BUNT. - Little Secrets Lyrics

Everybody's got his own way
How to handle all the trouble
Life will put you through
Everybody's got a secret
How to stand it when you're weakend
My secret is you
'Cause you're the anchor holding on to me
Pushing like the wind
You set me free
'Cause baby

La-la-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la-la, like you

Well everybody's bonfire is burning
We are burning, we are burning
And overall you still got me yearning
I am burning just for you

I am burning just for you

Lately I've been thinking about the things we used to do
The dreams coming true
Baby, I've been standing
The game you play, the things you say, the things I said to you
Everything you mean to me
All the things I do believe
And baby

La-la-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la-la, like you

Well everybody's bonfire is burning
We are burning, we are burning
And overall you still got me yearning
I am burning just for you

I am burning just for you

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BUNT. Little Secrets Comments
  1. Finnja and the Nature


  2. Caleb Holloway

    My crush told me to check this band out lol puts a huge smile on my face

  3. Nexbit

    Op drop🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. TheTechster123

    Can I use this song on YouTube copyright free?

  5. noahsduck 4

    This is probably my #1 top favorite song but it's the only song I like by BUNT. Nobody? Just me....

  6. أخيل

    Seems like Avicii ❤
    Great song.

  7. James Van

    This gives me chill

  8. Juan Sanz

    This isn't music,this is magic!

  9. aku haris

    Flppin cmments be like "Avicii vibe", "Its Wake Me Up by Avicii" are so cancerous. When will we appreciate a new folkhouse DJ. Yes he is like Avicii but please they have their own styles.

  10. Mriganku Saharia

    Avicii is reborn 😮😢

  11. Mayer CD

    Nice 👍🔥🔥

  12. Martin Miller

    Sounds like some House M.D. background song when Greg is thinking 'bout life! Love it!

  13. its sareX

    this is an amazing mix of house/Avicii style and bluegrass! Beautiful song!

  14. Yanto2013

    Lovin' this! :O)

  15. Даулет Минутпек

    Avicii style ^^

  16. Miedzinsh. exe

    Mikusam sita dziesma patik


  17. Krazy

    I can see so much germany in this song

  18. reztu Nugroho

    Cool video

  19. Street24

    Does anybody know another artists making this kind of music? 'Cause I only know Bunt and some Avicci songs, but nothing else.

    Anh Tuấn Nguyễn

    streetwave24 nah, just only them

  20. Mr Confettis

    Jaime trop cette musique oui je commente en français 😍😂

  21. Reid Harris

    Truly amazing video edit. Thanks for creating and thanks for sharing.

  22. MasterDroid HD

    que generó es esta canción amigos alguien que me diga ???

  23. hopeless.

    I thought this was an ad because this music is used in a German commercial lol

  24. MARC

    One of the few modern songs that still has a good and remarkable melody.
    I'm over 30 and appreciate it!

  25. Nguyễn Thanh Tân

    Có ai là Việt Nam không ???

  26. Paul Bowl CP

    avicii its you?

    Anh Tuấn Nguyễn

    Paul Bowl CP let him rest bro...

    Paul Bowl CP

    Anh Tuấn Nguyễn  he is not reading this .-.

  27. Mortal7

    really good song :)

  28. Muhammad Fadhel

    When release your new song?

  29. Muhammad Fadhel

    What genre this music?

  30. Nickk888SAMP

    This sounds really like Avicii :D Really good! ^^


    Folk House for sure

  32. Ánh Vân Đỗ

    i'm goosebump. this makes me remind avicii

  33. Raghav Prasad


  34. amaan ali

    Wow! Amazing awesome music.........
    Are U AVICII's Brother........
    lol jxt kidding awesome


    BUNT. Music You guuys are the next generation of Avicii

  36. sandsoos

    I'm in love with this 😂

  37. NHH zz

    Wow !! the drop 😇

  38. Tài Tinh Tế

    Avicii 2.0

  39. Themellow.


  40. ur60x

    Mo Salah brought me here :)

  41. Camilo Black

    i love buuuuuuuntttt omg alway vibing in my heart

  42. Aurelia Hayfa Rayna

    rememmber Avicii

  43. Letycya Silva Amancio

    Nossa que top

  44. Malique Martin

    Mo Salah 🔥

  45. masterawanxx23

    damn i just fall in love with bunt !!

  46. Noctus Owl

    Im listening all day long to this song, I dont know but there is something special in it, I fell in love with this ❤

  47. Int Bb

    Mohamed Salah

  48. User 123

    great video! 10/10

  49. David Bonin

    my favorit song of the year

  50. Snøwmaster


  51. lili

    Very Good lyrics

  52. Pixel Pentool

    Where can i find the original filming used in the video?

  53. Potatarz ngnova

    so CHILL

  54. qwertz.

    beautiful asf

  55. Daniel Polák

    Avicii style only for me ? But good song !😆👌

  56. Parn


  57. Anthony Barbet

    Oh god this is basically the best music video I've ever watched 😱

  58. Jasper Drake

    where is this shot? great song

  59. Mypon Drop / Beat //

    Perfect Melo

  60. Mohamed Gamal

    bunt is a legend

  61. Evilcrawfish

    this song is so awesome!

  62. 부계정

    Hello, I am a person who makes a mad movie in Korea. Can I use my Mad Movie source and use it?

  63. Cương Quốc

    What a fucking amzing song!!!

  64. Rodeke

    Iceland <3 !

  65. missmarta2009

    Wooowwwww ❤️❤️❤️

  66. Mateusz Odrobina

    Mo Salah <3

  67. Quentin Fourie

    great song guys <3

  68. dżejk

    it's rly awesome, it's something like happy singing about something sad or just about problem.. i mean, I reslly like iit! <333

  69. onion head

    this song makes me happy

  70. Philbo

    Hammer Lied BUNT! :)

  71. Nicolas Pillis

    Ça me relaxxxxxx

  72. ASM

    Unreal mod folk

  73. 4 tomato


  74. Killerpants1125

    what is this genre of music? i love this track!

    Anthony GOATvis

    EDM in general... more specifically its Folk House

  75. Alexander

    amazing video & song!! <3

  76. GusttGold

    Tô ouvindo muita essa músicaaa

  77. Guga

    This song remember me avicci

  78. Kevin Fooken

    Isn't it from Damien Damien?😅

  79. Burai

    so beautiful <3

  80. Monstercat: Unleashed

    Nice job.

  81. • Xz

    This vibe <3

  82. Prince King

    Where Bunt. been.......................................

  83. Gєяιʌl ϟ

    Bunt. 😍👏

  84. GroNzly

    Iceland !

  85. Arnold Hernández

    Country Electro or what??

    Erick Vilca

    Arnold Hernandez Rivera IS "FOLK HOUSE" , FOLK INDIE MAN

  86. BlueW4rrioR

    The kings of folk house are back!!! <3

  87. Pin

    Sam Kolder edit this video? lol

  88. Olga Audy Patra

    omg this video is so good remind me about avicii this is the coolest video ive seen in 2018 so far

  89. Siz

    Do you guys think there is some country music in this song? I kinda do

    Anthony GOATvis

    Yeah... it’s folkhouse... has that country vibe.... the only type of country I can stand😂


    It sounds pretty good :)

  90. joalo hg

    Passion Pit version is still better.

  91. Sejejonas5

    Dem happy feels!:3

  92. Y J


  93. UiPio

    Key 😍✌🏾👍🏾🤞🏾

  94. Rick Archer

    BUNT. is Kkona

  95. AZF Royal


  96. Abdel Hamiid Abiid

    bunt got us into folk house 💓💓

  97. 30,000 Subscribers without Video

    Our New Avicii 2.0 (2018 version) ! but call him Bunt. though!

    Love you Bunt. !

    Erick Vilca

    Omy no is style Avicii , is Style BUNT. man

    ImDemonz :D


  98. Proximity

    5 minute squad? Comment to win 5 stickers. :D


    What are stickers?


    You made something similar... last year this month

    Stranger Danger

    Gimme my stickers