Butler, Jonathan - River Of Life Lyrics

Everyday, I see your face
Like a prayer, I pray each day
That my heart would be whole
And my soul be filled
And my mind nearing you, with you

With your arms open wide
I can see in my mind
Your letter just waiting for me

I run, I walk, I fly like a bird
(I run, I walk, I fly)
I swim to the sea like a [?]
(I swim to the sea)

But I'm drifting away
Yeah, to the river of life
Oh, to the river of life
You're my river of life

Like a tower, you're my grace
Like a shield, fear every place
Surrounding with angels, the millions above
I stand on the mountain top, you show me your love

The glory around you, is all on my head
Cleanse me from everything I've done
Everything I said

I walk, I run, I swim to the sea
(I walk, I run, I swim)
I fly like a bird, like the eagle with wings
(I fly)

And I fly to your arms, deep down inside
And I fly to your arms 'cos you're my river of life
(My river, my river, my river)
You're the river of life
(My river, my river, my river)

Yeah, I fly to the river
I run to the ocean sea
I know the flowing in me
All the sounds that I hear inside of me

River, yeah
So and I run to the ocean, I circle the sea
To the river of my destiny, to the place where I'll be
Safely in your arms tonight, 'cos you're the river of life
(The river, the river, the river)

Yeah, yeah, river of life
(The river, the river, the river)
To the river of life
(The river, the river, the river)
The river of, the river of, the river of life
(The river, the river)
Yeah, the river of life
(The river, the river, the river)

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Butler, Jonathan River Of Life Comments
  1. Shezi Mzikay

    I love this song...always will

  2. Prosper Kachidza

    Wow i can still listening to all his music the river of my life melts my heart

  3. Mirabel Lebarim



    what a song,i am here 2019

  5. Foteini Bobolaki

    this song make me feel so good!!!it is a such brilliant song!!!!

  6. Mr multiverse Evillcrash


  7. Ekouman Brou

    this song is a relief. oh what a nice song!

  8. Ester Willis

    Beautiful "The River Of Life" love the lyrics and music. 🔥💋

  9. A Cute Cat and His Three Humans

    Beautiful, it gives me time to contemplate how the river of life affects me. Thanks for this composition.

  10. lish cuna

    this song remind me when i was in first year in the university and when i feel like things is hard listening to this song i was cool it heal my wounds

  11. lerato machacha

    Love this track💞💓💞💓

  12. Gugu Mabuza

    great song

  13. Cindy Nyandeni

    This song always reminds me home, the great times spent with mom, dad, two little brothers, one sister and cousin......

  14. Pauline Mongwaketse

    i love this song

  15. KHOBO

    Reminds me of my dad

  16. Sylvie Britz

    beautifull indeed...

  17. vhahangwele luther

    i get sad when songs like this get 3000 views while senseless songs get over half a billion views

    Letshego Gabole

    +vhahangwele luther I agree with you bro!

    Fleurette Van Gulden

    Those million views and overnight success dies like yesterday's technology. Here we continue to enjoy great compositions that will last into the next generation.
    Lasting legacy

  18. thaddaeus wanje

    kwul music

  19. Motumisheng Mashabela


  20. Nelisa Mpofana

    Great song indeed.

    tony michaels

    powerful song an words of truth