C. W. McCall - Silver Iodide Blues Lyrics

Well, now, pay attention people
Just in case you hadn't heard
There's some folks messin' 'round
With Mother Nature's little world, baby
And what they do is really freaky
They gets themselves a plane
And they fly it around with chemicals, baby
Tryin' ta make it rain
So when you're out there in that blizzard
Shiverin' in the cold
Just look up to the sky
And thank the Government for the snow
And sing the low-down, experimental, cloud-seedin'
Who-needs-'em-baby? silver i-i-o-dide blues

Oh, yeah


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C. W. McCall Silver Iodide Blues Comments
  1. bro

    well this is different

  2. ctwatcher

    Tell all your friends! Sitting silent is against the law!

  3. Gottlieb Goltz

    Takes Me back. ~( : -})=>--- ]

  4. D Pallio

    Sounds more like Captain Beefheart than McCall...!

  5. Craig Anthony

    I have only heard this song on Dad's "Wilderness" record!! Thanks for posting!!

  6. 1942ann

    Is this really C. W. McCall???

  7. Sum Won

    perfectly ridiculous