Butterfly Boucher - To Feel Love Lyrics

Don't make me say it
You don't want to hear it
I held it in the hope my heart could change

You say you're not
But you seem so certain
I'm really sorry but I just don't feel the same
You can pin all the blame on me

Because I want to feel love
Real love
Deep, down love

Don't try to shatter all my hopes of true love
Don't try to tell me there's no such thing as "the one"
I understand
I understand clearly
It doesn't happen like it happens in the movies
I'm aware
I don't care
I'm a dreamer

And I want to feel love
Real love
Deep, down love
Deep, down love

While I was gone all my friends got married
Who's fooling who?
I don't want to die lonely
So love's got time
But I'm not gonna lie to you

But I want to feel love
Real love
Deep, down love

I want to feel love
Real love
True love

I want to feel love
True love
True love
True love
True, foolish love
Real love
True love

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Butterfly Boucher To Feel Love Comments
  1. AroundTheWorld

    True and foolish love 👫👬👭

    Slob Rat

    foolish is right, spent so many years trying to find love :[

  2. 3Dartist247

    I don't know where you got the wonderful footage of Butterfly, but I love it...love seeing it and her. What is it about the Aussie women singers like her and Missy Higgins that brings out so much passion from them? I have no clue, but I love to see that passion unbridled. We live such uptight lives...afraid of our own shadows and afraid to reveal our feelings...and where does that get us? Lots of uptight unhappy people. Not enough love. Not what I want. So thanks again, my friend.

  3. 3Dartist247

    This is what I'm talkin' about..."You can pin all the blame on me....I want to feel love...Real love...Deep, down love...True love...True, foolish love..." How can it be simpler?

  4. Manda Rine

    I'm going to buy this album soon. I found her because of Grey's Anatomy and I started to watch Grey's Anatomy because of her music :D
    'Cause I never watched it until I zapped around and heard the melody of ''A bitter song''

  5. lu Wild

    A great end!!!

  6. lunarelf


  7. jxfry

    The video is OK, but boy this song is excellent. Wow if anyone has encapsulated the feeling and desire about being n love, they have!!! Love the clean crisp lyrics and music. Cannot wait to see them come to SXSW in Austin (hopefully)

  8. Arvid Van Bottenz

    Butterfly is gorgeous. The song is great. Wonderful.

  9. kimmy_j

    J'aime cet chanson beaucoup <3

  10. SoniLOID

    Mp3 please!!!

  11. SoniLOID

    This........is........AWESOME!!!!! I LUV IT!!

  12. Jade Hulse

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!