C. W. McCall - Roy Lyrics

I had an old cat named Roy
He was a good ol' boy
He used to go a-huntin', down by the lake
Catch 'I'm a nice, fresh garter snake
Bring 'I'm on back and then set in the grass
Lookin' like he had 'I'm a green mustache
Yeah, Roy was a good ol' boy

Till the dogs got 'I'm

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C. W. McCall Roy Comments
  1. bro

    saddest song ever

  2. Tom Waldo

    I always laughed at this song. Hearing this song after the one about the dog Sloan.

  3. Dave Sendit

    Puts a smile on my face

  4. julie r

    Reminds me of a poem my grandfather taught me-
    I have a little dog,
    Sometimes he sits and begs,
    But then he tumbled down the stairs
    And broke his little legs.

  5. shanethewashboardman

    Roy is my favorite CW McCall song! As I jaw harp player. I love the jaw harp. When I was a little boy in the early 1980s my father sang this to goof around.

  6. Glen Yates

    Things brent e nice song and singer and keep me in prays got through taking my medicine and drinking fluids and resting and hope to hear from you with a message god bless you and praying for you and hows the weather in Virginia and what are you doing bright and early Saturday morning my friend brent e winner from your sick favorite friend listen er Glenn Yates in pretty water sapulpa creek county Oklahoma u s a and linda and cats says hi get the coffee on