Bull, Dan - Welcome To The World Of Warcraft Lyrics

[Verse 1: Shizzy VI]
You're looking at the biggest beast in Warcraft
Armour way stronger than the steel that your sword has
Sharper than the claws of every demon you've encountered
And I'm known for burning legions, since no one matches my power
Blood spills, I get the taste for fun
Pop flyer than a Harpy you'll be leaving as a faceless one
Will I rule this world no doubt one day
Cos I'm way sicker than the Corrupted Blood Plague
Planetary burner, igniting all your servers
The bull's running with me, your only options to serve us
The moment players heard us, they've bowed at the auras
Without the need of combat, and honestly it bores us
Cos no one comes close to a smidgen of my strength
No race no faction, no ones shortening the length
Of time I'll be sitting on my throne, try? I'll split you
You'll be swimming with the fishes, floating with the Jinyu's
You're nothing but a gnome, what's a Dwarf to a Dragon?
Nothing but an insect, a fly I'll get to smackin'
Standing twice as tall as a Magantaur, savage boss
The biggest threat to ever be spawned in Azeroth
The more that I reign, the more I get colder
Executing everything from Imps to Ogres
Voidwalkers, Trolls, every part of the Forsaken
Every treasure in the world is mine for the taking
Every human in the game and those at their computer screen
Better take note that tyranny ain't new to me
A demigod but I'm far from Cenarius
The Dryads took note of that, and so they stay far from us
My only alliance is with Dan, get in line
For the slaughter that we're bringing forth, it worsens as time
Goes by, so say your goodbyes, no matter the amount
Cos after this moment, you're losing you account

[Hook: Shizzy VI]
Welcome to the World of Warcraft [x4]

[Verse 2: Dan Bull]
Thank you, Shizzy
I'm the Asher Roth of Azeroth
Watch a man with Valor mock you
To abyssal depths amid the hellfire I ran amok
I live on got it on lock mode
Dan's hit a crossroads
I take a dollar and change it to a million
I've got loads
I go hard
I'm not just rock hard, I'm stone hard
Flow hard
Oh no, there are more blowhards
I'm a bard that's assured to make you laugh
Ask Mike Tyson what type of fuel you put in a car?
While other stars rest in Beverly Hills
Brad Pitt's polar opposite sites developing skills
You're acting silly, thus I spit with venom, spite
And more vocal gadgets than Iron Man while you're a Mennonite
Eminem consults me for advice
I'm Marshall's refuge
Point in case: I told him if he'd get rude
He'd get huge
I said a clever song would sell when beats are banging
Man, I love giant sub basslines and a grand piano
And I sure watch a lot of twerk clips on YouTube today
I love thunder-clapping buns
Show me that booty bay!
But when the storm peaks don't let the thunder mar
The wrinkles of grimmer things
Swinging in your bra's underwire
With all those ratchet hoes acting gross
Don't they actually know
About Venereal Disease?
They could be catching loads
I roll with practice
The fact is it makes a tighter joint
I don't vote for UKIP but I see Nigel's point
Listen chum, I come from brum, a panned area
But It's brill, and is where Tolkien lived, man, where are you?
So take your gangsta clichés and all that junk back
I don't own a single gun to necessitate a gun rack
But after my hammer falls
You'll feel the sword of vengeance
Landing on you like a thousand needles
String you up and left you hanging by a thread
See the blood, watch it trickle down
Amidst the mist, I've buried more bears than a fricking triple town
My rhymes are dark, sure
Well out of the suns reach
To the point where the dusk would be some relief
I'll do a thirty two bar verse on thumping beats
But some of you don't ever look and see the puns beneath
I've never let a failed conquest hold me under see
My domination points to genius with every tumbling leaf
Rap's lumberjack, I fell wood but when I splinter tree
Post traumatic stress flows into me
Cold and fresh as a winter spring
What can I do for a song?
I'm sure by now you've got an inkling
I've got to win, to hold the honor, grasp it tight
I grow old and see the west fall before I waive control of the mic

[Hook: Shizzy VI]
Welcome to the World of Warcraft [x2]

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Bull, Dan Welcome To The World Of Warcraft Comments
  1. ThePenguGamer

    2020 anyone? Still love this. I'd love a new WoW song for Shadowlands.

  2. Bergwacht

    [3. Local Defense] The Crossroads is under attack!
    [3. Local Defense] The Crossroads is under attack!
    [3. Local Defense] The Crossroads is under attack!
    [3. Local Defense] The Crossroads is under attack!

  3. 0 Zerocopy

    How am I just now finding this?

  4. Son of Europe

    "Holla" might be a reference to Preach Gaming.
    "A man with valor mock you" -> Valormok
    Abyssal Depths
    "I got it on lock mode, Dan's hit..." -> Loch Modan
    "I take a dollar and..." -> Dalaran
    "I'm stone hard" -> Stonard
    "What type of fuel you put in a car? Gath." ->Kargath
    "Rest in Beverly Hills, Brad Pitt's polar opposite..." -> Hillsbrad
    "More vocal gadgets than iron man" -> Gadgetzan
    Marshall's Refuge
    "I said a clever song would sell..." -> Eversong Woods
    "I love giant sub basslines..." -> Isle of Giants
    Booty Bay
    Storm Peaks
    "The wrinkles or grimmer things" -> Orgrimmar
    "I see Nigel's point" -> Nijel's Point
    "A panned area" -> Pandaria
    "A gun rack" -> Gundrak
    "Sword of vengeance falling on you..." -> Vengeance Fall
    Thousand Needles
    "My rhymes are dark, sure" -> Darkshore
    Sun's reach
    "Where the dusk would be..." -> Duskwood
    "let a failed conquest hold me under..." -> Conquest Hold
    Domination Point
    Splinter Tree
    "Got to win, to grasp the honour..." -> Winter Grasp
    Did I miss any of Dan's puns? :D

  5. Chronistic

    hooooooly shit dan bull and VI have worked together?

  6. Fugy wata

    wau nice flow bro ;)

  7. Garazdrengi

    So many clever wow references, but the Splintertree post was the best =)

  8. Rafał Jenderse

    I love Warcraft

  9. Waylon Neal

    Not gonna lie, I feel incredibly epic listening to this beat.

  10. 13EasyFace12

    Lel... Quue grande🔥🔥🔥

  11. Lexi Barrow

    Showing my Wowhead of a mother was awesome!

  12. Vault Boy

    Finally 1 million views

  13. TarrenMill_ WariussW

    Wow niceee

  14. GFXbySage

    I lost it at Kargath.

  15. Gamarleton

    surprised i hadn't seen this earlier.
    youtube recommendation algorithm is fired.

  16. Tricus

    Rep increased.

  17. Bubbel Wolfeh

    In honor of the new expansion coming soon (BfA), I decided to do this
    The hidden puns are in " "
    1: I got it on "lock mode Dan's" hit a crossroads
    2: I said a "clever song would sell" when beats are banging
    3: and "I sure watch" a lot of twerk clips on youtube today
    4: "I'll do a" thirty two bar verse on thumping beats

    All of those to me sound like
    1: Loch Modan
    2: Eversong Woods
    3: Azure Watch
    4: Ulduar

  18. Michael The BoomBringer

    YESSSSSSS! I want more

  19. Malgax The Great

    I cast Gun.

  20. lemond3mon

    GATH.....best line ever

  21. PieGodOfEarth

    This isn't #ofwarweek

  22. Beta Gaming

    Anyone got the instrumental of this song?

  23. Adrien Doste

    That was really cool, the chorus in the background sounds epic :d

  24. Neku Sakuyaraba

    What was that beat man

  25. Charada ?

    Top esse rap

  26. MrAJEO

    Horde bias

  27. x Leviathxn x

    Instead of Cenarius they should have used the father of Cenarius. Literally a god who fought in the war of the ancients (the biggest war in WoW history apart from the burning legion attack in Legion) . I play the game but I’m not good at lore so if I got that wrong please feel free to correct me.

  28. Daniel Kendall

    Lyrical genius.

  29. vathrris

    just the way you guys worked zones and stuff into the song the way you did 10/10 amazing

  30. Alex De Deth

    what is the background music called?

  31. x Leviathxn x

    He mentioned the Corrupted Blood Incident 😱😱😱and I guess

    FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!

  32. ShaRk.

    "Ask Mike Tyson what Type of fuel you put in a car"

  33. somedude ingame

    dan make a song about the new world of warcraft exspansion

    somedude ingame

    make one with heavy terror beats like i know you can do

  34. Mr Peanut

    Anywhere I can Find The Instrumental

  35. Jake Coyne

    You guys really need to give it another go for legion+battle for azeroth. This is probably my favorite track you've made, dan

  36. Blandine R.

    Peter Hollens vocal instrumental ?

  37. Timo Schäfer

    wow that´s fucking amazing. where can I get the Beat?

  38. Hordz


  39. NerdyNaga

    dam flow r1 , beat r1, gg yal drop mo pls

  40. Agrippa da Rippa

    All you do is flex, while yo pet does the works
    Sittin there and spamming arcane shot, yeah thats real skill
    You think you are tanky but I eat you, get merked
    The difference between good and bad hunters? the difference is nill.

    Play a class that takes skill, not one that mashes the board
    I would go harder on you but I have respect for the horde.
    You die by my dots, deter can't defend shit
    Try to defend yourself and you'll get lit
    by every single class calling huntards idiotic

  41. SirFluffles

    anybody got a link to the instrumental for this song?

  42. RyanKlip

    Man these comment still have me pissed. This rap was awesome, and it's clear they've both played wow, especially of you know anything about them. Shizzy's had great bars and Dans was incredible, blowing my marginal knowledge of wow out of the water with all his references. People saying "this sucked, they know nothing" are just being ignorant, and plain wrong.

  43. somedude ingame

    you know you can rewrite this rap and words and make it yours and about your character online and how badass you are as that character parts of it are workable I like this rap.

  44. Leroy Jenkins

    The corrupted blood plague reference

  45. DetroitWasp

    2nd verse didnt really even have anything to do with wow, 1st one was tight though.

    Darkos Overlord

    2nd verse had more than 50 WoW references by itself
    Also it was already calling it to such comments, by saying "but some of you don't ever look and see the puns beneath"

  46. Michael Diaz

    i love the reference to Wintergrasp by him saying "to win, to grasp"

  47. Skaz Wolfman

    Fuck, I can't even count all the WoW puns in this rap. Good job, fellas :D

  48. Azorac

    when you realize kung fu panda

  49. Azorac

    is this horde vs alliance

  50. Azorac

    I LOVE THIS!<3

  51. rakowizja tv

    PLS make rap about wow legion


    i died when he said "gath"

  53. IRon Nic

    VI or dan

  54. IRon Nic

    can I join in 1? lol

  55. Eggmasstree

    I've been listening to this since it got released I still did not liked
    Holy fuck me :(

  56. CptObvious

    What a pandering character

  57. Avatrus Entertainment


  58. Carbon

    So... he plays tauren?

  59. Liam Epp

    what do you have against Mennonites?

  60. Robert Perry

    That UKIP reference thogh, that was smooth.

  61. Leonia Ackerman

    Whats the track in the background?

  62. Jersson

    aunque no la cantes en español me la paso escuchando día a día

  63. Mirvol

    Azeroth, Abyssal Depths, Hellfire, Loch modan, Crossroads, Dalaran, Stonard, Kar'gath, Star's Rest, Venomspite, Gadgetzan, Marshal's Refuge, Thunder Clap (spell though), Booty bay, Storm Peaks, Thundermar, Orgrimmar, Uldum, Ratchet, Nigel's Point, Pandaria, Brill, Hammerfall, Sword Of Vengeance, Thousand Needles, Darkshore, Sun's Reach, Duskwood, Conquest Hold, Domination Point, Felwood, Splintertree Post, Winsterspring, Wintergrasp, Honor Hold and Westfall. Did I miss any? xP


    There are more-Theramore

    x Leviathxn x

    Mirvol Howling Fjord
    Broken Shore


    Refuge Pointe

    Ok Buddy

    ZxZ LeVIAtHaN i doubt it legion wasnt out at this time if im not mistaking

    Doc Thunder PHD

    Mirvol Pandaria

  64. Tristan Williams

    Pls do something on legion now

  65. A BC

    booty bay :)))) the nostalgia

  66. Daniel

    I'm sorry its too soon to be making Theramore jokes, downvoted. #neverforgettheramore #justicefortheramore #theramore2014

    Trizlin Is An Elite

    Theramore was an inside job.

  67. Top Kek

    The amount of puns in this is just...


    Is it bad I caught most of the puns? Or just a sign I've played WOW too long?

    Ok Buddy

    shinrugal i caught them to lol

  68. niyeon


  69. niyeon


  70. Michelle Franklin

    Ten points for all the town names. Excellent work!

  71. Jason Bode

    SOOOOOO many good ones, just the way you played on them to some of my favs

    When the "Storm Peaks"
    But I see "Nigel's Point"
    A "Panned Area"
    After my "Hammer Falls"
    landing on you like a "Thousand Needles"
    My rhymes are "Dark Sure"
    To the point where the "Dusk Would"
    I never let a failed "Conquest Hold"
    Rap's lumberjack, I "Fell Wood"
    Cold and fresh as a "Winter Spring"
    Ive got to "Win To Grasp" the "Honour Hold" it tight (fav)
    And see the "West Fall"

    Obviously not all, but some i think that were so we integrated

    Catchfez gaming

    Jason but when I "split a tree, post" traumatic stress flows into me

  72. Archie Scott

    Man...Hearing you together is fucking fire.

  73. L.O.A.F

    Riprip WoW.

  74. LeMudkip

    2:41 "and sure I sure watch a lot of twerk clips on youtube today, I love thunder-clapping buns, show me the booty bay"
    *dislikes the video*
    *continues playing*
    3:34 "but some of you don't ever look and see the puns beneath"
    *is confused*
    *goes back to **2:41*
    Wow, you are the king of puns Dan Bull


    btw, I liked this video.

    thewolfpack gaming94

    LeMudkip as man I didn't catch that nice one

  75. Noah Nicholes

    I need a "meh" face for "good, but not my favorite"

  76. Nawaf Ajilan

    We need horde vs alliance rap battle

  77. Eugenio Del Blanco Pou

    y si mi pareja me pegunta porque hay tantos anuncios de durex en youtube tocando las pelotas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Nlgamer779 Gaming

    better than Eninem lol <3 (no homo)

  79. ironphan24

    1:02 Junkrat? What is that??

  80. Dice

    You should make one for Legion

    CPT. Butz


  81. notoriousbig3k

    this is Peter Hollens acappela + Dan BUll + Shizzy

  82. Ayinde Prather

    Who else is here after watching the warcraft movie

  83. Kehrbesen_

    Where do you got this Awesome Beat :O

  84. Kieran Keattch

    Dam I like the begging part

  85. niyeon


  86. Deevez

    "I love thunder" clappinng buns....
    ISLE OF THUNDER clapping buns...

    Storms AMVs

    Also thunder clap is an ability available to arms and protection warriors, it's a double reference

    Domagoj Škalec

    Holy shit I missed that one completely, genius

  87. Gahngis

    DO another.

  88. Munk Andersson

    This is the cringiest shit I've ever seen


    the first part or dan bulls part? I didnt like the first part at all

    Ayinde Prather

    +Arzyian you didn't, I though it kicked asz

  89. Ben Ek

    Lel "show me that booty bay"

  90. Darkos Overlord

    I wonder, is an instrumental version available? And if not, what is the song used/remixed from?
    Know very few about WoW, but that's some amazing chorus at the beginning.

  91. Rapperjosh13

    This is the No Love of gaming songs

  92. James Hall

    my grandmother said if i turn it up more she would smash my head in the keybord nhynyhjudrjserjfosierjfiops

  93. Sammy Malonzo

    I only like your rapping, your amazing.

  94. jesper

    Just saying if WoD was as good as this rap i'd actually still play it -_-

  95. Tasty T

    This has put faith into my video game rapping career, one day I shall collab with great minds like these. awesome job

  96. KingBullDogg

    fuckin puns man!

  97. Tragical Official

    do a song about arthas!