Busta Rhymes - Get High Tonight Lyrics

[Verse 1:]

Before I set it off and show what I'm gonna do to ya
Possess the bomb chocolate from off Lynden and Utica
My real live niggas in the place and no queen
Wave your splif high son
Fuck the bullshit
When your arms are open
My palms release the bomb
Reviving the alarm
My word is bond
Scream at niggas through the intercom
Up to date, let's roller skate
Yo my whole squad smoking aint straight unless we smoking at eight
High rate, I always produce the potion
Weed smoking got me moving slow motion like we floatin on relax ocean
All my peeps who feel high
Dont want you darkin shades, there's to much smoke up in your eye
Keep it swingin listen to all of my bells ringin
My get high has niggas wantin to start singin
And this goes out to those that smoke out the bong
And all my bitches in the place who roll they own draws

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Buy a nickel bag
Smoke a little lye
Get high tonight
Get high tonight

[Verse 2:]

Yo, bounce back you just caught the contact african black overreact
I'm bout to bench the whole wack must interact on every track
Blow this spot down niggas break fool and smoke across the world almanac
My sons that don't smoke and get high
drinkin Cognac, Hennesey, Cristal but wait
What's goin on with dat?
With the deal done sometimes I sip Jamaican white rum
Taste with a little milk, I know y'all niggas want some
Represent where you from needing some tic tacs and gum
So a nigga breath don't blahhh!!!
Get high, then i get fly
When i be shopping at the atrium
Smoking in the center of Yankee stadium
Stand strong, yes we rock on and on
The Flipmode stamps all of my songs
They get a place them niggas must perfrom
Smoke till your brain fry
So high you can't open your eye
My niggas need to just

[Chorus 5X]

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Busta Rhymes Get High Tonight Comments
  1. Lin kuei warrior kamaal

    plenty of la was smoked to this track back in 1997

  2. Valid Project


  3. Mo Aji

    I miss this Busta

  4. roope akkila

    Hip hop foreva!

  5. Bornaking

    Do a little dance, make a little love, get high tonight, get high tonight 🎶🎶😋💨

  6. Wolf Lauren

    There's a station with like a million cops next to Yankee Stadium (the old one) lmao

  7. Andrew Flood

    i love this song !!!!

  8. Ellie Boo

    Wish rappers would go back to the old school the beats are a million times better than the shit you get today the beats are so much more simple fuck all these mumble rappers hip hop come back please

  9. Ziggybam Murphy

    1997-sophmore year high school....wheres did the time go? better yet, where did all the good hip-hop go?

  10. The Great Džoni


  11. Thereisnoname

    Its legal!

  12. Duckie11412

    All the way fuckkkkkkked

  13. Jamar Talmadge

    This shit fire son 97 shit

  14. STIZZ

    My first rap CD

  15. Kenneth Kitavi

    still listening to this funk,dope!!!!

  16. Eldridge Martin

    Get high tonight

  17. Colonel Strickland

    "yo, bounce back, did just caught the contact, African black, overreact"

    Gareth Evans

    Colonel Strickland


  18. Steezy J

    Its about to be 2018 and I'm still bumping this raw ...

    Dan P

    And into 2019...

  19. Corentin Clausen

    Just buy today the album. I'm like a king in my ford K. HOT

  20. Jamael carr

    20 years from the original release and this joint still makes my neck sore...

  21. Parish Drumgoole

    This is something you bump to on 420 😂😂😂💯

  22. Lenon Thavede

    Hoje preciso de uma tipo banana.

  23. Keith Witcher

    Busta Rhymes Get High Tonight song is a nice jam. [email protected] title. His lyrics are funny LOL. When Disaster Strikes album is a classic. I like the album pictures. I love Busta Rhymes.

  24. SuperDavi jr

    Many blunt sessions to this track...

    Mr. Man's Man

    hehe nice


    True...memories of 1997



  26. Nate C W

    19 people waited all afternoon in the parking lot and dude never showed.


    😂 you know they confused & mad as all fuckin hell

  27. KingKye

    Its almost the end of 2016 and its still hot!!!!!!!!

  28. Wolf Blizz

    Aww mann..Classic! one of my favs by Busta..used to always listen to this joint , getting dressed to go out, Friday nights in Nyc, 1997 🌿💨💨

    dominique taylor

    Did you move from NYC?

  29. Kevin Abate


  30. tharealezg

    First Rap cd i got. Still listenin

  31. Nate Andrus

    What are some more songs similar to this style/flow?


    Nothin.Bus a Bus is rare

    Marc Rainey

    If you listen to enough Redman you’ll hear some similarities eventually.

  32. Nate Andrus

    Busta and odb were Kings

    Jamar Talmadge

    Nate Andrus they we're more than king they are emperors

  33. BigVonte7

    my favorite rapper since '95...1st time I heard got ya all in check

  34. Dead Pool

    happy 420!

  35. Queen2u

    Dope Hip Hop! Classic shyt!

  36. vvwalla

    A smooth busta is a good busta

  37. Viktor Ereg

    best song

  38. GrowingDownUnder

    High nigguh pie!

  39. Joel Oliver

    Still on this ma'f*cka

  40. Queen2u

    I miss REAL Hip Hop.

    M K

    real hiphop still well alive you just blind, deaf and stubborn asf


    This song takes me right back to my high school days growing up in Brooklyn, NY... I miss real hip hop

  41. SouthFlorida’96


  42. EP's All Systems Ready

    Good sound quality. Good song! 

  43. Callum Brown

    hip hop brought me here 

  44. Bobbin' Williams

    Weirdly comedic rap.

  45. Ciorchinele Suprem

    do a little dance,make a little love,get down tonight

    Colonel Strickland

    Good ear

    Coolnvigilant 88


    Wolf Lauren

    Clean version lol

  46. Dr. SuperFunk

    this was when busta was keeping it raw

    Bobbin' Williams

    Raw as eva.


    Dr. SuperFunk on me the 90s were real

  47. Monkey Mutant Boss

    12/31/2013....I dedicate this to my peeps in Colorado!

  48. Sara Daly

    hell Ya!!!!!!

  49. R.A.P.M.A.N.I.A.C.

    2013 shows how few artists where doing it for the love of music an not just doing whats popular at the time..

  50. nistramo

    big up..

  51. R.A.P.M.A.N.I.A.C.

    hell no he didnt he made alot of classic tracks


    R.A.P.M.A.N.I.A.C. he sure the hell did!

  52. smokeitalltheway

    I don't think busta got the fame he deserves. For over 10 years now, he's had his own style and swag. Hip Hop needs busta.

  53. Dr. SuperFunk

    thats my shit