Bull, Dan - Half-Life Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Good to meet you, cordial greetings (Hi!)
They call me Gordon Freeman
And up until this morning
I was an ordinary normal human
Eating and reading the ingredients on a box of cereals
Then heading off to the Office of Anomalous Materials
Realise I’m late so I’ll have to catch you later
Gotta catch a train to Black Mesa’s anti-mass chamber
Put on my hazmat in case the vat breaks ‘cause that’s dangerous
You’d have to evade the blast radius of a resonance cascade that’s
The last stage of –
Ah, ahh! It’s . . . it’s actually, it’s actually happening
Th-this is not good! This is – shit
Wake up in the chamber with a bad head
Everybody in the lab dead
I better had fled, this is dead rad
Get it? Dead rad, hit a headcrab
With a crowbar, I’m a lonestar
Yo, guard! Gotta go, but I’ll owe you a postcard
Oh darn! Life is so hard, with no halves
Let alone half, like a diet with low carbs
But I like it so far
Life now has a worth and a purpose
Find out what on earth is occurring
Wipe out any vermin that’s stirring
Fly now to the surface and hurrry
There’s a person that’s lurking, queer
Think I’ve seen him working here
Gee, man, I’m not really certain what he’s observing
But I’m going to persevere, though I’m mere-
Ly an engineer, I’ll end your career

G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Man (And!)
F-F-F-F-F-F-F-Freeman (Who?)
G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Man (And!)

[Verse 2:]
Damn, everybody’s after me
Guess that’s the way it has to be
From Black Ops to G-Man and all these dastardly
Bastard beings, masked marines
I’m blasting things with SPAS-12s
Then take a break to recharge my shield and grab health
Electric impulses convulse with the most violent sound
Sending houndeyes to the pound, firing rounds
Sliding round mines, if life has half a meaning, well I’ve found mine
Bouncing through the sky so high that I’m on cloud nine
Low gravity provides some downtime to hit the ground
I am bringing down giants as if they’re fricking houseflies
Hitch a ride inside a monorail car
Swinging off a tentacle like ahhhhhhhh!
I get in the ring with anybody, man, who’s on next?
I’ll wreck you, trekking from the land of Xen to Lambda Complex
Hang on one sec, I think I’ve got the wrong specs
That baby looks gargantuan, these lenses can’t be convex
Imagine the conception; that must have been some sex
Not to mention giving birth to it; how much can bums stretch?
But enough talk of proportions and awkward contortions
To pull the portal shut calls for the goriest abortion

F-F-F-F-F-F-F-Freeman (And!)
G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-man (Who?)
F-F-F-F-F-F-F-Freeman (And!)

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Bull, Dan Half-Life Comments
  1. AGoodDayToRespawn

    Who's here after half life alyx?

  2. MatchTerm

    Seems like a good time to listen this to celebrate HL: Alyx


    Yeah, that trailer put this song back in my head.

  3. Szylu


  4. Dashing Fox

    Anime girls: 2:04

  5. Gerti Gegollari

    I need an instrumental of this.

  6. Levon P.

    put the video on silent then u have Mr. freeman´s rapping

  7. NaiZTseku


  8. Classified Games

    Rise and shine Mr Freeman...

  9. Michael- Arts

    Atomically great!

  10. Sonny Vo

    This is so bad worse than JT music’s half life rap

  11. isaac misteriy

    Я из России и я просто наслаждался битом.

  12. DFoster5294

    This was very well made you need to watch this if you like half-life

  13. Press_START 360

    Three years later and still amazing

  14. hunter vanover

    Tf 2 rap?

  15. Antonio The German

    You forgot about mr. Barney calhoun

  16. Nico GM


  17. soLiD_ loco

    2+2=4 1-4 =3 3+1 =4 4-2 =2 2+2=4 1-4 =3 half life 3 is coming folks!!!

  18. THEVulture Cawcaw

    Oh i loved playing half life

  19. Sxxxm 03

    Pls make a tf2 rap

  20. Deid2

    "F F FFF FF FF FUCK THIS, I CANT RAP! Okay, let's try again..."

  21. KTR Series

    gggggggg man!

  22. GruffKibbles89

    That flow

  23. BoomerUniverse Talks

    1:31 possibly the smartest maneuver you could do at this scene.

  24. Moonlight Bolt

    yo who got the beat for this, since the link doesn't work anymore

  25. VulpesVulpez

    Pretty not bad

  26. Quinnly

    Portal? Please portal. PORTAL?! PORTAL! Ah I'm kidding, as cool as that'd be i don't care, u do u Dan.

  27. Tiny Tina

    you have to stop

    you are going to burn your house down

  28. Whiteshark GMA

    Passed the game yesterday, masterpiece! But Half Life 2 is still better for me

  29. Joshua Phillips

    1:09 "gee man" nice dan

  30. Gravity

    cuphed is better rap than you

  31. The Guardian

    GREAT! now do the second one

  32. Vincent Müller

    rip in peace half life

  33. NoSTs 123

    2:35 stop hitting Adrian

  34. The comedy Coop

    Make a rap about half life opposing force

  35. Untouchable Players

    Couldn't make it through my day without your music. Thanks!

  36. Razor jaw86

    Could someone give me the name of the beat that was used in the background or the name on the cratez

  37. Graybadger06 Ritz

    Black mesa

  38. Star Shooter

    dat game qualty

  39. dini dan

    this song is so cool and were but i love it

  40. Mihai Nicolaescu

    Surprisingly consistent... even Eminem himself could learn a thing or two from this

  41. 1011101

    you should do a portal one

  42. Akın

    Old But Gold

  43. 1011101

    please do a portal rap

  44. Remy Note

    Hey Dan, I think this is one of your weaker raps (and made in a lot of pain). I hope you revisit the HL series at some point now that you're back on point.

    Although I doubt you'll ever outdo your Civ5 rap... That was exceptional.

  45. Alex M-C

    Do a half life 2 rap and I will father your children.

  46. NotK


  47. Prism

    This is awesome.

  48. Kristen Andrianova

    rap about half life 2

  49. Dan

    now do doom

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    Please make a rap about Portal 2

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    I thought you would say: f f f f f f fuck

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    WHY HAVE YOU NOT DONE A VIDEO ON PORTAL YET!?!? Come on Dan plsssss :D

  53. Michael Davis

    Why is this so dope though?! Whoa!

  54. slappy The Dummy

    THANK YOU FOR FINALLY MAKING A HALF LIFE SONG iv wanted a song about half life and it's hard to find one

  55. A. S .T

    למה כתוב שם ג

  56. Josh Timmins


  57. MrMe1620

    Video is 3 minutes and 9 seconds long. 9 divided by 3 is 3. 3 plus 3 is 6. 6 equals 4 multiplied by 3 divided by 4 multiplied by 2. Half-Life 2 came out in 2004. Coincidence? I think not! Half-Life 3 confirmed.

  58. wubbzo


  59. AMB

    i love it

  60. Kongō Bongo

    G G G G G G G-MAN
    F F F F F F F F F

    Fuck you. jkjk

  61. Benji Awilijandara

    the free man g man controls g freeman

  62. Just a nigga thats high

    Make about Half-Life Thr- Oh nevermind


  63. fede leiva

    épica :D

  64. TechniLog

    A bit late but 1 hour version on my channel if anyone wants haha.. Thanks!

  65. Plague Doctor

    Thanks :)

  66. Darkshadow01

    Wonder what halve life 2 rap would have been like?

    elliott nahmias

    Wonder what a half life 3 rap would be like

  67. Hikaru_KchanGamer _YT

    Gggggggg gman

    Shab Pieczony


  68. Hikaru_KchanGamer _YT

    Fffffffff Freeman

  69. MarioThaMonkay

    Low gravity provides some downtime
    To hit the ground I am
    Bringing down giants
    as if they're fricking houseflies.
    Why does this part stick out the most to me? What makes rap good?

  70. Tucker Polfus

    Do half life 2

  71. Mr Doctor Schultz

    Should I feel bad for liking Portal 2 more than the first HL?

    Mr Doctor Schultz

    @Cave Johnson Lol

    Roll the Tv

    No man,Hl2 and portal 2 are in the same universe so yeah it's not bad.

  72. Dr. Perplexed

    I see what you did there ;)

  73. Matt Worthington

    There are 3 words in the first 3 words of this rap, half life 3 confirmed

  74. Maroki

    Let's sing!
    Good to meet you. Cordial greetings. (hi) They call me Gordon Freeman

    Blank _

    well that ended fast


    and up until this morning i was an ordinary normal human

  75. BeanBoy88

    If you listen closely when he says "goriest abortions" you can hear him say "too far"

  76. Blue Beefalo

    Make a Half-Life 2 rap :p

  77. elwanted muerto

    the first time i played hl1 it took me 1 month to complet and the second time it took me 5 hours

  78. Nexxus

    G G G G G Gman
    F F F F F Freeman

  79. KEMALHAN 1223334444

    good rap the best game half life!

  80. Ramon Palacio

    The video is about 3 minutes. HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED

  81. Brandon Moore

    I was raised playing half life 2, about 4-5 years later I played the origninal half life on playstation, I think it is much better than the second one to it. Definantly wroth buying.

    Shab Pieczony


  82. Boomer01

    So awesome!!

  83. Atayiğit Yavaş

    türk yokmu la :D

  84. ThePOINT

    I love how this song is 10 years late 😂😂😂😂

  85. XM115

    Amazing song


    The beat is Stay Strapped

  86. Guildes

    the video ends 0n 3:09...
    half-life 3 confirmed

    Prince Charmless

    holy shit you're right m8

    Versal Mit Unterstrich

    +Maxxer S is that a hidden Valve can't count to 3 joke?
    I hope so :D

    Alperen Kaya

    +Guildes :ASDF:SFSD::SDF

    pierre rockpierre

    Wait what pls some one explain to me

    Tiny Tina

    3 years later and it finally came true

  87. Luciana Alfonso

    1:14 :O

  88. Vel'Kozby The Master Baiter

    2:28 Someone say's "Too far" after he said abortion.

    Versal Mit Unterstrich

    it's himself, he does (or did?) it in almost every song those background lines
    I love them :D

    Edit: I forgot this comment existed, and I am genuinely sorry for the now fixed typos.


    Still seems out of place.


    +Plesioth abortions jokes went too far XD

  89. emers0n -

    This is honestly super cringy, it was funny watching an idiot try to rap though.


    +Sinon - San ignorant about music? well you don't know Dan Bull. and you hate rap? don't click on a rap video then. and by the way you don't have to go... oh i hate this song, why don't I post in comments of the video how much I hate this video so all his fans can see

    emers0n -

    First, I do like rap, never said I didn't, if I don't have to go "Oh, I hate this song." Why do you have to go telling me I shouldn't go saying "Oh I hate this song?" I expressed my opinion in a place built for the expression of opinion, grow up.


    Oh yeah sorry. I apologise you have all the right saying "you hate this song" (even though you don't really need to post it) so you right there...... But wait thats not what you said... "ITS FUNNY WATCHING A IDIOT TRY TO RAP" This just seems like you want Dan's fans to rage out on you. well you got you wish

    emers0n -

    What? But it was funny watching an idiot try to rap, all I did was express my opinion.


    gr8 b8 m8 8/8

  90. Slang Fang Dang Gang

    Dude,the beat and the music...PURE AWESOMENESS

  91. Zinedine Zidane

    Gordon Freeman
    G. Man

    Tommy Scott


  92. The Vibe

    good, now tease us with a hl2 rap video and never release it!

  93. Ω Cleyverson Ω


  94. ebbi111


  95. Freddy Fox

    Subject: Dan Bull
    Genre: Kinda man
    Age: 223128907401741'489'
    State: rekted

  96. Dávid Donovan

    Misleading thumbnail.

  97. Klison

    Gordon Freeman
    Grdon Freman
    Gon Fman
    G Man