Bull, Dan - Payday Lyrics

Newspapers strewn
Warm bodies sprawling
It'll be in the papers tomorrow morning
Along with mourning
The names of the fallen
Embodied in bold print for you to take as a warning
Never intervene with the American dream
We do whatever for the green
Fill you with lead up in the streets
For that liquid cash
Hot red liquid splash marks
Spattered on your dash then dash
We bring the hustle
Back to sinew and muscle
Cracked bone
Cracked glass
Cracked windows in the tussle
Flash ringing from the muzzle
'Til you're cinders in the rubble
I don't value pigs unless they're sniffing for the Truffles
I'm singing for the struggle
What you bringing to the scuffle?
I'm about to come and stick a pin into your bubble
Here's a cop killer for your trouble
Blood spattered on the asphalt
But it doesn't matter
Rat a tat tat
Fuck a black mask
When death is entertainment then I'd better act daft
Like the Beatles on the rooftop
The police'll never let it be or get me to stop
You or me are going to soon drop
Down a staircase flight or fire escape
To a violent fate
Fight or flight kick in right away
But there's no turning back
You're going to roast
Flames are going to burn your back
Murder rap
I'm sure you've heard of that
This is the real deal
No limit to who we'll do in and what we'll steal
And if you feel ill
Then you can go away
This is the USA
If you can't take it you'll be thrown away
But if you don't back down you'll be blown away
Your wife'll tell your kids "Daddy isn't coming home today"
The situation's getting cray cray
I'm Jesse James in his heyday
I'll face your grenades, melee weapons, AKs
Arrange the date of your funeral
And the wake is my payday
They'll say that you were brave, pray
For the angels to change
The state's got to save face
I say grace
Cos tonight you dine in paradise
While I take a plane
Hijack a flight to Paraguay
I can't taste the prepackaged airline meal
And I can't say what the Hell I feel
You made a dogs dinner
On a dog day afternoon
I must be off, sorry
But I'm going have to shoot
Said You made a dogs dinner
On a dog day afternoon
I must be off, sorry
But I'm going have to shoot!
In God We Trust...

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Bull, Dan Payday Comments
  1. SmacQ

    what song was sampled here, i love it


    Anyone trying to pass up that instrumental tho???

  3. Mr. Vendetta

    Doug isn't rapping about Payday.
    He's rapping about our country.
    What money does to certain people.
    What corruption has led to in our country.
    How many have died from terrorism.

  4. Notation Maniac

    99% of the comments: the " daddy isnt coming home today" part is so dark

    other 1%: trying to explain what the lyrics mean

  5. thatmute guy

    meh sorta suprised no one mentions the cops don't want you dead just in prison

  6. Gaming Bucket

    Anyone still listens to this song



  8. lakkakka

    I hate slow music.

  9. FlexViper

    After the rap ended. The feels
    And then monopoly rap start playing as an outro
    *seems legit*

  10. Lakeland Lyfield

    Blue Lives Matter

  11. Skiossys

    This just popped in my recommended and damn...this song is gorgeous. From the games perspective (this is how I'll give my take on it) it's amazing...the Payday Gang aren't just petty thieves or just simple cop killers. They are the ones making a statement and often times even seeming to be the good guys. But media won't let you see that side because that's what media thrives on.

    It shows the two sides of the coin.
    On one side you have them portrayed as these horrible men that only care about greed and murdering innocent lives.
    On the other side, you have the world seen through their eyes. the need to survive, to do something, no one else could have said it better other than the intro to the web series ("Robbing banks with friends is fun, especially the ones that have been robbing the people blind. Some say we are modern day Robin Hoods and others...they just don't understand that we have a choice.")

    Both the game and this rap beautifully show these sides. Media will only report on the bad things, make you fear every day. But if you really look at it...The Payday Gang isn't about taking the lives of innocents. it's about how /we/ choose to react and what /we/ are willing to do to achieve this "American Dream". It's about going against the people who rob us every single day.

    This is why I love Payday so much, say what you want about Overkill, but this game, under the surface, has more than just "shoot guards", "get rich". It shows us a reason to every action and at the end of the day, that they are as human as we are. ("Newton said for every action, there's always equal and opposite reaction. This is /our/ reaction. Am I a criminal? I don't think so. Everyone needs a job, right? We all need a payday.").

    This was one of your best raps, Dan. Both from the game's perspective and from a real life one.
    Loved it.

  12. Sevim Genç

    Biraz Türkçe yassanız artı 1like

  13. john hauser


  14. john hauser


  15. Larmagedon

    I genuinely feel bad when I shoot a cop because I'm actually planning to be a police officer

  16. Constant screaming

    I had always remembered it as daddy's NOT coming home today

  17. Mr. Vendetta

    Call this rap: "Have To Shoot"

  18. Arctic

    This song is deep

  19. Ivan Mitov

    I got sad shit after the line "daddy isnt coming home today"

  20. zombo07

    Payday 2 is really deep but it’s just everyone that wants a payday.

  21. thatmute guy

    Prison nightmare.....shows us things they regret and what they fear

  22. Fletchers Flesh

    In god we trust

  23. mr wolfy

    Whoa ok he said fuck a "black" mask that's fucking racist

    Meaty Stud

    It’s because those masks are very basic, and a large part of payday is the buying and customising of various masks.

    Literally a crab with butter.

    Yeah.. The usage of black masks is because its implying that the masks are basic. The payday gang wants to be recognized (for their masks) for them to strike fear. and like Stud said. a large amount of the game is supposed to be customizing various weapons and masks.


    bruh moment


    Its a mask from a videogame dude

    Mucpou Gaming

    @SW009 wooosh

  24. Francisco Rodriguez

    I know it doesnt talk about payday2 in a direct way, but I feel that maybe its not about only a game, its the first time that Dan create a rap that show us a reality not only in the USA, the world is ill in violence for the american dream.

  25. Kalash

    Make money by any means necessary. We live in the capitalist system.

  26. Slav Pybro

    Odd that in the game the heisters like sydney don't care but here, its just, Wait a minute! YOUR USING THE JOKER PERK ON US!

  27. Pablo xD

    What is the song

  28. Zacho Vich

    At First I Thought This Was Song For The Drama Theater
    Also After Hearing This Over And Over Again It's Making Me Scared

  29. Ben Zevach

    This sample fucking slays and does a great job setting the tone for the song

  30. Quinada ruffin

    😢 sad

  31. Kura Oshino

    As emotional and awesome this song is, remember the lines of the bulldozer medic.....And the other specials xD.

  32. Death Wish

    December 2018? Anyone

  33. Sadie Ann

    2018 respect my fav game still ✌🏼

  34. VildaR

    Polish CookieM stole this soundtrack (Muzyczny alfabet CS:GO #4 de_dust2)

  35. Thomas Weisgram

    This is somehow very dark compared to the JT version


    It's over, its actually over. Payday ended

  37. ThisIsMyName

    way too depressing

  38. Spiritualbeetle 1

    Well, this rap just made me want to pacifist stealth every heist in the game now.

  39. Officer Cops

    Daddy is not coming

    That makes me regret killing em

  40. Goodbye, JoJo!

    “The safe-word is police brutality”

  41. A_rahman


  42. John Ryder

    I love this song. Part of the reason for that is because I feel like it asks "Yeah, sure, it's fun playing cops and robbers, but did you ever stop and wonder what it would be like to do so in reality?"

    ShenaniGames HD

    John Ryder it would probably be horrible, like the way I see it is yeah when it comes down to killing someone in the heat of the moment you wouldn’t even think about it but after the fact when they’re home you’re just gonna be thinking of how many live you indirectly ruined in the process.

  43. Shasta King

    And this is how the maniquen challenge was born
    And robberys

  44. J4CK3T

    still good

  45. Sir. Blues

    The Rap doesnt represent the game, It represents the FUCKING TRAILER!

  46. Vinny Carbone

    Coming back after 4 years I still love the song but I just don't think it has the feeling of payday. I've always been a huge fan of Dan Bull and Payday so I just wish I liked the song more. I've played payday for 4 years now and the feeling is always intensity, action, etc. (the only exception is maybe stealth which is anxiety and soft sounds for me). What I and many other people were expecting was a high-intensity rap about our favorite heisters we can jam out and rob banks with, what we got was a beautiful piece commentating on the life of crime.

  47. jaden hernandez

    rat tat tat fuck a black mask

  48. mega oof

    compare this to jt machinama
    why arent people here instead

  49. Sir Jabka

    Suka blyat, wiwes are flying like f**king Sputnik

  50. TZBY

    I mean it’s nice and has a lot of meaning but it doesn’t represent the game at all

  51. RaveoLife

    I will never understand the comments for this rap. Its one of my favorites that I keep coming back to. Literally every line is referring to something that is happening in the cinematic one way or another in different levels. Absolute genius.

  52. Dr. Nerd

    This is why you need Aced Swan Song cops

  53. Мастеp сыра рогалики

    Yep, since payday 2 is basically a police genecide simulator, this fits the bill

  54. Pedro Laurindo

    E os BR ? ✌

  55. William Wallace

    I was expecting a slow motion shot at the end as you panned away from the FBI guy's face and to the Payday gang member... phoot phoot video fade out. Would go with the lyrics, but damn that'd be a pain in the ass to animate/edit

  56. Aiden bonney

    This shows the sad part of what your doing in. Payday .....

  57. TheMofoHeister

    This is...
    not good?
    fucking hell, wow.
    yeah no...
    you got the game's feel wrong...
    you take it as a GTA...
    it's more of a... fuck what can I say it's fucking payday...

  58. Raspy In A Can

    dang it i wish i read the comments before i watched this video now im sad
    i hope you meant for this to be a sad song so i can say you did a good job ;(

  59. Melissa Coomer

    it's payday boys
    scar face

    Haan Uygrl

    Ghost mw2 delles?

  60. Zombiefied

    this dosent have anything to do with payday the only thing u said that was themed with the song was payday xd

  61. Punished Snake

    You do know payday is fun, and light hearted, right? No need to do a boring emo rap. This isn't like you, Dan.

  62. Ben Wade

    Not related but anyone else getting unending adds for cryptos like jeez guys the bubbles never happenin again

  63. Darío Gutierrez

    Daddy isn't coming home today.

  64. Angelic Kennedy

    It doesn't have to be good he puts hard work into it and I support it all the way.

  65. Shane Cue

    That was deep...normal his rap are fun and exciting but this one isn't and it really caught me off guard. Defiantly THE most moving song he's ever made and now one of my favorites.

    Darío Gutierrez

    Civilization epic rap is deeper.

  66. Audrey Biotech

    Good song for college graduation.

  67. Мастеp сыра рогалики

    Yep, and in the words of nerd3 “Fucking hell”

  68. Colin Bennett

    Lyrics go with the trailer. Nice touch, Dan.

  69. Tiny Tina

    1:07 was that a reference to his battlefield rap

    they are very similar

  70. MorganMD

    G O O D

  71. YuppyPlays

    Can't understand how people disliking this, quality raps that incorporate the game and a new perspective on the concept of Payday, tickles my pickle frankly.

  72. Black

    1.25 fast...

  73. Loganithon _

    Dan should have been the voice of Hoxton

  74. Ákos Kovács

    hoxton, dallas, chains and wolf at the downtown bank

  75. Kura Oshino

    Surprising yet very well done. I can understand their disappointment but this paints a bigger and more emotional picture.

    Kura Oshino

    Okay after playing PAYDAY 2 I can safely say these cops are freaking psychopaths xD.

  76. TheReal Alienater


  77. *_*

    *Listen to rap*
    *Drill jams*
    *F U C K*

  78. Conner Raven ModHorizon

    *Sii, contal todos los criminales estan en Paraguay, pero mas bien creo que estan en presidencia y eso :v*

  79. David Hall

    I know it word for word now XD

  80. Omari M.

    This song still fucks me up😿

  81. boss of bosses

    Wow 666 dislikes...that seems right

  82. KEKEL777

    In god we trust

  83. Ville

    What song is in the backround? Stan the beatsmith has so many songs :/

  84. DXG

    Dan I have listened to a lot of your raps, this one is definitely my favorite please make more!

  85. John Brolin Official

    NICE ONE!!

  86. Bad Thoughts

    That line, "and I can't say what the hell I feel" totally illustrates the internal struggle welling up in the heart if the protagonist. The taking of lives weighs on his conscience but this is just business, no sense in being remorseful for the necessary when you're in that line of work.

  87. Brandon Birch

    When I have a bad day I just sit and play this as lowd as I can

  88. WYVERN

    the most extreme manaquin challenge ever (jk gud song bro)

  89. Dimitry Maksakov

    One of Dan's best songs. I've never even played PayDay and still love these rhymes

  90. Gamer 117

    This is what cucks think of video games.

  91. Mt Panda

    that was just freakin sick man O-o wow

  92. Yeegelop E

    Wtf this song sucks jt music is way better than u

    Luxu yae Chihasu

    Yeegelop E many would disagree.

  93. CreepeyJ13

    This is a good rap but it really is not fast paced and chaotic like jt machinimas version

    Luxu yae Chihasu

    CreepeyJ13 that's a good thing why copy another.

  94. Brandon Wright

    why are people bitchin' about peep when people should be loving real art?

  95. Sebastian Downing


  96. Maximiliano Alvarado


  97. levi levis

    641 Australians upvoted this.

  98. Derek Z Bowden

    Fans the game isnt about mercilessly killing.

    The promototional video literally shows the payday crew shooting hordes of cops mercilessly.

  99. Sage F1

    My favourite Dan Bull song <3