Butterfly Boucher - 5678! Lyrics

You wanna know how love is made
You wanna see the world change
Well gather all your people around
And listen for the countdown

5, 6, 7, 8
It's a science
And the beat is Alliance
Once you have it
There is method to the madness

The sky is falling yes it's true
Been falling since I fell for you
The feeling of déjà vu
No one does it like you do

It's a science
And the beat is Alliance
Once you have it
There is method to the madness

5, 6, 7, 8
Oh it's a chemical attraction
Can you feel it?
It's the sound of satisfaction

So you think you can dance, do you?
So you think you can dance, do you?
Honey, everybody thinks they can dance
Watch me dance!

No one does it like you do

5, 6, 7, 8
It's a science
And the beat is Alliance
Once you have it
There is method to the madness

5, 6, 7, 8
Oh, it's a chemical attraction
Can you feel it?
It's the sound of satisfaction

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Butterfly Boucher 5678! Comments
  1. heladodetiburon

    Una artista genial!! Pero la mayoría de este planeta se han vuelto unos imbéciles. Votan a cualquier tonto, comen comidas pernicuiosas y gustan de lo superficial. ¡Así le va a este puto planeta!

  2. Khawla

    Private practice brought me here

  3. Khawla

    Private practice brought me here

  4. Angelo Piacenza

    CiS las Vegas

  5. Tanne B

    Llllove ittt!

  6. Gasparuccio X

    i don't like this

  7. Melissa Siqueira

    I love you so much, Butterfly! <3

  8. Kari Sorenson

    I think I'm in love. Oops.

  9. Melissa Siqueira

    I Love You With All My Heart! ♡

  10. María Cuervoverde

    Me encanta.

  11. Monique O'learu

    hey butterfly i just wanted to say how awesome ur music is and how did u get to where u are now??

  12. Austrie Law

    I'm here because of private practice

    Giulia Ettl

    me too😂

    Ana Proença

    Really great scene

    Ana Proença

    It seems almost everyone is here because of Private Practice and that elevator scene! LOL


    Austrie Law aaa

  13. TheOldOakSyndicate

    I came here because of the Rob Boucher One mans band video.

  14. Emma Forman

    love this

  15. Cindy


  16. Kuria Mbatia

    Absolutely LUUUURRRVVVVVV this song!!! Why aint this songs on the charts...... 5678!!!!!

  17. Vin Gameplay & Music

    SUCH A BADASS!! I am so stupidly in love with her!! Am I the only one who thinks of Dolores O'riordan of The Cranberries when seeing her face and that swag?! Damn, it brings back amazing memories!!

  18. The Way In

    1:35 hahahaa

  19. Vrunda Patel

    at 1:45 it's life's biggest truth. Not joking. Unless you are a professional dancer. Then you are the exception along with like 10% of people on earth that do it as a hobby. As mean as it sounds, that includes children. To me they're just a waste of their parent's money if they aren't going to pursue that career.

    On the other hand, I like her boots, they're cute!!!!

  20. Ebakyza

    I love her and the music and the video. :)

  21. Jimmy Vee

    I love tall chics !!

  22. DJ Chelli

    Just heard this on the radio and loved it! <3

  23. Cristina Monaghan

    Woah...thats HOT! LOVE IT She is SO right love is spirit and fluid and it is made chemically and physically.....Chemical language!!......lol I dance like that, there at the end!! LOL! some of the time..

  24. Nox Lumen

    A video with combat boots AND dancing? Thank you. Love the song too.

  25. skourgey

    So stupidly in love with her.

  26. Sky Loran


  27. photogenicbabe

    Saw it in the vineyard.

  28. Yagiz Aksu

    Better than Feist's 1234.

  29. Christoph Dermeister

    Private Practice ;D

  30. LifeSpiller79

    Finally found it

  31. Sarah Parsons

    And this video is exactly why (:

  32. Naomie Nguyen

    An energetic Bertie Blackman. You do not know how long I have waited for this. And I only came here for the food!

  33. Justen Bowser

    So thankful you opened for Missy at the Crowfoot in Michigan! Really made me like both you and Katie!!!

  34. Buddy Haskill

    Does she do the Sloppy Swish at 2:51?

  35. Linda Granath

    How this song hasn't blown up big is beyond me. It is pop-perfection!

  36. TinyMighty

    i keep watching this. i luvs it oh so much

  37. TinyMighty

    this video is hysterical

  38. Lisa Butler

    they dont come hotter than Butterfly ;)

  39. KoRaKaZe

    ♥ ¬ ♥ a mi gustar ella! y su música! wow!!

  40. Sumfortyan

    Ok I'm in love now, well done.

  41. tsukikofujita

    I'm SO in love with you & your voice right now...

  42. Daniel Morrical

    I've heard this on 91.9 WFPK (Louisville) several times and I'm loving it.

  43. FranchesaVideos

    Butterfly I am humming your tune all over the place. I have known you for many years and this song is lovely. So you can dance!!!!!

  44. Senso69

    Just.... thanks. ;-)

  45. Simok79

    Excellent song, fabulous album. I was in The Vanguard, Newtown gig on March. Butterfly is the best. Greetings from Finland and hope you'll come here someday! :)

  46. Seth Henry

    Can't stop listening to this song!!! I love it so. :)

  47. Ingelief16

    My fav number so far in the year 2012 !!!!! Thats a huge compliment to you dear butterfly. Im a huge fan, and i like it that u produced for missy and be in her band. your so divers. Its really wonderful your beautifull character shines trough it. Im a huge fan! hope you read my messages and questions. X

  48. Norrin Radd

    i will see you in austin soon..wish i could have caught your el macho stuff with david mead. sigh

  49. Shadowfax Wolfsbane

    5 people can't count to 8

  50. Mandy Reigle

    Love this song. Love the whole album.

  51. DontGivinGaDanm


  52. Eileen RS

    Good song! I had to download it.

  53. equities

    I just can't get tired of watching this! Gotta love her!

  54. Ole Stanley Olsen

    Wake up, and DANCE!

  55. RoamingD

    I've seen those boots in person.

  56. Casey Byron

    By practice, I don't comment on videos unless I'm mocking an idiot... but I had to log in and comment on this. It's infectious and fun in all the best ways. Heard this song the first time on Radio Paradise just a little bit ago and found myself bobbing my head without even realizing I was doing it. Great job.

  57. evil betty

    I love it. Them dang Aussies!

  58. Tim Isaksson

    oh god i love the move at 2:54! haha, makes me smile everytime!

  59. Elenorahh

    I think 1000 of those views are my doing. Cant. stop. playing. this.

    there is definitely method to THIS madness!

  60. Axolotl Seawitch

    You have a great style. Greetings from Germany! ;)

  61. melieD boss

    Love this song, sexy :)

  62. Mandy King

    I hope you dance like this at your shows. Can't wait to see you back in Sydney in August

  63. spearofgod1

    Love the video. You're rocking that black singlet, stovepipes and boots look, not to mention the singing and dancing. Too good :)

  64. Julian Rizzo-Smith

    Thank god I went to see Missy Higgins last Sunday, otherwise I wouldn't of ever meet you or bought your awesome album! From Sunday night, I have only listened to your album for about 10 times! I love this song and "The Weather" specifically the chorus! 10/10

  65. SteveDave Steve

    HA HA HAAHAH Butterfly that's awesome. Your absolutely priceless at 2:01 - 2:03.
    The cutest little nods! Love the vid! ... and great show you put on in Sydney on the weekend!
    looking forward to your Solo Show.

  66. Eric Rohman

    Butterfly!! Come up to Cincinnati some time PLEASE! Haven't seen you since the Sarah McLachlan tour in 2005!!!

  67. UnnecessaryTodd

    I'd like to thank Gotye for introducing me to this song :P That man knows talent when he sees it. Song's been stuck in my head for weeks.... and I don't care.

  68. jezbo91

    God damn. I am so excited to see you and Missy tonight!

  69. yamoo001

    This is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head for hours, good thing its a good song :) thank you local radio and of course Butterfly Boucher

  70. Georgia Hall

    Awesome vid, cant wait to see you on Missy's tour!

  71. Marissa Moreno

    I saw you perform with Missy Higgins and I loved your style. :) So glad I finally found you! :D

  72. Roger Kingkade

    You're cool. I've always dug your sound. Come to Canada sometime!

  73. fallingxxforxxyou

    This song is legit AS!!! I'm not gonna lie I strut down the street to this song hahaha! I hope she comes to New Zealand one day! (:

  74. Mark Lapierre

    Love your work BB, so cool and quirky! Can't wait to see you and Missy kicking it in Melbourne! :D

  75. Diogo Onofre Jesus

    Been following you since Bitter song and this is one of my favorite ones. very nice song and video. You're sexy! kisses from Portugal.
    P.S: I hope I can see you live one day!

  76. chitchant

    Butterfly Boucher - singer, song-writer, producer and amazing choreographer.

  77. Lucylex1

    I found out who you were from an interview Sara Barallies did, and I havn't been able to stop listening to your music and this song since!!!!

  78. Theo Payne

    4 people don't think they can dance and also they can count from 5 to 8

  79. Gosia Kiedrzyn

    I don't think I can dance ;) , but I really like your music.. This song is amazing. Full of passion and fun :) Discover You recently (through Missy).
    I guess You wont be playing in Europe anytime soon?.. Greetings all the way from Poland..

  80. Michael Murphy

    Serena Ryder's kinda amazing too, love Canucks!

  81. Michael Murphy

    Brought this out at a very stodgy wedding yesterday, and it got everyone up dancing. Love it.

  82. Shelley Ellul

    OH SWEET!! I live in Mackay and am going to Missy's Performance at the MECC! Can't wait to see you both! Keep up the awesome work! I absolutely love this song and can't stop listening to it! It's so addictive!! (: I know it probably wouldn't be your place to, but would love to hear you and Missy perform 5678 in Mackay! Everyone I have shown this song to has absolutely loved it! Would be a MAD hit with everyone! Once again, keep up the good work and SUPER excited to see you both!! (:

  83. Madison Chapel

    Tea, cookies, and this song. Best evening ever. :D

  84. wolfkins

    Oh my! I think I really like this song! Come play the East Coast lovey! :D

  85. UnderCoverStyles

    Was watching Private Practice & this song came on, really like it. See you soon at the tivoli !! :)

  86. laylo honny

    I wanna see this on Rage!!

  87. KateLouise

    oh dear, I'm in love again.... so freakin' good!

  88. Flights of Fancy

    Yes she is really good. A great songwriter

  89. Flights of Fancy

    I saw her supporting Sarah Mclachlan. A really talented musician.

  90. Michael Murphy

    Directed from usatoday, and if I could even come close to moving like this beautiful butterfly, it'd be a crime. I'd love to dance 'looser', any hints? Love the song, infectious, addictive and delicious.

  91. Tyler Robinson

    "And the beat is our alliance..." That line is the cherry on an amazing, well put together, cake. Great song! Makes me move every time I hear it.

  92. thebutterflyboucher

    sorry, he he he.

  93. thebutterflyboucher

    yo yo, I'm playing a one off show at Hotel Cafe May 6th @9:30pm!!! BE THERE! (that's a a week and a half from now!)

  94. thebutterflyboucher

    I'll be touring in australia this June! I'll be the support act For Missy Higgins and will also be playing Bass in her band. It's gonna be a fun tour, hope you can make it out.

  95. thebutterflyboucher

    HAAAAAA, wow I'm honored! Chocolate is a big deal!

  96. brownjumper

    This song is just too damn catchy. Ok, one more listen and that's it.