Bull, Dan - Stroking A Cat Lyrics

This is not a subject many are approaching in rap
Among the showboating and boasts, I know I'm so full of crap
But I won't be complete without penning an ode to the fact
That I feel most at home stroking a cat
I feel his paws on my shoulder so I turn and I'm poking him back
He kneads my knees and I know he's cozy
The chap's hoping to doze in my lap
It's fairly safe to say I'm open to that
Because I'm most at home stroking a cat

I'm stroking a cat
See him doze in my lap
There's few feelings closer than that
I'm at home when I'm stroking a cat

Behind the ears, now under the chin
Tickle the tummy, and feel the fluff on your skin

I had a cold heart, but that frost was going to melt
Because your fine fluffy fur was the softest thing I've felt
Put me in contact with my lost and inner self
But gosh, your droppings are the most obnoxious thing I've smelt
If Jay Z had a baby with a crazy cat lady
Their DNA would mutate to make me
It may be crazy that I cradle cats in place of babies
But you wouldn't make me change my behaviour if you paid me
Maybe it's love, perhaps it's toxoplasmosis
Honestly, I'm kind of shocked that I wrote this
I'm too far gone, I'm lost and I'm hopeless
Put a poster on the lamp post for me, and hope someone will notice

I'm stroking a cat
See him doze in my lap
There's few feelings closer than that
I'm at home when I'm stroking a cat

Behind the ears, now under the chin
Tickle the tummy, and feel the fluff on your skin

I try not to treat you anthropormorphically
But damn, if you could talk to me
That'd be awesome, see
I need to reassure you that I'll always be here for you
Though we are mere mortal beings
I would run a mile for every single minute that I fear for you
I'm no loyalist but to me you are the real royal
Developed and bred up as a vicious predator
I found it tricky to picture, 'til you ripped that stick of feathers up
You're like a teddy bear, but sentient with agency
That's why I savour the sentiment you'd deign to play with me
The wide world is dangerous; home's a haven, sweet
And if you need love enough, I'm sure we have a vacancy

I'm stroking a cat
See him doze in my lap
There's few feelings closer than that
I'm at home when I'm stroking a cat

Behind the ears, now under the chin
Tickle the tummy, and feel the fluff on your skin

Aside from mewling, I'll never get to hear you speak
But we communicate in other ways, enough to know you're unique
The pet sanctuary was a feline Who's Who
Perusing kittens like I was trying on a new shoe
I wonder what the factor was that made me choose you
Don't know, perhaps you chose me, and I just knew too
You had a true cuteness I never grew used to
It rips my heart apart knowing that soon I'll lose you

I don't want to lose you
I love you

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Bull, Dan Stroking A Cat Comments
  1. snowyalice

    "I don't want to lose you" hit so close to home. I lost my buddy Felix a couple of months ago.

  2. becca starr


    Could at least credit people by spelling their name correctly. Especially when you've stole their music.

  3. CreeperBell

    Exact same cat as mine not the white one the other

  4. James Burton

    Love you too dude x

  5. wiposcoe wiposcoe

    I'm an ardent dog man but this made me warm up to cats

  6. Troltergeist


  7. Angry Space Marine

    Dan, this song made me cry. Made me think of my first cat. Haven’t thought about him in years. But then that reminded me of my mother who loved that cat with all her heart and the time I wasted instead of being with her. Thank you for this even though you kind of made it as a joke.

  8. Anne Niza

    I love this cat rap,i love it.

  9. Liokardo

    2:08 Looooooooooooooooong cat!

  10. LegoGnocchi

    Who's the woman?

  11. Dean Ford

    I love my cats too <3

  12. Micheal Highers

    This rap is so relatable. I miss my cat....

  13. Josef Aikman

    How did you get so many good shots? My cats hate being filmed or photographed!

  14. Anders ᛖᛚᛁᚨᛋᛖᚾ

    I had to relocate my old cat Figaro because i was moving to the big city in a apartment. I wanted him to be able to run outside and catch mice so I got him back to the farm he came from. but the day after i visited him a car drove him over. I cant stop blaming myself because i promised him to always be there and i feel like i took the wrong decision. But forever in my heart

  15. greentea su

    Wow is this cat rap it can kill me ohh!!!!

  16. Ninja chickens YT

    My cat is called "Flekken" (its Spot in norwegain) its called that cause of its spot on back, FORTUNATELY he moved to my grandfather, its fortunate cause he lives all alone now...

  17. GeekJokes

    I lost my cat 2 weeks ago, this is the first time im listening to this since
    I'd sing this to her almost everyday


    I still cry to this song


    And to keep tradition, i cried again


    And once more
    Its not everytime that i end up crying, just...when i refrain myself for a couple of months

  18. wes h

    I love Dan so much I just clicked on video called"I rap to my cats"; nuff said.

  19. Mathew Golding

    They're so God damn cute. I miss my cat (she's at home with my parents and I'm at uni)

  20. Dan Catboy

    The ending of the song I’ve got admit is quite sad, but even sadder is that Girl at the end looks alike my ex 😿😿😿

  21. Dan Catboy

    Singing you’re Cat’s name before my favourite bits of your song 😹😹😹

  22. Dan Catboy

    “Behind the ears, now under the chin, tickle the tummy and feel the fluff on your skin” 😹 quiet voice 😹😹😹 love that chorus 👌🏽

  23. Dan Catboy

    My Cat’s name is Willow. Got a Black female Cat

  24. CJgaming / Coursney

    Can I just... Take those cats? And this song is just me. It is me. I am it. *I AM THIS SONG*

  25. Conrad Overstreet

    Is anyone else here never bought a cat but has two of them

  26. Mercedes Lewis

    Just when I thought I couldn’t love you more....you are the shit Dan Bull

  27. Collin Green

    Rascoe 8👈 turn it sideways

  28. Sam .T

    when you make all yiur cats name all end in y so that it rhymes

  29. orry caren

    orry caren *

  30. Rose Kelley


  31. DOD_Rumi

    i lost 2 cats 1 died and the another one i had to let somebody adopt him because i did change countrys

  32. Kuniper

    my cute 16 year old cat died a few years ago...

  33. Gabby Dickson

    Hello rap cat

  34. the unknow

    hm im not feline a thing hearing this
    ok ill show myself out

  35. Dark E.T. Naga

    he can rap to literally anything ... this guy is a god


    this was the cutest song I have heard in a while...soo weird from such a badass rapper

  37. Joseph Atkinson

    ;w; the end tho

  38. Stuff Things

    Omfg I couldn't stop smiling, I wish I wasn't allergic to Cats and Dogs...

  39. Todd Porter

    I'm not crying YOU'RE CRYING ;_;

  40. Stian

    Adorable as hell

  41. Murdoc Pickles

    Dan Bull, apparently I can't reply to your comment. So I will just talk about my pets here, I have two cats named Dude and Tigg. Yes, those are they're real names. My cats are really, really, really damn fat, Dude is a black cat and Tigg is an orange cat. I love cats so much even though they can be real assholes. :D

  42. Sam .T

    *Whispers* behind the ears now under the chin tickle the tummy and feel the fluff on your skin :3

  43. BlockyShapes

    Me: pass the aux cord
    Friend: you better not play crap
    Me: (plays this)
    The squad: oh heck yeah let’s rave to this (pulls out kitto bois)

  44. สแป๊นสป๊องแบ็บGta Farcry

    Cute cat

  45. DonTNT Games

    That's nice

  46. Nils Åke Joakimsen

    Aww! I love cats!
    Too bad I'm allergic, though... *sigh*

  47. Lady Dread

    I loved it!

  48. Ismael Balseiro

    Im more of a dog person

  49. Marina Currie

    Can't even spell the producers name right in your lame excuse for credits which are super low down in the description.



  50. Marcos Lopez

    Shed some tears watching this

  51. T-man Woodall

    I was just enjoying the song and 2:40 shows up like "YO WANNA BE SAD FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK AFTER THIS"

  52. Leigha Meuhlen

    Soooooo cute

  53. I II

    these are man tears, ok?

  54. xXTwilightHunterXx

    Patty looks like my cat riker.... ummm I have 14 cats... don't call me a cat lady lol. or cat kid.....what ever lol. Its my parents who bought those cats. Our place is like a zoo. Its all cats. and some bearded dragons./

  55. A Nerd's Guide to Fiction

    I which my cats loved me as much as they seem to love you.
    Great rap by the way.

  56. James Bennett

    I'm watching this while all 3 of my cats are cuddling with me. Wolfie, Batfink, and Pedro Megatron.

    Don't know what i'd do without the damnably expensive poop-machines. Love them to bits.

  57. Fried Turkey

    I wrote a cat rap: https://youtu.be/hANb4qL6zuE

  58. Rahil Shaikh

    175 people missed the like button, or they can't appreciate incredible music. WTF? How are people so blind that they miss the like button and hit the dislike one?

  59. Colin Newbury

    who is the crazy %#%*²*$(%)*)( that disliked this video. I mean I get it, there are dog people (my self included, but I love my cat stitch, and my dog Isabel(she died after this video came out, my current dog is Roxanne)) but you just cant not love cats. even if you´re allergic(I am, but stitch is a hypo allergenic cat, so yeah).the rest of my pets are rocky(cat, really old), lilo(cat) and nani(kitten), and a turtle(we can think of a good name after 3 years of having him, any suggestions?)

  60. OneCup

    1:02 In sync

  61. William Wallace

    I approve of your cats and this video. I miss Mouse... and all the other friends that have come and gone over the years. Often you catch flak for caring so much about a "pet" but... friend is a friend, 4 legs, 2 legs, or none... doesn't matter. :)

  62. Frost Quake

    This song brought a tear to my eye. Part of me says "this is sappy as hell," but I've always felt this way about my kitties, too.

  63. Stim

    this is odd

  64. Idk

    ;-; plz don’t tell me he’s dead

  65. HeyItsSam

    Oof... this got me right in the feels

  66. Minias

    This brought tears to my eyes. Honestly. Beautiful. Made me think of my dogs, who are both getting up there in age. I love them so much. Very beautiful change from the silliness.

  67. eidod23

    replace cat with pussy in this song instant funny

  68. Ben2 B2

    Oh me...aww shucks...see I got two dogs...a red-brown old lady by the name Ille' Kai...and a black and white baby by the alias of MaHina....sigh...and I love them so much if I lost them I'd literally die... wheather it's from poisons or a bullet in my eye...I mean I know ill loose them in due time...but if in the now I can't keep them healthy and alive...i'd go to the roof and try to prove I can fly...

  69. omar robelli

    cuteness overload!!!

  70. Swordsquire

    Suddenly I miss my old cat Twinkie...

  71. windows 97 ャ陰ぜ

    This is truly the cutest thing I've ever heard

  72. Fleisch

    Since I can visit my cats only once in a year, this is very sad for me. Made me realize I'll see them only about 10 times more from now on...

  73. Skylight Soul

    Are you okay Dan?

  74. Dark Howler

    Made me cry.

  75. Jay John

    This makes me haappy

  76. Daniel Dixon

    Beautiful song Mr. Bull. My two 15 year old cats are chilling in my room and I can't even imagine not having them here with me. Here's to many more years with our amazing friends <3

  77. Jay John

    :) <3 Much love.

  78. Michael Stroface

    Pretty fcking heart touching.

  79. pomegranateorange

    y r u gonna lose it?

  80. pomegranateorange


  81. Moonpie

    My cat has passed away last week and I'm crying

  82. Siren Cloud

    DAMNIT i want to pet Balthazar now and i'm just starting school
    that cat is going to be glomped when i go home

  83. AfterTrash

    Im actually crying because of the last 5 seconds of the rap ;-;

  84. The Alexveliky

    Awwwww thats cute m8

  85. Ten Fivesmiths

    Yes. All this.

  86. KawaiilieGaming


  87. Yasemin Tsn

    The cat is so cute. It's like my cat.

  88. Kenan Loughlin

    So pure

  89. Mercy

    You are such a nice person, god bless you ,dan.

  90. McReFund

    listen to this made me cry and cuddle my cat

  91. Ignous

    This reminded me of my cat that passed near the start of last year... :c
    We have a new cat but the void is still there, since I knew him for so long.

  92. Dinorah stim

    I love cat

  93. ChecNok MTB

    Сука, спиздил у меня кота, уебок

  94. Bondye

    This is just astounding, my friend. It really touched my heart. You are a damn good dude.


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzXomHz_-sM I sequenced this a while back. Aside from the drums, its all cats. Bassline, overlays, harmonies, all raw feline samples.

  95. Xander Lopez

    *Im stroking a co-*


  96. Tol Shal

    The worst part of college is not having my little fluff-balls here with me :(

  97. kitty productions

    My cat name is time he is 5 in cat years