Butterfly Boucher - Table For One Lyrics

I walk alone around the world
Life's bitter sweet
I am the girl at a table for one
Content, complete
How many words in a pretty song?
How many ways can a girl go wrong?

I don't mind the sound of one heart
If the sun is out
I don't mind the sound at all
Until the night comes round
And then how many doubts knocking at my door?
How many lives have I lived before?

The night, it's the only lonely part
Oh, but it's a lonely lonely part

I wake to find the daylight
Sitting by my side
I breathe it in and whisper
Everything I hide
Like how many tears in a long goodbye?
How many times can a girl defy?

The night, it's the only lonely part
Oh, but it's a lonely lonely part
The night, it's the only lonely part
But it's a lonely lonely part

Oh the night, it's the only lonely part
Oh, but it's a lonely lonely part
It's the only lonely part
The night, but it's a lonely lonely part

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Butterfly Boucher Table For One Comments
  1. VanillaAutumn

    Butterfly your amazing!!!! I can't stop listening to your music!!! I wish and hope u make a new album and come to the states!!!

  2. Hanna McDonald

    Butterfly, i saw your concert with Missy in Geelong last year. You guys rock!

  3. MindofMax

    The light going at :46 seconds in is such perfect timing.

  4. Gretchen Williams

    wow...i've never commented on any youtube video before and even thought this video left me speechless I just wanted to let you know it's amazing. can't stop watching it.
    extremely talented. extremely beautiful.
    met you in oxford, ms last year, look forward to seeing you in KC in a few weeks. much love.

  5. laylo honny

    There is true beauty in Butterfly's repertoire, even in the saddest of her songs.

  6. tippngthevelvet

    Loving watching this video and hearing Butterfly's beautiful singing, but worrying whether Butterfly can get out if there's a fire.

  7. chitchant

    the emotional expression and words, bb is a true artist.

  8. thebutterflyboucher

    Ha, go for it, although I doubt I'm singing in any particular key. I kind of just picked one on the spot and went with it!

  9. alishasguitar

    Beautiful voice. Loving the acapella

  10. wadjela

    Beauty, completely unadorned. Vulnerable but not sentimental, really communicates the sense of grief and loss that we can feel after a break up. Another icon on the rich tapestry of Butterfly Boucher.
    (co-written with Katie Herzig I think).

  11. SueAnn Shiah

    Oh. And your voice is beautiful in this! Flawless.

  12. SueAnn Shiah

    I love this song so much, its so vulnerable, and this is a really naked way to do it. Definitely powerful.

  13. Andrew Rothman

    Is the posting of this lovely acapella video an invitation to remixes? ;)

  14. whoislynnahou

    I absolutely love this song! I was just listening to your cover of "Changes" by David Bowie today, I listen to it every week! Made me wanna jump on youtube to check if you had any more videos up, and yes you did! :)