Cage - Bitch Lady Lyrics

Just the two of us just you and I
Slim Shady brain dead like Jim Brady I'm a M
Downside and Up

Bitch lady
Nerd bitch like Jan Brady
Bit a Cage baby
Caught rabies and went crazy
Acting out the life of Cage childhood steez
Wearing straight jackets in you're videos and magazines
Let me take a poll how many want it in the chest
'Cause this is what if KRS pulled Shan from his flesh
And threw his fucking Pumas off "The Bridge" with his kids
So bring more fire-arms than a school of burning squids

Yo what the fuck
Ahhh Cage Yo
Ahh shit yo
Ay dog
Put everything on the fucking tape
Aight aight aight

Fuck ya little [?]
Yeah and ya don't stop
Cause Dre got a new fake ass puppet for his [?]

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