59. calvitronz

    Im not trying to get into any drama, but honestly Cage is way more talented than Eminem. And he was rapping this way before Eminem was. I don't know if any of you are aware, but before Em bit Cage's style he was doing some like, old school upbeat type hip hop.
    More power to him for being successful, but there is nothing original about his style.

  60. C S

    @Crafty180 Lol, Eminem? overrated.
    Eminem just sings.
    Cage is a lyricist.

  61. Funerism

    @stonecutter517 I know. And that's the reason why Em is where he is and Cage is still underground. Eminem is the best.

  62. Funerism

    @doobbbb Yeah, if Eminem was influenced, or stole or whatever from Cage, he should cop to it. But I dont think you can accuse Eminem of ruining his career. There are many reasons why Eminem blew up and Cage stayed more underground. Maybe if Dre heard Cages tape before Eminems the roles would be reversed. That's just how things worked out. I think by blaming Eminem for the lack of Cage's commercial success, that's actually an insult to Cage..

  63. Funerism

    @doobbbb I see it now too.. again... It was just like I imagined it. And yes, I agree, but I think its very common for rappers to be "influenced" by one another. Only reason people make such a big deal about the whole Cage Vs. Eminem thing is because they are both white. I don't remember people coming down on Comptons Most Wanted for sounding like NWA. Ya know.

  64. Funerism

    @doobbbb I guess I replied to a comment that never existed. I didn't know that was possible. Just like Eminem fans not knowing who Cage is.

  65. Funerism

    @doobbbb Thanks for sharing that.

  66. GankMan

    @wetmurder without ur parents u wouldnt even be here whining about them.

  67. froschein

    @TasteMyDBolts The movie was called They Live, by john carpenter, but the undeniable clockwork orange influence is there too.

  68. froschein

    this whole album is from that john carpenter film.

  69. Matthew Van Dyke

    @XIBOMBIX They're* Go back to school chief

  70. hamboney9

    @brrrslick We must unit!! fuck the police.

  71. Joseph Tyrrell

    Philosophy is wishful thinking. Action speaks louder than words. Nouns are present as opposed to adjectives and verbs!

  72. Karl Weimar

    I like the "Mars Attacks!" sampling at the end.

  73. wetmurder

    I was wrong to say "fuck parents," I have had one terrible parent and one amazing parent. however I stand behind my other statements, especially cops; they are corrupt and killing my community with drugs and brutality.

  74. jared

    @KellyMED73 You know cage?

  75. Kel Joanne

    @savageultraviolence you cant judge all cops based on the ones youve met hippo. fuck ou

  76. Kel Joanne

    @PopularityTroll hes working with sick jacken and psycho realm. my boyfriends cousins. so i getta kick itt :)

  77. Kel Joanne

    @mindexploration haha god youre so fucking stupid.

  78. Kel Joanne

    @HumansPersonified thats what i keep trying to tell all these dumbasses!!!! look up the definition to "subliminal" stupid people.

  79. Kel Joanne

    @0Sheet0 ahahaha XD i love cage.

  80. Kel Joanne

    @mindexploration youre dumb as fuck. listen to his subliminal shit. decipher it. then youll respect him. piece of SHIT

  81. Kel Joanne

    @HumansPersonified he doesnt mean the EXACT words coming out his mouth. hes VERY subliminal.

  82. Kel Joanne

    @wetmurder yes. agreed. and more fucking agreed.

  83. Kyle Arson

    @PopularityTroll Jux and Howie would be sex to the ears, I'd fucking die if Tame and Necro made a song together

  84. AEgamesFtw

    @mindexploration Let's see you spit something as ill as this

  85. AEgamesFtw

    This is fucking Ill

  86. jared

    @408bayniggagravediga cage and uncle howie would be nice, but if he did a song with phsycopath i would lose so much respect for him..

  87. Nick Thill

    how bout some cage/ psychological/ uncle howie collabs

  88. Karl Weimar

    "they live" and "mars attacks!" audio clips. Love cage.

  89. wetmurder

    @savageultraviolence you're right, I was wrong to say "fuck parents"

  90. wetmurder

    fuck yes cage; fuck parents, fuck pigs/cops, fuck sellout industry sluts