BUNT. - For You My Love Lyrics

Since the day you came and stole my heart
I'd do anything for you, you
I'd build a plane to take me to the stars
Yeah, I'd go anywhere for you, you

Ain't it something, I keep coming
Back chasing the high

I'm running to you
I'll keep rising
I won't give up, I won't give up
Running to you
I'll keep fighting
For you my love, for you my love

I'd climb up Everest, I'd climb the moon
Just to make my way to you, you
I'd swim Bermuda's three walls of blue
Yeah, and still find you, you

Ain't it something, I keep coming
Back chasing the high

I'm running to you
I'll keep rising
I won't give up, I won't give up
Running to you
I'll keep fighting
For you my love, for you my love
Running to you
I'll keep rising
I won't give up, I won't give up
Running to you
I'll keep fighting
For you my love, for you my love

For you my love, for you my love
For you my love, for you my love
For you my love, for you my love
For you my love

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BUNT. For You My Love Comments
  1. CaesarChavéz

    it looks like canada maybe? 2:36 - Moraine Lake ?

  2. Kay el Eevee

    I love The song but.. I feel some bad for The other one who drive xd

  3. kommi nilsen

    The reason this sound like avicii is because its folktronica/folk house which all his famous songs are like wake me up, hey brother,The nights

  4. Bertha Angelica Orcada Pariona

    Estas personas deberian tener mas de 1 000 0000 de suscriptores sus musuicas son hermosas

  5. reynaldii _

    Remind avicii

  6. Aditya Singh

    After avicii.. Coming here makes me happy.. 😀

  7. xoxo Xavier

    Sounds like Avicii 😍💕

  8. Football Maestro

    These Avicii good vibes <3

  9. Haonan Tan

    Like it!

  10. AxTech

    I'm not kidding I thought this had at least 1bill veiws it's an epic song

  11. Anh Tuấn Nguyễn

    Who think their music exactly heard like china and US mixed edm?

  12. Trung Tứ Nguyễn

    *-i love music❤❤-*

  13. Leyn

    Ich liebe dieses Lied, die Melodie, die Emotionen! Gibt es eventuell eine Acapella Version? Ich würde so gern einen kleinen Remix machen, natürlich nur für mich zum lernen, ich will auf gar keinen Fall Geld damit machen, es wär echt klasse wenn ihr mir antworten könntet :)

  14. الكعبي سجاد

    very nice 😍.

  15. Hưng Phấn

    your music sound like avicii =( and i love it

  16. Erick Vilca


  17. Jackson Silva

    0:50 put YouTube at a minimum speed and see the drone's reflection passing in the windshield of the car. kkkkkkk

  18. Jaxon Burt

    Where is all this scenery shot at? Canada?

  19. Quan Trieu

    It avicii

  20. Cường Đặng Hữu

    Nhạc hay lắm, nghe rất cảm xúc

  21. wAndER

    this is so underrated

  22. Ryan Patawari

    Avicii vibes ...

  23. Shakura

    <3 when can i say it :(

  24. Quynh Hoang

    Avicii no.2?

  25. panic head Raze

    He is avicii's ghost....😈

  26. ggggggh

    Muy pocas visitas para este temazo :/

  27. Thành Nguyễn

    Nice job bros 👍

  28. Tuan Nguyen

    son of avici :v

  29. Thụy Ngô Tường

    you remind me of Avicii.

  30. Brandon Cayetano De La Cruz


  31. Hitanshu S


  32. John Hut

    I guess this will be the new Avicii

  33. Công Nguyễn Thành Duy

    *Good luck, love you*

  34. C H I L L

    *_avicii2_ <3

  35. Guille Fdez

    Sois lo mejor, you are the best guys. 👏👏

  36. Jon Snow

    Ich weiß dass ihr das nicht hören wollt Jungs. Aber bitte greift nicht nach den Sternen wenn ihr irgendwann endlich den Riesenerfolg findet. Bleibt bodenständig und so wie ihr jetzt seid. Ich will euch nicht an die Drogen/Erfolgssucht verlieren wie die Welt gerade Avicii verloren hat


  37. M Nur Hafiz

    The next of Avicii

    Nhuận Đỗ

    yes !!!

    ImDemonz :l

    Of BUNT*

    Erick Vilca


  38. Mona Jaekel


  39. ‽ æ

    It deserves to be dedicated to my girlfriend 😍 just majestic

  40. Kati xD


  41. Valentino Mosses

    good work BUNT.

  42. Evan Pelham

    Y'all should Remix Damien Jurado Over rainbows and rainier

  43. Paulo Dybala

    Sinedd - Lionel Messi

  44. Ekstraklasowicz Mecze i Inne

    Is beautiful song

  45. ashraf khan

    love from India

  46. Célia Bolognesi


  47. Karin Kruup

    This is amazing!!!!! The single and the video! WOW!!!!

    BUNT. Music

    Thank you!

  48. MrLegav


  49. Max Humenyuk

    amazing guys!

  50. Vex Flix


  51. Warviza

    greetings from Mexico, you are the best 💜👌

  52. Sal Allarakhia

    This beat is beautiful...

  53. rupesh baniya

    love it

  54. CASCAR

    wow just awesome :D

  55. Chris Merdoh

    For my soulmate Nicole!

  56. manuel vavassori

    No words for this song, only AMAZING!

  57. Charlie C

    This is amazing 💜
    Saw an ad on my insta feed and I’m so glad I checked it out!

  58. Clear Sounds

    Awesome song ❤️

  59. Hexon

    Awesome song and really liked the music video ! Keep it up !


    BUNT. Vibe <3

  61. dz. / Dizzy Border

    Wow, so awesome song... from Japan🇯🇵.

  62. rtd

    I swear I heard this song ages ago.

  63. Vedant Bodhe

    Piece of art is what this is❤️

  64. anita de la cruz

    I love it. you're Always amazing

  65. Hoàn Ngọc

    có phải đây là avicii ??? this is avcii

    Công Nguyễn Thành Duy

    Lạc trôi đâu đây ông

    Hoàn Ngọc

    thấy hay nên ghe :v vs lại phong cách làm nhạc giống Avcii nữa

    Tin Tức Mỗi Ngày

    Avicii tương lai

    Khiêm Nguyễn

    avicii 2.0 nghe giống v

  66. Yova Ni

    wow que gran track Bunt, Felicidades Un Track De Calidad Como todas sus producciones,
    Saludos desde Centro America, Guatemala

  67. Hamdan O

    Like it

  68. LoopHunters

    Summer is coming !!! This track is so 🔥 🔥 🔥

  69. Ankur Datta

    For you my love 😍😍😍😍

  70. Chill Sensation

    Richtig geil jungs! 🔥❤

  71. Grex

    'nother great one

  72. Shadow Raven Gaming

    One of your guys best songs!!! 🙌🏼❤️

  73. Geometry Dash Geometrer


  74. Rosli Matt

    This song need to viral not just a few K

  75. Y.H

    like it ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+

  76. a paradise bird


  77. 浮雲 떠 다니는 구름

    cool song🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. Blondfire66

    Schönes Lied. Hab es vor ein paar Monaten schon mal bei proximity irgendwo gehört ( https://youtu.be/GJDUWw94Sig ) trotzdem wie immer auch ein super schönes Video!

    BUNT. Music

    Vielen Dank! Genau, wir hatten es schon im Mixtape gehabt :)

  79. Aram Alonso

    This video deserves more views! It's perfect....

  80. Paul Ilynych

    you are the best, don`t stop doing this music, you will have a success

  81. SssHhhAaaRrrKkkYyySss

    Fucking amazing song Bunt ❤️🎈

    I m always in love with your new songs 🏕⛰❤️

  82. Justin Anderson

    Looks like Lake Louise in Banff at 2:22

  83. Ivanchoo Espindola

    Son unos genios..! Sigan así..!

  84. Amra S

    such a beautiful song and video💕

  85. Oisin Davis

    Just what I needed to kick off the long weekend in style :D

  86. Abdel Hamiid Abiid

    for you my love 👌

  87. 100% Asilva

    '_: I liked

  88. Mecsta Tai

    Thumbs UP for sure..🙊

  89. Sam G

    Lyrics so lame but the sound is so dope

  90. xDarKii

    Starkes Ding :)

  91. Rodrigo RQ

    Que bues track 😀❤️

  92. SecretMediaGmbh

    Ist wie immer schön zum relaxen. Macht weiter so!

  93. Tomorrow`s Raver

    Waiting for this song since Volkhouse Mix Vol.4

    ericks vilca

    yo tambien

  94. BlaugranaTV ™


  95. gametimer42

    Finally! I'm so glad, simply amazing :D

  96. TheFloflo2204

    Another amazing song ! BUNT. is clearly the best, thanks guys !!