Busta Rhymes - Survival Hungry Lyrics

[Chorus: repeat 3X]

All my niggas dirty
Hungry and thirsty
Hitcha like 30 30 for watcha worst see
Ya know we got to get this money
Survival hungry

[Verse One:]

A yo ooh baby
What I feel is just, ha
The type of shit that make you act stupid for real, but a
Ya'll, before ya try to wear these you need to hear these
Welcome all ya'll to my world series
Ya ya ya
Elaborate on Busta Rhymes theories
Ya ya ya
I could bust your ass from half a ball Mcs
Ya ya ya
Never disrespect these monumental creating new flow
The full blast we'll hit'em hit'em hit'em high hit'em low
And while your style will soften, then my mind will drift often
To illusions of my lyrics given you massages in the coffin
The boom shock ooh wee
Horny nigga crash into a motherfuckin tree
I visualize shit and we in the place to be
Extra strength nigga bett's ta mind the party
Full fears I just pierce of in the place
Make the spot look scarce and peruse
Needles in ya face
Fuck dumb shit straight up
Keep it bouncin baby make sure you hold your wait up
A ha
Yea, just watch how the flow will change up for sure
Rippin until my niggas walk out the door


[Verse Two:]

Ya'll, I refuse to lose
Look at the news and read the interviews
Flipmode is da squad
A unit made of many crews
Give me the whole entire wheel of fortune
Makin a sacrifice no matter what the shit be coustin
And while you coughing I be flawsine like a fuckin dolphin
A lot of bitch rich niggas expernce extortion
This hours born when I'ma form
I drop a million in a one stony rocks on niggas like a fuckin hailstorm
I pulnternal my new flow
Put on your funeral home suit
And exacuted with a bang shoop
The blow torch been ignited
Those who seem exited, ha
I'ma bout ? bunch of bitch niggas and they extradited
You soundin so sloppy
Like a broken muffler draggin behind an older lobby
Once the bomb drops here's to aftermath
Scientist tried to disscet my way and formulate my craft
Worrying bout how I achieve things
The way I antilze shit and how I proceed things
My style is real like bear skin imported from the Pursuance
Follow my excoriation all the way till you feelin the newer vibe version
I complete the after feat
Destroy who ever complicate the way how I eat
Survival hungry nigga


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Busta Rhymes Survival Hungry Comments
  1. In the year 2525

    People say Busta Rymes is a legend and blah blah.. listen to the words mother fuck. He’s talking about your becoming the higher power. Get your shit together and stop thinking about human elevation. It has always been about the big cause. Cause you keep thinking money is it and Busta speaks the Real ity to you right here and forever

  2. Dank Kanal RUS 2006

    1996? This album realised in 1997

  3. jarret

    North side pittsburgh been down since disaster struck

  4. Edd Mtz

    Damn! I still know the lyrics even with the same emphasis haha this and E.L.E are my favorite albums from Busta.


    Feel that mother fuckin 808 bass.. Ina u bumbo clart belly bottom.. Iz da squad

  6. Ecid Antunes


  7. WaVy Crockett #JizzBoss

    Busta doesn't get the respect he deserves from new cats. He's always been raw even though he went pop/rap.

  8. Boom Bam74

    Raw wicked shit

  9. Stephen Thomas

    that bass line is dirty yo!!!

  10. Yoel David Hernandez

    El mejor rapero de mundo busta rhymes

  11. Paul Thornton

    still absolutely tearing it up in 2019.....

  12. Clifford Gaillard

    From : South Bronx,NYC Busta Real Deal

  13. Obkool27

    Actually 1997

  14. Robert Stevenson Jr

    You have to have that hungry feeling out here...it's the only way you can survive!...on everything...

    Jayson Sterling

    Robert Stevenson Jr. facts bro...

  15. Tanquecrack1 The Boss

    Greetings from Spain

  16. Beyo NDsavin

    Let’s go y’all !!!! Fer Trump !!!!

  17. Darius Clayburn


  18. Rondell Adams

    Perfect combo Busta an Scratch💯

  19. Eli Cordero

    Busta killed it. Dope 🔥

  20. Tsietsi Mogase

    the best

  21. Zadokel Moor

    Yeah Busta Rhymes I love all his music but he's a dick in person

  22. Shakhae Merrifield


  23. STIZZ

    Comfession : When I was young I was never into keeping my 👂 to the streets to see what new mixtape was being dropped. Always came home from school to hear the sounds of music being blasted by my uncles East & West Coast music. This album from Busta Rhymes was my first owned music CD ever and this shit turned out to be 🔥

  24. Black Hoodie

    so grimey. one of my favorite albums right here

    DJ Tim space King

    I love the whole rhymes and everything but I love the hook when my brother he brought the cassette tape I had that song on repeat and so hard rest in peace j dilla

    Caroline Morgan

    Black Hoodie you talking real Waves

  25. Hollywood P

    Busta Remains Raw!!

  26. francisco Martínez

    was released in 1997---

  27. Adam Gordon

    When BUSTA cut his dreads off is when he lost it !! He's Jamaican and that's where they get their strength from true story, his first 4 albums were bananas, I think after the genisis album is when he started falling off !! And DJ scratch teared up this beat dope, sounds like a mixture of onyx's street niggaz and black dust tracks 🔥🔥

    FX VOX

    @ Adam Gordon, You also remember the strong Samson in the bible whom Delilah convinced him to cut his hair(Judges 16:19)? Possibly after He hit it.
    Samson Knew of his strength through his dreads and has been a Nazirite to the Righteous so. Wisdom in Da Di dread for Wisdom is better than strength.

  28. Josue Bessette

    1997 !!!

  29. Internet Supervillain

    Fuck man. I'm so old now. I had this CD when I was 13 (mom took it from me). This was my favourite track though, still remember it. Thx for the upload. Rap may be dead in the industry but the good shit lives on in YouTube.

    Michael Jones

    Internet Supervillain I was 16....I'm old too. 😂

  30. Matthew Campbell

    Busta MA fukkn rhymes!!!!!!!

  31. Bizzy Outlaw

    King Kong of Brooklyn....

  32. Nenuconcha

    dope shit!

  33. Anthony Ryan

    the goodness

  34. Damien White

    this rap that new shit is not rap

  35. Julius Cooper

    Busta rhymes Top 5 on my list the coming and this album were just too hard

  36. Colonel Strickland

    "F$×k dumb ish/ straight up/ keep it bouncing baby makes all your hold your weight up, ah huh, yeah huh"

  37. Josue Bessette

    its 97 !!!!

  38. StelfBombz

    DJ Scratch produced songs for ONYX and Busta respectively. That nay be why the tracks sound similar.

    Adam Gordon

    StelfBombz : EPMD too 🔥🔥

  39. Togzin Nhla


  40. trevorpinnocky

    Shitzzz Cray-Zheee!!!
    Busta what happened?


    the market got hungry for dumb shit and he had to make dumb shit to remain relevant. it happens man.

  41. Daniel


  42. Ringolero

    The flow on this is Fucking Ludicrous!, especially the first few.

  43. Yes Sirr

    This that shit...

  44. Dr. SuperFunk

    this was bustas last good album, he went downhill after this

    Just Me

    Dr. SuperFunk I disagree!!!


    Dr. SuperFunk so 97,98, and 99 busta was trash? Lol

    William Fitch

    You're out of your friggin mind. I can tell you don't listen to hip hop. You hear it.. But you don't listen. Theres only 2 people on earth that has flow like Bus. Eminem and Joyner Lucas. Bus being the greater of the 3. Hard azz lyrics with that flow and the raspy Jamaican voice? Hands down, the best hip hop concert performer in history. Still to this day even being rich af and still droppin mixtapes for the streets. Busta rhymes fell off? Foh

    Adam Gordon

    Dr. SuperFunk : You sound stupid seriously... ELE, Anarchy, were dope AF 🔥🔥 Busta fell off after the Genesis album imo.

    Erik Powery


  45. camilo escobar


  46. Dr. SuperFunk



    Hear you babe..

    the adlibs gets me HYPED //AHHH ! oooww bayybe. YA YA YAAAH !

  48. Abraham Palmer

    People don't understand busta rhymes is a legend to the rap game. Busta rhymes is one of the most creative and unique rap artist in the 90s.

    Santiago Montalvo-venegas

    Not rap hip hop

  49. MajestyProds


  50. Mr222ht

    THIS is my favourite album. THIS song was/is not on the album I own. THIS is the first time I have heard THIS song. Was THIS only on the US version? Why ain't it on mine?

  51. inqmaster

    Come on, all those Dr.dre guys are making wack tunes with stupid lyrics about ho's and getting paid, I wonder when Busta get's his very own earplugs :P Really don't understand why he had to fuck up like that, he used to be the best rapper around.

  52. Alexander Duprey

    Busta was too a head of his time. Like he were to come out now like he did back in the day, he would flip the mainstream on it's head. Now he's just making money not music

  53. NeckNoddinOnDaBeat

    oooh how i wish he didn't sell himself out to the industry....i miss the old busta he was the shit back in the dayz

  54. hellrazor24

    i got this album when i was 13. i miss the old busta, he was so fuckin sick back then. this album was such a pleasure to listen to.

  55. TheWeaponx9


  56. Brotquadrateck

    I'm really sorry to tell you, but the old Bust is ded.

  57. jaymezy26

    @Junglist1996 sadly agree

  58. Junglist1996

    When i hear this, and compare it with him, nowadays, he really sold out...

  59. mariok64

    @trickshotuhble not rapper but "MC"

  60. mariok64

    @trickshotuhble not rapper but "MC"

  61. India Brown

    i miss the old busta

  62. depret5

    cruzzin with a fat puff ....back in tha day

  63. tom

    i used to get in trouble fro listening to this album lmao.yayayoh-

  64. tjm2678

    damn lil nugggah talk about a throw back for that 33 yr old...wake the fuck up lil rappppppers

  65. QueenAries0327


  66. 1986kimdyer

    real hip hop...only 20 views...proves u n00bz dont knkow shit bout shit that came out b4 d internet...smoked soooo many bluntz ridin around the city 2 dis


    1986kimdyer 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭💯💯💯