Bull, Dan - How To Smash Your Mirror Lyrics

From Brother Ali to Forest Whitaker
When it comes to body image
There's a common myth that we're not bothered with it
But it's bollocks
It'd take a lot of confidence
To stop us wishing at least something was different
You see kids stacked with six packs
Skins tanned and big abs
And think that to fit in then you need to have this crap
I've had enough of airbrushed buff people I see on telly
Where's all the freckles, crooked yellow teeth and beer bellies?
I'm a bit chubby round the edges
Prefer pudding to veggies
In restaurants they say "do you want a side of salad or potato wedges?"
I'll leave you to guess my preference
Insert generic Mr Creosote reference
But I look after myself
Might grab an apple and leave the snacks on the shelf
As well as pizza I eat pasta as well
The human appendix is similar to my gym membership
It rarely ever gets used even when I remember it
Now I'm no exercise freak
But I exercise each week
Even if it's just stepping outside and down the street
I can swim, I can dance, I can skank or ride a bike
It doesn't matter man, variety's the spice of life

Why are you looking at me?
Stuff your physique
Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and free
Why are you looking at me?
Man, stuff your physique
Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and me
Why are you looking at me?
Stuff your physique
Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and free
Why are you looking at me?
Man, stuff your physique
Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and me

I thought "please Lord, make me thin"
"Paint my pasty skin"
"Take me out of this funny frame you've placed me in"
My face is ginger while my head hair is mousey brown
But I turned my doubts around
My thoughts are more healthy now
I quit searching for the perfect physique
I'd prefer to be a person that people feel at ease with when first we meet
See, it's not just about how you look when you're out with your friends
It's about whether you are looking out for your friends

Why are you looking at me?
Stuff your physique
Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and free
Why are you looking at me?
Man, stuff your physique
Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and me
Why are you looking at me?
Stuff your physique
Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and free
Why are you looking at me?
Man, stuff your physique
Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and me

I'm no Michelangelo's David
My stature isn't classical
Sod a perfect body
Mine's autobiographical
Every flaw, every blemish, every scar
Is a natural tattooed testament to how I got this far
Cosmetics and excrement, I can't detect the difference
Except that the expensive one is what you want to get for Christmas
My head's significantly bigger than average
You'll laugh when you see me getting a hat fitted
It's the massivest
But that's the thing, it's a trivial matter
Except when acceptance happens to be the thing that you're after
Call me an ignorant rapper, spitting the dumbest rhymes
But you can stick your opinion where the sun doesn't shine
And for a chap my bum's more like Nicki's than Miley's
What a kick in the hiney
But so what? My friends think of me highly
Despite my glitches, they think that I'm the nicest guy
We like a bit of variety
It's the spice of life

Why are you looking at me?
Stuff your physique
Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and free
Why are you looking at me?
Man, stuff your physique
Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and me
Why are you looking at me?
Stuff your physique
Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and free
Why are you looking at me?
Man, stuff your physique
Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and me

Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and me
The man I'm confident and comfy to be
Beauty's skin deep, I'd rather be ugly and me
The man I'm confident and comfy to be

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Bull, Dan How To Smash Your Mirror Comments
  1. Ulices Pedraza

    Pretty cool man pretty cool

  2. Armadyz

    Still one of my favorite songs from you!

  3. PowPow

    theres a fine balance

  4. Da MunstaH

    This is pathetic.

  5. antobella2

    Is it just me or I like men with big butts? O.o

  6. Big Boss

    Dan bull & Brother ali track, now,

  7. Harry Milner

    This reminds me of Crooked Smile by J. Cole

  8. Lil Ambivert

    Im in a wheelchiar i can sing i can draw and flirt xD

  9. greatcthulhu24

    Is this one one Spotify? Been having trouble finding it.

    Rachel Wolfe

    It is now!

    Mr. Chicken

    Elliott Cook what is it called lmao

  10. DadOfBoar

    God....I needed this today...I've had an awful week and have been hating on myself so much more lately, but this song...god....this is amazing..I'm actually tearing up right now, thank you so much Dan...

  11. JohnnyBoy1127

    I ain't the thinnest or most good looking guy but idc my friends like me the way I am

  12. brotherpigeons

    My ears are different sizes, that's neat right?

  13. Savannah K.

    Man I wish I had found this ages ago. Thank you Dan 😊

  14. Danny Duchamp

    How to feel attractive: actually be attractive.

    Rhys Black

    @Danny Duchamp It is. Picture a "hot" body. I'm sure you see abs and toned muscles, or plump breasts and soft cheeks depending on your gender preferences. I personally find muscle ugly on males, and as for females I like smaller breast size and a non-hourglass shape.

    "Attractive" is a very subjective term.

    Danny Duchamp

    @Spynxie Matrix Yeah but you're in the minority. And people know that when they're judging themselves as either generally attractive or generally unattractive.

    Rhys Black

    @Danny Duchamp They judge from stereotyped appearances of models. That's an issue with society, not an issue with attractiveness

    Danny Duchamp

    @Spynxie Matrix Society defines attractiveness. And it's not a problem.

    Kason Smith

    wew lad. Majority has nothing to do with whether or not something is subject. Did you get hit on the head a few too many times?

  15. Moongem

    He can swim. He can dance. Does he know karate? I think he's gonna make it.

  16. Eclairz

    Skank? o.o

  17. Sergio Vazquez

    Didn't know you like ska

  18. HumdrumAnt

    Every time I feel down I watch this. :D thanks

  19. tino

    This is great and inspirational id love to hear morw

  20. Im Wavey

    Aye forest whitikar is an amazing song

  21. PraetorX

    This is amazing! This song is extremely inspirational and it speaks truth of the current event with kids.

  22. my nan

    I am sick of people that judge me because I am physically disabled so I can't always do simple tasks. Everyone in my school is extremely mainstream and always just expect you to know or do something. Disabilities are so abnormal there and most of the time they don't believe me just because I look normal. So they always take the piss about my running and loads of people have been telling me my life that I walk weirdly but I feel normal. So I get really pissed when I see comments on this that are bitching saying that this isn't true and you need to be pretty or handsome to fit in this world. Well how did you stumble upon this video then? Because the title doesn't sound like a song so were you just getting advice your self? If so then why take the piss out of people being open in this comments(Talking about you +TeamPill), is that to make you feel better? Because that is sad and I would rather be ugly and unable to do things that a shitter who can't be brave enough to talk to someone face to face in real life.

    U Y

    Aww you seem like a cool guy and nobody should be judging you for something you can't change...

  23. ChrisCalimano

    I'm really happy with my body for the most part but I've had a permanent bruise in ...uh...that area... Since I wrestled back in middle school and I've tried everything but nothing makes it seem to go away or even fade in the slightest. So this video is a big confidence boost. Thank you.

  24. iwatchTheYogscast2


  25. H M

    I genuinely love myself too much to be concerned about what I look like.

  26. H M

    Another reason to miss Top Gear, Jeremy needs to be on TV.

  27. TanksOnDeck

    Epic track! Loved this

  28. Tomas Campos

    raise your hands and show these people we are ugly and free.

  29. Nasty Pete

    Don't know how the fuck this makes me want to work out and get big and live that way, but hell it does.

  30. Eli B

    Since i am mixed race i look wierd to most people and growing up with mostly white children i was mostly insecure most of my life, id be lying if im not insecure some days but thank you dan this helps remind me that i need some substance. I want to the book someone takes a chance on and falls in love inatantly

  31. Elizabeth None of your business

    I have problems with my outer image and I get self conscious easily this song is really quite the confidence boost

  32. Tom ass

    Ill leave you to choose my preference *wedges* lol

  33. matthew pretty

    Can't wait for the full album.. Excited! If Dan does a aspergers/autism one that would be great!

  34. Liana

    Sssoooooooo true. So true it's amazing how people still base people on looks rather than personality. Pre-judgment is ruining our world, and it's mostly in children but some adults do it to. Pre-judgment is when you say you don't like someone or something before you have met or tried it. Most people base it on what the person or thing looks like like food, and people use it to judge people.


    my friends do that to me all the time

  35. kris Fireball

    Just curious when will this song come to iTunes?

  36. Veryde

    And the people working out because they like it  are all without personality? 
    I'm no sportsman either, I have one or two pounds to much and I like my beer at the weekend, but some lines here might be a bit too offensive and generalized.

  37. Curtis Reid

    Some people will say "you only wrote this song because you HAVE that (SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE) body image (chubby, overweight, 'ugly' etc).

    But if you have the SOCIALLY ACCEPTED body image (abs, muscles, tanned etc) they'll say the exact same thing

  38. Jason Dowd

    Am I going to be the only one to point out that Dan bull is actually fairly attractive.

  39. JohnnyTheRaccoonBoi

    @Dan Bull This song reminds me of Atmosphere's song "Sunshine" I don't think they're identical. Just the beat and the happy feeling in the songs.

  40. Eddo a.k.a. Edds

    Dan........you make me cry. Cry out of joy.

  41. Michael Danielson

    Thank you, Dan Bull. Needs to be said more, and louder.

  42. L Pharmer

    I like how you mention Brother Ali and forest Whitaker in a body image song. When Ali made a body image song mentioning forest.

  43. Tim Grader

    That was amazing. ^^

  44. aylamaiia

    Hey Dan, I've been fallowing your music for.. A year now? You've out done yourself with this. Love your work man.

  45. maple leaf gaming

    Great song dan
    This really made me feel great
    I am 230 lb but i workout three times a week and i do it because i feel great after and my friends and family help the best they can the funny part of all this is the fact that in my class i am the best football player

  46. morten nilsen

    This Is Inspiring

  47. Jacob Morenzoni

    i love lift

  48. Rectum Caviar

    I don't know how I'm not fat yet :/ all I do is sit on my beanbag eating while watching YouTube all day (after homework tho) and I'm underweight XD


    I FEEL YOU!!! Also welcome to the world of genetic. Both my parents are skinny.


    Thanks for tellin people i have all these traits asid im to skinny but my friends thinks im awesome i actually almost cried but thanks

  50. Elisa

    Dan Bull is one of those guys that more people should look up to. He spreads a positive message in a talented way, has thoughtful lyrics and his majority of his music (minus the comedy songs) clearly has a meaning behind it.
    Not to mention that he is actually pretty darn cute..

  51. Elisa

    I have a below-average body type and my face is unsymmetrical but whatever because this is me.

  52. Jamie Manatee

    Being transgender, this song hit me really deep as Dan usually does. I haven't felt to hot lately so thank you for the inspiration to live my life with a healthy body image Mr. Bull and stay awesome!


    +That One Manatee Yeah atleast Dan Bull knows how to write a song about body image, some people cant do that kuch meghan trainor kuch

    Jamie Manatee

    XD Ha ha, I know right? 


    @That One Manatee Have a nice day :D

    Jamie Manatee

    You too ;P 

  53. Rachel Wolfe

    I can't sing this song because I hate my appearance. Screw your incredible way with words on important topics.

  54. Wiggle Wop

    Can you like, make a buyable song? because this song is really awesome and could help a lot of people

  55. CyanCyborg

    Absolute gold. Brilliant. I love it when messages about body image doesn't involve praising one and shaming another.

  56. The O Taco

    I need an instrumental version of this yesterday

  57. givingyo utheslip

    Can I get this on iTunes?

  58. Vanja Solemdal

    I felt super ugly and disgusting this morning.  I feel better after watching this.  Thanks, Dan.

  59. this is my name

    "Every flaw, every blemish, every scar is a natural tatooed testament to how I got this far" - favourite line

  60. dulang

    My head is also large as well, When I was nine I first played baseball. My head couldn't fit into the baseball helmets.
    So I had to use a small helmet that was the only one that could fit.

  61. Anony nigma

    im gonna tell so many people about this! great song dan!

  62. Neurotic Sos

    Brilliant idea for a music video

  63. Zach Huesgen

    Ya know, it wouldn't matter if we were all healthy and respected ourselves along with each other. But that's just not the case. We don't respect each other, at all. I'm overweight and I don't have
    Many friends. The friends I do have say I'm funny. Then I see a guy whose not funny, not by a long shot, but is fit and good looking become practically the center of attention. It would be good.... If only we respected each other.

  64. Kyle Sucks

    See I think most so called beautiful people isn't less free then so called ugly people, yeah sure some people go to extreme lengths to look "pretty", but some simply do work out and have a healthy diet, and it appears they are just as free as so called ugly people. Well my point is, is that just because you don't eat sweets or something less then a fatter person doesn't mean you aren't free.

  65. Antlover420

    Love this song Dan! I'm usually am not a huge fan of your songs that aren't about gaming (Although you have a lot of talent :)), but love this one! :))))

  66. Anastasia Novikova

    How come I can´t find this on spotify?

    Dan Bull

    @Anastasia Novikova because the album is still being made :D

    Anastasia Novikova

    Oh, then I´ll be looking forward to the release :)

    Anastasia Novikova

    +Dan Bull Don't mean to rush but when is the album coming out? :)

  67. Armedthedude465

    Dan, breathless. Keep making songs my man you will always have at least one loyal fan here. Props to you

  68. aeleron

    A suicide preventer right there. not me personally, but i'm sure this song has helped save or will help save a couple lives. Thank you Dan.

  69. The A.I. formerly known as Ultron

    Thank you for making this song Dan. It definitely seems to have boosted a lot of people's self-esteem

  70. PTV Max

    Perfect time for this song Dan I really mean it. I'm going to ask her tomorrow when I take her to the beach. This song really brought my hopes up again. Thank you Dan. Cheers!

  71. Rabbit Holes

    can i use this song in a video if i link your channel @Dan Bull

  72. Nicole Drewry

    I'm pumped that you listen to Brother Ali!!!! Judging by your style and wordplay I had a feeling you listened to dope hip hop. Who are your top 10?

    Dan Bull

    @Nicole Drewry I'd have to think properly about my top 10. Maybe that's a video concept actually. Brother Ali is up there tho. Busta Rhymes. Eminem. Ghetts. Genesis Elijah. Err. I'll think about it

  73. zetadimensions

    If this is how the whole album is going to be then I think it's going to be a good one. His last album - The Garden was kind of a miss. Only 3 or 4 songs were good and the rest seemed boring. I prefer listening to Safe and Face - his first and second album. They were a lot better in my opinion.

  74. Longshoreman X

    Dan Bull you suck

    Dan Bull

    @UrbanConcreteBeats Thank you

  75. Eddy W

    Dan Bull's raps can give most famous rappers a run for their money

    Lew Bot

    @Eddy W Yeah, the guys a rapping genius!

  76. KingMe42x

    It's not about being attractive, it's about taking care of yourself.

  77. Ray Poreon

    Dan Bull with this, @Boyinaband with spectrum...

    ...shit's getting serious.

  78. Anthony James

    Is this song available on iTunes?

  79. Darshu1337

    Well that was dark. If you feel like you're "ugly" maybe you should work out more then once a week.

  80. WiseSageBum

    And this is the reason why dan inspired be to attempt rap at some point.

  81. Captain Mckendrick Capsolicious

    I never place videos to favorites cus I can't find anything that I REALLY like.This is on my favorites.

  82. rhaygan431

    I needed this today. Thank you. <3

  83. Brian Wicker

    new work out song :D

  84. Johnny Winter

    I'm gonna show this to all my ex's who broke up with me for some fitter dude XP

  85. Oliver Graham

    i might just be blind, but i cant find this on spotify, all the gaming raps are on there, why not this one?

  86. Simon Törnblad

    Thank you dan! About two week ago some dumbass in my class told me I was ugly. I have been insecure ever since but now I actually feel like my old self!


    i really like this song.It is so inspiring.Every man is different.ACCEPT IT <3

  88. Huw Eyles

    Fuck that I'd rather be shredded as fuck😂😂

  89. Skreij

    Dan this is freaking amazing

  90. stroopwafeltje

    I always get called out for having a big nose even though i have a pretty athletic body, im not fat i don't have pimples or such. I do sports alot but i run weird and people laugh at me for it even though i can sprint faster than anyone i know.. people always try to get you down while i think people should just accept each other and be nice to each other. People have a certain image that has to be accepted, guys have to have abs girls have to have big boobs and an nice ass. Why doesn't anyone just stfu and accept each other.. why does everyone have to be an asshole to each other. Even on youtube someone like me sends this message but if there is one grammar mistake they say it 5 times just to get you down and get people to get you down.. people should accept each other no matter what.. i know people think this in their heads but are too scared to do anything.. just be yourself do what you want


    Btw @Dan Bull amazing song.. we know how you feel and everyone has a thing. Atleast you dare to show it and even rap about it. Respect man for real i hope a lot of more people will see this

  91. badcat101ify

    beautiful )

  92. ScifiToast

    Recently I've become insecure about whether my shoulders are too broad or my head's too small. Nobody says anything about it so I must be fine, but I can't help looking in the mirror and thinking I look strange

  93. Aniket Basak

    I actually prefer veggies over pudding.

  94. John Peterson

    I love that Brother Ali reference!
    and I love the song as well.
    keep it up.

  95. Enderrr r

    How come you can't get this song on iTunes?

  96. C Van Buskirk

    Very well done!! I like this a lot and think it'd be great on your album. It's exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks, Dan Bull. <3

  97. Satthew

    This is pretty empowering. I like the message he is trying to convey. :)

  98. tropaneboy

    I'm 11 and fit my fathers hats.

  99. Shadow King

    Can't wait 'till the album is released!